Above Rubies

Keely Brooke Keith

Above Rubies

Above Rubies

  • Title: Above Rubies
  • Author: Keely Brooke Keith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition

It s 1863, and schoolteacher Olivia Owens believes education should be a top priority in the newly established settlement of Good Springs Between planning lessons and helping out on her family s homestead, Olivia doesn t have time for Gabriel McIntosh s charming advances When the council denies her request to build a schoolhouse, Olivia must challenge their ruling and teIt s 1863, and schoolteacher Olivia Owens believes education should be a top priority in the newly established settlement of Good Springs Between planning lessons and helping out on her family s homestead, Olivia doesn t have time for Gabriel McIntosh s charming advances When the council denies her request to build a schoolhouse, Olivia must challenge their ruling and teach private lessons all while hiding frequent bouts of word blindness dyslexia If the council knew the new teacher couldn t always read, they wouldn t allow Olivia to teach any.As a carpenter, Gabe McIntosh is working hard to help build the settlement of Good Springs, and once his land is granted, he begins constructing his own house When Olivia discovers he plans to share it with her, she guards her heart from him But Gabe is determined to win her affection and figure out what she s hiding.

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*This series should be read in order*I adore this series. There's something about the writing that completely grabs me, immerses me into a fantastic setting, and won't let me go. This series is about a group of people who left America in the 1800s in search of settling a new land. I can't even imagine what it would take to build a community from scratch, without another settlement in sight. There's almost an unearthly feel to it at times, yet the people are mostly decent, hardworking, and sincer [...]

Above Rubies is the second book in Keely Brooke Keith’s Uncharted Beginnings series. It is set in the 1860’s, two years after the settlers arrive in The Land. The story focuses on Olivia Owens, who has a calling to be a schoolteacher. Unfortunately, the people of Good Springs don’t see the need for formal teaching—they need their children to be contributing to building the settlement. And they certainly don’t see the need for a dedicated schoolhouse. It seems the only person supporting [...]

This is the second book in this series and feel you do need to read them in order. I enjoyed revisiting the characters of Good Springs. Like the first book I thought the characters were well developed. As well I thought the scenes were well described. It was nice to watch Olivia and Gabriel's relationship grow throughout this book. I liked how the author makes the characters come off the pages and sometimes deal with some hard issues. Like Olivia is hiding dyslexia. I can imagine at times it may [...]

This quickly engaged me in it's storyline and connected me with the characters! A beautiful tale of starting new life in a new land, working together as a community, and a gentle love story. Olivia must learn that in spite of her one flaw she sees in herself, she's worthy of the love of God and a good man. Gabe is hard-working & gentle, not the flirtatious youth she still sees him to be. When he begins to woo her, can she see past herself to open her heart to him? I loved the many layers &am [...]

Olivia wants to teach the children and wants the town people to realize school (education) is a very important part of a new settlement. She's teaching private lessons because the council will not build a school. Gabe is determined to win her hand and wants to find out what she's hiding. The different things they overcame shows a lot about what kind of people they were. This is a great book and characters that you will enjoy reading about. I highly recommend this author and I'm giving 5 stars. I [...]

A story of overcoming self doubt and finding true love and happiness. Olivia truly wants the children in her town to have an education. She struggles with the elders and other people in the settlement to provide that education. A hidden secret could prevent her plans. The author tells a great story of overcoming obstacles and helping others along the way. I enjoyed this story very much and look forward to reading more by this author. I received a copy of this book from the author and this is my [...]

Oddly different from American settlements moving westward, this New England community shipwrecked on a very forgiving land prides itself in a strange mix of self-containment and communal resourcing. Two years after the hazardous sea journey, families have built themselves a village with the bare necessities of housing, gathering/worship center and are beginning to expand their agricultural and trade. Communal school for the children takes a distant backseat. So does medical science and the desir [...]

What a delightful return to Good Springs on the Land Uncharted. Takes place in 1863 and so well written it felt as though I could reach out and touch the people. Trusting in God is important to these settlers and when things happen, that trust seems a bit reduced in some of the inhabitants. How problems are worked out drives this story and I absolutely loved it. Highly recommend.

Perfect for meI enjoyed every moment of this book. It touched my heart in many ways. I shed a tear each time Gabe told Olivia she was perfect for him, not perfect just perfect for him. Thank you for another wonderful book full of God's love.

AwesomeI have really really enjoyed this book series the author has done a phenomenal job I can't wait to continue learning more about the people in this place in the other series.

Another great read from Kelly Keith. I absolutely love her books and the way she writes. She is very talented. A job well done on this story and it did no disappoint. I absolutely loved the romance between Gabe and Olivia. It was so sweet. It was fun to see how there realtionship blossomed. Olivia and Gabe were great characters to fall in love with. The story line was well written, great characters. I am hoping there will be more to come. Recommend to readers who like clean romance stories. 5 [...]

Oh my goodness, I adored this lovely romance story between Gabe and Olivia! A few years after landing and now establishing the colony, this story has many interesting themes in it. Learning to make do with only what is found on the island or what survived the landing, patience in waiting for buildings to be built, learning how to run a colony and keep order – all things this group of colonists have to learn. The author has a well-put together cast of people, landscape descriptions to make you [...]

i loved it. Once again i was swept away as i fell in love with the characters and theirvreal life struggles to establish a colony far aeay from chaotic America. olivia has long dreamt of following her dreams of being an school teacher but has obstacles to overcome. she must never let anyone know that sometimes the letters get all mixed around or else also factor in handsome Gabe. i love reading about how life skills are considered more important than book skills. worth reading

I loved reading this book! It is very well written. I love the characters and I love the message woven in throughout the book. I am so glad Keely is writing more books about the in the Land. I was given a copy of the book. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

This is a amazing book you won't be able to stop reading. Olivia is a very special and stubborn woman. Gabe is a wonderful man who is willing to help anyone. When Olivia goes against the elders rules her father is very upset with her. Olivia and Gabe have been friends since childhood, watching there relationship change is wonderful. I had the honor to review this book for the author for a honest review. The review is my honest thoughts and reaction to this book. You will feel God working through [...]

Another wonderful story by Keely Brooke Keith. It's so interesting to read how the people of The Land began the settlement and built their families. The characters are interesting and inspiring. I really enjoy all the books in the series and hope there are more to come. Above Rubies is one of my favorites.

This book held me captive from the beginning. I really enjoyed getting to know Olivia and Gabe.There were many small mysteries in this book. Some of them I figured out pretty early on but that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying each and every page. I think I might have liked this book better than the first one and I really liked that one.With that being said, even though this is a series I believe you could read this book as a stand-alone. Although the cast of characters is so rich is was [...]

This is a beautiful love story between Olivia, a teacher, and Gabe, wood craftsman.I love coming back to the island, hidden away from the world where a band of refugees from the Civil War South work to build a life.The story line, the characters, the tension and the setting helped propel the book to its conclusionOne of my favorite parts of the book was Olivia teaching her students the old ways to enable them to survive.This book is for those who love a historical romance with a twist.

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