Defensive Mindset

Wendy Temple

Defensive Mindset

Defensive Mindset

  • Title: Defensive Mindset
  • Author: Wendy Temple
  • ISBN: 9783955338398
  • Page: 174
  • Format: ebook

Star footballer and successful businesswoman Jessie Grainger has her life set, and doesn t need anything getting in the way That includes rebellious rival player Fran Doherty, a burnt out barmaid with a past as messed up as her attitude So when the clashing pair find themselves on the same Edinburgh women football team, how will they survive each other, let alone play toStar footballer and successful businesswoman Jessie Grainger has her life set, and doesn t need anything getting in the way That includes rebellious rival player Fran Doherty, a burnt out barmaid with a past as messed up as her attitude So when the clashing pair find themselves on the same Edinburgh women football team, how will they survive each other, let alone play to win 100,000 words

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You may go into this one thinking that this is a sports book, from the description and the cover that was where I thought this was going. Sports with a romance, right? Well, technically those boxes were checked but this story has a darker grittier feel to it. Let me explain, then you can decide for yourself.Jessie Grainger is former Scottish national team soccer player. She is an amazing athlete whose sole focus is on being the best in her sport. She has had big offers to play for other European [...]

3 1/2 Stars. I've always really enjoy sports books, so I was looking forward to reading this. While, I'm not a huge soccer fan, I do enjoy watching the Women's World Cup and Women's Olympic Soccer. Due to me being a little behind in my ARC reading this month, a lot of reviews for this book were already out. They seem to be very mixed, so I was unsure where I would fall in my feelings for this book. While I did have a few issues, overall I enjoyed this read as much as I was hoping for.The story i [...]

*I received this book from the publisher, in return for a fair review.*This is the second full length novel that I’ve read by this author. A strange sentence, I’m sure, to anyone who happened to glance at the author’s page on GoodReads before reading my review (or, you know, ever looked at it . . . or something). Listed is this book here and a short story collection with many different authors included in it. So, second full length novel that I’ve read? Well, the other one I read was a b [...]

Where do I start? Hmmmm. Actually, this book got potential. Although For me this is not really a sports romance book so don't expect too much. They're rivals at first then became team members, enemies to friends.Sports thing is just 25% of the book and the 50% Fran's dark life, 15% of Jessie, and 10% supporting characters. Fran is really complicated and I agree with lot of reviewers here, why the hell is she a soccer player? How the hell did she get away with it? Considering her past? And too so [...]

When I first saw this book’s cover, I thought it was going to be a romance that is wrapped around sports. It is true that it is a romance novel with some soccer running throughout the book. The book, however, was focused on one of the main character’s history and her current state of mind.The two main characters are Jessie Grainger and Fran Doherty. Jessie is a star soccer player who is driven by the love of competition. She has been involved in soccer most of her life. She comes from a very [...]

My excitement for this book can be summed up easily with this GIF:Weirdly enough, safe for maybe 15% or so of the book devoted to actual game time, this romance isn't much about sports at all. That's okay, though, since it ended up being a really emotional story about overcoming addiction and opening yourself up to love, even when it's scary.Jessie, a Type A real estate agent, plays for a Scotland football club that has just signed Fran Docherty, a wild-card wild-child who totally dominated Jess [...]

I received an ARC from Ylva Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This story has a lot going on. The main love interest, Fran, is super hot and ridiculously talented. Unfortunately, her superstar-quality football/soccer skills and singer/songwriter/ musician talents are considerably dampened by her not so distant past as a hardcore heroin addict with major family issues.Jessie, the leading lady opposite Fran, is almost comically straight-laced and traditional apart from being an Olympic f [...]

Well, before I started this review, I have taken a look to those already made. I agree that this is not just a romance/sport book, the game is very secondary way treated. Even the football sorroundings as training time, pre game and post game situations. It is just a little part of the complex relationship between Jessie and Fran. I agree in the poor behaviour of the teammates, lacking credibility in semiprofessional athletes. I too agree in the excesive odd personality of Fran and the difficult [...]

