Rock Hard Baby Daddy

Rye Hart

Rock Hard Baby Daddy

Rock Hard Baby Daddy

  • Title: Rock Hard Baby Daddy
  • Author: Rye Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Ladies like to ride me like a bucking bronco But a bullsh t clause in a will changed everything My mission now get a girl knocked up My reward two billion dollars Guess I better rope in the perfect baby mama My family s oil empire left me a hefty inheritance One condition conceive an heir by my next birthday Talk about a total mind f ck But, then I laid my eyes oLadies like to ride me like a bucking bronco But a bullsh t clause in a will changed everything My mission now get a girl knocked up My reward two billion dollars Guess I better rope in the perfect baby mama My family s oil empire left me a hefty inheritance One condition conceive an heir by my next birthday Talk about a total mind f ck But, then I laid my eyes on Bella and I knew she was the one A perfect balance of class, beauty and a sexy innocence She s not afraid to tell this wild stallion to f ck off And that couldn t be of a turn on Something tells me she s got an inner cowgirl eager for a ride I just hope she ll forgive me when she finds out I want to knock her up This is a full length, standalone billionaire cowboy romance No cheating or cliffhangers HEA guaranteed Get an exclusive, never before releases fairy tale romance The Billionaire s Princess in the kindle version Grab your copy today.

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Reed is a millionaire cowboy who thought he would soon be inheriting billions until his lawyer broke the bad news. There was an overlooked clause in the will that said to get his father's money, Reed would have to father a baby by the time he turns 30 which is 11 months away. Reed in angry and discourage. All the women he hangs around with are ones he couldn't stand co-parenting with, Then his friend Ryan ask for his help. Ryan's on-line girlfriend is coming to visiting and bringing her friend. [...]

Bella and Reed heat up this his baby mama drama tale đŸ”„ Bella is a free spirited photgrapher who's voice has been crushed by her now ex fiancĂ©. She has decided to take some me time and just find her way back to herself again. When she meets Reed she wasn't expecting anything more than a vacation fling with the brash conceded jerk, but little does she know he has other plans up his sleeve. Reed has to get himself and heir and quick. His recently departed father got in one finally shot before s [...]

Okay, I want to say Rye Hart always hits the marks when it comes to her books. And this one is no different. Kayla and Bella are best of friends who go to Texas to meet a man that Kayla has been chatting with online. So when Kayla and Bella go and meet Rick and his friend Reed all kind of hotness comes off this book. Kayla and Rick have some issues they need to work out (I was not impressed when Kayla goes off on Reed's truck) even thinking it was Ricks, no matter how mad you are who does that? [...]

Rye Hart's ROCK HARD books have yet to let me down.Bella breaks off her engagement to Gavin after getting tried of been treated badly all the time. Her best friend asked her to come with her on a trip to meet a guy she has been seeing online. Reed is a billionaire who has just found out that he has to have a child before he turns 30( in 11 months) orwilllose his inheritance. When all he has been doing is having on night stands. Then his best friend Rick's girl comes to visit with her friend, Bel [...]

I schemed this book, came for the premise of the story, stayed for the sex scenes.The book was filled with too much internal dialogue. Then Reed comes off as an entitled jerk in some instances where the intention is to portray him as the alpha million-soon-to-be-billionaire.Then, if this was real life, Bella had just let down the feminist movement, especially in the bathroom shower sex scene. Yaye, she wanted that pregnancy lest you be fooled it was an oops baby on her part. That scene just had [...]

It looks like I'm against the majority on this one. The story is definitely emotional with some great sexy scenes and there is a HEA so, that's good. My issue is specifically with the characters, Bella and Reed. First, Bella - she has been with Gavin for a long time and has tried to leave his sorry butt several times before finally cancelling the wedding and walking away. He treated her horribly by always putting her down, not being supportive, being selfish in bed and is never wrong. But, as so [...]

So this book was quite what I expected but it was really good. I love the few twists that happened and the ending was beyond sweet. Just wish it were longer.

It was over at 10%.TEN! Jesus christ. Needed to be edited. Ugh! No.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.That stupid surprise hidden clause that was made by his dad has this playboy cowboy agitated, angry, and in dire need of an heir in a short amount of time, or Reed loses the ranch. Why did his father have to be so cruel? Reed liked being a playboy, a really hot, all man cowboy! This was not going to be an easy thing to accomplish, especially because his reputation is very VERY well known. What is Reed going to do? First thing is first h [...]

