Heaven's Fire

Patricia Ryan

Heaven's Fire

Heaven's Fire

  • Title: Heaven's Fire
  • Author: Patricia Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780451406996
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

LOVE S UNCONQUERABLE POWERYoung Constance was practically a slave, waiting to be taken at will by the cruel Sir Roger Foliot, lord of the village of Cuxham But Sir Roger did not count on her ability to escape from him into the protection of priest, Oxford scholar, and sworn celibate, Rainulf Fairfax Rainulf noticed Constance s intelligence as well as her beauty the firstLOVE S UNCONQUERABLE POWERYoung Constance was practically a slave, waiting to be taken at will by the cruel Sir Roger Foliot, lord of the village of Cuxham But Sir Roger did not count on her ability to escape from him into the protection of priest, Oxford scholar, and sworn celibate, Rainulf Fairfax Rainulf noticed Constance s intelligence as well as her beauty the first time they met Once a soldier in the Crusades, Rainulf understood battle, but he didn t know anything about the war of passion that was about to erupt between them.Drawn into a love that was forbidden, Constance desired the proud, honorable Rainulf not only as her teacher but as much Now they have a lesson to learn about love how unstoppable it is what it will cost them and what the priceless ecstasy of sharing a future forever can be.

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I adored this buried treasure to pieces, I'd rate it 10 stars if I could. From the gripping Prologue to the Epilogue, I was spellbound.Since she's 16 y/o, Constance's been the object of the obese Sir Roger Foliot's lust. Constance married the village smithy (ancient enough to be her grandpa) to avoid the lecherous evil Lord's clutches. When the smithy died in his sleep & w/ Sir Roger nipping @ her heels, she became the elderly rector's housekeeper cum lover. Thwarted 2 X, Sir Roger vowed tha [...]

Like its predecessor, Heaven's Fire is a 5 stars, without question. I loved both Falcon's Fire and Heaven's Fire so much, that I can't even really separate them and think of them as two different books. My Review for Falcon's Fire: /review/show/ In Heaven's Fire, we get to hear Rainulf's story. Rainulf is the elder half-brother of the heroine in the first book. He is a brilliant scholar, teacher, and former soldier of the Crusades. He is also a Priest whose faith has been badly shaken, and he qu [...]

++Spoilers+++Well this is the last book I read from this author. I am actually surprised I was able to finish it.I am sorry for the angry reviews as of late, but I am growing quite tired of being kind after finishing a book that has left me angry. Since I wasted my time and money I no longer feel the need to be kind.Although the writing was decent there are many elements that I dislike.First, I DNF the first book in this series which started out pretty good, until the author made a potentially g [...]

Solid 5 stars. It's the second book in a series and can easily be read as a stand-alone. The couple from the first book FALCON'S FIRE, Thorne and Martine, make an appearance but they were very inconsequential to the plot of this book. I enjoyed this one even more than than FALCON'S FIRE. It had less violence, limited POV from the villain, a bit of mystery, a much easier to admire heroine and a celibate former priest. Watching Rainulf (hero) fight his carnal urges was over-the-top fantastic if yo [...]

This was a fairly good read. It wasn't bad and the writing was also good. There was a couple of editing errors. One missing quotation mark. and one other maybe due to digital convesion error? Chapter 14, Rad was in my ebook as 'R ad.' Clearly a misfortunate typo.Also, I'm not a historian and I feel some error of sway when reading something of a much earlier time. But I do find it hard to believe that in the year of 1161 they had indoor running water in a sink from a spicot that gets turned on. A [...]

Just no. First, she married a man old enough to be her grandfather. Imaging sex between these two, ew Then she runs to the village priest to protect her from some guy that is after her. He's old as well. The evil guy, Roger, says that she's not going to be safe for long (imagining him twisting his mustache here) because the priest is old, and when he dies, Roger will be back for her. The priest says she can stay and be his housekeeper, and he has sex with her that night as part of the deal. I wa [...]