I have mixed views on this book. The story centres around straight laced Jessie and lots of baggage Fran. They both play football, but that is a minor side story, with the main part focusing on their romance.There was something about the characters that I just could not connect with. I did not buy into their attraction and thus as a couple felt it lacked fizz. This was not helped that Fran did not communicate apart from one word answers. Personally I prefer more character building in stories. Wi [...]

I liked the beginning, but the more this went on, the more frustrating it got. Fran is so stubbornly taciturn, and pushes away Jessie so consistently that I was wondering why Jessie was so taken with her. She was unpleasant to the point that they barely spoke for the vast majority of the book. Fran often thought Jessie was too good for her, and Fran didn't deserve her, she was right.

*ARC from Ylva for review*Besides volleyball and softball, football/soccer is the to-go team-sport for lesbians, it seems.While Jessie is an accomplished and enthusisastic football player, beeing in the Olympic's team and on the Scottish national team, Fran just plays to get money - and some structure in her life.Clearly they are opposites - even adversaries, initially.But forced together on the same football team and living near enough to commute together too, they start a reluctant friendship. [...]

I loved this book. I’m not a big sports fan but I grew up in England and I enjoy and understand football (soccer) more than other sports. Don’t be put off reading the book if you don’t like football, though, as it plays a secondary role in the story. Really, it could be any team sport.The story is grittier and perhaps more realistic than most romance novels. The cover does not reflect the tone of the novel at all. Jessie and Fran seem to be polar opposites (and not just because of the tire [...]

I loved the story of Jessie and Fran.On the first sight, the two women are as apposed as possible. Jessie the strong willed and clear structured soccer player, who plays in the national team and works hard for her goals in sport as well as in her job as a real estate broker. On the other side Fran, with a dark past, who’s messed up bigtime her predicted career as model and musician. Who couldn’t handle the beginning success and fame.The first time they met, as opponent on the field, was a di [...]

I was provided a Reviewer Copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Jessie is a football player, she’s extremely friendly, almost annoyingly so. The best way to describe her would be prim and proper. Fran is her opposite. She’s got tattoos and piercings everywhere. She’s an addict and an alcoholic. Fran’s also very closed off and barely speaks.When the two first meet on the field, on the last game of the season, they don’t exactly get along. Fran gets handsy while defending a [...]

Ignore the hideous cover (that made me initially think this would be a cheesy/smutty shitty romance) and move swiftly on to the beautiful and thought provoking prose of Ms Temple. While there are some passages that deal specifically with soccer, you don't really need to know, or care much about the game to read the book; the sport is merely a convenient plot device and the real action happens in the quieter moments. Having said that, the author does know her stuff so soccer fans and players will [...]

This is my first book by this author and I'll happily admit that I was blown away. I really enjoyed it. Firstly, I liked the fact it was set in the UK. At last it was places I knew and could relate too and not try to imagine. Secondly, it covers a subject that is handled very well with sensitivity and compassion. Thirdly, women's football who isn't interested. (sorry, soccer to our american cousins).It's set over a year or more notably a football season. It's an opposites attract book. but sayin [...]

I have been delaying this review for a few month now, because i wanted to give de book another go. See if it wasn't that bad but i just wasn't in the right mood. But nop. Nop.This book is about footballer star, Jessie, and a ex-convint/footballer Fran. You may think it's about football, but not at all. That's just the means to the story, that is the love story between this two.For me, the no go was just the lack of credibility i read through the book. I'm a football fan, so if you're gonna write [...]

So this book wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn't bad because of that. I guess I just didn't get into it like I do other books. I enjoyed the beginning as I was prepared for a good sports romance, but it became something else, but again, as I say it wasn't bad, just different than expected. Jessie is a successful football player with Lothian Thistle. Things change for her when she meets Fran a somewhat dirty player from the other team. However, she soon become a teammate and as a l [...]

It was interesting seeing Shona and Toni again from Licit Cusp by Weebod. Fair to say I liked the book. I figured it would have been mostly about sport, but nope, not really. I found Fran a difficult character to like. But all and all it was pretty good.

