White Houses

Amy Bloom

White Houses

White Houses

  • Title: White Houses
  • Author: Amy Bloom
  • ISBN: 9780812995664
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover

The unexpected and forbidden affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok unfolds in a triumph of historical fiction from the New York Times bestselling author of Away and Lucky Us I never envied a wife or a husband, until I met Eleanor Then, I would have traded everything I ever had, every limo ride, every skinny dip, every byline and carefree stroll, for what FraThe unexpected and forbidden affair between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok unfolds in a triumph of historical fiction from the New York Times bestselling author of Away and Lucky Us I never envied a wife or a husband, until I met Eleanor Then, I would have traded everything I ever had, every limo ride, every skinny dip, every byline and carefree stroll, for what Franklin had, polio and all Lorena Hickok meets Eleanor Roosevelt in 1932 while reporting on Franklin Roosevelt s first presidential campaign Having grown up worse than poor in South Dakota and reinvented herself as the most prominent woman reporter in America, Hick, as she s known to her friends and admirers, is not quite instantly charmed by the idealistic, patrician Eleanor But then, as her connection with the future first lady deepens into intimacy, what begins as a powerful passion matures into a lasting love, and a life that Hick never expected to have She moves into the White House, where her status as first friend is an open secret, as are FDR s own lovers After she takes a job in the Roosevelt administration, promoting and protecting both Roosevelts, she comes to know Franklin not only as a great president but as a complicated rival and an irresistible friend, capable of changing lives even after his death Through it all, even as Hick s bond with Eleanor is tested by forces both extraordinary and common, and as she grows as a woman and a writer, she never loses sight of the love of her life.From Washington, D.C to Hyde Park, from a little white house on Long Island to an apartment on Manhattan s Washington Square, Amy Bloom s new novel moves elegantly through fascinating places and times, written in compelling prose and with emotional depth, wit, and acuity Amy Bloom knows the urgency of love, wrote The Washington Post about Bloom s acclaimed bestseller Away The same could be said of White Houses, an unforgettable novel about the power of passion and the endurance of love.Advance praise for White Houses Amy Bloom illuminates one of the most intriguing relationships in history Lorena Hickok is a woman who found love with another lost soul, Eleanor Roosevelt And love is what this book is all about It suffuses every page, so that by the time you reach the end, you are simply stunned by the beauty of the world these two carved out for themselves Melanie Benjamin, author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue It seems a minor miracle, what Amy Bloom has done in White Houses In Lorena Hickok s unforgettable voice, she brings an untold slice of history so dazzlingly and devastatingly to life, it took my breath away Easily, the most intimate, crackling, and expansive rendering of Eleanor Roosevelt in print, and, than this, a dizzyingly beautiful tale of what it means to be human, and what it is to love Paula McLain, author of The Paris Wife

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Fifty-five years after her death, and more than 70 years after she left the White House following her husband's death, Eleanor Roosevelt remains one of the most intriguing women in history. She certainly was a role model for trailblazing women not interested in being confined to the boxes in which society wants to contain them, but rather working to bring about change wherever it is needed. While much is known about her public persona, her personal life has always remained more of an enigma. Mor [...]

The writing by Amy Bloom in “White Houses” is beautiful lovely!!!We learn a lot about Lorena Hickok, American journalist: her troubled childhood in South Dakota of sexual abuse - abandonment- poverty - and starting out on her own from an early age. Lorena also disclosed her relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt. — All from Lorena Hickok’s perspective. Sure feels real to me but it’s written as fiction. Amy Bloom did tremendous research - she went through three THOUSAND letters alone - plu [...]

Whenever I read fictionalized accounts of famous people I always wonder about what really happened. I especially wonder about their conversations and I have to keep reminding myself that I'm reading a work of fiction. Amy Bloom in this wonderfully written book, imagines the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lenora Hickok, an AP reporter who becomes Eleanor's "first friend" and actually for a time moves into the White House. While I did wonder here what actually happened and what was ima [...]

5 starting-my-new-year-in-reading-with-an-absolute-BANG 🎉 💥 🎇 stars to White Houses🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟My grandmother had a saying that what you were doing when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve is what you will be doing all year long. I always thought it was some kind of scare tactic. 😂 I shared that with some of my book friends, and they were told a similar saying, but instead it’s what you do on New Year’s Day. I’ll take that and run with it because I was re [...]

This book is a work of fiction based on the relationship of Eleanor Roosevelt and her long time friend and companion, Lorena Hickock. Lorena’s voice narrates this story. They both seemed to be lost souls that found together, what they both never had in life, and it was written in a beautiful and intimate way. Thank you to NetGalley and Random House for the advanced copy!

