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  • Title: Addition
  • Author: Toni Jordan
  • ISBN: 9780061582578
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover

Everything counts Grace Lisa Vandenburg orders her world with numbers how many bananas she buys, how many steps she takes to the caf , where she chooses to sit, how many poppy seeds are in her daily piece of orange cake Every morning she uses 100 strokes to brush her hair, 160 strokes to brush her teeth She remembers the day she started to count, how she used numbEverything counts Grace Lisa Vandenburg orders her world with numbers how many bananas she buys, how many steps she takes to the caf , where she chooses to sit, how many poppy seeds are in her daily piece of orange cake Every morning she uses 100 strokes to brush her hair, 160 strokes to brush her teeth She remembers the day she started to count, how she used numbers to organize her adolescence, her career, even the men she dated But something went wrong Grace used to be a teacher, but now she s surviving on disability checks According to the parents of one of her former students, she s mad Most people don t understand that numbers rule, not just the world in a macro way but their world, their own world Their lives They don t really understand that everything and everybody are connected by a mathematical formula Counting is what defines us the only thing that gives our lives meaning is the knowledge that eventually we all will die That s what makes each minute important Without the ability to count our days, our hours, our loved ones there s no meaning Our lives would have no meaning Without counting, our lives are unexamined Not valued Not precious This consciousness, this ability to rejoice when we gain something and grieve when we lose something this is what separates us from other animals Counting, adding, measuring, timing It s what makes us human Grace s father is dead and her mother is a mystery to her Her sister wants to sympathize but she really doesn t understand Only Hilary, her favorite niece, connects with her And Grace can only connect with Nikola Tesla, the turn of the twentieth century inventor whose portrait sits on her bedside table and who rescues her in her dreams Then one day all the tables at her regular caf are full, and as she hesitates in the doorway a stranger Seamus Joseph O Reilly 19 letters in his name, just like Grace s invites her to sit with him Grace is not the least bit sentimental But she understands that no matter how organized you are, how many systems you put in place, you can t plan for people They are unpredictable and full of possibilities like life itself, a series of maybes and what ifs And suddenly, Grace may be about to lose count of the number of ways she can fall in love.

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This wee gem has been on my Aussie author radar for some time (Marianne our/my own Whisperer spoke of this unique novel a long time ago). It is also one of the first books ever added to this site when I joined years ago. So in my own little way I can say I'm working on my Tbr. Doubtful, Suz.Quirky it was. Grace (19 letters in her full name) has a number issue. Counting counting counting. OCD to the extreme, and she even has a partner in crime, Mr Nikola Tesla. He sits by her bedside, waxed moust [...]

5★“Juicy and funny. . . A gem!” So said one of Australia’s premier newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald about this award-winning 2008 debut novel by Aussie author Toni Jordan.This is a heartfelt, funny, sensitive look at how obsessions and compulsions can affect everyone around you. Grace is a smart, funny attractive young woman who happens to love numbers. She wonders if a cavewoman invented counting (cavemen would have been out hunting, of course) because she wanted to remember her mo [...]

Loved it!!!Before Grace Vandenburg fell victim to her need to order her life and movements by numbers and counting, she was a teacher who loved her job. But somehow things went wrong and her counting became an obsession, eventually causing her to lose her job and go onto sickness benefits to get by.This novel got me thinking about how these obsessive disorders begin to manifest in people, which in turn reminded me of the games we played as children.I remember as a child we used to play games whe [...]

Grace has a bad case of OCD. She counts things, everything in fact, and it has made her, effectively, a recluse. How did she get this way? Her hero is Nikola Tesla. They share something. One day at the supermarket, short one banana at the checkout, she swipes one from the guy behind her on line to make a perfect 10, and thus begins her adventure. This is a wonderful, charming novel. It will make you smile and occasionally laugh out loud. Jordan had written a character study that is both attracti [...]

Grace Vandenburg has an unusual form of OCD where her world is controlled by numbers.Every action must abide by some rule that she has formulated - how many times she brushes her teeth, how many steps to the cafe, how many items she buys at the supermarket. Numbers control her life so much she has had to give up her job teaching and can no longer drive, so how will she cope when a sexy, handsome Irishman called Seamus falls into her life? There are some very funny laugh out loud moments as Grace [...]