Review: forloversofbooks.wordpressI wish I could say I enjoyed this… I was actually very excited to read this, but, unfortunately, it was a complete miss for me.Star footballer and successful businesswoman Jessie Grainger has her life set, and doesn’t need anything getting in the way. That includes rebellious rival player Fran Doherty, a burnt-out barmaid with a past as messed up as her attitude. So when the clashing pair find themselves on the same Edinburgh women football team, how will th [...]

This story is very busy and has a lot crammed into it. I enjoyed the story ok, but I did find it to be a little unbelievable where Fran was concernede is an addict (now clean) who is described as out of shape and a very heavy smoker etc. If this is the case then how on earth did she make it as a professional football player? I just couldn't get my mind around that. I really liked Jessie as a character and was rooting for her to succeed and get everything she wanted. She is passionate and really [...]

By the cover and the jacket blurb, I had been expecting a slightly more sports-focused story. Other than a few very brief game scenes and practice sessions spoken of rather than actually seen, there is very little actual soccer in this book. Instead, the perspective bounces back and forth between Jessie, the "good girl", and Fran the recovering addict and follows their relationship from antagonistic adversaries to team mates. Granted things aren't as focused as that and there are a plethora of s [...]

Defensive Mindset is set in the world of women’s football and follows Jessie Granger, estate agent and star player for the team, and Fran Docherty, a troubled and withdrawn woman with an amazing talent for the game. I must admit that I’m not a big football fan but this book is about so much more than that. Football is the background only and the real strength of this story is the depth of emotion, the understanding of despair, trust and love. Wendy Temple has written a fantastic story that d [...]

Defensive Mindset is a beautifully written novel about life's tragedies, struggles and triumphs both on the soccer pitch and in life. Fran and Jessie's lives could not be more different when they meet as opponents. This is where the novel leaves the path of what you would expect to happen in a story concerning sports, lesbians and conflict. Ms Temple weaves layers of insight into the human psyche while gradually telling her story. The storyline gently takes you through the human drama revealing [...]

What a lovely surprise. I must admit I am guilty of judging a book by its cover now and then with this being one of those times. I was expecting a light, easy read with a touch of sports which is like candy to me. What I got was a strong tale with depth, tragedy and light.Wendy Temple has created an environment I never expected but very much appreciated. Well worth a read.---I received an ARC for an honest review

Trigger Warning: Rape, Grief, AddictionFYI:--Hate to Love trope --“Exoctic” sexy, brown skinned women as background characters--The word “lover” is used and I know some people hate the word--A+ Punk Rock History & Music. --Yes, Sex Pistols Credit Cards are a real thing. --It starts with a groping on the soccer/football park during a game--I seriously love how well the title works on different levels--Yes, I knew from the cover going in it was about soccer/football. Do I know anything [...]

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Jessie can't believe that her coach hired Fran. Of all players that annoyed her on the field, he has to pick the one who managed to get on her nerves so badly, that Jessie lost her temper on the field and was suspended. And even now, when they are on the same team, Jessie is not sure if she can stand Fran. Jessie is a hardworking woman, who wants to excel in football and in her personal life. Her opinion [...]

I was not sure I was going to like this book, but forged ahead as I do enjoy a good lesbian love story within a sports setting. The sports aspect was secondary to the love story which I was OK with, but don’t look for too much focus on soccer if that is what you are looking for. The story between the two main characters is the true focus of the book. I thought the relationship between Fran and Jessie was quite good, although as some other reviewers have noted, I struggled a little with the not [...]

Before I start my review I would just like to say a huge thank you to NetGallery and also to Ylva Publishing for sending me this e-book to read in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. Okay now on with the reviewI give this book 2 1/2 stars.This book wasn't my cup of tea. There were some good things that I enjoyed, but just as many that I wasn't that keen on. In spite of this I still have no doubt in my mind that Wendy Temple is a great writer.I love [...]

Jessie plays for Lothian Thistle, and in the final game of the football season Fran Docherty, playing for the Ayr Hawks, inappropriately touches her on the pitch, gets a slap, and Jessie is given a red card, and three match ban. The following season Jessie is not too happy that Fran is now signed to play for Lothian Thistle. While football is a theme in the beginning, and close, of Defensive Mindset there is much more depth to this book, and a relationship blossoms between Jessie and Fran. Fran [...]

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