3.5 A fly on the wall, that is how I felt reading this novel. Told from the viewpoint of Hick, we are privvy to intimate glimpses of her relationship with Eleanor, as well as glimpses into the secrets of those living in the White House. Roosevelt and his harem, as Hick calls them, the way his polio was hidden, and the relationship he and Eleanor had with their children.The book opens a short time after Roosevelt's death, and circles back to this period often. This is very much Hicks story though [...]

3.5I forgot, folks, I forgot!I forgot I don’t like historical fiction that’s based on famous people. Why was my memory snoozing when I picked up this book? I remember (of course, too late) that I swore off reading such books after I finished Twain's End and suddenly thought Mark Twain was a jerk. I used to like Mark Twain, but after reading that book, where it shows how he ruined his mistress’s life, I hate his guts. I even researched the facts a little, and yep, it appears he really was a [...]

!! NOW AVAILABLE !! “In many dreams I've held you near,Now, at last, you're really here.“Where have you been?I've looked for you forever and a dayWhere have you been?I'm just not myself when you're away” -- Where Have You Been lyrics by Kathy MatteaWhen Franklin D. Roosevelt was campaigning to become the 32nd President, Lorena Hickok was one of many reporters covering his campaign. Through this, she meets, and is befriended by Eleanor Roosevelt, despite their vast differences, economically [...]

White Houses is a fictionalized account of Eleanor Roosevelt's relationship with Lorena Hickok. The novel is narrated from Hickok's perspective. It's more of a character study than a story. Hickok recounts part of her childhood, and moves back and forth in time, always coming back to the few days following FDR's death. What made this worth reading to me were the writing and the sharply drawn personalities of these characters. Bloom makes it easy to understand what drew these women together and p [...]

This is a fictionalized account of the friendship, and probable lesbian relationship, between Lenora Hickok (“Hick”), a journalist, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The author tells the story through Lenora’s eyes and what I enjoyed the most are the historical details: the Lindburgh kidnapping, the camp the Roosevelts founded for victims of polio, the marriage between Franklin and Eleanor, FDR’s affairs, the Roosevelt children…and more. I enjoyed Hick’s voice and the details of her abusive chi [...]

This book details the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and “first friend” Lenora Hickok. The book is written from Hick’s point of view. It’s not told in a linear fashion, but more as a series of memories. When Hick focuses on her opinion about others, I loved it. The comments about Lindbergh, Wallis Simpson and even the Roosevelt children are priceless. In these paragraphs, her ability as a newspaperwoman comes shining through. She captured Eleanor’s character to the point you fe [...]

4.5 strong written starsEleanor Rooseveltwhat person does not know that name? Wife of the longest serving president, humanitarian, mother to six children and wife to a philanderer of a husband. Speaking out as first lady, she became a woman working for the good of the poor, the downtrodden. She spoke out against racial discrimination. She was a paragon of virtue, intelligence, often using mass media to publicize the plight of many. She was also, as stated by this book and through her various let [...]

Just started listening to the audio; the narrator is perfect!!!This has to be Amy Bloom's best and most beautiful book yet. She left her heart on its pages, especially the heart of Lorena Hickok. Most of us know what an incredible woman Eleanor Roosevelt was as First Lady to FDR and later in her own right, stepped out from behind her husband's shadow. Eleanor was a tireless giver, to her family, her husband, her children, the people of this country, and even the world. She fought for the downtro [...]

3.5 stars Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. A touching fictionalized story about the love affair between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and writer Lorna Hickok. Amy Bloom tells the story of the two women through Lorna's eyes as she recounts their past and present romantic relationship.You see me.You see all of me and I don't think you love everything you see. I hope you do, but I doubt you do. But, you see me. The whole person. Not just yourself, reflected [...]

I first read about Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt last year when I read Loving Eleanor by Susan Wittig Albert. It's a fabulous book, deep and well researched. And I loved it. So, when I learned about White Houses by Amy Bloom was I curious about how it would be. I'm glad to say that this one is also very good, well-written and engrossing.I'm fascinated by the Roosevelt family and even though FDR is my favorite do I find Eleanor Roosevelt to be such an interesting woman. This book is a ficti [...]

After you’ve read a number of books by an author, you may be able to pinpoint where they hit you. For me, Amy Bloom’s luscious writing lands in my mouth. Specifically, my taste buds. And my mouth waters as I read as if I’ve been served my fantasy feast and it’s just for me and I can eat it as slowly or as quickly as I please and make all the private pleasure sounds you don’t make in public because this experience is mine, mine, mine—intimate and private.Her new book, like her previou [...]

This is a work of historical fiction about first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and her romantic relationship with American journalist Lorena Hickok (nicknamed "Hick"). Born in Wisconsin, Hickok triumphed over a disastrous childhood to eventually become a reporter for the Associated Press (AP). She was assigned to cover Franklin D. Roosevelt's first presidential campaign when she established a close friendship with the future First Lady. I had an unusual experience reading this book in that I tore throu [...]

