Reckless Behavior

L.A. Witt Cari Z.

Reckless Behavior

Reckless Behavior

  • Title: Reckless Behavior
  • Author: L.A. Witt Cari Z.
  • ISBN: 9781626496316
  • Page: 159
  • Format: ebook

After too many years of putting his job first, Detective Andreas Ruffner is getting his priorities straight He s ready to spend some quality time with his adult kids, not to mention come clean about some things he should ve told them a long time ago And introduce them to his partner and boyfriend, Darren Corliss.But in a heartbeat, a family dinner turns into Andreas s woAfter too many years of putting his job first, Detective Andreas Ruffner is getting his priorities straight He s ready to spend some quality time with his adult kids, not to mention come clean about some things he should ve told them a long time ago And introduce them to his partner and boyfriend, Darren Corliss.But in a heartbeat, a family dinner turns into Andreas s worst nightmare When the dust settles, one of his kids is hurt, and the other three have been abducted.Andreas is going to find his kids, and nothing, not even a broken ankle, is going to stop him Thank God for his sharp, level headed partner who has a crisis of his own pulling him away when Andreas needs him the most As both men try to support and lean on each other, they get no closer to finding the kids And the longer the children are missing, the less likely it is they ll ever be found.

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⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Better, but not much*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱We're back with the ‘newly minted detective’, Darren Corliss (28) and the no longer ‘lone wolf detective’, Andreas Ruffner (in this forties?). This time we get more romance and affection, though not much, as Andreas' kids gets kidnaped. Although I had expected to see more of Andreas together with his kids, Erin (how old?), Ben (24), Casey (21), and their half sister, Emily (4), we didn't get a whole lot of them. Overall, I hope we [...]

Welp, the authors did not lie when they said they were going to be SUPER mean to the boys. They delivered.Almost immediately Andreas is shaken to the core by the kidnapping of three of his children. He tries to hold it together and does so for the most part but there were a couple dark nights of the soul. Without Darren I'm not sure what would've become of him. Darren is the rock of Gibraltar through it all until his number comes up too. Then he hides in the case to escape his own reality.Both e [...]

***4.5 Stars***This time it gets personal by any account.After everything that happened in the previous books, you would think Andreas Ruffner and Darren Corliss deserved a bit downtime to get some rest and work on their relationship. Well, knowing these guys and their record for getting into trouble, you can be sure that this is wishful thinking. Andreas, still not at the top of his game and not fit for active duty after the injury he sustained in Suspicious Behavior, has only one thing on his [...]

This was good! and sad, and scary, and oh so wonderful.Darren and Andreas *sigh* - that's adult love right there.There's not a single sex scene in the book, yet the love and devotion stand out like no other story I've read in recent memory. Through the critical times and the mellow times, these two are a perfect match.Reckless Behavior keeps us in critical mode 99% of the time. It's an edge of your seat suspense that tests our MCs' limits. Through it all there is love and caring and support that [...]

Y'all thought we were mean to them in books 1 & 2.*cackles*

Well this creates a problemyou see I do try really, really hard to be honest in my reviews and I'm sure I'm hardly the first person to face this dilemma but I gave this one 5 stars and that's where my problem arisesI need more than 5 starsriously more than 5 on this one.I loved the hell out of this story. I was addicted to this series from the word go and with each book my love for these books for the stories and characters contained within has only continued to grow. While there's not a lot of [...]

**4.5 stars**Fast-paced, very emotional…I’m exhausted on behalf of Darren & Andreas : these guys deserve a break…and for sure don’t get it here.This is not a standalone and the series needs to be read in order. The case these 2 detectives are personally eager to solve is directly linked to the one they solved in Risky Behavior and the relationship they have started takes another level in depth as Darren is faced with heartbreaking family issues while winning his place within Andreas [...]

Another exciting installment with twists & turns Not a lot of romance, but what was there was awesome! Bring on book 4!!

4.25 stars***ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review***This series has been consistently good. This book did not disappoint, as it kept me invested and it was hard to tear away from it at all. Andreas is still recovering from his ankle injury in book two, and because he needs multiple surgeries on it, he starts out this book still in a cast and in crutches. Even then, I feel like before things went to shit, or even after, we could have gotten a little something something with [...]

Pre review -Feeling excited because I love this series.And nothing changed post reading, I still love this series. This is a great addition and if you're even remotely thinking about giving it a read, start with Risky Behavior and keep on going when this comes out on January 1st, 2018. One of the best "MM" series going at the moment. Well written. Well paced. Dual and progressive POV.Great MCs whose personalities fit their occupation well.Terrific extended families.There is no particular heat in [...]

4.5 stars - Andreas and Darren are back and still trying to recover from the roller coaster ride they’ve pretty much been on since they were first paired together. Andreas is also recovering from the surgery he had to repair his injured ankle. The time has come though to come clean to the rest of his kids about Darren, his HIV status, etc. It doesn’t take long for things to take another bad turn for these guys when all but one of Andreas’ kids are kidnapped right out from under him.Barely [...]

Wow, this is one incredible thriller series and this is the most suspenseful and wrenching of the three. The book opens with Darren finally meeting Andreas’s other children, besides Erin, his two sons and his youngest daughter Emily. After the dinner, Andreas’ world caves in when Emily, Erin and son Casey are taken, without a clue as to who or why. The partners are still viewed with suspicion for crossing the blue line and taking down dirty cops, but with children’s lives at stake, most of [...]

