From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness

Thomas F. Monteleone Elizabeth E. Monteleone Jon F. Merz MichaelCanfield John Farris Dominick Cancilla Whitley Strieber Barbara Malenky

From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness

From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness

  • Title: From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror and Madness
  • Author: Thomas F. Monteleone Elizabeth E. Monteleone Jon F. Merz MichaelCanfield John Farris Dominick Cancilla Whitley Strieber Barbara Malenky
  • ISBN: 9780446610353
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The editors of the acclaimed Borderlands anthology series deliver a new collection of 25 all original tales of terror by today s acclaimed masters, including Bentley Little, John Farris, and Tom Piccirilli, along with Stationary Bike, a new novella by Stephen King.

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I’m sure almost all writers out there--at least, those who were writing in the 1990s and the earlier part of the 2000s--can tell you they had their list. The list consisted of those top few magazines or anthologies they submitted to on a regular basis, just praying for their shot at “the big time”. For me, one of those publications was always the BORDERLANDS anthology, edited by Elizabeth E. and Thomas F. Monteleone. I can’t tell you how many times I submitted to this thing, and never on [...]

Very good collection of modern horror stories. I could have done without the little excerpt from the editor before each story though. It seemed very self fulfilling- mostly about who they discovered and who they should have discovered. Worth the read-- some creepy stuff.

Pretty good collection of stories. There were the usual losers that you find in a collection such as this but there were some real gems as well. The Goat, Prisoner 392 and Story Time with the Bluefield Strangler all come to mind as good reads.

It's the Best of the best from the incredible Borderlands Anthologies. The stories contained within will stay with you for a very long time!

Excellent. Anyone wishing to broaden their horror horizons - writers or readers - would do well to pick up this whole series.

My story "The Growth of Alan Ashley" is in this book. It pretty much gave me a career.

3.5 starsThis collection of twenty-five short stories had a lot of interesting entries. Even the ones I didn't fall in love with, for the most part, kept me thinking for a while after finishing them. I like stories like that.This collection really shows you the twisted side of humanity that lurks in most of us just below the civilized surface. I think understanding this is important. Identifying with the monster is often the best way to understand the monsterd also a how-to on not becoming the m [...]

This collection was so fun! It helps that variety permeates the book - short stories of varying length, each written in a noticeably different style. Not ALL of the stories are of exceptional quality, but the best ones amply compensate for that. I found "Prisoner 392" by John F. Merz so fun and perfectly paced for its length. Brett Alexander Savory's "Slipknot" is a great piece about Poe-esque madness. Not all of the tales are truly horror. Some of them aren't truly horror in terms of genre. Som [...]

Faves:Gary A. Braunbeck: "Rami Temporalis"Holly Newstein: "Faith Will Make You Free"Adam Corbin Fusco: "N0072-JK1"Brian Freeman: "Answering the Call"Dominick Cancilla: "Smooth Operator"Bentley Little: "The Planting"John McIlveen: "Infliction"Gene O'Neill: "Magic Numbers"Tom Piccirilli: "Around it Still the Sumac Grows"Bev Vincent: "One of Those Weeks"

stories of terror and madness--yes!!

Scary and bizzare tales that were great to read

A lot of good stories in this volume. Most are not really scary, just disturbing.

You can tell how well I enjoyed a book by how long it took me to read. This one, clock in at 20 days. Now given your own opinion & reading speed that could be either fast or slow, for me, it's slow. Very slow. I've read books several inches thicker than this one in far less time. A book of short stories like this should have taken me no more than 2-3 days, through the week. But here we are. Nearly three weeks after my beginning it. I'm finally finished.Given how much the editors talked this [...]

I bought this book several years ago solely for the Stephen King tale, which I had already read when I came to read the entire book this year. The front cover promises tales of Madness and Terror, and personally that was left wanting.I am an avid horror reader and have read many tales on madness (those by Kev Hammond in particular are exceptional) and I didn't find any of them in this collection that were madness or terror filled, but maybe I am a little desensitized or my taste too specific.I d [...]

Eh. Some stories were great, but so many left me cool or just unhappy with the time spent reading them. And it certainly took me quote a while to plow thru this. I kept putting it down, lacking any driving motivation to finish or than to get it off my "currently reading" list. I think it's because many of the stories have a brand of "horror" that isn't something I like - somewhat real-world pervy "human horror" as opposed to the supernatural. The stories that stood out as exceptional, aside from [...]

