Ledová jako sníh

DaniellePaige Pavla Kubešová Kamila Flonerová

Ledová jako sníh

Ledová jako sníh

  • Title: Ledová jako sníh
  • Author: DaniellePaige Pavla Kubešová Kamila Flonerová
  • ISBN: 9788025333846
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover

Sedmn ctilet Snow ije v p sn hl dan klinice pro du evn chor Hluboko uvnit v , e tam nepat , ale na ivot mimo zdi nemocnice si skoro nevzpom n Jedin , co m , jsou divn sny Vlastn ne, je t m Balea nejlep ho kamar da, prvn l sku, lov ka, kter ho dok zala zni it jedin m polibkem Kdy Bale zmiz , Snow nezb v nic jin ho, ne se vydat po jeho stop ch SSedmn ctilet Snow ije v p sn hl dan klinice pro du evn chor Hluboko uvnit v , e tam nepat , ale na ivot mimo zdi nemocnice si skoro nevzpom n Jedin , co m , jsou divn sny Vlastn ne, je t m Balea nejlep ho kamar da, prvn l sku, lov ka, kter ho dok zala zni it jedin m polibkem Kdy Bale zmiz , Snow nezb v nic jin ho, ne se vydat po jeho stop ch S pomoc podivn ho o et ovatele, kter ji pust ven, se ocitne v Algidu V mraziv zemi, kter je s jej minulost spojena v c, ne si myslela Algid je nevyzpytateln , nebezpe n , pln arod jnic, zlod j a osudov ch setk n Vl dne mu krut a mocn kr l Kdy Snow zjist , e j v il ch koluje jeho krev, je postavena p ed volbu Stane se hrdinkou nebo h nic Kr lovnou nebo chudinkou Vybere si mrazivou bezcitnost nebo pravou l sku asn p b h na motivy poh dky Sn hov kr lovna od bestsellerov autorky Danielle Paigeov.

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So basically I was supposed to fulfill some kind of major destiny in a month. And I had no idea this place even existed until now.(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ REALLY? REALLY?!I love retellings. I even loved Dorothy Must Die, despite the scandal surrounding the publishing of that book. It had spirit. It was fun. The setting of the book was recognizable, but there was creativity in the way the book built the mythology around the original. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for this book. This wa [...]

A melted popsicle would've been less disappointing, honestly. I AM ALL THE SAD. I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Must Die which has so much sass, creativity, and incredible world-buildingbut honestly what was going on in Stealing Snow?! It was a mash-up of SO many retellings that it wasn't clever or unique was just pinching from everything. Zero world building. Zero feels. AND A FREAKING LOVE-SQUARE. Do you see that sad wailing puddle in the corner? That is me.Okay but it did have some cool things. For [...]

The writing wasn't bad, but that's the best thing this book has going for it. It was basically just the bare outline of a bland YA fantasy story without any true plot. A teen girl finds out she's a lost princess with special magic powers and gets into a love square. The end.The story:Snow is in a mental hospital like Radley from Pretty Little Liars because she tried to pull one of her friends through a mirror to get to Wonderland. The high security mental hospital stuff is about as generic as it [...]

I received this book in exchange for an honest review on NetGalley. Thank you to the author, Danielle Paige, and the publisher, Bloomsbury Children's, for this opportunity. The premise for this novel instantly gripped me: a fairy tale retelling based on the life of a girl who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. I was sold!I am so glad that this has lived up to the already insane amounts of hype it has garnered! This is quite a complex tale, delivered brilliantly with a good amount of world-buil [...]

2.5/5 This review can also be found at Dana and the BooksStealing Snow was one of my most anticipated reads for 2016. A retelling of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen sounded so exciting and exactly what I needed, but I can't help but feel a bit let down.Danielle Paige's technical writing style is wonderful. She's whimsical, magical, not overly wordy - everything I love in an author - but the story itself fell flat for me.I think the main problem for me was that I couldn't figure what th [...]

