No More Heroes (No More Heroes, #1)

Michelle Kan

No More Heroes (No More Heroes, #1)

No More Heroes (No More Heroes, #1)

  • Title: No More Heroes (No More Heroes, #1)
  • Author: Michelle Kan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 233
  • Format: eBook

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The peaceful nights are kept under the clandestine and watchful eye of young, gifted vigilantes the world over But a sudden rash of vigilante deaths heralds the arrival of a new and unfamiliar enemy one whose motive is as unclear as their identity Someone or something seems determined to disturb the peace, and they re going straight for the watchmen to do it In a cityThe peaceful nights are kept under the clandestine and watchful eye of young, gifted vigilantes the world over But a sudden rash of vigilante deaths heralds the arrival of a new and unfamiliar enemy one whose motive is as unclear as their identity Someone or something seems determined to disturb the peace, and they re going straight for the watchmen to do it In a city where those who are gifted make up their own rules, who will step forward when the threat of a swift end is real and there stands so little to gain No More Heroes is an urban fantasy action adventure novel about young, would be heroes who get than they bargained for when they delve deeper into a world they never knew they were a part of Featuring a diverse cast of players, discord, a mystery to be solved, plenty of literary action and high stakes battles, No More Heroes is a story about self belief and camaraderie, persistence in the face of trials, and what it means to be the best version of yourself.

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Check out my book blog for more book reviews and other bookish posts!No More Heroes is a book that I only found due to Twitter. As you know, I’m co-hosting Asian Lit Bingo this month, and Michelle Kan – the author – mentioned that her book fits some of the squares. I checked it out on and realised it was just my thing!Vigilantes are being killed all over the city and nobody know why. A group of three young Vigilantes start to learn more about the community and come closer to finding out a [...]

Originally reviewed on my blog WOCreadswocreads.wordpress/2017/0Michelle Kan’s debut novel, No More Heroes, is a fast-paced and exciting superhero tale with a diverse cast of characters. As readers, we follow a young trio of new vigilantes – Clare, Mallory and Linus – who patrol the streets at night on the lookout for criminals and trouble-makers. Interestingly, we learn that what drives them out at night is not simply wanting to do good but that their Abilities come with an extra shot of [...]

Urban fantasy is where it is at for me! I bought No More Heroes ages ago, so last week I decided to finally tackle it in the Reading Quest. (I’m doing really well, by the way – nearly finished the Mage path!) I originally was interested in it because of the diverse range of characters – Rehua is Samoan, whilst Fang is genderfluid and aroace. (This aspect of the novel is ownvoices). I kind-of wish that Fang was the clear main character of the novel, because she was given much more of a back [...]

First published at: theshrinketteThere are Vigilantes with special Abilities all over the world who patrol the streets at night to keep the peace. However, a series of Vigilante deaths ensue- the identity and the motive of the person responsible for these deaths are unknown. Three young Vigilantes have no idea what they’re getting into when they get involved, and team up with a bunch of older Vigilantes to solve the mystery.This is a fast-paced urban fantasy that features a diverse cast of cha [...]

I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. No More Heroeshas a lot of potential and a great premise, but the execution didn’t quite do it for me.The writing style was good in itself, easy to read and understandable, but it dragged at times and felt repetetive in some places. What bothered me the most was the way it kept the characters very distant – they all seemed amazing and I wanted to know more about them, but they felt like strangers until the very end, as if I just got brief glimpses [...]

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this in exchange for a honest review. I finished NO MORE HEROES a few days ago and have been considering what I wanted to say about it for a while. I think your enjoyment of the story will depend heavily on expectations. NO MORE HEROES is amazing when you think of it as an action flick: it has great pacing, the actions scenes are stellar and easy to follow, and the superhero powers are *cool*. I WANT CLARE'S OKAY. I want it a lot.I often wished we'd spent mor [...]

My Rating:4.5 Stars: ★★★★ 1/2This action-packed and character-driven urban fantasy, follows a diverse cast of characters who have superpowers! No More Heroes is a tale about friendship and what it means to be a hero!No More Heroes had me hooked from page 1! Vigilantes (or those who use their Abilites to protect the City) mysteriously seem to be getting killed off 1 by 1! A group of teen Vigilantes: Clare, Linus, and Mallory (who are fairly new to it), become involved when they rescue Vig [...]

I started this looking for some action-packed story about morally grey and diverse superheroes and I was not disappointed!This book is about a group of people who have Abilities, which are a kind of superpowers that give them extra energy. Most of them use their Abilities to become Vigilantes and fight against criminals, but lately someone has been killing Vigilantes and no one knows who or why. We follow three friends who have recently found out about their Abilities and suddenly discover this [...]

Superheroes! Or more accurately morally-grey Vigilantes, but still. It's superheroes along the lines of the tv adaption of Daredevil, or possibly the Watchmen movie than the brighter, cheesy sort of hero. This is such a fast-paced, action-packed story. I was really impressed when I found out this was a debut novel. Kan manages to create seven distinct 'heroes' each with their own very distinct personalities, and four impressive (if a tad less developed) villains for them to butt heads with. As I [...]

I really wanted to like this book. And it was not bad in general, there were just a few issues that made it uncomfortable to read.First off with something positive: I liked most of the characters. Linus was a cutie (even though his story line still hat a lot of room for improvement) and the group of Shockwave, Resonance, and Rehua was probably the best developed set of characters. But even with these likable Vigilantes, there was no way to connect to them. The POV changed often without warning a [...]

this was so good holy shit. I need more.

superpowers! mystery! really good fight scenes!!!! i liked it a lot!!!! it was very good!!!!!!!!!!

THIS WAS SO GOOD. Vigilantes with powers! Morally grey characters who are self aware of their greyness! Great fight scenes that were chaotic and messy but written in a way that I could follow and imagine them! POC everywhere! A genderfluid character! Dark but not too dark atmosphere! *happy burbling*

Full disclosure, I am a friend of the author, but also a jaded English major. I wouldn't say something, particularly in the context of a review, that I couldn't stand by. I would wholeheartedly recommend this fun, fast paced novel to both the young reader, who would enjoy it for its page turning comic style, and the more seasoned reader who would enjoy this as well as it's deep thematic life. The refreshingly diverse cast of youth, living to their own tune is the perfect backdrop for themes incl [...]

No More Heroes follows a group of young people with special abilities, trying to solve the mystery of who is killing off their peers. It's action-packed, very visual, and easy to read; a great book for YA readers in particular who are interested in the makings of a hero, and an anti-hero for that matter. An impressive first book from Michelle. Look forward to the next one! The ending of No More Heroes suggests a sequel :)

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