Dad's Best Friend: A Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance

Amy Brent

Dad's Best Friend: A Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance

Dad's Best Friend: A Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance

  • Title: Dad's Best Friend: A Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance
  • Author: Amy Brent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition

I ll work for my dad s best friend but only if he teaches me everything.He showed up with a 10,000 check to my party For you, gorgeous, he says, kissing me on the cheek.I ll never forget how his soft lips felt.I can still smell that s xy cologne.He s my dad s hot best friend.And when he hires me as his assistant, I decide he has to be my first I know the rules Never fI ll work for my dad s best friend but only if he teaches me everything.He showed up with a 10,000 check to my party For you, gorgeous, he says, kissing me on the cheek.I ll never forget how his soft lips felt.I can still smell that s xy cologne.He s my dad s hot best friend.And when he hires me as his assistant, I decide he has to be my first I know the rules Never fall for your employees.And especially never think about f cking Violet She s my best friend s daughter He trusted me to protect her from other men.And I am jacking off in the shower thinking of her.I m the one staring at her taut curves.I m enjoying her company than I should.Well, I can sense trouble coming But first, I want to make her come.70,000 words in this standalone Billionaire and Virgin Secret Baby Romance 3 Brand New Forbidden Fruit Romances Included Grab your copy today.

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Violet was a 22-year old virgin lusting after her dad’s best friend. Cole, for his part, had started to lust after her as well, but was trying to curb the temptation. He was hoping to not actually betray his best friend’s trust. But the chemistry between him and Violet proved hard to resist. So Cole was dealing with one part satisfaction and one part guilt. And Violet was swimming in the pleasure of Cole’s attentions.This story was okay. I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t doing cartwheels w [...]

I really enjoyed this taboo romance by Amy Brent. The storyline was well written and thought out and flowed very easily from chapter to chapter. The characters were extremely likable and I felt like could easily relate to them. The story revolves around Cole, a billionaire businessman who gets involved with an intern at his company, Violet, who is 20 years his junior and also happens to be his best friend's daughter. The plot includes some very sexy moments, a bit of drama and lies and a twist t [...]

This is one of the best older man, young girl/virgin I've read this year.Violet have been in love with Cole sins she was fifteen, and what startet as teenage infatuation soon turned in to real love. Cole only has his company to live for, after his divorce from a woman he never really loved, he turned his life into sex and alcohol, but the only thing that got him going was his company, until he sees Violet again as a twenty too year old woman. That is when he realise he is in a lot of trouble, es [...]

Another book that I devoured in one sitting.This taboo forbidden romance between older man and a virgin with an office romance vibe in it, got me hooked from the beginning.I feel the angst, the frustration, and keep wondering how will they make it. Yes, all those things make me can't put this book down. And don't forget all those hotness that got me hot and bothered.I got all the feelings, the hotness and drama, so yeah I love this one.As for the characters. I loveee Cole, he's a dominant, alway [...]

*Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*This was my first time reading Amy Brent. I found the book to be fast paced and the characters were interesting. I liked Cole, the usual cocky, no nonsense billionaire and Violet, the young, not so innocent intern who knows exactly what she wants and goes for it (she does cry a lot though!). I won't give any spoilers but will say it was a bit predictable, I guessed where it was going in the first few chapters but still, not too bad for a quick re [...]

Sometimes I need to read a short sexy read to jump start me into a new book and this one fit the bill. This was a nice read and even though the storyline has been done before it was written well and held my attention.

Amy Brent has given her readers another hot and steamy book. If you're looking for a sexy older man/younger man romance story, then Dad's Best Friend is a definite read.I volunteered to review an advance reader copy of this book.

I enjoyed reading this Amy Brent novel & look forward to reading more of her work.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader's Copy of this book.

I received an Advanced Reader Copy and I am leaving a voluntary review.Cole has built himself up from scratch. A billionaire now, but not a happy man. He accepts an invitation to his best friend's house. Showing up at this party hosted by his best friend's wife isn't what Cole wants to do but does it anyway. He also just spotted the blonde that has her back to him, the one with the very gorgeous shaped body and legs that turn him on. When she turns around Cole knows this can and will be trouble. [...]