From the time she was a child, Bella had loved photography, capturing the beauty around her. Her mom urged her to follow her dream, regardless of those who thought it was just a silly hobby. But that passion was being destroyed by her wealthy fiancé, Gavin, who trivialized her dream. He was also negative and outright rude to her friends. She finally had enough and told him to leave. Her best friend, Kayla, encouraged her to do what was right for herself. Breaking it off with Gavin was definitel [...]

Woo boy, talk about one sexy beast of a billionaire. Reed has it made in the shadeor so he thinks. When he finds out there's a stipulation on his inheritance, he's at his wits end trying to figure out how to make it work in the next 11 months. His best friend Rick has met someone online and she's bringing a friend that he's been asked to entertain. Thinking it'll be some crazy chick he has to deal with while trying to figure out his delima, he never expected Bella. She's everything he wants in a [...]

There's a lot to love about this story, starting with the hot billionaire cowboy, Reed, and his best friend, Rick. Rick's been skyping with his new girlfriend, Kayla, and they're finally able to meet in person. Kayla brings along her friend, Bella, who just broke up with her fiance after (finally!) realizing that his verbal abuse wasn't going to get any better. Kayla and Rick hit the ground running with their romance, and their story plays in the background as the book focuses on Bella and Reed. [...]

Reed just found out that to inherit the billions of dollars from his family fortune, he has to produce an heir before his 30th birthday which is 11 months away! He's blindsided and angry that his father would stipulate that in his will. Now he has to find the right woman to have a child with asap and she has to be someone he can stand having any kind of relationship with for the next 18 years! Bella recently ended her engagement and she left town with her friend Kayla. When Bella and Reed meet, [...]

I have read a lot of Rye Harts books and I had my bar set high for this one. And I was NOT disappointed. It was a great story and different from what I had expected.Kayla was not my cup of tea when she got drunk and destroyed Reeds truck. She almost felt to me as a spoiled teenager. But a supporting character as hers have to be in a book to make the story go on.Bella is much better of without her ex-fiancé and I think that she has to find herself and a man who respects her and her work and pass [...]

When Bella needs to make some life altering changes- her BFF Kayla is there to save the day! Stuck in a mentally abusive realtionship, she finally had hit rock bottom. Moving out and moving on she dives into the deep end of the alpha men pool- when Kayla decides to take a trip to meet her online love interest she goes along. Once they arrive, life goes and makes a 360 for Bella! Meeting Kayla's love interests friend Reed- he makes her an offer she doesn't want to refuse. It is just for a couple [...]

A great story about a billionaire, Reed who just found out that in 11 months he has to have an heir or he loses his billions. When his best friend has a woman he is seeing come visit she brings her best friend, Bella. The first meeting isn't so great as Reed is a moody, crusty man but she is attracted to him. When her friend loses it and does something to Reed, he has a proposition for Bellaay with him for the 2 weeks and he won't press charges. She agrees but finds it hard to resist him and Ree [...]

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. wow! How can you not fall for a hot cowboy? I loved this latest book by Ms Hart. Bella and Reed were such a hot and sexy couple. Bella meets Reed when she decides to accompany her best friend Kayla to Texas who has made plans to finally meet her online love interest Rick. Rick and Reed are heading over to a rodeo they attend annually to buy cattle. Kayla asks Rick if he has a friend that Bella can meet. the two girls travel to Dallas and Rick tells Ree [...]

WARNING Ends at 10%This is NOT a book. It's a short story that ends at 10 percent, and then a bunch of other "bonus stories" are tossed in the back as filler. Do NOT waste your money on this as it was only amateurish at best to begin with. A pretty big plot point was left unfulfilled, but that was probably due to the abrupt ending of this not so great short story. I'm not a fan of ever giving bad reviews, but I abhor this practice of certain sketchy authors trying to pass off short story compila [...]

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.What do you do when you have a big problemnd the perfect girl to share it with. Problem is, billionaire Reed doesn't have one. Before he turns 30 he needs an heir and he is running out of time. Helping his friend Rick meet his on line girlfriend Kayla, he is pleasantly surprised to meet her friend Bella. What starts off to a rocky start, leads to an instant chemistry and unfortunately blackmail. A brilliant story of crazy ex Gavin, secre [...]