Good stuff.

i FINALLY finished this book!!! for some reason i stopped reading. first time since i learned to read. so strange. didn't love the book so that didn't help but still

I struggled a bit with my rating for this book. Overall I liked it and there were some truly excellent stories here. However, there were also a few stories that just didn't grab me. Among other things, there are some stories in this collection told in second person -- a technique that just doesn't work for me. (The problem is that I've yet to see a second-person story that convinced me that I was the "you" in the story and I'm afraid the second-person stories in this collection were no exception [...]

There were some awesome ones (mostly good ones) and a few head scratchers, but overall I liked this collection. I do not tend to like short stories as a genre as much as I like novels, so that is why I was reading this one for months, but I do like horror short stories!My favorites:Rami Temporalis ( I liked enough to look for novels from the author and they are out there! Gary Braunbeck)Time for Me (being a teacher myself, I really understand where this is coming from!)Prisoner 392Answering the [...]

This is collection of short stories. The emphasis would be on weird fiction, even though anything goes in this book. Some horror, some fantastical, some satires, etcetera. A lot of good names here: Stephen King, Tom Piccirilli, Whitley Strieber and Gary Braunbeck. In fact there were a lot of authors in this collection that I read regularly, so it was very easy for me to enjoy this volume. An easy read at around 300 pages, which was a perfect length, and I zipped through it in a couple of days. T [...]

I picked this up because of Stephen King, and his novella "Stationary Bike" really resonated with me on many levels. The rest of this collection is a big ol' meh. Not to be a jerk, as I certainly can't write at all, but I would like to see how bad the entries that weren't chosen were! A story like "All Hands" is the type I like least - no explanation at all for what occurs in it! And "Rami Temporais" is a closely disliked second type for me - the explanation exists in the story, but it makes no [...]

This anthology has a couple dozen weird stories, most by authors I've never heard of but also one by Stephen King. As with most collections, the stories vary in quality. "All Hands", "N0072-JKI", and "The Thing Too Hideous to Describe" were amusingly offbeat. Favorites for me were "Answering the Call", "Smooth Operator", "Head Music", and "One of Those Weeks". Least favs: "Time for Me", "Around It Still the Sumac Grows", and "Father Bob and Bobby". The Weirdest: "The Food Processor"-- in a class [...]

Excellent collection of horror stories from writers known and unknown. I wont go into all of the stories here, but I liked a lot of them, and some sucked. One I liked that was unlike any horror story Ive ever read was "N0072-JK1" by Adam Corbin Fusco. Very original! Not sure if anyone before him has thought of the idea, and yes, it doesnt read like a horror story (or any story at all, very untraditional narrative) but theres definitely horror there.

I was interested in reading this compilation of short horror stories as it included Stationary Bike by Stephen King. I liked Stationary Bike. It was a cool story for lack of a better word, and there were others I enjoyed as well. I especially liked Rami Temporalis by Gary Braunbeck and The Planting by Bentley Little. Most of the other stories were just mediocre. Creepy, yes, but nothing that blew my skirt up.

Finally finished reading this. Obviously there was a reason it took so long. Many of the stories are just not to my liking.I did like The Food Processor because it was sick and wrongd I LOVED Stationary Bike which is Stephen King's addition to this anthology.So many of the stories were just WEIRD. and would mean more thought than I want to put into stories at this point in my life

There were too many second-person stories. I've always thought that constantly reading "you" breaks the mood, especially if the character is not generic. If the "you" is a 16 year old girl (as it was in one case) it's hard to identify with when the you, you, you is pushed constantly at the reader.The Stephen King story was pretty awesome.

I didn't like this book very much, I expected the stories to be really scary, since that was what the foreword implied. However, the endings of almost every story made no sense to me and never wrapped anything up. Also there was a lot of really disturbing sexual scenes which weren't necessary at all to the stories. It took me forever to get through this book.

Worth 3.5 stars, really, but I rounded up. It is a collection of somewhat odd stories, some better than others, but overall of decent quality. It would be fine for a boring flight, waiting room visit, or rainy weekend - a good bargain bin find but nothing I would go out of my way for.

These stories were definitely weird. My favorites included "Faith Will Make You Free" by Holly Newstein, "Time For Me" by Barry Hoffman, "The Goat" by Whitt Pond, "Prisoner 392" by Jon F. Merz, "Answering The Call" by Brian Freeman, and "Stationary Bike" by Stephen King.

A lot of great stories.

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