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  • Title: Crave
  • Author: Ash Harlow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition

He craves me, and I m addicted to him.But I walk a tightrope with no net.I arrived in this small town looking for freedom from my past, and found something better Oliver Sackville.Heart of gold, blazing eyes, dirty mouth, and the kind of body that s made for sin One touch of his hands, and he owns me One night in his arms and I m hooked.It should have been our happily evHe craves me, and I m addicted to him.But I walk a tightrope with no net.I arrived in this small town looking for freedom from my past, and found something better Oliver Sackville.Heart of gold, blazing eyes, dirty mouth, and the kind of body that s made for sin One touch of his hands, and he owns me One night in his arms and I m hooked.It should have been our happily ever after.Turns out, it s an illusion.Our pasts are entwined, and when Oliver s catches up, it drags mine right back with it.Blackmail, revenge and lies cause my balancing act to teeter.One wrong move and our heavenly match will turn to hell.

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Crave is filled with twists and turns, drama, emotional moments, blackmail, revenge,some laugh out loud moments, sizzling chemistry, steamy scenes, and strong characters.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Got ARC for an honest review.I loved the story, thought it was well written. Characters were well developed. The author created a world so believable, that you felt like you were there watching them live their lives. Once you start reading you can’t put it down, afraid you might miss something if you do. Darcy and Oliver, characters unfold in front of you, to show who they are and how they act. Chemistry between them slowly builds as the story plays out. The two of them make it hot and tough t [...]

This was quite an intriguing story that had many facets throughout that made for an exciting read. I enjoyed the storyline and would have no hesitation in recommending this book.Darcy is trying to make a new life for herself in Waitapu, but it is not easy; she needs a job desperately, but all she keeps getting is disappointments. Oliver notices Darcy in a sports bar and unconventionally gets her attention; he knew from the minute he saw her that she was the one for him. The two talk and Oliver o [...]

An absolutely amazing read. Emotional, sensual and sexy. This author takes ordinary words and puts them together in such a way that I feel completely seduced. As I'm reading, I'm falling in love with the characters and entranced in their connection and feelings toward each other. The attraction and bond between Oliver and Darcy is palpable, undeniable. As well as the deep lifelong friendship between Oli and Luther. You feel it rather than just being told and asked to believe it. "Ah, God, bless [...]

Crave is another entertaining book by Ash Harlow. I believe that each book I read gets better and better. They have unexpected depth and well developed characters. This story takes place in a small coastal village in New Zealand. Darcy, a former marketing executive has arrived in the summer staying in her friend's family cottage. She has returned to New Zealand to rebuild her life after she lost everything; her reputation, her job, her money, her belongings, and the man she once loved. She's try [...]

4 stars. This was a pleasant surprise of a read! I really enjoyed this book. This is Darcy and Oliver's book. A native Aucklander, Darcy has left behind a disastrous relationship that pretty much ruined life as she knew it. To recover and get away, she moved to a small New Zealand town to stay at a friend's relatives house for the summer. She meets Oliver at a bar on her first night in town. He is a wealthy businessman. They feel an instant attraction and Oliver hires Darcy to work for him for t [...]

Darcy is trying to move on from her disastrous and emotionally draining year. New town, new life, new job- while in the midst of looking for work she runs into Oliver, or rather forcefully runs into her- once he convinces her to talk to him, they realize they have a common goal. He needs someone that has her skill sets for an upcoming project, ready to hire her on the spot; he is conflicted due to his insane attraction and his rules about not mixing business with pleasure. Darcy having more secr [...]

Enjoyable readDarcy is back in New Zealand where she’s trying to rebuild her life away from Australia and her ex-boyfriend. She left behind a life filled with betrayal and broken dreams. Now feeling a bit insecure and downtrodden, Darcy is looking for any job to help boost herself. When she meets Oliver at the bar, she has no idea he’s the local billionaire mogul. Oliver gravitates towards Darcy. She looks a bit lost, but sees the determination and strength within her. It’s just her luck O [...]

I am a relatively new reader of Ash Harlow, and her stories continue to impress. Set in the fictional setting of Waitapu, New Zealand, Darcy is desperate for a job in a dive sports bar. After being stood up by the manager, Darcy attempts to leave when Oliver Sackville intervenes. He is intrigued by newcomer Darcy, and it’s been a long time since Darcy has felt any interest in a man. And thus Crave begins. Ms Harlow’s Darcy is smart, independent, hard-working, a genuine women that I would lov [...]