This is a thrilling and enchanting retelling of The Snow Queen fairytale. It is more gritty in style and it has Snow Yardley, 17 years old, residing in upstate New York at the Whittaker mental asylum, accustomed to taking the 7 dwarfs, her meds, the pills for every emotion. Her mother is responsible for her being there at a young age since Snow walked into a mirror and was left with permanent scarring. Snow has a spiky and edgy personality, loves drawing, barely talks, and is consumed by rage. A [...]

First kisses sometimes wake slumbering princesses, undo spells, and spark happily ever afters. Mine broke Bale.The thing is I actually really enjoyedDorothy Must Die. It's such a fun re-imagining of The Wizard of Oz where the world is so exciting to explore. I was ecstatic to hearDanielle Paige was writing a The Snow Queen retelling. I ended up feeling pretty disappointed about a third of the way through when I realized this wasn’t going to be Paige’s next hit series. It’s an awesome premi [...]

Love square aside, I really enjoyed this book, especially the first 50 percent and the ending. The world building and writing were perfect. When it got to the robber stuff, I wasn't as thrilled, but some important stuff was revealed. Looking forward to book 2! Full review on my blog literarydust.wordpress/20

oh man. i was so, so, so excited for this book.i have never read the original fairy tale of the snow queen so i don't know how it is supposed to go. if this book was supposed to help me by staying true to the tale, it failed miserably. i can't bring myself to write a review for this so i'll list a few of the reasons why this didn't work out for me.- there is not one, not two, but three love interests throughout the book.- the writing is extremely poor. - as in, it's vague as fuck.- absolutely no [...]

***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Stealing Snow by Danielle PaigeBook One of the Stealing Snow seriesPublisher: Bloomsbury USA ChildrensPublication Date: September 20, 2016Rating: 2 starsSource: ARC sent by the publisherSummary (from ):Seventeen-year-old Snow has spent the majority of her life within the walls of the Whittaker Institute, a high security mental hospital in upstate New York. Deep down, she knows she's not crazy and doesn't belong there. When she meets a mysterious, ha [...]

Is it bad that I want to read this because so many people dislike it? Eh. Probably.

So basically I was supposed to fulfill some kind of major destiny in one month. And had no idea this place even existed until now.Oh, I don’t even know where to even start with this review! To be blunt, Stealing Snow was awful. When you see a book getting only one-star reviews and DNFs before it has even formally been released, alarm bells should ring. For some reason, I just shrugged off all those negative reviews and plunged into Paige’s new story… how stupid of me. I’m so disappointed [...]

Read a less formal review for this feat. even more Parks & Recs GIFs @ my blog Wonderless Reviews** I received of a free copy of this book via Bloomsbury and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ** ^This GIF could just be the entire review, but I'll try to elaborate more.This book was straight up not for me. There was a LOVE SQUARE, an annoying main character and absolutely no word building. I can't even remember anything about this book except how much I didn't like it. There were tin [...]

(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc (UK & ANZ) and NetGalley.)“Within you lies a great gift. You can control winter and have dominance over frost, over ice and snow”This was an okay fantasy story, but at times it was just too much like Disney’s frozen.Snow was a girl who didn’t seem to push for things too hard, and didn’t seem to mind being shut up in a mental health facility for several years. Why [...]

I came from a long line of liars and monsters. —SnowUnfortunately, now I understand why Stealing Snow has a general average of 3.17. I'm not a fan of Dorothy Must Die, so I can't say I was expecting much from this book. I only picked it up because it is somehow similar to Frozen, which is one of my favorite movies of all time.Stealing Snow is about a girl named Snow (likeduh), who is confined in a mental hospital after she supposedly attempted to walk through a mirror as a child. Everyone thin [...]

