A Ilha

Victoria Hislop Isabel Baptista

A Ilha

A Ilha

  • Title: A Ilha
  • Author: Victoria Hislop Isabel Baptista
  • ISBN: 9789722625388
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback

Num momento em que tem que tomar uma decis o que pode mudar a sua vida, Alexis Fieldings est determinada a descobrir o passado da sua m e Mas Sofia nunca falou sobre ele, apenas contou que cresceu numa pequena aldeia em Creta antes de se mudar para Londres Quando Alexis decide visitar Creta, a sua m e d lhe uma carta para entregar a uma velha amiga e promete que atrav Num momento em que tem que tomar uma decis o que pode mudar a sua vida, Alexis Fieldings est determinada a descobrir o passado da sua m e Mas Sofia nunca falou sobre ele, apenas contou que cresceu numa pequena aldeia em Creta antes de se mudar para Londres Quando Alexis decide visitar Creta, a sua m e d lhe uma carta para entregar a uma velha amiga e promete que atrav s dela, Alexis vai ficar a saber mais, vai ficar a saber mais Quando chega a Spinalonga, Alexis fica surpreendida ao descobrir que aquela ilha foi uma antiga col nia de leprosos E ent o encontra Fotini e finalmente ouve a hist ria que Sofia escondeu toda a vida a hist ria da sua bisav Eleni, das suas filhas e de uma fam lia assolada pela trag dia, pela guerra e pela paix o Alexis descobre o qu o intimamente ligada est quela ilha e como o segredo os une com tanta firmeza.

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The story line of this book is pretty good but it is the most poorly written book I've read in awhile. She explains things - emotions, plot lines - to a level where she's beating you over the head with it and every sentence has about three adjectives too many. You'll want to finish it to find out what happens, but her writing style will drive you nuts while you do.

Još jedna od meni dražih uredničkih kupovina Nesvakidašnja knjiga, tema o kojoj ranije ništa nismo znali, a sada zahvaljujući ovoj knjizi i seriji koja je prikazivana prošle godine i mi nešto više znamo o tom periodu iz grčke istorijeNažalost, u Srbiji knjiga nije odmah "zaživela" zbog neadekvatnih korica (koje nisu bile moj izbor, promenjene su za drugo izdanje), dok je u Hrvatskoj odmah postala hit Ono što je meni kao uredniku uvek najdraže jeste to da je priča o njoj kružila o [...]

I had great hopes that this would be a good book.But life can be disappointing at times. This was one of the worst written books I have read in a long time. Chunks of unnecessarty exposition, character motivations eplained to the nth degree, dialogue avoided likewell, like it was leprosy.If you like your characters spoon fed to you, and every meaningful scene ducked (I mean, why didn't we get to see the last evening she and her husband had together? What exactly did they say?), well, this is the [...]

"You must pay the rent!" the evil villain roared, twirling his diabolical mustache. He was her landlord, and he was an impatient man."But I can't pay the rent!" swooned the beautiful, hapless heroine. She was his tenant. Her breathtaking beauty was matched only by her saintliness. She was always being taken advantage of by the wicked people around her, yet she was committed to remaining good."You must pay the rent!""But I can't pay the rent!""I'll pay the rent!" shouted the mysterious stranger. [...]

The background to this story is so well researched that you feel as if it is a truthful account of events surrounding the lives of those suffering from leprosy in Crete during the Second World War, and their families and friends. There is love and tragedy, betrayal and loyalty, deceit and courage.Thankfully, both medicinal science and the attitude of society to serious illness have made massive advances since those days.Once you have started reading this book, you will become captivated, and wil [...]

I have never written a review or reccomendation before & i wont tell the story line because there are many revews here that have already done that, not to mention the blurb. Instead i will tell you why it s one of my all time favourites (another being Birds Without Wings by Louis de Berniere) & why I recommend it to anyone who will listen, even my husband who also loved it! So anyone who might give it a miss thinking its a chick-lit don't! it does have romance but it's much more than tha [...]

This book was awesome. I read it on my honeymoon, while I was laying on the beach, and I couldn't put it down. I read the whole thing in two days. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in European history. I learned a ton about leprosy and the stigma associated with the disease. I think we all know a bit about leprosy, but it was really enlightening about the overall topic, especially since it is still an epidemic in many third world countries. The female characters were also very int [...]

I have mixed feelings about this book. The primary subject matter of the book was well researched and very interesting and original - that of the fate of Leprosy sufferers in pre-war and wartime Greece. I found this aspect of the book very interesting, the experimental treatments, the descriptions of how they organised their lives on the island and set up a democracy, the emotions surrounding being forcibly taken away from your families and made to live in isolation. I didn't know a lot about le [...]

