Primal Deception

Robin Mahle

Primal Deception

Primal Deception

  • Title: Primal Deception
  • Author: Robin Mahle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition

This is an ACE of ASIN B01M049EHU Primal DeceptionFBI civilian data analyst, Lacy Merrick, manages the threat of terrorism every day But when terror strikes home, she is faced with a new reality and a new enemy When she crosses paths with Special Agent Will Caison after the tragic incident, Lacy begins to unravel a furtive plot to discredit not only her, but her husbandThis is an ACE of ASIN B01M049EHU Primal DeceptionFBI civilian data analyst, Lacy Merrick, manages the threat of terrorism every day But when terror strikes home, she is faced with a new reality and a new enemy When she crosses paths with Special Agent Will Caison after the tragic incident, Lacy begins to unravel a furtive plot to discredit not only her, but her husband and cyber security expert, Jay Merrick The plot, she soon discovers, balances on the tip of a deeply embedded secret that has the potential to destroy a nation Lacy recruits Agent Caison and long time friend and hacker, Aaron Hunter, to help her find those responsible for taking the lives of so many Americans She must clear the cloud of suspicion around her family and reveal a truth that will inflame a fearful public But powerful enemies surround her every move and will employ all necessary resources to keep Lacy and everyone she loves silent forever.

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This was a fantastic book by an author whose work I'd never read. It kept me turning the pages, not wanting to put it down. Lacy Merrick is a data analyst for the FBI. Her husband, Jay, works in cyber security. The couple has two young children and a live-in nanny, Celeste. Everything is pretty close to being perfect until the day Jay becomes the victim of a terrorist bombing at their local mall. Devastated beyond belief and grieving her loss, Lacy soon finds herself caught up in a mystery while [...]

'Primal Deception' was a great start to what looks like a great series, 'A Lacy Merrick Thriller'. The storyline was well written and the way it played out was pretty intense. I had a hard time putting this book down. I was pulled in from the start and it held my attention throughout. Full of thrilling scenarios, suspense, deceit and a ton of action. The characters were an array of personalities. Lacy is a great lead. She's quite remarkable, especially when put in a life or death position, which [...]

Government DeceptionThis story had my attention after the first page. I enjoyed the strong female character. After losing her husband Lacie had to deal with the possibility that her husband was involved in the Mall bombing disaster that killed over two hundred people and himself. She enlist Aaron a college friend of her husband, who is a computer hacker. He accesses classified information to try to clear her husbands name. Because she works for the FBI she and Aaron work together, along with an [...]

I received this b00k free from and I am voluntarily writing a review. Lacy works as a data analyst for the FBI and her husband Jay works as a cyber security salesman they have a good life with two children, a live in Nanny in an up scale neighborhood. That is until it all comes to an end when her husband is killed in a bomb attack at a mall close to their home. When cleaning out her deceased husband's office she comes across some hidden numbers and asks the FBI agent working the bomb attack to [...]

I received it as a FREE book through , (can't beat something for free). Free books, are a good way to try other authors, which was the case here as I had never heard or read anything form Robin Mahle before, won't be the last either!It was one of those books that once started you didn't want to put down and found myself still reading at three in the morning. A book well written, unsure if storyline is really possible if to believe in real life, but there again being British I not fully converse [...]

For Lacy Merrick, the latest apparent Act of Terror, a local mall bombing hits directly, as her husband is killed in the incident. She digs in to get to the bottom of who's responsible for this and the investigation takes some unlikely turns, and she's not sure who to trust. Fast paced, action filled.

Fantastic storyThis was a well written story with a lot of excitement intrigue and mystery . The author portrayal all the characters in the best way possible to keep your interest . So much public doesn't know about what goes on and that's what makes this story very eye-opening .

Protagonist pretty much spends the entire book whining and lamenting the fact that she basically abandoned her kids after her husband is killed choosing instead to launch an illegal manhunt for those responsible. But doesn’t change her behavior which of course puts everyone she loves and cares about in mortal danger. Sorry excuse for a mother and a human.

This was a gripping thriller featuring a smart, resilient female analyst. The plot was wildly far-fetched, with terrorists, bombings, foreign agent killers, corporate greed, Government traitors, plus CIA, FBI, and civilian hackers all working together. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun to read and moved along quickly. Lacy Merrick is a character I would like to read more about.

Murder, Treason, Terrorism and Lies All Wrapped Up In Politics and FinanceLives are shattered when a bomb goes off on a crowded shopping mall. Was it a splinter group of ISIS or another group far more terrifying? I could not put this book down until I finished it! It is brilliantly written.

Heart pounding action. I loved how Lacy met the heartbreaking loss of her husband with action instead of allowing grief to consume her. She set out to right a wrong and kept fighting with the team she builds out of people she hopes she can trust. If you enjoy reading about the fight against terrorism and political corruption you will definitely enjoy this story.

Political thrillerI don't normally read this type of book, but this was really intriguing with lots of computer hacking. Lacy is likeable and believable and the story built nicely. I didn't give 5 stars because a couple of times the writing was a little awkward. But mostly it was a really good read.

A quick (2 day) entertaining read. Having read a wide variety of novels involving international espionage and terrorist stories, I try to judge them on a degree of reality without personally having any knowledge or experience with the subject matter. For me, Primal Deception was a little over the top. But don't be discouraged if you want to read it; you will be entertained.

PRIMAL DECEPTIONFirst book in the Lacy Merrick series, very good thriller. Lacy is dedicated to clearing her husband's name, but puts herself in great danger. This is a complex story, very entertaining- also very clean.

Fast paced and attention grabbingSome great twists, some you saw coming, others you didn't. Ended up having to get book two right away so I could get more of Lacey and see how she's doing!

Thoroughly enjoyable for fans of government cover-up, international collusion motivated by greed, and honest citizens running into brick walls while searching for answers to the apparent craziness that surrounds us.

Took me forever to get through Overall this story kept me reading, but the writing style and errors were so hard to get through. When you spell the title character's name two different ways literally on the same page you know it hasn't been edited well!

Fast moving international intrigue!The author spins a tale that could have come out of today's newspapers. The action is fast and furious, the plot twists are totally believable. I was left thinking "that could happen or, has it already happened?"

Fantastic thriller!Awesome political thriller. Kept you glued to the book from start to finish. Can't wait to read the next installment. Loved the characters!

Great story line.Fast paced read with a great story line and plenty of twists. Political intrigue and cyber security issues resembles the present day arena.

Government rulesA love story cut short by political and commercial manoeuvring. Well written pacy story that twists in u expected ways and keeps you reading

Primal DeceptionLots of plots exposed and turns with our hero's trying to fight the good fight. Politics and enough greed to keep things nasty.

Loved this Novel. Had trouble putting it down. Really enjoyed the Lacy character. Will be buying more stories from Robin Mahle.

This is an exciting Kindle freebie thriller! Fast moving action, interesting characters.

FantasticIt's been a long time since I enjoyed a book so much.It had heart,suspense, and so much more, great read

This novel was one of the best "reads" that I ever received from . The story line was intriguing, in depth and quite interesting. For what it is worth I recommend it.

A few flaws not to be mentioned, but a very good story about economic relationships, politics,power and some tragedies. interesting characters included in a game maybe not a game !

Edge-of-your-seat action. Couldn't put it down :)

Fair plotWould only be worthy of a "B" film. Just something missing for that extra spice but interesting reading just to know how it ends.

Real life politicsGood story line. Politics as usual and big money win again over ethical standards. Painfully mirrored real life in the present.

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