When I first started reading "Addition" I was addicted to Toni Jordan's intelligent, quirky writing. Given the amount of times I laughed out loud, I was convinced this was going to be a five-star book; then, I got into the "meat" of the story and all my high hopes floundered. "Addition" starts out strong as Grace, a young woman with OCD, expounds on life, love, counting, and Nikola Tesla. Grace's obsessive-compulsive voice is constructed with such delightful abandon that I was well, I was charm [...]

Grace Lisa Vandenburg is obsessed with numbers and every day she counts everything she does or eats. This includes things like counting her steps everywhere she goes to counting the poppy seeds on her cake that she has at her local cafe which must be precisely cut up into a certain amount of pieces and must be chewed a certain amount of times. When doing her grocery shopping, Grace must also only buy the exact same number of each items that she needs. She speaks to her mother on the phone at pre [...]

4.5 ★sThe principal character and narrator of Toni Jordan’s debut novel, Addition is Grace Vandenburg. Grace is 35 years old, unmarried, living alone in a 1BR flat in Melbourne’s suburb of Glen Iris. She grew up in the suburb and her widowed mother lives a few blocks away in the family home. Grace is described as attractive, tall, thin, angular, with pointy features and long straight blonde hair. She is attractive and enjoys flirting with the opposite sex.Grace has a remarkable gift and pa [...]

This was ok. The counting descriptions and the parts about that famous inventor bored me so much.Bit too chick lit for me. Cute and predictable.

To be honest I struggled a bit at the beginning of this, finding Grace's obsession with numbers and counting a little overwhelming and hard to follow. But the story soon took over and the numbers just became background. I ended up really enjoying this and loved the quirkiness and uniqueness of Grace. To me there was a message here that we are all different and all have our own way of thinking and doing things. In the end it's the differences and little idiosyncrasies that make us who we are and [...]

Grace Lisa Vandenburg is obsessed with numbers; she counts everything. Her whole life is centred around numbers; how many banana’s to buy, how many bits of an orange cake to take, how many brushes to take for her hair or even teeth. Everything was organised but then something went wrong and now she survives on disability checks and tutoring. Here only real connection in the world was a portrait of Nikola Tesla; that is until she met Seamus Joseph O’Reilly who changed everything.Addition is a [...]

A Grace é uma personagem com um transtorno muito peculiar. O enredo além de algum carácter informativo do próprio transtorno obsessivo compulsivo é surpreendentemente divertido. A personagem principal é sarcástica e geralmente tece comentários mordazes e com graça tornando o livro interessante e inteligente. É diferente. Gostei!

The main character Grace suffers from a rare condition of OCD where she counts everything in sight. She will count the bristle of a tooth brush; alfalfa sprouts on her sandwiches to poppy seed on her cake….I mean everything! Grace is a single woman of 35 years of age and a bit of a loner. However she seems content and does not feel the need to change, until she meets Seamus….I loved this book. And…oh what great characters! Grace, I absolutely adore her, she is smart, witty and very flirtat [...]

Addition is a funny, charming book about a woman who counts compulsively, and counts everything. It's the way she feels safe in the world. Every day she goes to the same cafe to have a hot chocolate with two marshmallows and a slice of orange cake. The cake's frosting is dusted with poppy seeds, and she counts the number of seeds each day, which tells her how many bites she has to take to eat the cake. She counts the bristles on her toothbrush. She counts her steps. She buys bananas in multiples [...]

Addition is an unusual romance.  Grace's whole life is defined by numbers - numbers give her a sense of being.  Numbers dictate how many steps she takes, how many poppy seeds are in her cake, how many slices of zucchini she eats.  She is so ruled by her obsession that she has lost the ability to live a 'normal' life.  Life for Grace is predictable, with no room for spontaneity, but she doesn't think her life is bad - she is so busy counting.  Then she meets Seamus and slowly life changes. B [...]

“Addition” is a very funny novel. It’s also witty and clever and moving. It is insightful about OCD and also about life in general. “Addition” made me laugh (a lot, out loud), it made me cry, and it made me think. Oh, and just to round things off nicely, there were a couple of hot sex scenes. I was so sorry to reach the end that I read it again, and I hope we don’t have to wait too long before Toni Jordan writes another novel.

Read this over the weekend for a book club. It's our lightest pick, yet. Entertaining and funny but with enough conflict for good conversation.

I received this book as a GoodReads "first reads" giveaway item. I was excited to see that I'd won a copy, as it was one of the most interesting-sounding books in the contest when I signed up. I finished the entire things in one afternoon, tucked under a blanket on the couch while recovering from a bit of a cold.The book feels a bit like chicklit for brain fans. As a neuroscience student, I found the characterization of Grace, her obsessive-compulsive illness, and her experiences with medication [...]