I was really looking forward to this book. I'm a longtime fan of Amy Bloom, and like how she writes somewhat quirky people inside relationships. I like the idea of reading the untold story of the unknown (but open secret) lesbian lover of one of the greatest first ladies we've ever had in the United States. But I think the author's lack of experience in writing historical fiction does not serve her well here. The pieces of the story are interesting but yet it is somehow not very well told. It ma [...]

I seem to be the outlier here but this book, which I was initially excited to read, ended up falling a little flat for me. The first half or so of the book was really good, especially the chapters about Lorena Hickok’s (Hick’s) childhood and her background – that portion read like a riveting biography that I couldn’t seem to put down. I found myself wanting to know more about Hick’s personal story in terms of her family and the other people she had met during her brief stint with the c [...]

3.5 starsIsn't it wonderful when reading a work of fiction peaks your interest in a topic,  makes you hunger for information and eager to research the facts?     That's how it was for me reading White Houses by Amy Bloom.    Touted as entirely fictional, White Houses put forward one possible version of the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and her very dear friend Lorena Hickok.   In this story, there is no doubt theirs was a physical relationship, an on and off again love affair [...]

This was a beautiful book in many ways. As a fictional biography of Lorena Hickok, it was superb, capturing her early life, her appearance, raspy voice, prickly personality; bringing to life a woman I had heard of because of her relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt, but never knew much about. It also brought to life what it must have been like to be in that White House inner circle during the Roosevelt administration, showing both Franklin and Eleanor as real people, warts and all. The behind the [...]

I said that the Potsdam diner was a delight. She said that after the funeral there was corned beef and cabbage and homemade beer. She said the service was Irish Catholic and heartfelt. I hung up my coat and made a show of taking out my notebook and doing my job, and asking about her husband's ambitions.Lordy lord, if you can manage to read such flat, 'told', random prose then you're more tolerant than I am. I'm really intrigued by this relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and 'Hick', a lesbian [...]

White Houses Is the story of the romance between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok. Both women in their own way had very sad lives. Eleanor because she lived in the shadow of FDR and Hickok because of her brutal early life.While the romance was scandalous it was by no means extraordinary. Bloom characterizations of Eleanor and Lorena are lovely, they were devoted to each other. Amy Bloom is a wonderful writer, she has written a thought-provoking book about two lost souls that find a bit of hap [...]

April 1945: Franklin D. Roosevelt is dead, and his widow Eleanor goes to New York City to spend a long weekend with her lover, former White House reporter Lorena Hickok. It’s been eight years since Eleanor sent Lorena away, and it seems like their relationship is all in the past now. They’re not relieved and looking forward to a new life they’re free to spend together; they’re just clinging to the shreds of a love affair gone cold.Lorena, our feisty narrator, recalls her abusive upbringi [...]

Thanks to NetGalley for giving me White Houses in exchange for my honest review.Eleanor Roosevelt had an affair with a woman, who Knew? Apparently, it’s not so common, common knowledge. In White Houses, Amy Bloom tells a fictional story about the real-life romance between Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok. White Houses fascinated me, but not it the way you might guess.White Houses, though it chronicles a love affair between a famous, married woman and a reporter, isn’t ask scandalous as yo [...]

In the end, or from the start, this really wasn't for me. I was excited to read this but it really fell flat almost from the start. It felt more like a desperate romance with focus on the physical and not the more emotional connection between two people that I expected. The timeline jumped all over the place and made the story feel disjointed. I know this book gets lots of love from other readers but it just didn't work for me at all. Thank you to Netgalley and Random House for a copy of this eb [...]

I had a lot of trouble deciding how to rate this book, because my feelings were all over the map. There were parts that were 5 stars for me, and parts that didn't work as well. There were times the writing felt a bit too distant, and times when it was intensely raw and intimate. But overall, this was a really worthwhile reading experience.There is not really a plot to this book. It is more a series of vignettes of Hick and Eleanor's relationship over the years. Things jump back and forth in time [...]

White Houses is a fictional account of the love between First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and journalist Lorena Hickock. I learned a lot about Lorena and thought she was a very interesting character. The childhood abuse she endured was heartbreaking. She struggled to become one of the first well known female journalist, in an exclusively male dominanted profession. Lorena first met Eleanor when she was the journalist assigned to cover Eleanor. I had a hard time believing the openness of their relatio [...]

How can a love story have no emotion? None, zero, zip. The characters were flat and devoid of any humanization. Wown't believe this one actually made it from manuscript to published work.

I have often wondered what draws me to literary fiction and I believe the answer is this: fiction creates worlds, while non-fiction relays these worlds. This is a vast simplification, of course, but it helped me to understand my mixed feelings about White Houses.The book is based on fact: the intriguing relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and her oft-companion, Lorena Hickok, the AP reporter who was assigned to cover her. Based on more than three thousand letters between the two women, the bo [...]

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