Turning Back

J.A. Huss

Turning Back

Turning Back

  • Title: Turning Back
  • Author: J.A. Huss
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  • Page: 334
  • Format: Kindle Edition

I lived in the dark for three years My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men It was just a trip into the forbidden A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks He was always there for me Until he wasn t.Smith, and his dispassionate attention He was never there for me and he nI lived in the dark for three years My whole world revolved around the whims and happiness of three men It was just a trip into the forbidden A way out of a bad situation and forward into nothingness Quin, with his easy smile and charming good looks He was always there for me Until he wasn t.Smith, and his dispassionate attention He was never there for me and he never regretted it.Bric, the one who listened, but only to himself Self absorbed, self obsessed, and self serving He was never the one I wanted.And now he might be the only one I have left.It was good while it lasted, I guess But it could ve been so much It could ve been so much better.And that s why I m turning back.

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Well, this was a little bit slower than the 1st book but still it was so hot as fuck! :D And I just can't wait to read next book soon. :) Ps. 3rd book is going to be about Bric and he's into kinky stuff which I wanna know more about him and his kinky world! :DBric, show me what you got babe! Don't hold yourself back :P

4.25 Stars

Aaaaand then there were 3. This one was also an interesting read. If you're a fan of menage mmf then do give this one a look! It was pretty steamy but at times I found it to be a bit repetitive. Couple of eye rolls at one of the characters at being unable to let shit go. I don't expect you to move on at a speed of light man, but please do kindly keep tantrums to a minimum. :D Anywhooo, still loved it.

Genre: Contemporary RomanceType: Book 2 of Turning seriesPOV: First Person - MultipleRating: After a year of vanishing without a trace, Rochelle Bastille surprised everyone when she came back not only to face the past, but also with a future that could change everything. Now, she must amend to those she hurt especially the one that she cared the most.Quin Foster changed his lifestyle as soon as it started to feel hollow. But when she came back, he must decide what the most important thing he wan [...]

Fuck. Where do I even begin? Turning Back is book two in the Turning Series that focuses on Bric, Quin and the return of Rochelle. We learned about how the game is played in Taking Turns, we learned of Rochelle and her leaving the game suddenly, but we don’t get any answers to what provoked her to leave – until now. I need to talk about Smith for a second because although this was not HIS story, he played such a great role in this book. I loved his humor, I loved that you could see just how [...]

4 "there's no turning back, only moving forward" starsdamn, I need a good threesomelol, in booksd I go what I've wanted, as far as the threesomes scenes are concerned.JA Huss, writes the steamy, hawt scenes that absolutely work for me and I devour them *wink*But I have to state that I had issues with the heroine, Rochelle Bastille, I really didn't "dig" her reasoning, not until the final resolvment at the 80% of the story, and by then, it was quite "too late" to like her :/ (she was so, I dunno, [...]

I'm diving in, freaking loved Book#1

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA sexy, erotic, and palpable romance that blends sophistication and seduction at it’s finest. In this second installment, Turning Back, JA Huss lures her readers down the proverbial literary rabbit hole where readers will discover the unusual yet rare and special relationship dynamic of Smith, Bric, Quin, and Rochelle. Three men. One woman. An agreement where they would share and take turns that includes lots of kinky sex as well as compan [...]

*3.75 stars*Since Turning Back wasn't at par (to a certain extent) with the first serial, JA Huss best bring her A-game with the next book.In spite of that, the complexity of the characters along with the insanely scrumptious sex scenes will keep you entertained from start to finish. Bliss.

3.5 ★'s I was really looking forward to this book especially with the way the first one ended. But I had a bad feeling about what Bric would do with the information he received and unfortunately, I wasn't too far off base. The two players that are left, Bric and Quin, haven't really talked to each other for a year. Quin is hurt and stubborn and Bric is just letting things slider the most part. I had a hard time with accepting this as these two have been best friends for a very long time. It's [...]

When Rochelle left the game Quin was devastated, but now she's back and ready to play with Quin and Bric, but can this last forever or will someone be cut out of the game?My feelings on this book were all over the place. I think I will not be on the same page as most and I'll explain why, BUT FIRST holy hotness!! JA Huss knows how to write hot sex scenes. I loved this trio together!Now here's why I say I may not be on the same page as most (I'll try to do this with no spoilers) for me Bric stole [...]

I didn't do any research before I dived into this series. I only had my imagination based off of this author's previous books and I admit, it still took me by surprise. It's one of the things I like about JA Huss. I can trust her enough not to do research and I can trust her to give me something new and fresh every time. I would say this has a darker edge to it but it's not too dark that you have to worry about abuse or mistreatment by the characters. Each character are flawed in their own uniqu [...]

3.5 Stars!In this second book of the series, it starts immediately where book one’s timeline ended with the continuation of Rochelle’s disappearance from the game.With Quin upset from her mysterious departure, Bric promises he will look for Rochelle to give Quin peace of mind. Instead, the plan changes giving Quin the second chance he was hoping to have.“I missed everything. She took it all away from me and I don’t think I can ever forgive her for that.”With Rochelle’s return, the dy [...]

