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  • Title: Creeg
  • Author: Kelly Lucille
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  • Page: 371
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They were created, betrayed and nearly eradicated as a species The rest they did to themselves The Tellox are known as the finest warriors in every known galaxy, animalistic, powerful and infinitely hard to kill They heal from nearly any wound and do not age But they have no females left, and with the destruction of their bloodmates so long ago, nothing worth fightingThey were created, betrayed and nearly eradicated as a species The rest they did to themselves The Tellox are known as the finest warriors in every known galaxy, animalistic, powerful and infinitely hard to kill They heal from nearly any wound and do not age But they have no females left, and with the destruction of their bloodmates so long ago, nothing worth fighting for So they wander, they battle, and they hunt Most don t even remember what it is they search for, until Commander Creeg of the Tellox is exploring a new uninitiated world and chances upon the scent of new prey A small Earth female named Sara is about to change everything This is the start of a series and while the characters in this book will be in the next book and there is a continuation of story, each book will present a new romance to be enjoyed This is an alien abduction, fated mate romance with strong language and explicit sexual situations Enjoy

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4.25 starsI really enjoyed this quite a bit! Thank you Susani for the recommendation!! :D The only thing I didn't like was that the h and H were sometimes kind of rough with each other during sex, including scratching and biting and drawing blood. It fit their animal natures for sure, but it didn't appeal to me personally. The heroine did push the hero away for a bit, but I really couldn't blame her considering the circumstances. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series, and ho [...]

This was a solid book. Completely safe with a virgin hero!But enough with the damn heroines who act like crazy bitches! I do not at all understand why when heroines are faced with a jerk/manwhore they literally faint with intense desire for them but when it comes to honorable/non-manwhore/completely devoted heros they could give less of a shit and push them away at nasuem. This was a good start to what will be a great new and SAFE series. All the heros are confirmed virgins.

I'm not sure if I would rate this one a 4 1/2 or a 5 but for the simple fact that this one got my out of book funk this one deserves a 5. I didn't skip or want to skip anything in this book. I loved the world building and the main characters and I can't wait to see what will happen in book 2. There are so many characters in this book that I am waiting for their own books. the hero was great, possessive, demanding, and willing to do whatever to get the woman he wanted. I really really liked this [...]

Eh. Needs editing. I think this is self published, but there were a few continuity errors - her sisters changed to her cousins, Rygan changed to Rylan, etc. The story was ok. It wasn't romance as much as alien biology getting into the human biology and making them all hot to mate. That's not romance, that's just going into heat and nature telling the animals to procreate. The plot on the Tellox planet was stunted. It should've been longer to better explain and flesh it out. I know there's anothe [...]

~ 2.5 stars~I'm always up for a good alien romance so I was eager to check this one out. Here's my breakdown:The pros:* Hero was a virgin - no manwhore here* Offered as a kindleunlimited* Plenty of action (and not just in the bedroom)The cons:* I didn’t like the hero on this one - he was very inconsiderate and never seemed to put the heroines needs above his own. He was consistently selfish and showed no compassion towards the heroine. He just took her from her world and never seemed to expres [...]

2.5 starsHas all the earmarks of a story I would normally love but just didn't enjoy it. Hero was a selfish dick who seems to not care at all about heroines pain, choice or wants. He forced his his bite on her to begin changing her DNA without her consent. Kidnaps her despite her protests. Her heartache was merely irritation.He breaks his vow not to force sex until they reach his planet. (She's a virgin) Exposes her to even more trouble by taking her to his world as the only woman. Then endanger [...]

Well, I was warned! The synopsis did say that although each book presents a new romance, the story will continue throughout the series. I just never thought that Ms. Lucille would ever have me wanting to chunk my ipad at a wall when the story ended but didn’t. In other words, I was left hanging in a huge way. Huge enough that I’ll be waiting for some more releases to happen before I dive back into this story. This in no way means I didn’t enjoy Creeg. It was heartbreaking and exciting, esp [...]

3.5 stars

Good readI really enjoyed this book. Loved the characters. Lots of action. I would recommend this book. A nice short read

yeahhh this was kind of rape-y Just because you can "smell" desire, does not mean it is ok to act on it when the lady is screaming no.

Cliffhanger Warning!Available in Kindle UnlimitedGood start to a new series. I will read the next part of the story when it's released.

only one out so far Hearing cliffhanger

RapeyDNF at 45%I found this book immensely uncomfortable and rapey, and I've read romances where there are actual rapes (I didn't like those either). While the heroine does kind of give permission (eventually), it's definitely in a forced seduction kind of way. In fact, I feel this book needs a trigger warning. There are times when the heroine clearly says stop or no and the "hero", Creeg (a name I kept rolling my eyes at and thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger), keeps manhandling her. One part [...]