Με το παρόν βιβλίο η Βικτόρια Χίσλοπ μας αγάπησε ως χώρα (έμαθε ελληνικά, ήρθε στη χώρα, πληρώνει ΕΝΦΙΑ για το σπίτι της στην Κρήτη, έκανε δουλειά με το MEGA και εξακολουθεί να μας αγαπάει - βέβαια μια Βρετανή θεωρεί λογικό να πληρώσει φόρο ιδιοκτησίας και στο MEGA την προσκυνούσ [...]

I enjoyed this novel so much that halfway thru it I ordered Victoria Hislop's next book. The writing style is fantastic. The descriptions are eloquent without being pompous or overdone. The characters are like everyday people, if a bit exagerated. It starts with Alexis, a young woman trying to get to the bottom of her mother's strange and mysterious past while vacationing in Crete. I would like to note here that it is NOT like the "Forgotten Garden" for those of you that are not fond of time jum [...]

I always wanted to go to Greece in literature and now I have. Let me tell you, it was worth the trip in this story too. This book is like getting postcards from all the places you have never been to and now don't want to. For Home is gone and it is now in every one of those places you will never visit.Highly recommended.

Este foi o segundo livro de Victoria Hislop que li, depois de diversas meninas dos fóruns me terem persuadido a ler, especialmente a Vera Neves, afirmando ser ainda melhor que o A Arca. Mas uma vez tiveram razão. Antes de mais devo congratular a autora pelo seu exaustivao trabalho de pesquisa acerca da lepra. Todos nós já ouvimos falar da lepra, nem que tenha sido, como eu, na catequese e na leitura da Bíblia ou, se recordam do pai de um dos personagens de Braveheart, não me recordo agora [...]

I enjoyed the book - partly because the island that the story centers on was the view from our terrace during our honeymoon but also because of the unique topic of the story. It was a quick and enjoyable read though I think was weak in a few ways. As with many novels that combine the past and the present with the past being the focus, the scenes in the present were not as well written and lacked depth and development. I thought Alexis' struggle over her relationship with Ed was totally irrelevan [...]

Uma lindíssima história sobre mudança, resiliência, segundas oportunidades, segredos e claro, amor.A autora escreve de forma cativante e interessante sobre um tema pouco ou nada abordado em literatura: a Doença de Hanseníase, ou como é mais conhecida, lepra. Uma doença tão antiga, quanto estigmatizante.Adoro estes livros que para além do seu caráter lúdico têm sempre uma componente história e informativa.Altamente recomendável!

Knjiga mi se svidjela, radnja me držala znatiželjnom od prve do zadnje stranice. Svidjela mi se snaga nekih ljubavnih prica, svidjeli su mi se likovi, iako neki možda nisu najbolje razrađeni. Ali moram priznati da se slažem s nekim komentarima koje sam pročitala, stil pisanja je poprilično jednostavan, u početku je to ok ali do kraja knjige malo dojadi. Sve u svemu, lijepa priča, spisateljica me ipak uspjela uvući u nju, uživala sam pa stoga pet zvjezdica.

Beautifully imagined, well-researched and evocatively told, Victoria Hislop’s The Island recreates a leper colony of the 1930s and follows its inmates and neighbors on the Island of Crete through the Second World War to the present day. The theme of searching for identity is well-served as the author follows characters whose identities have been stolen by disease—some losing their physical self-image, others half-destroyed mentally by loss of family and friends. The agony of ostracism, the f [...]

I have watched the Greek series based on the book so I knew what was going on, but still I loved the book. I agree that there are many long descriptions but I don't think they make the book boring. I think they gave life to the book. I heard many people complaining about the author's language. I read the book in Greek but I don't think the English/original version could be bad. I liked the way Greece was described. It was a realistic portrait of Greece. It is obvious Hislop painted her book with [...]

'A beach read with a heart' was one of the promo lines on the book's cover. It's true that the author writes about emotions of love and loss, but my emotions certainly weren't engaged by the downs and ups of the story, and it does seems to be more downs than ups. None of her characters truly comes alive, characters are bluntly and repetitively described rather than revealed or heard through their own voices in dialogue.Her writing style is uninspired. And, as others have noted, we didn't need th [...]

A really enjoyable read, albeit out of my usual genres. That said being a real Hellenophile and having a number of Cretan friends, I was always going to enjoy it. I do not know the area described in the book at all well, my friends live nearer Rethymno, but I have flown in over Spinalonga many times and was aware of its history. The story was woven well into the history of both Crete and the Isle of Spinalonga. Would recommend to anyone with a love of Greece or Crete, or just looking for a genui [...]

