Fangs But No Fangs

Kathy Love

Fangs But No Fangs

Fangs But No Fangs

  • Title: Fangs But No Fangs
  • Author: Kathy Love
  • ISBN: 9780758211347
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback

There s Nothing Uglier Than A Vampire Singing Feelings If I hadn t seen it for myself, I d swear it couldn t be true my brother, Christian, living in a trailer park and working at a karaoke bar We re talking about the snob who d probably sniff the plasma packets and send em back in a huff if the blood type wasn t the right vintage But after centuries of living in th There s Nothing Uglier Than A Vampire Singing Feelings If I hadn t seen it for myself, I d swear it couldn t be true my brother, Christian, living in a trailer park and working at a karaoke bar We re talking about the snob who d probably sniff the plasma packets and send em back in a huff if the blood type wasn t the right vintage But after centuries of living in the undead fast lane, he s made up his mind that this is exactly where he needs to spend the rest of eternity, atoning for his many, many, sins But sometimes things just don t work out like you think they will Sometimes your hell can turn into your heaven And thanks to Christian s chatty neighbor and boss, Jolee, things seem to be getting a whole lot nicer in Shady Fork Mobile Estates Not that either of them has the first idea how to have a normal relationship we are talking about a woman s who s only dated dead beats, and a guy who s only dated the dead Well, nobody s perfect.Visit us at kensingtonbooks.

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This is the sequel to Fangs For the Memories, part of a trilogy about vampire brother Rhys, Christian and Sebastian. This is Christian's story, whom we left at the end of the previous book very messed up and thinking he'd killed Rhys's true love Jane. As punishment he isolates himself, driving as far as he can before sunrise - which is how he ends up in Shady Forks trailer park. He's given himself a 12-step program to "being human" and has stopped drinking blood directly from humans. He hasn't r [...]

Great vampire romance, better than the first one in the series. Christian is one of my favorite romance-novel males. He's confident and a bit bossy without doing any of that over-the-top male-dominance stuff. I didn't like Jolee that much at first, but she grew on me, and their love story was sweet and believable. It was also nice watching Christian attempt to redeem himself. I love Christian's blog and his 12-steps to becoming human program. This book was very funny at times: He definitely look [...]

Novela de vampiros como podría haber sido de fontaneros, que el prota lo sea es totalmente irrelevante, no aporta nada a la historia. No ocurre gran cosa y los protagonistas no tienen una evolución, sin más se apoyan uno en el otro y tachán final feliz.

This is the second book in the Young Brothers series. It was funny and I even forgot at times that the male character was a vampire. It was pretty good and a fast read. The main characters live in a trailer park and the female character owns a bar.

Cute story, gotta love karaoke.

Guilt ridden and living in self exile, the hero keeps to himself and other than the few trips to the hospital for bagged blood and his blog, he sees no one- he speaks to no one. He's alone with his memories and his 12 step program to Being Human, which he keeps pinned to his fridge as a daily reminder. Then one night his reclusive world is shattered by a scream. No hesitating, he rushes out to stop a knife welding man who is threatening a young an beautiful woman. Suddenly he's confronted with a [...]

Christian - 200 years of anger at his brothers, and obsession with Lilith, performing heinous acts of blood and violence to please her until she walked into the sun, destroying herself (she wanted Christian's brother, and finally figured he wouldn't come to her) and Christian attacked Jane with the intention of taking her from Rhys, and at the taste of her blood he could feel true love (not obsession) that she feels for his brother, and in shame he runs away - not knowing Rhys saved /turning her [...]

Review posted on K-Bookskayleigh-m-books/After reading the first book in this series, I couldn't help but start this straight away and I really hoped it didn't disappoint after I'd loved the first books so much. It definitely didn't disappoint.I really didn't know how much I would like this book at first specially when finding out the story centred on Christian, whom I totally hated throughout the first book, however I found I really liked it and you see a completely different side of him.Christ [...]