A forbidden love between an older man and younger woman, who happens to be a virgin. It's forbidden/taboo for a couple reasons one being the fact that he is best friends with her father. Another being that he is her boss. Finally because of their 20ish year age gap. She has had a crush on him since she was 15. He went through a messy divorce and vowed to never let himself fall for another woman ever again. You can guess what happens. I liked the fact that he really did try to refuse her many adv [...]

Dad’s Best Friend is a Romance Novel written by Amy Brent.Violet Summers wants Cole Crayton. The problem? He’s her father’s best friend and twenty years older than she is. Cole Crayton wants Violet Summers. The problem? She’s his best friends little girl and that means she is off limits. However, when Violet starts working at Crayton Inc. as Cole’s new personal assistant will Cole do everything within his power to keep her at arms length or will he give in to desires that he knows they [...]

Dad's Best Friend is a very good older man, younger woman, romance story by Amy Brent!!! The storyline and characters are well developed and interesting. Amy Brent does an excellent job in making you understand the personalities, emotions, and reasons for the characters actions!!! Cole Crayton is a forty four year old very successful business man in Manhatten with a home in the Hampton's as well. Having just divorced his wife, Cole was fighting off his hurt and loneliness with too many women and [...]

I want one of those! Whyyy ohh whyy is that none of my father's friends are like Cole Crayton!!!This is an awesome sexyyyy story. It has the office romance, the older guy/younger woman and the dad's friend. Extremely well written and most important of all you will have a blast reading it!Violet Summers had had a crush with her father best friend since she was 15 years old. Now with the help of her mother she got an intership at Crayton Inc. the company of Cole Crayton aka dad's best friend. She [...]

Make Yourself ☺Happy💘This is the story of Cole🐺🍌🌋🔥, a divorced, womanizing, mid 40s CEO, and Violet💋💕, a young beautiful college grad, who also happens to be the daughter of his best and only real friend, Alan. The men are both rich, with large beachfront homes in the Hamptons, only Cole's is occupied by his golddigging ex wife. When Cole🐺🍌🌋🔥 sees Violet💋💕 at a large summer party at Alan's home, he starts to hit on her, but realizes that it's Violet💋 [...]

I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Cole Crayton and Violet Summers. Cole has become a a bitter man since his divorce. He is a in and out kind of guy. However when he sees Violet at a party that he happens to come to at the Summers home he is blown away by how grown up she has become. Even though there is a part of him that wants to do all kinds of dirty things to her the other part keeps thinking about her father bei [...]

Violet has had a crush on Cole for awhile and when she talked her dad into asking his best friend for an internship at his company she took the chance. Cole had never really thought of Violet as anything but his friend's daughter so imagine his surprise when after hiring Violet his learns of her feeling for him. He tries to fight it but he doesn't want to move her to another area of his company because he needs her to be close even if he can't act on anything. Violet can't take it anymore and fo [...]

This is the first book by Amy  Brent that I have read and I got to say I liked it.  This was a pretty good story and it flowed effortlessly.  I am curious to see what else she has out and see if they are as good as this one. In this book 22-year-old Violet has a secret crush on her dad's 42-year-old best friend Cole.  In an effort to get in his sights she begs her dad to ask Cole to hire her as an intern to gain work experience.  Her dad is not real happy with the idea, since he likes to k [...]

Violet with her Dad's Best This was about Violet a 20 something lady from a very well to do family who really wanted billionaire Cole since she was 15 years old.Violet finally gets her father to ask Cole if he would let Violet become an intern in his business so she can get some experience.Cole is best friends with Violet's dad and he agrees. After working together daily, Cole knows he is in forbidden territory as he realizes howmuch he wants Violet even though she is more than 20 years his juni [...]

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Wow! Another great book about an older man and younger woman from Ms Brent. This time the best friend aspect is between Violet's dad, Alan and Cole. Violet has been lusting after Cole since she was 15 and at 18 she has decided Cole is the man for her after hearing Cole speaking dirty on a phone call to a woman. Violet is now 22 and has come up with a way to get Cole. She is going to work as his intern. Cole has been noticing Violet for some time and do [...]

I really enjoyed this book it kept you on the edge of your seat, it was funny, sad, some times a little frustrated but over all I couldn't put it down, Violet has been in love with her fathers best friend since she was 15 and on her 18th birthday Cole gave her 10 thousand dollars and a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear don't spend it all at once after that he was the only man she wanted, now at 22 she had to find a way to get close to him so she asked her parents if they would ask him i [...]

