The Sorceress (The Prophecy Series #3)

Jessica McCrory

The Sorceress (The Prophecy Series #3)

The Sorceress (The Prophecy Series #3)

  • Title: The Sorceress (The Prophecy Series #3)
  • Author: Jessica McCrory
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
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Broken and defeated, Anastasia is found by Dakota and Argento clinging to life without her magic Their only hope is a powerful woman hiding from her own past Will they be able to save Anastasia Or will everything they have worked for die with The Phoenix

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I am beyond sad that this is the end to a great angst filled, action packed, ride of a lifetime romance series. So many twists and turns that left me on the edge of my seat. Anastasia is dying.Dakota is left feeling helpless watching the love of his life, wither away day by day. But the prophesy must be fulfilled. Ana must finish this by any means necessary. Even if it kills her in the process. Anastasia, Dakota, and the gang have one last mission. Defeat the greater evil, and bring back peace t [...]

This series just keeps getting better and better. Jessica McCrory brings us the third instalment of The Prophecy Series and doesn't disappoint. You Must read The Phoenix and The Fighter before indulging in this bad boy.The Sorceress starts off with the birth of Anastasia, and the excitement and joyfulness of Vincent the happy Uncle getting ready to meet his niece. He was met with disappointment when his brother did not allow him to get near them. (Yes, I felt sorry for Vincent just for a second) [...]

I didn’t think it was possible to love The Prophecy Series any more than I already did, but I quickly found out it was! I’m excited to say that the third book is my favorite in the series! Not only that, but it cements the whole series as one of my all-time favorites!My heart was racing throughout much of the book – it was so fast-paced and engaging!! Anastacia & Dakota make an awesome team as they prepare for the ultimate confrontation needed to fulfill her destiny and bring the proph [...]

Oh my gosh this book was incredible. It's book three of the series and it was just as great, if not better, than the first two. It was absolutely amazing. I loved it and all the characters. Jessica is a fantastic writer and she did a great job writing about Anastasia, Dakota, Elizabeth, Tony and all the other characters. The creativity she possesses to be able to imagine this storyline and the other worlds and their inhabitants, is truly genius! And that ending was a huge surprise! If you haven' [...]

This book takes you on the rest of the journey for Anastasia and Dakota and it has twist and turns you won't see coming. Anastasia is dying and Dakota and her grandmother will travel to the ends of the earth to save her. Vincent will do everything in his power to stop her. What they don't realize is things are already in play that no one knows is happening. It takes you from one world to the next to destroy Vincent and his followers will the Phoenix and her followers be able to stop or will Vinc [...]

Spunky N Sassy Rating: 5.0~~~~~~~~~~Julie's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review~~~~~~~~~~Oh my goodness. What a read. Ana and Dakota and they rest of these awesome characters fight Vincent will all they have. Everyone struggles with this fight but they won’t go down. I love Ana’s character and the fight she has for everyone’s life. Excellent writing. This series is a definite must read. So much emotion in this read. Every character will make you feel exactly what they are.

Omg this book doesn't disappoint to the ending of this series. I loved the first 2booksnin the series and would recommend this book series to anyone. This book was hard to put down and had me turning the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next. Jessica keeps you on a high reading her books because you need to know what is going to happen next her writing style is amazing and have you feeling like you are write their in the book.

4 1/2 StarsI’ll be honest, I have not read the first two books in this series. Jessica has created characters and creatures with layers of depth and dimension; as well as a story full of plot twists still to be resolved. I enjoyed escaping into this story.

This whole series was amazing!!!You will not be disappointed!!!

Outstanding 3rd bookIncredible work outstanding 3rd book. Lots of emotions gripping chapters and loveable and hateable characters. Great series. This is a must read!

Wow! What a happy, sad, emotional read. So much is happening with these characters and a lot is resolved. This is not a standalone, make sure you read The Phoenix and The Fighter first to know what’s going on. The end is bittersweet and dare I say open to the possibly of more?! I really enjoyed this series, the writing, characters and story were all phenomenal!

This was an amazing completion to this series!! I feel like I need more, but this was also so beautifully done! I loved every character in this book and I really do hope we get more!!

The third and hopefully not final chapter in the prophecy series following Anastasia and Dakota in their fight against Vincent to safe the worlds from his evil. With the help from all the worlds they head into the final battle. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys paranormal or fantasy books I would recommend however that the reader does read the previous two books as the story will make more sense that way. This review was written on behalf of Amo’s book corner.

Oh my goodness. What a read. Ana and Dakota and they rest of these awesome characters fight Vincent will all they have. Everyone struggles with this fight but they won’t go down. I love Ana’s character and the fight she has for everyone’s life. Excellent writing. This series is a definite must read. So much emotion in this read. Every character will make you feel exactly what they are.

This series has really grown on me. I have adored watching all of the characters grow, not only in strength but also character, belief, love, friendship and understanding. Everything about them all has really strengthened the story as a whole.In The Fighter, the previous book in this series, I said that I felt The Phoenix herself wasn't really progressing as a character. This time though I found her new found belief in herself and her magic brought a new level to the book. Her positivity engulfe [...]

Anastasia Silven is dying and her boyfriend, Dakota Parker and her grandmother Carmen will do whatever they can to save her. Dakota and Carmen bring her to the only person Carmen believes can help her - Monique, The Sorceress. But Vincent is still after Anastasia and he will stop at nothing to get her power and will destroy anyone is his path.Can Anastasia defeat Vincent? Can Dakota and Tony gain enough allies to work together to defeat Vincent before they lose everything?This is such a great se [...]

After years of a dark past Anastasia (The Phoenix) and Dakota (The Fighter) along with many of their friends take on a powerful foe. Can they do what needs to be done in order to come out victorious? While I would love to scream in enjoyment alas I cannot. While everything seems to be calm it is a calm that will not last. There is a little shake up at the end of the book letting you know that we have not seen the last of these amazing people (Dakota, Anastasia and all of Terrenia). I am a little [...]

Simply Amazing!!! Wow!!!So worth staying up late and reading all the series and even working the late shift!! Cannot wait to read the next one !!! Heart pounding excitement, sexy, love all of the characters!!

This book is one that will leave you wanting more This series has been up and down and back and forth. Anastasia, the Phoenix, and Dakota, the Fighter have to step up to finally defeat the Big Bad of this series. There is a calm almost before the storm - but things are about to get crazy. These characters are ones that I quickly got attached to - they have grown stronger through the series, and they have grown closer too. I just love the way the author writes them, and how they are flawed, but [...]

Ana and Dakota are back for the final book to this amazing trilogy. This book will have you turing the pages just to see what will happen next. It is filled with action and adventure as well as the perfect hero and heroine, who have a love that is stronger than anything thrown thier way. A perfect ending.

Book 3 did not disappoint! Ana and Dakota come back swinging in this book, it will suck you in! I enjoyed learning more about the world(s) and Ana's magic. thank you for your your words and imagination Jessica!

really enjoyed this seriesive been hooked since the first book. been an intresting jorney with these charecters. i highly recommend her book. thanks

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