Darcy is in a need of a job when she walks into a sports bar hoping for an interview. Instead, the interviewee stands her up. Luckily, she meets Oliver who hires her to plan his charity gala. The problem is that the two are instantly attracted to each other. Oliver doesn't like to mix business with pleasure but he is willing to forgo all of this for her. He wants her, she wants him too. But we learn that Oliver doesn't trust as easily because he was hurt in the past. Despite all of his trust iss [...]

Darcy got mixed up with the wrong man. Her former boyfriend was a liar and manipulator and a thief and he left Darcy holding the bag. Darcy lost her home, her savings and her job because of him and she is finding it hard to get a new job with her reputation in ruins. She is staying in her friend's grandmother's house for the summer but she is almost out of money. She goes to a bar for a job interview but the manager stands her up. At the bar she runs into Oliver who buys her a drink. After talki [...]

When Darcy meets Oliver, she is going through a rough time but she is a strong woman determined to rebuild her life. Oliver provides that chance to her when he offers her a job. Oliver is a man who knows what he wants and he wants Darcy from the moment he sees her. The passion and chemistry between these two characters is unbelievable so it's not long before they are involved, but unpleasant reminders of their pasts come back to haunt them both, testing the strength of their relationship. This i [...]

What an amazing and beautiful story of two people, Oliver and Darcy. Oliver has been burned in the past by an ex but he doesn't let that define his future relationships and that's why I instantly fell in love with him. He was kind, non-judgmental, patient, romantic and the moment he saw and met Darcy he was immediately taken by her. Darcy had a bad relationship as well but she still carries all the guilt and sadness with her, not trusting easily and keeping people away so they don't get to close [...]

This was very much a warm hug type of read. There are challenges to Oliver and Darcy's relationship and I liked how, despite both having been burnt by love before, they worked through these rather than let them cause damage. The connection between Oliver and Darcy was both hot and also believable. Most of the book is written from Darcy's POV but with enough chapters from Oliver that you get to understand and empathise with both of them.There are some wonderful characters in this book - and I'm d [...]

Marvelous, what a wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from beginning to end. It's a true love story between Oliver and Darcy, both have been burned by past relationships and are brought together on a island of true beauty. They are working together on a three month project to raise money for a rehab center for the community, both parties have been touch by drug related circumstances and while Oliver is up front with his to, she is ashamed and fearful if he finds out he will no longer [...]

I love this story. Ms. Harlow writes the best book boyfriends ever!Darcy is trying to rebuild her life after a traumatic experience involving her ex-boyfriend. She meets Iliver and although she is wary of him he treats her like a princess. Oliver also has an ex from hell but it doesn't stop him from wooing Darcy. The book centres around a charity fund raiser that Darcy is helping to organize for Oliver and some of the characters from previous books make an appearance. Oliver is sweet and sensiti [...]

I really enjoyed this book, my first by this author!! I wish I knew I should have read Stellar Love first, although they're 'standalone' books with crossover characters I'd like them in order, I'm weird like that. lolLoved all of the characters in this book except Rob and Annabelle/Ellie obviously!! Oliver is one of the most chilled guys for an Alpha EVER!!! I adored that about him 💙 As each secret was revealed & he just dealt with it calmly I fell a little harder for him. lol Darcy had b [...]

I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book for an honest review. This is an emotional story about two people who have been betrayed by people who were supposed to love them. They have also both loved someone who was addicted to drugs. Oliver is a wealthy ship builder who also invests in small businesses to help his small town flourish. Darcy is a young woman who plans to spend the summer in the small town to begin rebuilding her life after it implodes as a result of her ex-boyfriend' [...]

Another trip to New Zealand, courtesy of Ash Harlow! I just loved this book so much - it was a lot of fun with amazing characters. Oliver and Darcy have so much chemistry there's no way they can keep their relationship just professional, but they both have backstories that they're afraid to dump on each other out of fear of damaging their new relationship. But of course, it's the keeping it all secret that does the most damage. How they work it all out (and of course they do) is so expertly writ [...]

