To Live Again

L.A. Witt

To Live Again

To Live Again

  • Title: To Live Again
  • Author: L.A. Witt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The heart doesn t take requests It calls the tune.Greg Douglas s wife surprised him with an early 25th anniversary gift a divorce Staying with friends Ethan and Rhett seems like a good idea, just until he gets back on his feet The guys have an even better idea to take his mind off his troubles take him out to explore the other half of his bisexuality.After a quarter ceThe heart doesn t take requests It calls the tune.Greg Douglas s wife surprised him with an early 25th anniversary gift a divorce Staying with friends Ethan and Rhett seems like a good idea, just until he gets back on his feet The guys have an even better idea to take his mind off his troubles take him out to explore the other half of his bisexuality.After a quarter century suppressing his hidden desires, he s not waiting any longer Especially not after laying eyes on the gorgeous deejay at Wilde s.Deejay and single dad Sailo Isaia isn t looking for anything serious He s definitely not out to be a sexual teacher, never mind to a man almost two decades his senior But as Greg gets the hang of having a male lover, Sailo can t help himself They both keep coming back for And And .But a few nagging questions hold Sailo back from giving his whole heart Is this just Greg s midlife crisis and rebound fling Or a chance to fill that empty space forever for both Sailo and his beloved son Product WarningsContains an older guy who s waited half his life for this, a younger guy who didn t realize how lonely he was, and some very hot visits to the upstairs VIP lounge at Wilde s Author is not responsible for readers who can no longer look at a leather booth the same way again.

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*** Amazingly well done tale of a divorced man discovering his underlying passion that leads to another man ! *** Married 25 yrs at 47, Greg didn't think he'd be divorcing and adrift. He's been staying with friends and they talk him into a night out, to explore his latent desire. He sees Sailo, 37 yr. old DJ at a nightclub, and they literally run into each other, where it's insta-magnetic attraction. Sailo is Samoan with Pe'a markings, extensive tribal tattoosdeo on how the markings are madeyout [...]

**3.5 stars**Distance Between Us is definately my favorite series by L.A.Witt. I 've liked all the books, but some worked less than others. To Live again falls into the latter category.First, let me say that up until 85%, I was really enjoying the story.Both MCs are pretty mature and self-aware .(I have no idea why the blurb says that there is a 20-year age gap between the MCs; Greg is 47 and Sailo is 37.)After getting a divorce from his wife of 25 years, Creg is ready to explore his bisexuality [...]

Greg Douglas is freshly out of a heterosexual 25-year-marriage (with 3 grown kids), and decides to explore his long-repressed and unexplored bisexuality by checking out all the hot guys at Wilde’s. He meets single father Sailo Isaia, a gorgeous tattooed Samoan hunk of a deejay who is more than happy to help Greg…… well, explore. They quickly fall into an easy familiarity with great sex and effortless friendship.L.A. Witt knows how to write a smokin’ hot sex scene, and To Live Again has [...]

Talk about a book that was impossible to put down from the moment you pick it up! To Live Again easily falls into that category. I was so enthralled with the characters, main and secondary that I purchased the previous five books in the series within the first fifty pages of this one. I’ve noticed the series referred to as both Distance Between Us and Wilde’s. I’m guessing all the books have the characters working at or venturing to the bar Wilde’s. To Live Again easily works as a stand- [...]

It feels like forever since I was back in the world so wonderfully created by L.A. Witt in 'Wilde's'. This series has brought me strong characters, excellent storylines, hot sex, and really fabulous happy ever after endings. There is some drama but nothing that ever felt as if I was wading through a mud hole. The May/December element in 'To Live Again' was a big draw, not to mention I got some more visits to Wilde's, the best gay nightclub in town.Greg is forty-seven years old, very recently div [...]