I really like this author. Every book I've read from her I've been pleasantly surprised by. Normally I'm not very into historical romance. And often times historical romance novels are corny or boring. But this author is truly awesome! I really loved this story. The characters are so pleasantly non-cliche. THey are completely real, genuine, and original. And so likable and alive. I also love a slow building romance in which I can see the characters falling in love and see all the reasons why the [...]

Light reading for an entertaining eveningSuspenseful, historical romance with a surprising twist in the storyline. You're expecting one thing, but you get something else. Antagonists are punished, and the protagonists live and love happily ever after. So entertaining that I finished reading it in one sitting.

Great readThis is one of the best author I have found in this time period. A bit unusual story. Loved how she showed a female could learn as well as any man when given instruction. Great love story. Worth your time.

Creative medieval romance unfortunately hampered by 2D villains and a TSTL heroine.

Heaven's Fire is Book 2 in the Fairfax Family Series. I've not yet read the first book, but didn't feel I was missing anything by reading this book first. I do want to go back and read Thorne and Martine's story, as well as others related to this series. Patricia Ryan has a very engaging style and a voice I thoroughly enjoy. A well-paced, sensual, historical romance with some very suspenseful conflict and well-rounded context.Heaven's Fire is an historical romance that I truly enjoyed. Well-grou [...]

It is the twelfth century when women are usually treated as objects to serve men. Reading about true love is rare and times are harsh. Marriages among high society are usually arranged and rarely do you hear of love between a commoner and someone from the upper class.Young Constance attracts the evil Sir Roger's attention and agrees to live with a much older man and a member of the cloth. She loses her virginity to pay the price of being safe. During this time she is taught to read.Some years la [...]

This is the 2nd book by this author I've read. I loved the 1st one (The Sun & the Moon) & this one is just as good if not better. To add on to the synopsis; Constance has had to sell herself to men in return for their protection against her cruel, lascivious overlord ever since she caught his eye as a young maiden. Her father weds her to the much older smith as soon as she turns 16 & when he dies, she runs (quite literally) to the village priest & offers herself as a replacement [...]

I honestly didn't think that Patricia Ryan could do better than "Falcon's Fire", but I was wrong. "Heaven's Fire" is the best book that I have read in a very long time.This story deals with a young man who served the church during the time of the Crusades, and how he decided to renounce the priesthood after he had done so much killing in the name of the Church. It also deals with a young girl who desperately needed protection from the cruel Overlord over the manner. Because of her fear, she acce [...]

Oh man, I really liked this, much more than I expected. It's better than the first one - the action is tighter and more focussed on the romance. I remember being a little annoyed by all the ~drama and lady-rescuing that happened in the first book. There is still drama in this one (I braced myself for an entire book of it when reading the first few pages) but it's nicely in the background until the final exciting scenes (I did not see that twist coming, by the way).But the romance is really very [...]

I tend to keep picking up Patricia Ryan's books when I see them for free. They are always well written. But I really have to be in the mood for them. You see, the story is always a tease right when you think the main couple will finally get together, nope. Miss Ryan is great at this, and I think it makes the couple's joining even more spectacular because I am so ready for it by the time I get to it. There is always wonderful medieval facts, as well. Even though a lot of information is repetitiv [...]

I like historical romance and going so far back as to mideval times is unique. I enjoyed the story line, the characters and the intricate emotions attached. Constance's (Corliss) resourefulness is out of necessity and circumstance. She's the obsession of a knight who will stop at nothing to "own" her. Rainulf is searching for his own inner peace and finds himself face to face with a woman who will capture his soul. Both are focused on each other while there is a madman looking to use his knife s [...]

I don't know. I am having a hard time feeling impressed by a book these days particularly in this genre. At least the "heroine" wasn't an insipid, whinny virgin - she had some moxie. Rainulf our dashing priest/teacher did his best to resist her. The usual back and forth - should I/shouldn't I all filled in with some loosey/goosey facts about Oxford during the medieval times. The standard format for this type of story but somehow it lacked heart. I have read some cheesy romance books & loved [...]

