FCBD 2017: Secret Empire #1

Nick Spencer Chip Zdarsky Andrea Sorrentino Paulo Siqueira Mark Brooks

FCBD 2017: Secret Empire #1

FCBD 2017: Secret Empire #1

  • Title: FCBD 2017: Secret Empire #1
  • Author: Nick Spencer Chip Zdarsky Andrea Sorrentino Paulo Siqueira Mark Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition

As Hydra puts their plans into action, Nick Spencer and Andrea Sorrentino bring you the opening salvo in a story that will rock the Marvel Universe and leave fans jaws on the floor

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The Secret Empire begins here!This single comic book is part of the Free Comic Book Day event in 2017.Creative Team:Writer: Nick SpencerIllustrators: Andrea SorrentinoSWIMMING AGAINST THE CURRENT… SELLSEven if you haven’t read this comic book event, even if you’re not fan of Marvel, even if you’re not into comics in general, only of being active in social networks and digital newsfeed, it’s very likely that you have heard the “bomb”……Captain America was a Nazi.Yes, I know. Yes, [...]

This was great until I realised this was the comic series that turned Captain America, the hero created by Jews as a source of empowerment during/after WWII and the horrendous things that happened to them, into a HYDRA member, mostly commonly known as Neo-Nazis in the movies! Whether they're NNs in these comics is unknown but shitty move man. Shitty. Move. The artwork is good, the story is REALLY well written but for the first paragraph of this review, enjoy a 1.5/5 star review.


This was entertaining but only really because of the spidey prelude at the end which I'll be picking up this week ;)As for secret empire- bit hard to follow since I'm not up to date on marvel bits so have no clue what's really happening. Except for that little while ago when there was an outcry of death threats towards the writer who made Captain part of hydra or something is that still a thing?!? Apparently so

CURRENTLY FREAKING OUT!OH MY GOSH THE SECRET EMPIRE IS SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF ME!It's official, this is my favourite free comic book day issue!The art style in this was so strikingly different and it set the tone of it being so dank! I am scared about what is going to happen next in this alternate universe. I honestly can't.

Man I loved the shit out of this. So it's broken into two parts. Secret Empire prelude basically and Spectacular Spider-man (written by someone other than Dan Slott, YAY!) What I liked: The SE storyline is really shaping up to be special. I've been really getting sucked into the world of Hydra Captain America. It's both intriguing and crucial to our time and shows how fakeness and lies can spread like venom. I also really loved the surprise twist (even tho it was spoiled) that leaves me wanting [...]

I am not a fan of the idea of Captain America as a Hydra agent, but since I primarily read Marvel comics, and there were only two available, I picked this up. Not only is that story not one I enjoy, it isn't executed terribly well, either. The art is so obtuse that it is difficult to figure out who some of the characters are, or why they are engaged in a fight in the first place (a bit more time spent establishing that would have been good for a comic that is meant to introduce an event to new r [...]

I was leery of this title, as Marvel has had uneven success with their events, and I’m of very mixed feelings if I want to invest time in the Secret Empire, after being so dissatisfied with Civil War II. Captain America comes out as a secret agent of Hydra, and his former friends and heroes fall in battle against him. This very short introduction to the upcoming series has me torn. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t sucked in either. Time will tell if I want to continue. The last half of the c [...]

The short teaser for Marvel's Secret Empire honestly stunned me, especially the last page. The events presented in this Free Comic Book Day comic are an exaggerated, encapsulated version of what happens in the actual series (somewhat like watching a movie preview that contains alternate scenes, and just as effective), but the final page is a true stunner.

Somewhere between a two and a three. Colours were awash, making it difficult to focus on one particular thing. The other failings of this are my own - I have no interest in Marvel lore outside of Doctor Strange, so the most of this went way over my head.

Le tavole di Sorrentino sono godibili e sembrano fare da controaltare alla bandiera americana, la sceneggiatura di Spencer non colpisce per originalità.Letto nell'edizione italiana pubblicata da Panini Comics.[2.5 arrotondato per eccesso]

ExcelenteMuy buen inicio para un nuevo evento marvel 😍 así hay que esperar como se sigue desarrollando. Muy buen Comic

Terrible, terrible artwork.

it free for now on comixology (6-9-2017)comixology/FCBD-2017-

Marvel adventure received on FCBD 2017. Not happy about Captain America though. :(

I don't really like the turn that Captain America has taken. It's just too weird.

Loved both, the Secret Empire one, and the Spider-Man one.

Secret Empire: 3/5Spectacular Spider-Man: 4/5

Captain America leader of Hydra.Say it aint so Cap.

Love Captain America and glad I got the free comic, even if I didn't like it.

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