Not sure if this should get 3 or 4 stars. I'll err on the generous sideFor the most part, I enjoyed this. It's a light and funny novel, but due to the OCD given to the protagonist, it has its dark moments.I can totally sympathize with people who have OCD since I have a few compulsive behaviors myself. Reading this book, I really felt as though I could get into the main character's head, and felt what she felt. At times, though, her character didn't seem to ring true; she was just a little too cl [...]

a quick read which ended up being a lot more unpredictable that i thought. often funny and sometimes sad, all in all a great story.

I loved this light hearted, quirky story, and in fact nearly swallowed it whole on a lazy, cloudy Saturday. This is a story about Grace, who lives with a form ofobsessive/compulsive disorder that demands that she count EVERYTHING and live by the rule of numbers. This can be rather demanding, as you can probably guess. But she is absolutely adorable, with an acerbic wit that made me giggle many, many times. This book is all about learning to embrace,and even flaunt, who you are, no matter what. I [...]

An australian woman with OCD meets a man when she steals his banana at the supermarket because she needs 10 to feed the demon of her disorder. Romance ensues, and though takes her OCD well into stride, her happiness inspires her to try therapy again, which means drugs, which means no more OCD and a major personality change.The story is charming and entertaining, but contains a great deal of depth as well, and goes somewhere a little dark at the end, which balances out the lightness well. There i [...]

I think I wanted to like this book more than I actually did. There wasn't very much wrong with it, once one accepts that it really is just a chick lit book and not anything more serious. I think my problem with this book stemmed from my going into it with higher expectations than it merited - the idea of a OCD protagnist sounded really interesting (and in fairness, was, for a bit) but the story wasn't sustained enough for me. Brainless holiday read and nothing more.

‘Addition’ was Australian author Toni Jordan’s 2008 debut novel. It is both a romantic comedy and heartfelt tale of mental health and individuality. I have owned but not read this book since 2008, and have known of its brilliance for that long too. This is partly because Toni Jordan attended the same RMIT writing and editing course as I did (she graduated a few years before I attended though) and all my lecturers raved about her and the breakout success of ‘Addition’ – a few of my le [...]

I took a little break from my post-modern literature streak. And for that, I picked up this novel, entitled Addition by Toni Jordan.So what is this about?This is about the story, more specifically, a love story of a female, someone who has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and her struggled against counting. Yes, her symptoms of her OCD manifests as her compulsion to count everything, every single facet of her life. Of course, that has certain consequences, such as her resulting in an inability to [...]

I had been recommended this book by a fellow book lover and I owe them a massive thanks, this was a gem of a novel turning a serious subject into something more light hearted whilst still allowing us to understand what having OCD is like. The characters are the central pillar around which the novel was formed and I loved them. Grace has to be one of the most loveable (if sometimes frustrating) characters I have ever read. Toni Jordan allowing us to glimpse what frustrations life with OCD would [...]

Grace Lisa Vandenburg counts.everything. Her life is very precisely ordered. She gets out of her single bed at the exact same time of the morning everyday, she always goes to the same cafe, and she always orders the same cake (orange poppyseed) which she always cuts into precisely the same number of pieces. She always buys exactly the same number of chicken breasts, potatoes, bananas when she does her food shopping. She always counts her steps, she has been known to count the number of alfalfa s [...]

I've been meaning to read this book since it came out in 2008 and it was definitely worth the wait. This offbeat story about love and acceptance is funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking and completely addictive.Toni Jordan tackles the issue of OCD with wit, insight and sensitivity (along a healthy dose of irreverence). And while there's a lovely romance at its core, Addition is really about Grace and her need to forgive herself, and her need for those she cares about to love her for who she is - no [...]

Really enjoyed this book. It was quirky, filled with bits of information that may come in useful for quiz nights or trivial pursuit and gave me things to think about, including the number of other noses the air that I breathe has been through, and the cause of the movie Ghost Rider. All this makes sense in the context of the story.I really liked that character of Grace, including with her quirks, which sounds not too different to autistic traits, and find her character quite believable. I apprec [...]

I really loved this book. I loved the writing, Grace and her counting, Seamus and his stolen banana. And that it was subtly set in Melbourne: tram tracks, Glenferrie Rd, 6 points for a goal, and the immorality of taking a bath. I haven’t read anything by an Australian author for a while so it was kind like coming home.But mostly this is just a sweet, unique love story that I would recommend to anyone.

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