• Title: Tinderbox
  • Author: RachelGrant
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In the volatile tinderbox of the Horn of Africa, Morgan Adler has made the paleoanthropological find of a lifetime The discovery brings her to the attention of a warlord eager to claim both Morgan and the fossils, forcing her to make a desperate dash to the nearby US military base to beg for protection.Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr Adler beforeIn the volatile tinderbox of the Horn of Africa, Morgan Adler has made the paleoanthropological find of a lifetime The discovery brings her to the attention of a warlord eager to claim both Morgan and the fossils, forcing her to make a desperate dash to the nearby US military base to beg for protection.Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard has orders to intercept Dr Adler before she reaches the base, and in so doing saves her life After a harrowing afternoon he safely delivers her to his commanders, only to find his responsibilities toward protecting the obstinate archaeologist have only just begun Morgan and Pax are forced to work together in the Djiboutian desert heat, but it is the fire that ignites between them that threatens to combust them both For the Green Beret, involvement with the woman he must protect is a threat to his career, while for the archaeologist, the soldier is everything she never wanted but somehow can t resist When Morgan uncovers a mystery surrounding Djibouti s most scarce and vital resource, the danger to her reaches the flashpoint For Pax, protecting her is no longer a matter of following orders, and he ll risk everything to bring her back alive.

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Rachel Grant’s Evidence series is a must read for me; smart, intelligent and smokin’ hot romance. When I found out she is starting a new series, I did a happy dance and then was so excited to find out I would be getting an early copy. TINDERBOX (Flashpoint Series, #1) by Rachel Grant is everything I expect in a Romantic suspense and more!Dr. Morgan Adler is an archeologist working under contract to the Djibouti government in the Horn of Africa. As she works to clear the way for a new railroa [...]

ARC Review. 4.5 stars. This book reminds me of good, really good, tequila.  Good tequila has an essence, taste smooth, goes down easily, and gives you a nice little jolt.  This book is easy.  It is easy to love the story, the characters, and the drama.  But it is not a simple story and very few people can pull off a romantic suspense featuring a dry Djibouti desert, a filthy mouthed fairy, a soldier’s soldier, and an archeological find of the century, like Rachel Grant.  The storyline is [...]

I love Rachel Grant's Evidence series, so when she contacted me offering the ARC of this new series I was thrilled and jumped right on it! :)And, I'm happy, happy, happy to say that I was not disappointed!The story is suspensful, full of action, but also allarming because of the possible cross references with real life political situation in those countries.Morgan, the heroine is endearing because she's aware of her physical appleal to men: she's like a Play Boy centerfold - and she's not above [...]

I'm a really big fan of Rachel Grant's Evidence series - she does a nice job of balancing suspense and romance with really fun characters. In Tinderbox she starts a new suspense series with a military and adventure emphasis. According to the author's note in this book, her husband is an archaeologist and has worked in Dijibouti, in the horn of Africa so she carries that knowledge to her books (although events and other places are obviously fiction).The first thing that comes to mind when I think [...]

I've given this an A for narration and an A- at AudioGals, which I suppose technically is nearer to 5 stars than to 4.5 - so I've rounded upI discovered Rachel Grant’s romantic suspense novels less than a year ago, and have been hooked ever since. I’ve read and listened to several of the titles in her Evidence series, all of them tightly-plotted thrillers interwoven with a nicely steamy romance featuring intelligent, sassy heroines and gorgeous, alpha-male heroes. The author makes excellent [...]

Absolutely fantastic Romantic Suspense!

Rachel Grant’s stories—academically-inclined with scorching hot romance and suspense— simply satisfy the geek lurking in me, to be honest. The talk of paleoanthropology, archaeology and every geek thing out there gets my juices going and ‘Tinderbox’ made me lap it all up, wide-eyed. All of it. Including the detailed explanations of the volatile geopolitics of the Horn of Africa and the warring interests of the US, China and the surrounding African states that came through the character [...]