21/1 - I think this book desperately wanted to be a non-fiction history book, but maybe Hislop was unable to find any stories from real residents of Spinalonga so was forced to write it with fictional ones. I was very interested in the story of the inhabitants of the island, the treatments used for leprosy before the cure was found, and what the eventual cure was, but Hislop's writing created a huge distance between me and all of her characters. My experience reading this reminded me of reading [...]

I am afraid I really didn't get along with this book at all. It is fairly easy to read and has some interesting subject matter but I feel it takes a scatter gun approach, putting in a little bit of everything, and failing to hit any target. The book covers 70 years of Cretan history and 4 generations of a family. We get information on leprosy, the way it was treated, medically, socially and officially. Hislop includes a range of incidents that took place on and around Spinalonga, which appear to [...]

When I first read its reviews, I got a completely wrong impression of this book and was even reluctant to read it, expecting it to be a melodramatic account of a Mediterranean romance. Then a colleague of mine told me she had given it as a reading assignment to her class, so I thought there was more to it than met the eye. It is not only an intricate family saga of four generations, but also a faithful rendering of life in a rural Cretan community and on the isolated island of Spinalonga from th [...]

I really liked the idea for this book, I found it really interesting, but I found the story poorly written. Set on a Greek Island, the excuse for the main character to go to the former leper colony was contrived, and didn't make much sense to me. Why her mother would have simply cut off contact with everyone she knew I didn't really understand; I didn't engage with any of the characters as I felt they had little substance behind them. They seemed to be very clear cut; one was 'good' and one was [...]

Ένα βιβλίο με πολλές πωλήσεις, αγαπητό στο αναγνωστικό κοινό για την πλοκή και την περιγραφή του κρητικού τοπίου. Γιατί μου άρεσε αυτό το βιβλίο; Καταπιάνεται με ένα ευαίσθητο θέμα της εποχής κ η συγγραφέας καταφέρνει να παρουσιάσει την ασθένεια αλλά και την καθημερινότητ [...]

Πρέπει να ήταν υπέροχο βιβλίο αλλά έκανα το λάθος και το διάβασα μετά την σειρά αφού με ξέρω γτ τα κάνω αυτά ??? Η σειρά σαφώς ήταν πιο καλή και από το βιβλίο (για σας που έχετε διαβάσει το βιβλίο το ξέρω ότι μπορεί να διαφωνήσετε μαζί μου και καλά θα κάνετε) απλά δεν παίζει να έ [...]

The Island is definitely on my ' best read books ' list. This is a beautifully written story with characters so convincing that I had to keep reminding myself that the book is in fact fiction. The book brought back fond memories of my trip to Crete a few years ago and I regret now not having visited Spinalonga. However if I do go back I will definitely make that boat trip.

Μου άρεσε πολύ η ιστορία αλλά η πλοκή μερικές φορές εξελισσόταν υπερβολικά γρήγορα (σε κάποιο σημείο σε 2 σελίδες πέθαναν 3 άνθρωποι). Επίσης λίγο δραματικό για το γούστο μου αλλά εντάξει καλό ήταν.Είναι το δεύτερο βιβλίο της Victoria Hislop που διαβάζω και αυτό που μου αρέσει στα β [...]

Nors šią knygą tikriausiai dažniausiai aptikdavau nukainotą, su įvairiomis akcijomis, ji mano akies niekada nepatraukė. Tiksliau nepatraukė tas viršelis – nemielas, negražus ir neiškalbingas jis man atrodydavo. O juk pirmas knygos vertinimas ir yra būtent vizualus. Tačiau jau kuris laikas mane „persekiojo“ labai geri komentarai, rekomendacijos ir siūlymai perskaityti šią knygą. Kaip tyčia ji ramiausiai sau gulėjo mano mylimos bibliotekos lentynoje. Ir kodėl gi nepaband [...]

Alexis Fielding is on the brink of making the biggest decision of her life and almost as a distraction fixates on the mystery of her mother’s life, her childhood that she refused to talk about. All through her childhood Sofia had received letters with Greek stamps on intermittently though Alexis’s childhood but when she is visiting Greece with her long-standing boyfriend she tells her mother that she would visit the place where Sofia had grown up, Plaka and Sofia relented and gave her a lett [...]

I loved every minute of this book. So beautifully written - I just didn't want it to end. It started quite slowly, but I persevered and once I got into it I just couldn't put it down!The story is about a girl who wants to find out more about her family history, only to discover under the layers of secrecy from her mother a story of betrayal and pain, accented by so much love of those that held it all together and tried to build a life despite the pitfalls.The description of the places, both hist [...]

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