What an intense story-lots of firsts! Violet has lusted after a Cole since she was 15. Now 22, and interning for billionaire Cole’s company, Violet has the chance to get closer to Cole. At 44, Cole is far more experienced and mature than Violet. As an intern in his company, Violet sees her chance to ruthlessly pursue Cole. There is a lot of office tension and suspicion about what the CEO and intern are up to in the first part of the book. The second part of the book is how the couple are going [...]

So where do I start? The beginning of this the book was kind of slow for me. But more important violet was working my nerves. I get that she has been harboring these feelings for Cole since she was 15 but way to throw caution to the wind and not care about anything but what you want. Cole wanted Violet but he didn't want to lose his best friend. He's still fighting with his ex wife. He is still very bitter. After Cole finally bit into the forbidden fruit things picked up. He still fought a major [...]

If you love sexy romances with an older billionaire and a young virgin; you're going to love "Dad's Best Friend"!! I absolutely loved it from beginning to end; I couldn't put it down for a minute. Violet been pinning for Cole since she was a teenager, now she gets the chance to work for him as his personal assistant and in the process get close tohim. Cole does a double take when she sees Violet again; she has grown into a woman with curves at the right places. He knows he shouldn't look at her [...]

A great read about an older man, Cole, who happens to be lusting after his best friend's younger daughter, Violet. He tries to deny and shut her down but Violet is persistent and doesn't let up which finally leads to their taboo relationship. Not only is she younger and his best friend's daughter, she is interning at his company and is his PA.A great read with steamy scenes and I was surprised (pleasantly) when she delivers him some life altering news, he didn't react how I expected even if it w [...]

Just like death, love doesn't wait on anyoneSo this story is not at all morbid, but at some point in our lives we have either been blindsided by love or known someone who has. Violet felt that same way about Cole. She did everything she could to get him, and once she had him, it was a hard and painful process to a at a part of his life. I liked how they didn't ultimately care what the rest of the world thought. You need to love the one who makes you happy. The one who is easy to be around. The o [...]

I received an ARC of this book.Rating: 5 of 5 stars!What happens when you find yourself falling for your best friend’s daughter? Well, for 44 year old Cole Crayton, CEO and former womanizer, that exact predicament happens when he finds his best friend Alan’s daughter, Violet, at a party.Violet had always been attracted to older man Cole. When an internship at Cole’s company is presented to her, Violet immediately jumps at the chance to be near her crush day in and day out.From the first mo [...]

Violet has been infatuated with her Dad's best friend Cole since she was 15, now she's 22 and going to be his intern. Operation seduce Cole begins.Since 44 year old Cole's divorce he hasn't found the one. When he gets invited to his best friends (Alan) party he spots a very attractive young lady and wants to talk to her. When she turns around he can't believe its Violet, Alan's now very grown up sexy daughter! No No No he can't have her! When Violet starts as Cole's intern they both feel the sex [...]

Ok so yes this topic is taboo in that the story is about a young 22 year old woman & her dad's best friend who is in his 40's. Violet has wanted Cole since she was 15. She starts to work as an intern at his company & works her way into his heart. The characters are all well written(ok so I just wanted to slap the mother). The chemistry between Cole & Violet is hot. The book is amazing.when you are reading this book you can just feel the emotionscially the hot steamy sex scenest your [...]

I received an ARC of this book for ab honest review. At first look, Cole and Violet are your most unlikely couple. Cole who has been jade by a bad marriage which led to divorce has no idea that his best friend's daughter has lusted after him since she was fifteen. Violet has now grown up with her eyes on Cole and she is confident enough in herself to go after what she wants. After becoming an intern at Cole's Company as his PA she slowly starts seducing him and in the end wears him down. Their p [...]

Violet's childhood crush on Cole, her dad's best friend, finally has a chance to become a reality. She takes an internship at Cole's company, but Cole is aware of the potential difficulties they face if he were to give in to his desires. He knows Violet's ready and wanting to start something, and the sexual attraction between them continues to ratchet up, until they can't hold back anymore. Cole is sexy, sweet and oh so hot. Violet is a bit of a brat, but she's trying to make Cole see that what [...]

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