Reading Rachel Grant’s books is like being in the middle of an Indiana Jones movie. Only, in her stories Indy is a heroine, and Miriam is a soldier. Since Grant, herself, is an archaeologist, her plots always include badass science—but they also weave in exotic settings and sexy suspense. And in this new Flashpoint series, she incorporates even more of a healthy dose of adventure.In Tinderbox, we meet Dr. Morgan Adler and Master Sergeant Pax Blanchard. Morgan’s work on a dig in the Djibuti [...]

I love to read a book where I learn new things and Rachel Grant always adds to my vocabulary while writing fantastic romantic suspense. This book is no exception and is a winner! We meet Dr. Morgan Adler as she is running to Camp Citron, the military base in Djibouti to save the fossils she has found from her dig. If she can just make it two more miles she'll be home free and hopefully get the protection of the US government. Pax Blanchard, Master Sergeant US Army SF and his partner Cal Callahan [...]


Wow! This was amazing! What could be better than a sexy Green Beret and a kick butt archeologist fighting to not only survive Djibouti but also ensure the people are not taken advantage of but money hungry governments.Morgan has found a 3.5 million year old skeleton in the horn of Africa. An African warlord apparently wants her dead to shut her up. When she runs to the US base since the embassy has been shut down to protect her find, Pax, the green beret on guard duty saves her despite her best [...]

I am a huge fan of Rachel Grant and was thrilled when I saw that she had a new series! With a start like this, I can't wait to see what the rest of the series has in store! "You saved you, Morgan. I just arrived in time to mop up."I just loved Morgan. She is brilliant, tough, independent, strong and capable yet vulnerable and hoping for her father's approval. Pax's whole life is the Green Berets until he meets Morgan. The characters were well developed with so much depth. The plot was engaging a [...]

Wow, what a fantastic read. I enjoyed every minute of it.It had the right amount of suspense and romance.

2.5 stars. The first half of the book was showing 4 star promise but the second half of the book came in more like a 2 star, so I averaged it to a 2.5 rating. I liked Pax and also really liked where he fell in the military hierarchy (it was so nice to read that he could only do X or Y because otherwise it went to his superiors; some realism about what a soldier can decide to do for himself was so refreshing!). The plot was interesting, and actually sucked me in more than I thought it initially w [...]

If you have read any of my other reviews of Rachel's books, you will have gathered that I am something of a fan. So when I learned of a new series, I was excited. And obviously, I jumped at the opportunity to review.I have a problem with this book though, and that is how to review it without sounding like I'm a gushy fangirl!Where to start? Well, let's go with the characters. We usually get strong characters from this author, and this is no exception - but I really enjoyed Morgan's bite and conf [...]

Good suspense plot, steamy romance. Heroine is an archaeologist working in Djibouti, hero is an Army Special Forces Operator assigned to protect her. She's a general's daughter, he's enlisted. Both of them find their better judgement very difficult to follow. Meanwhile, lots of intrigue and mystery surrounding conflict in the very volatile area.Rachel Grant's romantic suspense novels are always satisfying, and this one is no exception.

I devoured this book. The exotic location was so well depicted, I felt immersed in the story. I could feel the terror, the outrage, the attraction, the dedication to duty. As the tension ramped up, I turned pages as fast as I could and didn’t want to put the book down. If there’s a weakness, it’s Morgan’s resistance to things military and her willingness to take dangerous chances. The twist with the tracker was terrific, and the ending completely satisfying.

I’m a huge fan of Rachel Grant’s work and have read everything she has put out. So when I learnt she was starting a new romantic suspense series, Flashpoint, I jumped at the chance to get an early look at the first book in the series, TINDERBOX. And what a look it was! TINDERBOX exemplifies Ms. Grant’s superlative skill in blending science (in this case, archaeology) with pulse-pounding action, spine-tingling suspense, and scorching hot romance to deliver a tale that is incredibly educatio [...]

A pure block of energy. Funny, high with adrenaline and sexy.A very good debut for this series.