Even though I couldn't remember who Greg was for the life of me, I couldn't put this book down once I started it. Not only was it beautifully written, but the characters are very real and very easy to connect with. This was the perfect blend of fiction that could very well be a real life story because nothing was exaggerated, nothing was far-fetched, the characters' reactions are easy to understand and felt very real. And the sex was.*falls over dead or in a sex-induced coma* hot!!!Greg is in hi [...]

DNF halfway through. Not badly written, but there's no angst or storyline beyond Greg sleeping with Sailo and Greg moving house after his divorce.

Despite some discrepancies about the ages and some loose ends, overall a very nice, engaging read that kept me entertained and I wouldn’t mind reading more about these guys.

Oooooh Greg and Sailo! They are one explosive couple, let me tell you.So. Greg has always felt an attraction to men and what a better way to know for sure if that’s true than try for a hook-up with a man after getting out of a 25 year-old marriage from a woman. Ethan and Rhett (boy did I love their book), are good friends who put Greg up in their house until he moves to his own apartment. They go cruising at Wilde’s and the rest is history. Greg manages to snag the hot Samoan DJ for a one-ni [...]

REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEGreg Douglas has just come out of a 25 year marriage, I say just come out of but his wife actually asked him to leave and it came as quite a shock. They have 3 children and Greg was for the most part pretty oblivious to how bad things had become. I liked the way the author had him work through this throughout the story and how he went from stunned and thinking nothing was wrong to realising that things had been wrong for a long time.Having realised whilst still ma [...]

To Live Again is a book about starting over and learning what it feels like to actually feel like you are living again instead of feeling like you are living in a fog. This was an amazing book and it was definitely a heart felt book. Greg is a about to find out what it like after almost years of marriage to a woman what it feels like to act on the attraction he has felt towards men for the the first. His divorce is final and he is looking for a distraction from the devastation of his wife tellin [...]

~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~Really enjoyed this book. I felt so bad for Greg, I can’t imagine being served with divorce papers after almost 25 years of marriage. When his friends suggest a night out to get laid I honestly thought Greg would chicken out, I mean it has been over 25 years since he played the field. When Greg literally runs into Sailo you could tell the chemistry was instant. I loved Sailo right from the start, he was so swe [...]

I enjoyed the other books I read I the Wilde's series so I was exited about this one. Unfortunately I was very disappointed. This book is just boring. It is not a bad book per se, the problem is that there is no big major drama. So more or less nothing is happening. He is getting a divorce, meets a guy and has sex with a man for the first time. Then he falls in love with the guy even though this was supposed to be a rebound thing. There is a lot of talk about the divorce, his ex wife and their m [...]

I enjoyed this story of a newly divorced man exploring his attraction to men, and hitting the jackpot on his first try. It wasn't insta-love, nor was there too much angst. And the sexy times were quite sexy. Well done.Bought from kobo

4 'Another great book in an awesome series' stars.

Loved the characters and the storyline. Though I felt bad that it took Greg so long to really become himself.


I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. There's a lot of wisdom here about endings and beginnings, reasons and faults and flaws, and the mess of sorting through it all so it makes sense. That was all good. I subtracted a star because the main characters thoughts are often repetitious, and some of the dialog is, too. This isn't uncommon in real life, but it's annoying in a story, at least to me. Because of it, I'm not entirely sold on the resolution, even though I enjoyed it.

Review originally posted at Sinfully.3.5 starsAlthough this story is part of the Wilde’s series of books, it is basically self-contained standalone story, with appearances by a few of the other couples in the series. The title is apt as the story is completely focused on Greg and Sailo’s relationship as Greg is starting over and learning to live again after the end of his 25 year marriage.Part of coming to terms with his wife suddenly divorcing him, Greg is going to finally test the feelings [...]

Awwwwwww Seriously guys. The feels. I love the Wilde's series, and this is a great addition to it. Lori Witt as per usual, does not dissapoint.