I do not know how Ash Harlow does it, but she weaves a story of love, sex and heartache that is so sexy, yet beautifully written you cannot help but be affected. It's charming, sexy, with a little bit of sass and a whole of love thrown in.While both Darcy and Oliver have demons from their past that can crush them should they let them, they anchor each otherCRAVE each other and that's their saving grace! Their chemistry is instant and burns hotal HOT!! You'll be held captive and left breathless b [...]

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Darcy and Oliver. Both are keeping secrets from one another but are worried if they are revealed that they will loose the other person. They both feel the attraction but are worried that is all it will ever be. Can two broken people find love and acceptance or will they let their past dictate their future?This is an amazing book. There is so much more I want to tell you about but am [...]

This was an awesome read! You can feel the connection between Darcy and Oliver from the start. As their relationship evolves, we find that each of their pasts hold similar fears and hauntings without them knowing. Both had bad conniving ex'es. But at least Oliver had an awesome support group among his partners/friends. Darcy is trying to have a do-over on her life and you can't help but root for her. Of course there is drama to try to overcome. Then just when you think we have a HEA ahead , the [...]

Ash Harlow has once again created characters who we fall rapidly in love with and cheer their twisting and turning romance as it comes to a HEA. Oliver and Darcy are brilliant characters. Oliver is kind, loving, passionate and caring. Darcy is strong, gun-shy but equally caring and lovable. Together these damaged pair have to fight heart-break and secrets from the past to look to their future and Ash Harlow has us hooked from the minute these two fall for each other.Another to add to your TBR pi [...]

This book has a lot going on all at once. You have a book filled with so much sexiness, heartache and romance all rolled into one. The story will show you that when you need a real friend, they will be there for you when things are really bad. What would you do for love and money? This book will show you exactly what these people would do. It's well written, the characters were displayed well and were very likable. It makes you want more. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book [...]

Darcy and Oliver are a sweet dynamic couple. Oliver has to be the most genuine hero ever. He wants to show Darcy how wonderful she is. When she thinks he is finished with her over something in her past. He just wraps his love around her that much tighter. Yes, there is plenty of hot sexy steam in here too *wink wink*. This is one of those books that you can just feel the characters come to life. Waiting for Lance next and I'm hoping Ginger gets him. No matter what his promise was. Waiting to fin [...]

*I am voluntarily reviewing an ARC I received.*What a beautiful, well written love story this was! I loved how there were real obstacles to be overcome and they had to decide if they were going to conquer them together or separately.I really felt that I was transported to another place too, as this book takes place in New Zealand. I feel like I got to experience a new, to me, place, but as if I was a local and not a tourist.I'm crossing my fingers that we will soon get Luther and Ginger's story, [...]

Really enjoyed this book, got to honest I was sent Clusterf*ck as a link in email and started reading that when I realised I should have read this first so I left that part way in and read this and then while reading this realised I should have started with Stellar (which I will read after I finish Clusterf*ck lol) anyway really enjoyed this book, loved the characters and extended characters, really hoping we get Cole's and Dec's book next 🤞🤞🤞 would've been nice if these books had been [...]

After being burned by her ex, Darcy is struggling to overcome the problems left behind. Oliver was burned by his ex, but one look at Darcy and Oliver changes his mind. Will Darcy ever believe Oliver when he says hes there for good? Will Oliver be able to trust that Darcy isn't after his money?This was definitely a hot read. Loved the twists and turns that it took and how connected these two were despite their pasts. Loved how Oliver and Darcy were both able to help each other overcome their dist [...]

**I am voluntarily reviewing an Advanced Readers Copy of this book**I am a HUGE fan of Ash Harlow and Crave is a great example of why!! Oliver and Darcy are fantastic characters, well written, relatable, and their chemistry is smoking'. The book moved quickly and I love when we get an update on characters from a previous book (Reuben and Stella from Stellar Love). Great job, as usual, Ms. Harlow!!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this bookNice book. At first I like the two main characters and the way they meet. Darcy is great, but I was a little disappointed by Oliver (too bland for my taste.)Ash Harlow still has a good writing style and, so, you just want to know the end of the story.I hope there will be a book 2 with the story of Luther and Ginger (Virginia) because I really love these two characters.

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