Loved it but it was difficult to readThis alien romance was right up my alley (fated mates, sexyness, and danger) but the writing was confusing."She pulled out into the transport lanes and vehicles that were making use of it."Immediately I thought she was in a car accident. But no, this sentence structure was continued throughout the story. I had to reread so many compound sentences to understand what was meant. There were a couple grammatical errors as well.But I'm excited for the next book! Th [...]

I haven't read a book so awful in a while. There will be spoiler ahead so be warned! Books like this give bad name of the gender honestly. The main hero kidnaps the female rapes her and then in the end she suffers from Stockholm syndrome and doesn't care that the same thing will happen to others. I have read many books with similar premise but this is the worst by a mile. I recommend to everyone who thinks to read this book to go find something else!

Quick read! I felt uncomfortable at times because of the dub con but I feel like it managed to stay on the decent side of the line. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

The heroine was resistant to the mating for far too long. Although I cannot fault her, it just irritated me as I wanted more romance. It’s a good start to a series and the hero is hot! I liked that the hero was not this super powerful alien even though he was a Tellox general and he acknowledges that some other Tellox are stronger than him. He failed to kill the crazy king so that added a bit of grounding to the story.

I don't usually have a issue with the whole life mate/blood mate/ fated mate (whatever you want to call it) thing. Honestly i actually love it, but sadly not this time. It just felt weird with Sara fighting against it the whole time and then suddenly from one page to the next she loves Creeg oh so much and doesn't want to live without him. I felt like there was no inner transition from hating to loving and it bugged me. Don't even get me started on the King because he's just crazy and i hate him [...]

I enjoyed this book a lot my only complaint and also keeping me from giving a 5 star is the pushing away that Sara does. I can understand some of it but it really started to get Annoying.Full of steam that sometimes got a little rough,almost animalistic at times but then again you are reading about an alien who has an inner-beast that is all alpha and possessive.Definitely recommend!!!

OkI can't say I was a big fan of this book. It definitely leaned towards no and at times questionable consent. I just didn't like that. The premise was interesting but the romance wasn't well developed. It was I hate you, I hate you, I love you. I couldn't get into it. I wanted to like the story but forcing the issue made me dislike it.

book 6 of Weekend Book SlumpThis book was slightly better than my other 5 face palms, but comparing it to books I actually liked, prob should truly get 2 stars. I have been on an alien kick as of recent and this one intrigued me just as much as the series I read. This one was less fleshed out though. I would have liked to see a bit more world building. The humans know about the aliens in this series and that right there could have been 2 chapters just to explain how the hell that happened. I am [...]

SPOILERS, SPOILERSI really enjoyed this book and look forward to more. This looks like a promising start to a new series. Creeg and Sarah were interesting and I want to see what happens with the mad king and Sarah's sisters. I want to see what happens with earth and the rest of the Tellox.

a good readthe reasons why I choose this rating because it was a good read but to much agitation and forceful action in the wrong way.

I thought this was an excellent start to what I hope is going to be a series. Sara is 'stolen' from earth by Commander Creeg of the Tellox as he feels a 'pull' towards her, then he discovers she is his blood mate.Sara fought him tooth and nail although she feels the 'pull' too, she doesn't just give in as soon as he touches her in fact she makes this difficult for him.There were a group of warriors on board with them who add to the story and will provide future stories, i hope.

Not enough emotional payout for this non/dub con mating. Not impressed with Creeg. He was so feral he couldn't rationalize nor sympathize. Sex was bad. Cliffhanger ending. Writing was choppy and abrupt.

First of all, I want to say that I actually like it when a book manages to coax strong emotions from me. Whether they are bad or good, at least it means that I was engaged in the story enough to feel strongly about it. So, even if I may sound really angry, it's not necessary a bad thing. Now to the actual book. So, I picked it up expecting a guilty pleasure read, you know? Who knew that I would actually be so pissed throughout most of it. Nothing new, really. An alien saw a human girl and felt a [...]

The Tellox are an alien species that were created specifically for battle. At one point their species had women, but they don't now. That means that there are a lot of males out there wandering around space looking for something, they don't know what. That is until Creeg lands on Earth and finds Sara, who is his blood mate. He takes her up to his ship and mates with her, turning her into a part Tellox. If you like alien abduction romances, this is a good one. There is a lot of conflict between S [...]

CreegGreat start to a new series. Sara and Creeg are a great couple. What makes the story more interesting is the physical changes to Sara and telepathy that develops between them. How Sara can also now read other people as well. Great world building in this story. I can't wait to read the next in this series. I highly recommend.

Poorly written, a shameAs alien abduction erotica goes, it's a mildly intriguing world the author has created, but not original or gripping enough to make me overlook how badly constructed the writing is. Even being included in KU would not make me want to read another story by this writer.

3.5 stars not 4 because cut off endingShe was feisty and perfect for him never gave him an inch and made him work for it. and because of that his men respected her and came to care for her as well.I can't wait until the next book considering it's to be continuedlol !

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