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  • Title: Pendragon
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9780515132250
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

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Meggie Sherbrooke, newly married to Thomas Malcombe, the earl of Lancaster, finds her new home in Pendragon, a castle on the southeastern coast of Ireland The ancient dwelling, full of eccentric people, charms Meggie in a fashion that could lead to disaster.

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3.5*This very much reminded me of Julie Garwood's style, especially where the ditzy heroine was concerned, but less sweet and with a couple of darker edges in some points of the plot. I know I have been complaining a bit, but I actually liked it and I would have liked it more had the heroine been more mature than childish, and had she not loved another man for 2/3 of the book. She may have been devoted to her husband, but all her 'Jeremy said this' and 'Jeremy would do that' did not make her par [...]

Meggie is kind of annoying in this story. The oldest of Tyson's brood she's in love with Jeremy but decides to Thomas. I liked Thomas and could have done w/o Meggie and her whining. Rebound lovers rarely work it out. I'm surprised Thomas stuck with her. I'd have booted her out. Still, it all resolved in a happily ever after. So far, my least favourite Bride book.

Ms. Coulter, you lost me at the cat racing. Honestly, I can't take a story seriously that uses the phrase "cat whisperer."

I originally gave this 4 stars but after reading again I think it's more of a 2 1/2 star book. I had a hard time finishing it this time. The heroine really got on my nerves.

both of these people are annoying af

I stopped reading on page 94.The Meggie we used to know and love as a child is now older and soI don't even know the proper word to describe her as an adult. I don't know if it's all the talk of racing cats or what, but I just can't. Go. On. Maybe I need a break from this series (a long one) then re-visit it at a later time.

Good book, except for first and last chapters.

This week I'm lying in bed being sick and reading this series. While reading it I felt everything that happened in Pendragon castle sounded familiar. IDK. May be I read it in my teens, but I honestly don't remember. Mb I read smth with the similar plot, or it was used in some fan fiction I read over the years.Anyway! I liked this story and I love crazy Sherbrooke family even their next generation :) It was funny to read about Tyson being so manly and so in love with his second wife after reading [...]

Horrible book. Had to force myself to finish to see what the mystery was. Meggie got on my last nerve. Did the girl NEVER shut up??? Her thoughts tended to go from one thing to another, must of been some ADD going on with her. Thomas was ok. He didn't carry his jealousy well at all. I also got tired of seeing on every page that she was the vicar's daughter. I mean come on already the reader knows this, we don't need to be reminded every page. There love scenes were boring, no romance at all. The [...]

3.5 ratingOne can only hope that when they love so deeply that the feeling is returned. With doubt imbedded after over hearing a conversation you have to wonder why they married int he first place. Misguided, angry and under a death threat from nowhere is causes concerns. One girl missing an another one taken int he middle of the night from right under their noses. Is it the mother, the Aunt or the brother-in-law? Can they figure out the motive and catch the person responsible in time or will it [...]

I liked Meggie and Thomas' story. I could see the moment he fell in love with her. I like that regardless how bad Thomas was acting because he overheard that she was still in love with Jeremy, she did not pout but got drunk on champagne with the hotel owner. She didn't play the victim, she stayed true to character, and confronted him straight on that he was acting strange. I have to say they handled their misunderstandings better in this story than most that I have read.I would have given it 5 s [...]

after having her heart broken by a man she has love for most of her life, her almost cousin, a boy her uncle has rescued and raise with his own kids. Meggie Sherbrooke, marries Thomas Malcombe, the earl of Lancaster, finds her new home in Pendragon, a castle on the southeastern coast of Ireland. as she falls in love with her new home she stills morn for her list love and it tears Thomas apart and swears he will make her love him as he does her. only someone is trying to kill her and ends up kidn [...]

I really like all of the books in the Sherbrooke series. I love Catherine Coulter's writing. This book was a slow start for me. I plodded through the first half. I was not sure where this story was taking me. I found myself skipping through some of the dialog and descriptive text. Finally, at about the half way point things picked up and caught my attention. The love story also included a mystery and a little bit of suspenseenough to keep me reading. It was a close call. The second half saved th [...]