This is by far my favorite brother out of all three Young brothers. Christian is all I love in a remorseful alpha male. After his actions in the previous novel, Christian is on a self imposed exile. He turns from all that he knows and has been living his "life" as a human- besides drinking bottled blood. He has decided that the only way to atone for his sins is give up everything about being a vampire and try a new 12 step program. A sort of AA thing, but necessary changes to fit his undead stat [...]

We see in this sequel of the Young Brothers Series, Christian, who was the evil brother bent on revenge but realised too late that all his thoughts had been perverted by Lilah, his maker. Now he is determined to make amends for the last 200 years. But how to do that? First he goes far away from his brothers to a remote part of West Virginia to a trailer park. He puts himself through his own 12 step program to become more human. His social interactions though are in the form of a blog site where [...]

Second in the Young brothers series features Christian, the bad guy from the previous book. Certain that he killed his brother's love he is bound and determined to change his life. He stopped drinking from humans, he is actually on a diet, and he has "12 steps to becoming human" to fulfill. The one thing he has problems with is connecting with humans. So when he hears a disturbance in the night, a woman asking for help, he interferes. From that moment on, he starts spending more time with Jolee, [...]

I liked this book more than the first in the series. It was nice to see Christian's drastic change from his "bad guy" imagine in the last book. I had to go back and reread the end of the first book, because I couldn't remember why Christian thought he'd killed Jane. After I got that refresher, it made much more sense. The only thing that really bothered me is that Jolee went on and on about how unfairly she'd been labeled as "easy" back in high school, based on her family's reputation. But every [...]

Book #2 of the Young Brother’s series. Stories encompassing the vampire brothers Rhys, Christian, and Sebastian Young.“Fangs but no Fangs” tells the story of the middle brother Christian. Despising himself over what he did to his older brother Rhys; for the last 252 days Christian has sentenced himself to solitary confinement in a seedy trailer park. Using the vampire version of alcoholics anonymous’ 12 step program he’s trying to keep his fangs under control and become more human. The [...]

Christian is on a self imposed exile. He turns from all that he knows and has been living his "life" as a human- besides drinking bottled blood. He has decided that the only way to atone for his sins is give up everything about being a vampire and try a new 12 step program. A sort of AA thing, but he makes necessary changes to fit his undead state. He is living in a run down trailer park. Following the 12-step program has decreased his vampire senses.He rescues his neighbor, Jolee, from her brot [...]

This was book two in the Young Brothers Series; I had several issues with the first book, and was hoping this one could turn it around for me. In some ways it did and in others it didn't. I enjoyed Christian greatly, with his 12 step how to me a human, and his true humbleness. It was a fresh face to vampires, at least to me because he wasn't the cocky, you do as I say. He was sweet, and broken, and needed to mend and you saw him do so. I liked the love story enough, and was very happy to see Jol [...]

This was only the third paranormal book that I have read. I am not so much into vampires and stuff. But I have to say that I loved this book. I could not put it down. Yes, there is steamy sex and vampires, etc, but it was the characters and the story that were so compelling. I suppose that the story transcends the genre.Two people meet and are attracted to each other. Both of them have run away from their pasts. They are lonely and vulnerable. As the characters evolved, I found myself deeply com [...]

This one was my favorite in the Young Brothers series!The "evil" brother (Christian) is somewhat in hiding in a tiny town in West Virginia. He meets a sweet but troubled mortal (troubled because of her family's past), and they quickly become friends. He helps her in her karaoke bar, while he tries to "woo" her. Despite his attracttion to the human he realizes his attempts will be futile considering he's a vampire (and not a very good one, since some of his vampire traits have gone missing - you [...]

Like this one better then the first book, but still not much action. If you want action, this may not be the series for you, but if you like a good romance & falling for each other type then this is it. Funny, cute, and easy read. Good twist in the end with Vance. This book is about Christian & Jolee. He fled and ended up in a trailer park in W. Virginia. She just purchased a bar there, & is his neighbor in the trailer park. He saves her then is rude, but can't stop thinking about he [...]