Exciting sexy thriller! Tinderbox (Flashpoint #1) is a military, romantic thriller written by Rachel Grant. Due to language, violence and explicit sex, it may not be appropriate for younger readers. Morgan Adler has been hired for an archeological survey in Djibouti. While attempting to conduct her research, she is targeted by a war lord attempting to gain rule in Eritrea. She is unaware of this until she meets a Special Forces Sgt. named Pax Blanchard as he drags her away from a bomb strapped t [...]

Well-written, but relationship(s)/language less to my taste. 3.4 ; 2.9 . The action-thriller bits are good, and the "Linus" starting premise (as in the actual fossil called Lucy, you know) is interesting, though not really a main focus. I refuse to say it's Mary Sue to have an intelligent (Ph.D.) heroine who knows guns and martial arts (thanks to her jerk dad the General, who wanted her to be a soldier), though adding the beauty and build that made her college job choice Hooters waitressing (ren [...]

This is a great start to a new series and I'm looking forward to the next installment. I believe this is Ms. Grants edgiest (is this word), suspenseful romance yet. There were many layers to Dr. Morgan Adler. I loved her spirit and her devotion to her work. Sgt. Blanchard was a character that I had to grow to love. I will say that it took a bit in the beginning for me to understand the archeology part of the story. While Ms. Grant is definitely knowledgeable in this area, I am not and I would gu [...]

One of the her best works yet! I have read all of Grant's works and I love her style of writing! This book is yet again was a perfect 5 from Grant! I love her use of strong, intellegent women in her books that may or may not need help from any man! And the men may be alphas but they respect and love the intellegent strong willed women they meet. I love how Grant uses real world issues and situations with acuracy and precision with attention to deals and events. And the romantic side of her books [...]

I love Rachel Grant's books because they are so intelligent and make me think about the details of the plot. Sometimes it takes a bit more time for me than most books to get into the prose but only because I'm trying to absorb all the details. Tinderbox is another one of Rachel's masterpieces and I thoroughly enjoyed Pax and Morgan's story. There is plenty of action, adventure, lust and love and this book kept me glued to the pages all the way until the end. As the first book in a series, this s [...]

A fast paced, super sexy romance . Personally, I'd call it more of an action romance than a thriller- but both descriptions give you ample opportunity to infer the type of read this is: there's deserts, dude with washboard abs, girls with big boobs and tight shirts, bombs, and mild intrigue. Overall- I enjoyed it. Our hero was hyper-masculine. Our heroine was every hyper-masculine dude's dream girl. While I don't read romances for realism, I did find these particular characters so inaccessible t [...]

Tinderbox has got to be the best by Rachel Grant so far. She writes this so well that you can feel the desert heat, hear the whistle of bullets flying past you, and smell the fear. It is obvious she is knowledgeable about what she writes. This book encompasses the best of romance and suspense. While reading this book you can feel the emotions of the characters, specifically Pax and Morgan. They both have issues stemming from their pasts but they do their best to overcome and do what is right. I [...]

I loved this book! The author (Rachel Grant) was someone I had read before, but the narrator was new to me. Greg Tremblay did an excellent performance. Both are extremely talented and I will look for more of their work. I found this book to original and it kept me on my toes. I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, narrator, and/or publisher. I also received an advance reader copy of the book.

Often romantic novel have a very thin plot, focused on one character dealing with their feelings. This book was witty, sharp, and intriguing. It has a great story to back up the romance. It features a sharp, quick-witted, and independently successful woman. There is no damsel in distress here. I'm excited for more from Rachel Grant.

Great story!!This was a great story. Not your average gritty romance, really. This was a little complicated and intricate. But don't get me wrong. I loved the romance and honestly, I want sure how it would end. I want sure how it was going to all work out. Ms. Grant is an intelligent, descriptive writer. I enjoyed her work immensely. Looking forward to the next book!!

This book never stops twisting and turning. The subplots and character developments entwine to make the hot Djibouti come alive. One wild adventure, filled with heat, dangerous warlords, and stubborn characters who belong together.

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