Actual rating: 1.5 stars (only because 1 sounds too mean)I never thought I'd dislike a book more than The Bronze Horseman, but I was wrong.Full review on my blog: thechroniclesofdanielle.wordp

Inhalt„Die drei mächtigsten Hexen des Landes erhielten zu deiner Geburt eine Prophezeiung, Snow. Vergiss nicht, dass beide Elternteile dir Magie vererbt haben. Diese Magie lebt in dir, eine starke Magie, wahrscheinlich sogar die stärkste, die es in Algid jemals gegeben hat.“Algid, ein Reich aus Eis und Schnee, ist Snows wahres Zuhause. Hier soll sie ihre eigentliche Bestimmung annehmen und das Land aus den frostigen Ketten König Lazars befreien. Snow, jahrelang in der Menschenwelt festgeh [...]

I cannot bring myself to finish this. It's dreadful.

I haven't rated a book one star since Allegiant. Awkward.

While I did thoroughly enjoy this book, it just didn’t fully live up to my expectations. I was hoping and then left wanting for more. It just lacked that extra spark to make it a five star read for me. I think a big part of why it lacked spark for me is that I didn’t relate to any of the characters. They didn’t make me FEEL anything and I found myself not really caring what happened to any of them. Another factor that affected my enjoyment of this story is that I was so blown away by Paige [...]

I really enjoyed the Dorothy Must Die series from Danielle and I was so excited for Stealing Snow. I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would (after reading a couple of reviews, I was expecting a massive crap show) but I think a lot of things could have been improved.I really loved the concept and the plot. The writing style was okay. I liked the characters for the most part. I think the execution of the plot could have been better. It got a little muddled at times and some things just [...]

I received a free digital copy from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback. Snow has lived in a mental asylum ever since she was a young girl and attempted to walk through a mirror. When one day, Snow’s boyfriend Bale gets pulled through to another world by a mysterious stranger, Snow follows and finds out she’s a princess…with the power to control snow. And it’s up to her to not only save Bale, but the rest of her land from a crazy king.It took me a while [...]

Edit:On second thought I rather re-read Patricia A. Mckillip's short, The Snow Queen, because the reviews for this one aren't looking good. -_-Also, don't even get me started on geometrical love "shapes".__________Of course I want to read thisbut, Kai? Really? -_-Because you know: Kai and Cinder sitting on a tree ;)

Originally posted on Heart Full Of BooksFrom the very beginning, I was confused about what Stealing Snow was trying to retell. Her name, Snow, made me think of Snow White. But, the whole mirror thing and wintry landscape had me thinking Snow Queen. Either way, I was disappointed. Let's talk about whyRead more1. Marissa Meyer did it first. One of my main issues with the book was how familiar it felt. And then I remembered, oh wait, I've read it before in Winter at the end of last year. Meyer's Sn [...]

Stealing Snow was okay. It wasn't great but it wasn't as awful as other reviews led me to believe. It kept me interested and entertained so there.Now to the things everyone including me hated or found annoying.1) The fucking love square. I mean REALLY!!2) The instalove with 3 boys. It didn't bother me as much as it did other people. Snow has been locked up in a mental hospital her whole life. I think I'd be boy crazy too (I haven't been locked up my whole life and I'm man crazy so there) 3) Very [...]

Why Kai? Why that specific name? Meyer sort of already has a Prince Kai thanks very much, now I'm just gonna see his face when I read this (and dammit this better be marvelous) ;o;

3.5 stars. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be to be honest. The last third was pretty good because it hardly focused on the love-square. Like obviously there was bits of it but it had more action and less gibberish about boys. This book is getting ripped to shreds but I didn't think it was THAT bad and I'm pretty critical most of the time when it comes to books. I think I liked this more than other people because: 1) I don't know the Snow Queen original fairytale (I'm only familiar [...]

Still indecisive about this one but I wrote a little review on it.You can find it on my blog here.

Now: .or not.~Before: I feel like this blurb's given away waaay much more than necessary, but here's to hoping I'm proven wrong!

DNF at page 119. Not much is compelling about this story. It's following a very predictable pattern and I'm just not interested.

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