Okay. I loved Christian and Jolee’s story. What’s not to love….a trailer park, a 12-step program and karaoke?I think that this novel start up around 9-12 months after the first novel finished and we see Christian living in a trailer park and writing a blog about ‘Being Human’. I am so glad that he was different from the first novel and Kathy Love explained the reason for his change; which was great.I loved the fact that a vampire used to the high life is living in a small town trailer [...]

The heroine of this romance novel is your typical green-eyed, red haired beauty, but she lives in a trailer park, runs a bar, and cannot afford to replace her flip-flops with real shoes, even when invited out to a swanky business dinner. Her vampire mate, a once dashing international playboy, lives in the same trailer park and torments himself for a terrible mistake he's made. He writes self improvement lists and posts them with magnets onto his blood-bag filled refrigerator. There are plenty of [...]

After reading the first one thins one a better then the first, but this one is about the second oldest brother that is going through AA, but for vampireism where he has to change the way he lives and fight temptation of being the bad Christian with after a year after trying to kill his brothers mate he has to stay and keep clean until he meets his neighbor Jolee in the trailer park he downgraded to. Christian and Jolee help keep Christian on the right path and help him find his humanity and love [...]

This just seems like a pale imitation of a Sookie Stackhouse book. She owns a bar, lives in a trailer park down south, a vampire who wants to be human moves in, he takes care of her ex-boyfriend, bad brother, still drives sports cars. This book never figured out what it really wanted to be, just seemed to go over the same ground others have made their own - should he change her over, blah blah blah.

I actually read this book first, not knowing it is the second title in the trilogy (? are more books planned?!?), and I am glad I did, because I really got to love Christian. He's a hoot - sooo serious, yet the book is really funny.Read it if you like light hearted vampire romance. Nothing too deep here - just an enjoyable read. Who could not like a vampire singing karaoke?!? (just remember, Angel started it!)

I found my new favorite series!!! I love Christian and I love the rest of the Young brothers!!! Especially when the brothers turn up after Jolee calls them and tells them where their brother is and instead of you bastard you tried to kill my 'Jane'!!! There was hugs all round and it made me draw tears. Hot, sexy, funny, endearing!! I can't wait for the next book!! Sebastian's turn!!! hehehehehe!!! It's gonna be a blast!!!

I read this one two or more years ago and kept the paperback as a reminder that I wanted to read the other books of the series. While waiting to do so, I discovered JR Ward, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, and some hot highlanders. I never looked back but not because this family was not interesting in an Argeneau sort of way. I recall it was cute and funny for the most part.

This is the second book I am reading from this writer. It is about the same family, now it is Christians turn to have a story. He is a vampire, but he wants to be a human. So I am quiet not sure what to think of this story. I do like it, but I don’t think it is a real fantasy story. More a normal love story with a little bit of vampire in it. But it is a nice book to read.

Not as good as the first one, didn't really care for the trailer park setting and Jolie was just, meh. Could have used a little more action and a little less whine. The sex scenes were still good enough to get me to read number three which I am definitely liking more than this one. I really like Sebastian!

Christian is trying to be human by living in a rundown trailer park and living on bagged blood. One night he hears screaming and goes outside to help. This is how he meets Jolee. He is confused because he desires her but has no vamp reaction to her. He continues to be drawn to her becoming a better person. Typical ending, but a nice easy read.

This one was a little funnier then the last one. Still like the writing and the story line isn't feeling old yet. My book list says I have the next book but I haven't been able to find it. I know I have the one after it (#4), but I might have to go pick up #3 again. Not like I don't have enough other stuff to read.

Loved it loved it!!! Christian is just as yummy as his brother. He had some serious demons to exercise but the love of a good mortal woman would see him thruThis series is a light read, nothing dark or dangerous, it's quirky, funny a good story to tell, the H/H have great chemistry and I love my HEA.of course.I'm on to Sabastians story! I can't wait!!!

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