Bella is a very talented photographer but finally breaks off her engagement because all he,does is put her downwhen her best friend asks her to go with her to finally me ,she says OK. When she meets Reed,she feels something ,she's not looking for a spark that if she let's loose could turn into a raging fire. Reed needs someone to have a baby with an he !Ives everything about Bella but he's afraid if he tells her she will !eave he's fa!Len in love with Bella an doesn't care about the will he has [...]

"Rock Hard Baby Daddy" is a hot rich cowboy romance that will melt your panties! Reed is a very alpha male and just finds out he must have an heir before his 30th birthday to inherit his family's billions. That is 11 months away. Not much time to find a woman he wants and get her pregnant, that is willing. He just happens to meet Bella through his best friend and his friend's girlfriend. The connection is hot, the sex steamy, and before you can say snap, crackle, pop, Bella is pregnant. Only thi [...]

After suffering his latest insults, Bella breaks off her engagement with Gavin (finally). She moves in with Kayla and they go to Texas to meet Kayla's online boyfriend Ryan. Kayla sure had a trailor trash moment when she destroyed Reed's truck, geez. Bella finds herself attracted to his friend Reed and they have a fling. She does not know that he is trying to get her pregnant in order to gain control of his two billion dollar inheritance. I thought that she was immature when she overheard his ph [...]

I absolutely loved this book and was up late finishing it, I literally couldn't put it down. I was hooked from page one. I loved the writing style of Rye Hart that kept me emotionally connected with the characters. I felt for Bella as she had to break her engagement, her fiancée was emotionally abusive. Reed Harrington is 29 and looking forward to his 30th until he finds out there's a stipulation to his inheritance. He must have an heir by his 30th birthday. Then he meets Bella and their chemis [...]

rcvd an advanced reader copy from the author for giving my two cents. We meet Bella, artist and photographer engaged to a pompous ass who thinks her hobbie is a joke. She's had enough and ends her engagement then gets on a plane with her bff to go to Texas to meet her bff's bf. what she finds is a hotter then hell man named reed. Reed just gets news from.his lawyer that in order to get his inheritance he must produce an heir b4 he is 30just great. what he didn't count on was Bellaw that he could [...]

Rye Hart Rock Hard series keeps getting better & better with each standalone book.Bella & Reeds love story is a great short story that you will enjoy reading. Finding out that you need an heir before you turn 30 years old is not what Reed was wanting to hear from his lawyer especially since he was already 29 year old. Then he meets Bella, who is coming out of an abusive relationship and not looking to jump back in the love game. But she does agree to spend time with Reed to pay for the d [...]

I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review itReed is happy as a clam, he is a playboy and set to inherit billions of dollars when he is 30, that is until he finds out about the stipulation attached, he has to father a baby before he turns 30!!Bella is just out of a horrible relationship and us looking forward to some "me" time. Thanks to her friend Kayla's antics she meets Reed and starts to fall for his charms. But he is withholding a secret that could [...]

Good smutty read. However, if you are looking to see how the couple fell in love outside of the bedroom you will be disappointed as the reader is not shown why they love each other. I also would have preferred the epilogue focus on closer look at how happy and good the relationship is, rather than another bedroom scene. Oh, I also don't know why its a cowboy novel, he didn't even ride a horse! There is no reference to that in the book, other than he wanted to compete in a rodeo in roping as a te [...]

Despite the other story line about Kayla and Rick, I really loved this book. Bella breaks up with her fiance and is tired of the abuse. She gets strong on the plane ride and is able to stand up to Reed. Reed is dealing with a hidden clause in his fathers will. Despite how it started the passion and attraction is undeniable between them. When she hears the truth about the hidden clause, she runs because she doesn't know any better. Reed makes everything better when he denies the money for himself [...]

I have loved all of Rye's books so far! She is very talented.This one is Reed's and Bella's story. I have to admit, he is a character who's easy to fall in love with. He is an alpha male with integrity, who is still human and makes mistakes but does not give up.Bella through out the story grew as a character and it was interesting to see her making certain choices and mistakes.Their chemistry is off the charts and their sex scenes hot!The plot is interesting even though the subject is not someth [...]

I absolutely loved Reed and Bella's story. Due to an inheritance clause Reed must conceive a child by his next birthday or forgo his inheritance, There is no shortage of women willing to take this cowboy for a ride but Reed wants a baby mama he can build a relationship with, not just knock up for the moneyen he meets Bella, she is everything Reed has ever wanted in a woman and so much more. Reed knows he has to play this right if he wants to end up with the girl AND a baby.The character's are li [...]

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