How To Become a Successful (recovering)Alcoholic

J.P. Willson

How To Become a Successful (recovering)Alcoholic

How To Become a Successful (recovering)Alcoholic

  • Title: How To Become a Successful (recovering)Alcoholic
  • Author: J.P. Willson
  • ISBN: 9781525510816
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover

Sobriety isn t a destination, it s an ongoing journey, one with which J.P Willson is all too familiar In How to Become a Successful recovering Alcoholic, Willson is eager to offer whatever insights he can for those embarking on the same road This memoir examines how his addiction contributed to and informed some of the choices and behaviours that ultimately led him toSobriety isn t a destination, it s an ongoing journey, one with which J.P Willson is all too familiar In How to Become a Successful recovering Alcoholic, Willson is eager to offer whatever insights he can for those embarking on the same road This memoir examines how his addiction contributed to and informed some of the choices and behaviours that ultimately led him to Vancouver s Downtown East Side.Make no mistake, however though it contains its fair share of hard truths and regrets, this is not a sob story and does not wallow in what might have been Instead this is a story of success and redemption through hard work.His first book, Through the Mind s Eye A Journey of Self Discovery, was about getting sober This book is about something much harder staying there.Written while working as a chef at the Salvation Army Harbour Light Addiction and Recovery Rehabilitation Centre, it is a testament both to what is possible with the right mindset and what is all too probable without it.

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This book is an account of the author's journey to become a recovering alcoholic. It was of particular interest to me since I have a close relative who currently has the same addiction. The book gives a good insight of what it is like to have such a destructive need for booze/drugs or anything else that an addict might feel they need to make theday bearable. The author gives a detailed account of the ups and downs on the road to kicking the habit and going into recovery. It has certainly given m [...]

I work with a lot of people who are struggling with addictions or struggling to maintain their addiction free status, so this book caught my attention. The title of the book is misleading. It is not a how-to book, but it definitely have some great nuggets for people who are looking for inspiration, support, and encouragement. It’s an easy,, quick, and enjoyable read. To summarize a few of my favorite points in the book, “There is no magic pill to stop your addiction. You have to deal with wh [...]

Awakening from Addiction‘Upon coming to the realisation that I had, perhaps, been handed a new life, I knew I had an opportunity to not only right some of the wrongs, but really to just start anew.’This book does many things. it offers insight into the challenges and benefits experienced by someone recovering from being an alcoholic. It gives a personal account of the possible causes - buried deep in a traumatic childhood. And it points the way for others who are starting down the same road [...]

My rating 4.1The book "How To Become a Successful (Recovering) Alcoholic by J.P. Willson is a continuation of the author's cure story and his addiction struggle. In this book, the author talks about life after and his attempts to fit into the world after leaving the drug addicts program. The book is much more intimate and its turbulence is much more complex. The writer tells us about his life before, his defects, the reasons for becoming an alcoholic, his family, and all the reasons that have af [...]

Three cheers equals four stars! I loved this memoire even more than I did Through the Mind's Eye. Let me start by saying it's not my habit to critique a book solely as a reaction or rebuttal to other reviews but I must defend this book a bit. A few other readers did not like the fact that the author doesn't share his life story in chronological order. This is true but I didn't find that to be a negative. The flow of the book and the narrative structure felt organic to me. I was pulled in too com [...]

How to become a successful recovering alcoholic is JP Wilson’s second book with in regards to his memoir/teaching/coping guide to his path to recovery. While being a very serious subject, his writing has such a honest, humorous and self reflective style that I find both books to be a very good guide to more than recovering from alcoholism. I could see anyone with addiction type issues finding really valuable insights while reading this book. I did read a few other reviews before writing this o [...]

I’m about to start writing a novel featuring a character who’s a recovering alcoholic, so I was glad to read this. It’s not a self-help book nor is it a checklist of steps; instead, it’s a memoir detailing one man’s struggle to maintain his sobriety. Willson writes in a chatty, friendly voice, and while the topic is serious, he adds levity to his prose. Although it can feel rambling and disjointed due to the anecdotal nature, How To Become a Successful (recovering) Alcoholic stays true [...]

Heart to heart, head to headAlthough the subject matter did not initially strike me as particularly relevant in my own life, the ease and bravura of Willson's delivery spoke volumes of valuable insight into the struggle that so many face--and far too few overcome.The author has a method of storytelling that is reminiscent of the sort of fireside saws my elders used to pass on their wisdom and give youth the benefit of vicarious experience. With seamless shifts between didactic point-of-fact, rem [...]

I like the title of this book because it has the kind of humor in it the book carries throughout. This book was an easy, quick read, which is how I prefer my reads to be. The author had a good tone in his book that was light-hearted with a serious topic, which made a good combination in my opinion. I'm glad that the author chose the life of sobriety and hope he continues on that path. My own brother had some troubles throughout his twenties and is sober now, but it is very hard to stay on the pa [...]

Willson poured his heart and soul into this book. Rather than be a how-to or a regiment of steps to conquer the addiction-sort of book, its his personal tale of triumphs, lows, and just life experiences while dealing with a constant addiction. I don't usually gravitate towards autobiographies or non-fictions, but I found the author humorous, even during depressing or embarrassing moments, and it never felt like the ramblings of a conceited man writing 'Look at all i've accomplished!' Reading thi [...]

First of all, this book is a collection of what appear to be journal entries of one man's journey to becoming a successful recovering alcoholic. The writing is open and honest, and for that I give the author kudos. Publishing such a very personal account of one's life, especially a life of addiction, would require someone very brave and determined.However, this book is gravely mis-titled. It is not a how to book as the title suggests. If you are looking for simple, clear cut pointers for beating [...]

"How to Become a Successful (Recovering) Alcoholic" is a collection of candid opinions about the nature of addiction, harmful patterns that relate to its deeper psychology, and the life consequences (and opportunities) that ensue. The author is still quite close to the process (he is three years sober) and I'd venture to say he's still going through it. For me, the sense that he did not yet have enough distance from the process to position himself as an effective teacher was the main driver for [...]

This is a humorous and often self-deprecating look at one man's journey through alcoholism, recognition of the fact, treatment (these first three subjects are danced over as the purpose of the book is to address his first two years post-drinking), and recovery.The text is brutally honest, even when lightened up with humor, and the author has taken a no-holds approach to divulging his thoughts and actions. He recognizes what his addiction cost him yet he is clearly grateful for the help he receiv [...]

Recap: this is J.P. Wilson's second autobiographical book about his journey to recovery as an alcoholic.Review: I am probably not the best person to read this book - I don't often read self help or non fiction books and I don't drink so it's possibly a little harder for me to relate to the authors journey. I do want to say well done to the author for not only facing his addiction but feeling motivated enough to write and share about it as well. I felt that we didn't hit the advice stage until ab [...]

At first, I thought this would be a self-help book, but it isn’t. Okay. there is plenty of advice there to help anyone dealing with alcoholism, but it is really the author's account of his struggles, his confused thought processes, as he tackled the daunting process of coping with alcohol addiction. It’s a no holds barred recounting of the challenges and demons that constantly threaten to derail his recovery.Whilst the book would undoubtedly be beneficial to any unfortunate person going thro [...]

I wrote it, so of course I'm gonna give it five stars!!!

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