The Weirdest Noob

ArthurStone Mark Berelekhis Mikhail Yagupov

The Weirdest Noob

The Weirdest Noob

  • Title: The Weirdest Noob
  • Author: ArthurStone Mark Berelekhis Mikhail Yagupov
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Something quite odd is happening in Second World the planet s foremost MMORPG Something that s causing alliances to be broken, and friendships, forgotten A worthless low level mine becomes the stage of vicious battles, its burned ruins suddenly contested by the game s toughest clans Every border is controlled, and every road in the province blocked off The weak playersSomething quite odd is happening in Second World the planet s foremost MMORPG Something that s causing alliances to be broken, and friendships, forgotten A worthless low level mine becomes the stage of vicious battles, its burned ruins suddenly contested by the game s toughest clans Every border is controlled, and every road in the province blocked off The weak players and NPCs alike are subjected to non stop violent raids courtesy of Eastern invaders And the strong The strong are scouring the virtual world for the culprit the weirdest noob the game has ever seen.

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Charming and addictive. A real contender for the title of best litrpg. Can't wait for the sequel.

Definitely satisfied my litRPG craving

This was an awesome book. I really enjoyed it. Lots of humor. Running on the treadmill at Snap, I was reading it, and it was cracking me up. I had to slow down to a walk before I killed myself. It's rare I've been finding books that peek my interest so well I can't put it down. Character development was well done. Only issue I had was too much description on the mechanics and the repetitiveness of the verbiage in leveling. Those were so minor of issues. I was greatly saddened when the story ende [...]

This guy is supposed to be intelligent and a scientist or engineer. But as soon as he gets in game he act like a fucking moron with an IQ equal with forest gump. I get the noob angel and the fact the author used it as a shity meathod to inform the reader but wtf. It is so annoying that it's like actually like interacting with a noob in game. Even if he is a noob anyone with basic street smarts can see him literally being taken for a ride. And his only real contact should have been able to spend [...]

This was a good read. liked the story and character's growth. even better that it wasn't too short either. Will definitely want to read the 2nd book.

This is gonna be my review for both this and the #2 book.They are both good, but not excellent. Their problem is almost exclusively in how they are written, and mistakes in that writing. There are many mistakes. Strangely a lot of them are not of they usual type, but instead you get situation where the book contradicts itself from sentence to sentence (especially in regards to what stats he gets), which is REALLY annoying to your flow, 'cause you go "Wait, that wasn't what it said?" and then go [...]

Can confirm the hype. This really is a great discovery. Current reigning champion of the transported into the game genre. YES the title sucks, but the book doesn't.Written by Arthur Sergeevich Smirnov (pen name: Arthur Stone) and translated by Mikhail Yagupov. We get a different point of view wile avoiding most of the hackneyed clichés. If you are bothered by grammatical inconsistencies and unconventional word choices and parings try to recall that this is a foreign language novel. I personally [...]

Very good story here. I've always enjoyed the stories where the main character flies in the face of accepted wisdom, and comes out on top. Well, in this one, our hero came out on top in a big way. Of course, then he threw most of it away, for what he considered to be good reasons, but Me personally, I thought that was kind of a stupid move, but hey, it's his game/life, so .Otherwise, it was a pretty decent story, characters, plots and all. I'm hoping the rest of the series will be just as good, [...]

Meh, Nooby HaulI liked the starting premise and style of this book. There's a sound reason (if you ignore the medical part of it, but sure, litrpg fiction) for the person to remain in game. The game is clearly explained enough for even non-players to understand. A unique character who makes a few friends in game who are great resources. All good. But then the character learns how to start leveling up his stats, and that's All. He. Does. Fight using his pet, read the game stats of rewards. And ag [...]

Now, i have read several reviews that said the main reason someone didn't like this book is because it is a mix of several well-known LitRPG-s. I completely agree with that, but i do not see the reason why that is a problem. Like Second World, this book collects all the best parts of it and shows you the perfect combination of it. Sure, i hope that some building part will be there too and then this will be the absolute perfect example of LitRPG which can be the first to read to get to know the g [...]