4.5 stars- this series continues to bring the excitementReckless Behavior is the third book in the Bad Behavior series co-written by Miss Witt and Cari Z. I’ve really enjoyed the series, and this book was no exception. Because the series deals with the same couple and some continuing story arcs with little to no backtracking, I wouldn’t classify it as a standalone. Reckless Behavior picks up as Andreas is still recovering from the ankle injury he suffered in the second book, but the couple i [...]

A copy of this ARC was provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This series is smokin’! Action-packed, nail-biting, heartbreaking—this book has it all. Though there’s not a lot of overt romance to this one, and no sex scenes, there is love—a deep and lasting love that’s developing between Andreas and Darren as well as the love of family. In this one, Andreas’s children are kidnapped so the love of a father for his children is a primary focus of the book, but there [...]

Detective Andreas Ruffner and his partner (and boyfriend) Darren Corliss return for the third book of L.A. Witt and Cari Z's "Bad Behavior" series. And boy, these authors didn't pull any punches with the things they throw to these men's path! Andreas' children were kidnapped, and (view spoiler)[Darren also received news about his older brother's suicide! I mean, I knew, *knew*, that there would be no miracles with Asher's health situation. He was deteriorating quickly but I thought he would die [...]

With Andreas Ruffner still recuperating from a serious injury, and Darren Corliss dealing with his brother Asher’s condition, it would seem this was an ideal time for them to get some rest and relaxation. But Andreas and Darren are all set to have a semi-decent dinner with Andreas’s children, and Andreas has decided to come clean with them and tell them about his health status—and Darren. Of course, there’s tension with some of his adult children, but the issues don’t get resolved befo [...]

✮4.5 Stars✮ 💗

Wow! Nail biter in some parts.Love this writing duo!

This one is by far the best (and most anxiety inducing) of the series! Read the full review on my blog.

That was A stressful reading. My poor, poor MCsI was honestly as exhausted as them by the end of the bookBut what a ride!!!There is definitely more action and suspense from this book than the first 2 ones. There is also not one sexy scene but there is a lot of LOOOOOVE.Andreas and Darren love each other deeply and we can feel it throughout all the book. It is really beautiful.The story with Andreas"s Children was really addictive I honestly wondered at one point how all this was going to end. I [...]

Love love loved this. I enjoy Witt and Z's writing, and together, they're a hell of a team.The guys were put through the ringer and I felt so much for them, especially Darren. I didn't expect the baddie, which was *good*. And I'm glad the guys are getting their HEA, and I'll be happy to see *that* in Romantic Behavior.

This was fast paced and entertaining from the beginning till the end. I hadn't read the blurb so I was surprised with the turn of events. Most of the story revolves around both guy's families and the things that are going on with them. There was very little relationship development in this one which was my only complaint. I think I would have preferred it more had there have been some emotional moments between the two MC's.Overall this was a good installment of this series and I'm really looking [...]

Might contain a few spoilers so reader beware.Wow, what more could possibly go wrong for Darren and Andreas in this installment? It takes the old adage of “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, to the extreme. They knew there were hurdles to overcome and they knew it was going to get worse before it got better…they just didn’t see it happening all at the same time. I was in a daze just trying to keep up.Darren, in my humble opinion, got it much worse than Andreas. Not trying to c [...]

Reckless Behavior is not a stand-alone book. I was unaware of that yet I dove into this story with ease. The blurb made it easy to instantly connect with Andreas and Darren. And after reading this book I want to read the prior 2 books but that may be a moot point since I already know the end. Or do I? Anyway, this book was heart-wrenching. I felt terrible for the situation Andreas has to deal with mere minutes after coming out to his children about his health, sexuality and that Darren is more t [...]

I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. I love this series and it just keeps getting better! The action starts at the beginning of this third book and it never stops. Both Darren and Andreas’ families are in crisis and they can’t rely on any of their police colleagues for assistance. I really enjoyed the fast paced intensity of this story. If the first two books established Darren and Andreas’ relationship, this one shows them working as true partners as they a [...]

This is a rockin series- well paced, cleverly written and super enjoyable. Darren & Andreas are both faced with major trauma- Darren with his brother Asher and Andreas with the kidnapping of his children. Yes bad cops were involved and I really feel for these guys, can’t they catch a break ??? sometimes being the good guy doesn’t always pay off immediately. That ending though . sweet heavens now we have to wait for the beauty!!! I’m really hoping book 4 is sappy and romantic- these guy [...]

This series just keeps getting better and better. What an emotional, entertaining ride!

Either the authors really don’t like Andreas and Darren, or they really get off on torturing them because that was totally wicked!! Reckless Behavior runs on pure adrenaline that kept me riveted until the very end. We start with Andreas deciding to come clean to his adult kids about his health and his relationship with Darren at dinner. He’s still recovering from near death, a broken ankle and is now set on getting his priorities straight. Dinner goes as planned and as they leave is where ev [...]

It stands to reason that when Andreas finally decides to come clean to his two other older children, Ben and Casey, the sh*t would hit the fan. Because nothing, and I mean nothing, ever seems to go right for Andreas and Darren. Andreas’s two daughters and one of his sons have been kidnapped, and being a harda** detective doesn’t stop him from feeling what any father would. Sheer, undiluted fear.Reality started sinking in. Ben was hurt. God knew how close Darren had come to an injury or worse [...]

This was a roller coaster ride; so much going on but it was never too much. I hope the last book lives up to its name; I need a lot of romance between these two.

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