Really liked this one. The author did a wonderful job of setting the time frame and keeping the reader engaged. The attraction between the main characters was beautifully established and explored, and I never questioned why Corliss and Rainulf were drawn to each other. So many romance novels today take the love for granted, but Ms. Ryan takes great care to detail how each of the main characters makes the other a better person. The slow burn explodes as the two consummate their relationship, but [...]

HEAVEN'S FIRE - ExRyan, Patricia - 2nd in Fairfax Family seriesPatricia Ryan takes sizzling passion one step further with this book, the spellbinding story of a young woman who finds refuge with a man studying to become a priest. Struggling against the constraints of society, honor, and the Church, they fight their growing attraction, but even as they try to resist, their will grows weaker.I really liked this book. A former priest/Master of Schools and a widow/illustrator whom he protects. Hot l [...]

Good story, but could use better editingI enjoyed the story and the characters. The plot kept me going and the ending was a surprise. My complaint with the editing is that there was no separating the paragraphs when changing the scene. When going from one person's scene, to another's, there is usually a break between paragraphs. Without that break, it all runs together and makes it confusing. But the story was good!

While this book certainly wasn't groundbreaking as far as historical romances go, I was really pleased by the spunk and independence the main character displayed over the course of the story. The author managed to write it in such a way that it seemed believable and period-consistent (not to say that it was--just that I wasn't constantly saying in my head, "She couldn't actually have done that!"). The two POVs also worked well and never felt forced. Altogether an enjoyable read.

Kept you readingThis was a good read . It had some grammar errors but not too many. It did confuse me at first bcuz you'd be reading and then the next sentence would be a whole new scene. This was a Romance with a bit of mystery. I'm not going to spoil the story but it'll surprise you. Corliss was a character. She's a strong young lady. her life has had nothing but men using her and its sad that this was a women's life in those times.

It has been a while since I read a medieval romance and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Rainulf was a tortured hero, as he had taken priestly vows, but he was able to be released due to his family relationship to Queen Eleanor (cousin) Constance, the heroine, was forced to masquerade as a boy to escape her tormentor from her village. Clever story with a twist at the end. Very good. Am hooked enough to read the rest of this family story.

4.5 I really, really enjoyed this play on the "girl disguised as a guy" trope. Lovely, smart, interesting hero with just the right combination of heart, mind and body. Lovely, smart, interesting heroine, also with just the right combination of those traits. OK, the whole book was lovely, smart and interesting. How about that? Loved the academic/book theme. Loved the slow burn tension that erupts into bonfire intensity in the end. Well done.

I very much enjoyed this story and held by breath for quite sometime with the suspense. I like that the author didn't shy away from the reality of what life was like for a female There were some things that the lead character had to do to stay alive and I'm glad the main character didn't hold that against her. I very much enjoyed this book! I would recommend. 5 stars from me.

A Father Rescues A Young GirlA yong widow seeks refuge with a parrish priest. When he passes, her protection from an evil knight will end. A healer arrives to tend to the priest, but the pox killed7him first. Constance is also struck with the pox, but the healing by the new priest savesher life.

Love found in Medieval Biblical AcademiaInitially I knew that this was not the typical mid century romance but the talent of the writer made this a book that was hard to put down.Heaven's Fire was educational, suspenseful, sexual and ended with the required happy ever after that is one of my requirements for a good romance novel.

Sensual, engaging, delightfulThe characters were most engaging. You rooted for Rainulf and Corliss from the beginning. The majority of the story takes place in Oxford of the 12th century, and the history lesson was interesting, particularly for someone who has a special fondness for Oxford. It was a delightful story, and I look forward to reading Ms. Ryan's work again!

I think I would have liked this better if the h took her very serious predicament a bit more seriously. She was kind of TSTL and a bit too flippant. And I don't know if it was on purpose, or typos, but in several instances the H referred to Corliss as "she" in public, to others, when she was supposed to be disguised as a boy. Still, it was a sweet and steamy romance, once it got going.

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