Well, right out of the gate, my first issue with this book was that I didn’t realize it was part of a series, in the sense that each book is about a different couple but in the same town/bar as past couples who overlap in the most current installment. Normally I feel that with this type of series setup it shouldn’t matter if you’ve read them all. There’s not an overall story-arc that you’d be lost on, so each book should standalone as it’s on romance novel. Which To Live Again did, i [...]

Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI really enjoy books about couples a bit older and stories about people coming to terms with their sexuality no matter what their age and L.A. Witt gives us that in To Live Again. Two men both at different places in their lives take a chance one night on what they assume will be a night of sex and fun, but soon they both find themselves in a place they never expected. Complicated and messy but spontaneous, sexy and fun I loved this book.Weeks [...]

This is not my favorite book of the series. Honestly, there were more negatives for me than positives. I didn't mind reading it, as LA Witt does write well and the flow and pace is always good. I enjoyed most of it until nearer the end of the story. But that's where it really fell apart for me. It was a bit irritating that Greg whined to Sailo, almost constantly, about his ex, his feelings over the divorce, his kids, etc. Sailo was always so understanding, offering bits of sage advice. Sailo was [...]

This is another series that I've managed to bounce back and forth with the reading order. For what it's worth, after I read each one of the books that fall later in the series, I vow to go back and pick up the ones I haven't read yet. To Live Again was no exception. Some day I will because there are more than a few characters that I'd really like to get to know better.I have to admit, I really didn't like Greg's wife and I'm sure I'm not the only reader who had that opinion. Although he never wo [...]

To Live Again was one of those books that hit the middle of the road for me. On the one hand, I loved that this book featured more mature characters with some life experience under their belts, and that their struggles seemed more "real world" based. We are lead to believe, at first, that Greg's divorce was just about two people falling out of love, but there is more to it on both sides of the fence. Greg's divorce prompts him to explore his bisexuality when he's only ever been with his wife lea [...]

Review by The Blogger Girls.This is another solid and delicious story from Ms. Witt. I’ve enjoyed all of the stories in this series, but they can definitely be read on their own.Here, we have a guy who finds himself single after 25 years of marriage. He realized long ago he had an interest in men, but being happily married (or so he thought), he didn’t think anything about pursuing it. Now that he’s single, he wants to do just that. He meets deejay hottie Sailo when his friends take him ou [...]

Greg is 3 weeks into his divorce and that pain is still very real. He’s not sure why his marriage failed but he knows now is his chance to explore. His friends (from the first books in the series) take him out to a club where he meets a hot deejay 10 years (NOT 20 like the blurb says) younger than him who also has a child (a seven year old whereas Greg has a seven year old grandchild).The two find an instant attraction and Sailo spends most of the first half of the book introducing Greg to gay [...]

This series has had many ups and downs for me but this was definitely an up moment - wellmost of it anyway. LA Witt can write the hell out of a sex scene but here they were really exceptional. Sweet, sexy, funny,realistic and super hot to boot, Greg's journey from his first kiss with a man to his solo experimenting to full out balls to the wall man on man loving was a joy to read. A man who makes a decision and embraces it is pretty irresistible. This story hit a lot of my buttons too. I love ma [...]

This series just keeps getting better! I’ve loved Ethan and Rhett from the beginning and Greg, their newest houseguest is a fantastic addition to the series. Newly divorced after twenty-five years of marriage, Greg is refreshingly angst free as he explores his bisexuality for the first time. Leaving behind his marriage isn’t easy for Greg, but for the most part he is calmly pragmatic as he attempts to move on with his life. And Sailo. Here is a character for anyone who has ever watched rugby [...]

Greg was completely taken by surprise when his wife of 25 years told him she wanted a divorce. He decides to stay with his friends until he can move into his new apartment and admits to them that he thinks he likes men. His friends decide to take him out to a gay bar to get his mind off of the divorce and for him to see if he really is into men. Right away he spots the DJ, Sailo, and the chemistry between the two of them is off the charts. Sailo doesn't want to be someone's rebound guy and he is [...]

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