This book was quite enjoyable. Had to love how the main character is referred to as the Emperor of Noobs. This guy also gives the master of disguise a run for his money. Loved how Digits is pretty much sitting down and sees a little girl walk up to him and is all like you know I never cursed you. From an ugly bugged eyed twig to a cute girl. Also this dude is pretty much a ghost. It's funny how big wigs are like We can't disconnect him We can not find him He has vanished. So he is a ghost in the [...]

This book was entertaining, but not fabulous. Like most of the LitRPG genre, the protagonist finds his consciousness immersed in a MMORPG. He has no idea how these games work, and no time to do any research, so makes some unusual choices with his character selection and initial statistics. His naivety (noobishness) enables him to explore this world in a different way from most of the other players, leading to interesting character advancement. I found it hard to sympathise with the characters. H [...]

Great litrpg.This was a super fun book to read.The beginning was similar to another book I came across while ago with a necromancer and the OP pet.It was still a fun read even during that, and then the author managed to take that and use that as a launching point to something better.I am thrilled that I started this on a three day weekend because I am looking forward to binge reading for the rest of it.

Man this is a hard review to write. The first half of this book was one of the best LitRPGs I have ever read, and was fun to read. Yes, there was obviously parts lifted from WotS but it had an original feel. The second part lost me immediately. What an about face! The author spent half the book building up a particular character and then totally abandoned it. This felt like a huge slap in the face to the reader who had bought into the premise.

This was really fun to readWorth your time. The one slight detractor was the sheer magnitude of explanatory notes that had to be put into the story. Actually, use this as a primer for all your non MMORPG friends who’ve never played video games but like fantasy. Besides, this book is hilarious. I enjoyed it. Thanks to the author and translator.

EntertainingThis was entertaining, but not much more. It needed to spend more time with an editor, as a lot of minor grammar and scansion errors made it into the text.The progression of the character was also a little unbalanced, far too rapid a rise to uber status. I did enjoy the moments when he took time to focus on secondary skills and progress.

GoodLoved this book, different take on the genre and it does well. But the cover art is very badly done. None of it represents the character in the book well and his summoned pet doesn't look like that at all.

A good litrpg The story starts a bit slow and it could use a little more editing but all in all a great story. If you stick with it past the first couple of chapters you will enjoy it greatly. Thankfully the second book is coming out soon. Enjoy.

Addictive readBought it out of curiosity read it all in 1 day. I have no regrets as to the money or time spent, this book and the world created by this writer are pure gold to me. I hope good fortune favors this writer so the I may keep reading his works.

Great book to start getting into LITRPG!I thought this was an amazing book. It’s definitely slow on the uptake as there is significant discussion on every aspect of MMORPGs. After that, the book progresses nicely. I really enjoyed it!

Surprising!I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish this.Fine for young readers.Explains gaming terms and concepts for the uninitiated.

Excellent bookGreat litrpg elements, love the story and technology. A great OP main char limited in a neat way. Great ending.

learned alot on gaminggood book. a slow start but a great read ! recommend it to other litrpg fans. book 2 here I go!,

I'll be the first to admit this book has some issues. Mainly, i think that the translation wasn't as good as say alterworld or realm of arkon. That being said, i enjoyed it a lot.

I loved this book.I am now anxiously waiting for the sequel.

Good book. On to book 2

Really good.Highly recommended. Amongst the best in this genre. Finally a character that I can follow. I like the shades of grey with the characters too.

I haven't had much exposure to this type of genre but its definitely interesting. Not sure if I'll read the next book or not but I am interested in reading similar books.

👍👍I was pleasantly surprised. Mr. Stone does a good job capturing the human greed and power components/flaws.

Very entertaining litrpgOne of the best books I've read in this genre. Good mix of world building and action. Well translated to English.

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