PendragonThis Brides series book continues in the same, ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhrgin bride scared and PO'd on their wedding night after husband can't restrain himself and slams on in. She is not quite as bad as the others and lets him have another go and on and on they go.I did like the cat racing. That is something I would like to have seen. (Always said we owned race cats, named after NASCAR drivers my kids liked.)It's kind of fun watching the next generation of the family come of age.

An entertaining read. It contained all the major elements-- humor, romance, suspense, mystery-- a little bit of everything. My favorite element was the humor. This book made me LOL-- a lot. One of Meggie's (the lead female character) hobbies is CAT racing. LOL I kid you not. There is one scene toward the end of the book where they forgot to tie up the dog (chuckle) who (of course) came charging out onto the racetrack in the middle of a race. The dog was barking and grinning and having a grand ol [...]

3.5 starsMeggie Sherbrooke, at her first season falls head over heels for her almost cousin Jeremy. He is already engage and completely in love with his bride. Meggie is heartbroken. Then she meets Thomas and they click. They get married and he stumbles upon the fact that she is not completely over another man. Chaos ensues. I liked it. Meggie was spirited and just a little oblivious. I liked Thomas. The Jeremy thing got a little old so I was grateful when it went away.

Starting off with a cat race and then moving to a broken heard and a romance that's slightly wrong-footed it's a fun read. The characters are fun and interesting and the mystery kept me guessing what was going to happen next.That being said there was very little sense of place, England and Ireland were not all that different and the travel really didn't add anything to the situation, still fun though.Readable fluff.

I love reading Catherine Coulter's novels and this did not let me down. After Meggies' heart was broken she married someone she didn't love. This led to her new life away from her family where she became the lady of a castle full of strange characters. She must learn to deal with her new mother in law and other issues as she settles in. Meggie also has a unique interest that she brings with her and continues in her new home. There is danger, romance, and adventure in this book.

Any book that starts and ends with detailed descriptions of cat racing is destined to be interesting at least. Catherine Coulter is wildly inventive which makes all her books unique and fun to read. It is particularly fun to follow different generations and branches of one family throughout history. This is just one of many books about the Sherbrookes that I would recommend to someone who needs some fun brain candy.

Pendragon, Bride Bk 7, Catherine Coulter, PB-B @ 1/02, 3/02. Tysen Sherbrooke's daughter Maggie falls in love with her almost cousin Jeremy, but he loves Charlotte. With a broken heart, Meggie marries Thomas and goes off to live at Pendragon Castle, where she finds happiness and danger and finally love. Very good.

love the Sherbrooke family and look forward to reading more. This story is about Tysen Sherbrooke's daughter Meggie. Meggie is now married to an Earl and is going to be living in Ireland much to the worry of her father.

Coulter's Sherbrooke series is a great read. These regency romances are beyond the pap of the usual regency romance. Her characters are funny and warm. There's always an adventure, a treasured a family ghost or two, although paranormal is not the focus of her stories.

I enjoyed this installment of the Sherbrooke series, just as I have enjoyed the others. Meggie Sherbrooke is one of my favorite characters of the family and it was nice to see the woman she grew into. There was also a fair amount of mystery in this novel and that made it interesting as well.

I love this story! I like the name Meggie but kept thinking about her as Meggers. LOL. All the characters were very endearing except of course The cat races exciting and funny. Overall I would read this book over and over. Ms. Coulter, I apologize for not discovering you sooner.

One of the best in the series! Love Meggy and ger attiude towards life and love. Sad that she had to hurt her husbands feelings before she realized her true feelings towards Jeremy but tis the world. Hopefully William straightens up and quits impregnating the worlds daughters.

A very good read!!

Brides Series #7

This was a fun book. I may wanr to read more by this author.

Meggie the reverends daughter marries Thomas who is scarred by history of untrustworthy women.

I like this author

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