Thor: Ragnarok

Jack Kirby

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok

  • Title: Thor: Ragnarok
  • Author: Jack Kirby
  • ISBN: 9788328203303
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover


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Probablemente ya lo he dicho antes, pero Thor no es mi personaje favorito. Sin embargo, esta historia es genial, y hasta me parece que ha envejecido bastante bien: al ocupar cada capítulo un comic completo, Stan Lee no necesita comprimir tanto la historia, y eso le da lugar a Jack Kirby para dibujar esas viñetas grandes y páginas completas que tan lindas le salen.Las historias en si, son bastante directas, con un poquito de suspenso, un enemigo imparable y personajes secundarios divertidos. C [...]

As always Kirby and Lee show why Marvel is the global brand it is today. They have taken mythology and brought it to a new audience, in new and creative ways but never too far from it's source material. Kirby is clearly having fun here with Asgard and the various monsters he creates, and shows why he was the major building block in the success of the major titles, even so long after they were originally released the majority if his artwork stands up to modern day methods and can be seen as an in [...]

Standard Kirby/Lee superheroics with a boastful, bigmouthed foe rampaging towards a destination to try and cause the end of the universe. Loki is cowardly and evil, Thor and the other Asgardians are typically warrior-like (except Odin, who's conveniently out of action until the appropriate point in the denouement) and there's the requisite amount of cod-Shakesperean theeing and thouing. It's a well-chosen example of Lee and Kirby's Thor in that sense, enlivened by moments such as the plot stoppi [...]

Anthology of The Might Thor #153-159. Includes the story of the battle with Mangog and a retelling of the Origin story of Thor including an explanation from Odin as to why Thor was placed among mortals.There is something wondrous about Jack Kirby's illustrations. His drawings of Mangog and some of his full page panels that spring up are awe inspiring.As much as I liked the story I still found myself being kicked out by the telling rather than showing in the story telling. And it is for this reas [...]

A collection of old Thor issues concerning the threat of Mangog, a monster invested with the power of a billion beings.Mangog threatens Asgard and the very universe itself and Thor and his companions try their best to stop him.For those who have read a lot of Thor the ending is pretty obvious, but it probably was less expected back then.

The end of the world. A foe to even beat the stuffing out of Thor and the Warriors Threes indeed. Odin asleep (you'll have to read it to find out why) and Loki in chargewhat?Yep it all happens in this one.

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