Bloody Sunrise

Gregg Bell

Bloody Sunrise

Bloody Sunrise

  • Title: Bloody Sunrise
  • Author: Gregg Bell
  • ISBN: 9781546906940
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback

Denny O Callaghan is afraid to open his eyes.He d been out drinking last night with the guys, and his head throbs, his arms hurt, and he can t remember what he s done.He opens his eyes Blood On his sheets His pillowcase.Then he gets a call his ex wife was murdered last night.He desperately tries to piece together what happened But he can t explain how he got the scratDenny O Callaghan is afraid to open his eyes.He d been out drinking last night with the guys, and his head throbs, his arms hurt, and he can t remember what he s done.He opens his eyes Blood On his sheets His pillowcase.Then he gets a call his ex wife was murdered last night.He desperately tries to piece together what happened But he can t explain how he got the scratches on his arms, the police want to know about the domestic violence report his ex filed against him, and his buddies say he was raging against her last night before he stormed off on his own.Right about the time she was murdered.Take advantage of this introductory low price

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**** 4 "Need To Get Drunk" Stars **** Denny wakes up with a massive hangover after a night with his fellow firefighter guys. But waking up leads Denny into the biggest nightmare of his life when he finds blood all over him and his bead and scratch marks all over his arms and the news that his ex-wife has been murdered. Denny has no memory of what happened the night before. All his has is the events of the night told 2nd hand from his so called friends. Events that may are not be true. Gregg Bell [...]

In this book, the beginning was slow; but, it built up, and became harder to put down closer to the end. As a Christian, I like how the main character is transformed throughout his ordeal, finding faith in God and himself, instead of in the bottom of the bottle.The action is intense, making you guess who the culprit is until the end. Your emotions will go on a rollercoaster ride and you will find yourself in some fairly dark places. If you are looking for a book that will get your heart pumping, [...]

Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.I received this eCopy from the author in exchange for an honest review.4.5 Stars!A thrilling page turnerThe Review:I always enjoy Gregg Bell’s way of telling a story and Bloody Sunrise was just what I’ve come to expect from him. Gripping, thrilling and with a shocking ending, this book is a must read!Story/CharactersDenny O’Callaghan wakes up one morning with no memory of the night before, covered in scratches and sporting a painful head bump [...]

I received the ARC of Bloody Sunrise for free and let me tell you - it was a pleasure. So, goods things first - it's a legit thriller/crime/suspense story. And not the kind where you know who's the killer - you're just waiting for the rest of the characters to catch up to that. Nope. Not at all. Not even a little. The author has written the paranoia of an alcoholic so well that you as a reader end up trusting no single character and you end up marking every single person as the killer just like [...]

Bloody Sunrise by Gregg BellDenny spends a night out drinking with his friends. To his horror he wakes in the morning with blood on his sheets, a monster headache, and has no clue what happened the night before. Then he gets a call that his ex-wife has been killed, and he begins to wonder what happened. He can't explain the body aches and scratches on his arm. His friends know he was in a rage that night, and the police question him about the domestic report (against) him. All signs point to Den [...]

Denny O’Callahan lives to drink. He's tried unsuccessfully to stop, even been through rehab….until the morning he wakes up with scratches all over his arms and neck, blood on his head, and no memory of the night before.A fellow fireman calls and informs him that his ex wife, Rashida, had been killed that night. Denny can't remember a thing, and as he tries to piece together his flashbacks, the police close in. Denny is convinced he could not kill her, he still loves her, but who did? Suspect [...]

I received a free copy of this book from the author at my request and this is my honest opinion. I really wanted this book to knock it out of the park, but I was sorely disappointed. I had to struggle to justify 3 stars. Mr Bell gets a phrase or story line stuck in his head and he can't seem to let go of it. At times I felt like he was repeating himself because he wasn't sure I got the idea the first 99 times he mentioned it (Jimmy sitting in county jail just because he gave two bad guys a ride, [...]

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book.Bloody Sunrise by Gregg Bell.4.5 estrelas.Livro cativante. É um mistério ótimo de se ler. Esse livro só me prendeu da metade pra frente porque, no início, ficou um pouco repetitivo e demorou para a estória se desenrolar.Além disso, fiquei um pouco incomodada com quantas vezes o autor repetiu a história de Jimmy Clarke, foi falado várias vezes sobre isso, ficando muito repetitivo. Também queria saber mais sobre as coisas que a [...]

I received a copy via Book Funnel. Denny went out drinking with friends the night before. When he wakes in the morning with a monster headache and blood on his sheets, he has no idea what happened the night before. He gets a phone call that his ex-wife has been killed! He begins to wonder what happened?The night before. He can't explain the scratches on his arm and his body aches. His friends know he was in a rage the night before and the police question him about the domestic report his ex had [...]

I received an ARC of Bloody Sunrise.Denny is a fireman who wakes up not only with a hangover but with scratches on his arms and torso as well as a bleeding bump on his head. When the police comes over to tell him his ex-wife was murdered last night the chaos begins. Denny can't remember anything and the marks on his body makes him question his own actions. You really want to find out what happened that night and Gregg made sure to bring up different aspects to bring up Denny's friends as possibi [...]

A MUST READ!!!Denny, a Chicago fireman doesn’t know what to think when he opens his eyes and is covered in blood with a killer hangover. When the phone rings and he finds out that his ex-wife was murdered the night before. Denny knows the ex-husband is the number one suspect but he also knows that he still loved his ex and would have never hurt her let alone kill her. Denny is now in a race to prove his innocence and to figure out what happened the night before he woke up covered in blood. Thi [...]

A Can't Put Downer!Denny O'Callaghan wakes up one morning after a night of drinking bloody battered and bruised with a nasty bump on the back of his head. At first mystified, he eventually realizes that the night before was spent in a total blackout. As if his current situation isn't bad enough, he receives the news that his ex wife has been found murdered, and a fantastic nail biting mystery is born!Bloody Sunrise is Gregg Bell at his best with many twists and turns and a totally unexpected end [...]

Good story. The suspense was there. I could not guess who the killer was. The plot was good too. You take the confused journey with Danny and then come the end. Wow I had to read that part twice to make sure I am not just seeing things. Awesome end to a good story. I guessed the end much different I have to say. Well written and keeps you guessing who the killer is.

I guess it was OK at best. It was an easy read, but anyone with common sense can figure out how it will turn out about halfway through. I would say it's good read when you don't feel like concentrating a lot.

PanicWeaving AA 12 step into murder mystery. Suspect running around blaming everyone else not thinking rationally. Inept police and sex, drugs fogs. Drug induced amnesia adds a mystery touch to retelling of story.

Terrifying Roller CoasterVery well written, and a remarkable portrait of somebody on the edge, alcohol, God, work, murder. Great portrait of Alcoholics Anonymous as well. A non-stop read I couldn’t put down.

What a story. Full of excitement, thrills, and suspense! Couldn't put it down. Denny is a lost soul drowning in self pity. What happens in his life becomes confusing and terrifying. Read this fast paced mystery to see what happens in the end. Loved it!

Truly great bookI enjoyed this book very much. Kept me wanting too read more. Though at times it got a bit slow but overall amazing read. I recommend it.

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