It's only just a game, they said—new game, new rules. We'll both father this cute little pumpkin, they said—no DNA tests will be needed. Emotions won't get tangled up and complicate things, they said—until one of them falls unexpectedly in love. We'll work perfectly well as a thriple, they said—until one of them gets hurt and left behind. Well guess what, all that was good in the beginning. And then, they all woke up from the fantasy and reality came crashing down. As erotic, dirty and p [...]

This was a highly anticipated read for me as I was intrigued to explore more about what went down with Rochelle and the guys. Why did she leave? Does Quin really love her? And then the huge significance of a baby being born – like who is the father? So yeah, just a few unanswered questions at the end of the first book!One thing that was made very clear in the first book in this series was how devastated Quin was when Rochelle left their arrangement. He was in love with her and thought she felt [...]

J.A. Huss is back with new rules, a new game, and plenty of filthy kinky sex to go around! TURNING BACK was an undeniably sexy and provocative romance that lured me in and wouldn't let go. This author turns angst into an art form, and gives her readers exactly what they crave, without them even knowing it. I LOVED every single erotic and seductive second of this!"He's playing a game, but I'm pretty sure we're not playing the same game."Rochelle is BACK and she has a little bundle of joy with her [...]

Hot! I'm not sure what to say about this book. There is so much goin on with it and so much to know about the characters. I really enjoyed the first book. So I knew this book was goin to be good. Each of these men are totally different but worth so well together. There all totally sexy and smoking hot in bed. Are was a lot of hot moments in this book, between Bric Rochella and Quinn. Even when it was Quinn and Rochella or Bric and Rochella is was hot. But there is something about these 3 that ju [...]

Facebook: facebook/TheHopelessRBlog: thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bSeriously, JA Huss can do no wrong in my eyes and is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and an automatic one click. I can't claim to have read all of her books but those that I have read have been mind blowingly amazing unconventional, uncomfortable at times, challenging on my thought processes but bloomin' brilliant all the same and this latest book in the "Turning" series is no exception. I'll be honest, the reason I rea [...]

4.5 Turning Back Stars After book 1 I was begging for this book I needed to know. And Juss has out done herself. I loved this book. This triangle of Quin, Bric, and Rochelle is something you need to experience. It’s not conventional and who cares right love doesn’t care if you love one person two or more.The emotions each one feels and how they are all inter locked it’s kinda genius. I loved it, ok I think I said that already but really Bric really took the book for me. I enjoyed his bante [...]

Ok so this is 3-3.5 stars for me so I rounded up. I sooooo loved book 1 and Smith.oh Smith. But this one fell flat for me. I just wasn't vested in these charactersbut Adley sure was cute. So while I didn't hate I also didn't love.

olmamış demiş ve gitmiştim. geldim. çok doluyum :(bence zorlama olmuş. Quin gibi bir adamın hikayesini yazmak zorundaydı çünkü. arz-talep dengesi bunlar. ama olmamış.SPOİLER ile dalıyor ve sadeleştirilmiş mallıkları söylüyorum.Chella, Rochelle'i buluyor, oç Bric gidiyor kızın yanına kız doğurmuş, number one olmak istemediği için Bric getirmiyor kızı, sonra kız geliyor, sonra smith niye geldin aq o kadar para verdim sana diyor, bu arada bric kız hakkında Quin'e [...]

3.5*Smith parts were the best. This book was not a favorite of mine. I did like his honesty & anger. I just didn't get sucked into this couple. But, I'm so looking forward to Bric. Hope he doesn't hold back!


3.5 "Which one of these men is the father?" Stars!What's it about?This is the second part to the series and explores the reasons why Rochelle left the game in the first book and the consequences of herturning back .The best bits:Okay first thing's first: My 3.5 stars reflects a very good book. A thoroughly enjoyable book.A very well written book. For some reason, some people assume that anything less than a four star is a bad bad thing. And perhaps because of this, I have in the past been tempte [...]

Stopped reading at 33%.Characters are annoying me and I just can't get into the story. Will maybe try again in the future.

Turning Back brings us more Quin, Bric, Smith, Chellad Rochelle. Questions from the first book are answered and we are left with questions for the next book. I really loved getting to know Rochelle. Why she stopped playing, why she ran, who she is. Rochelle is more complicated than I was expecting. She's surprising and refreshing. The boys are explained a bit more too, digging in deeper to Quin and Bric. Smith even exposes himself more as we get further into the world of Taking Turns world.It's [...]


The game has changed.It began with three men.Now down to two.So how does that change the rules?With the epilogue of Taking Turns, you had to expect big changes.What I did not expect was how that was done.This book was a bit strange for me. Both Bric and Quin seemed like completely different people. Almost like they switched personalities. Bric embraced his new role head on and acted as a referee of sorts between Quin and Rochelle. And there was good reason, as it turns out, since Quin didn't for [...]

LOVING EVERY TURN THIS SERIES MAKES.I inhaled this book. No other way to describe it.The anticipation of waiting for it alone had me amped up, and then when it released I had to wait to read it!! So by the time I opened the first page, my need to know the mess & machinations, the twists & turns & the dark & light in the lives of Quin, Rochelle & Bric was almost rabid.The secrets revealed, the secrets hinted at and still yet to come, the actions and the reactions, the passion [...]

I'm coming back to review. I really need to dive in to the next book!

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