The Du Lac Princess

Mary Anne Yarde

The Du Lac Princess

The Du Lac Princess

  • Title: The Du Lac Princess
  • Author: Mary Anne Yarde
  • ISBN: 9781544933641
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The multi award winning series The Du Lac Chronicles continues War is coming The ink has dried on Amandine s death warrant Her crime She is a du Lac.All that stands in the way of a grisly death on a pyre is the King of Brittany However, King Philippe is a fickle friend, and if her death is profitable to him, then she has no doubt that he would light the pyre himself.AlaThe multi award winning series The Du Lac Chronicles continues War is coming The ink has dried on Amandine s death warrant Her crime She is a du Lac.All that stands in the way of a grisly death on a pyre is the King of Brittany However, King Philippe is a fickle friend, and if her death is profitable to him, then she has no doubt that he would light the pyre himself.Alan, the only man Amandine trusts, has a secret and must make an impossible choice, which could have far reaching consequences not only for Amandine, but for the whole of Briton.

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A great addition to this very enjoyable series.Believable characters are tested to their limits, physically and mentally. The plot is exciting and has lots of tension. Betrayal and misdirection, love and loyalty and secrets and lies add fuel and ratches up the intrigue.I've not studied the Arthurian legend or this period so I have to leave it to others to comment on the historical accuracy. I can say the period seems to have been thoroughly researched and the setting is consistent and coherent. [...]

THE BEST I’VE EVER READ IN THIS GENRE!I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. But I’m not going to talk about the story here – I don’t want to spoil the deliciousness of it- save to say that this book starts where the previous one ended. In my opinion, always a good thing.Ms Yarde has again taken us on a wonderful journey into the Arthurian world but this time, she has outdone herself. The Du Lac Princess is the best book I’ve ever read in this genre. Think Game of Thrones, Outlan [...]

I’ll admit, I fell in love with this series as soon as I read book one, so naturally, I was eagerly awaiting each following book as I grew so attached to the characters that I couldn’t wait to find out what fate had in store for them. The third book was probably even more tension-filled than the first two, with the life of Amandine, one of the central characters in this installment, hanging by a thread. Condemned to death because of her relationship with Merton Du Lac, Amandine has to go thr [...]

Ms. Yarde has flourished once again with her latest edition to the Du Lac Chronicles - "The Du Lac Princess".  The story was a brilliant sequel to her already internationally recognized series.  I could not wait to read this book to find out what happened to all the characters; especially the unique heroes of Merton and Armandine.  The Du Lac Princess (like her other books) was wonderfully written, and her storyline was superb.  Ms. Yarde’s research into Arthurian history was impeccable, a [...]

Reviewed By Ray Simmons for Readers’ FavoriteI like what Arthur and his knights represent for western civilization. The Du Lac Princess by Mary Anne Yarde is a unique perspective. This novel is book three in a series called The Du Lac Chronicles. Based on Arthurian legend, it is categorized as epic fantasy, but I feel this version of post-Arthurian Britain is more historically based than most, even though this period in history is notoriously difficult to find facts about. All in all, I enjoye [...]

War is coming and nothing can stop the man orchestrating everyone and everything to exterminate the du Lacs from the face of Earth. But the Keeper of the Blade has just emerged and he is flesh and blood, not just a myth. He will need the help of the du Lac brothers, that is if they don’t kill him first.Amandine is rescued from certain death by Alan and kept alive. She is forced into captivity while Alan is away and tortured by monks all in the name of the Roman Church. “The Devil must be pur [...]

Mary Anne Yarde's novels: THE DU LAC CHRONICLES, of which: THE DU LAC PRINCESS is the third CHRONICLE; continue to vividly captivate my mind and heart! The truth is, every book in this series is the work of an emphatically accomplished and educated author. Yarde continues to entertain, my every sense with her delightfully descriptive 6th century Briton, with each successive novel building upon the previous book's story. This story begins to gather all four sons, of the now deceased Lancelot Du L [...]

I have been looking forward to this one after reading the first two. My favorite character has always been Merton and I couldn’t wait to find out more about him. In the second book, a lot happened in the story, and we see the true “devil” come out of Merton in order to save his loved ones. Unfortunately, the most tragic events occur, and it’s a wonder Merton somehow survived.Now in this one, we follow Merton's journey as he seeks his revenge. Many new characters are introduced in this st [...]

Having had been smitten by the previous two novels, this book was a must read. Like usually, it had a grip on me from the beginning. Amandine’s story is so moving and dramatic that I simply couldn’t put it down. As in the previous book, the story then switches between other characters’ points of view, but to me Amandine's was the most significant and touching. She and Merton not knowing that the other is actually alive made it so exciting to read on, as well as their stories of survival, o [...]

I have really enjoyed all of the novels in The Du Lac Chronicles, a great Arthurian series which tells the legend from the point of view of the sons of Lancelot and continues the legend beyond Arthur and Lancelot's deaths. I got ‘The Du Lac Princess’ on pre-order, when I knew it was being published. knowing that I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't. This novel centres both on the youngest of the Du Lac brothers, Merton and the love of his life, Amandine, the Du Lac Princess. Merton is rec [...]

I have really loved this series and the books just keep getting better! This is a fantastic addition with vivid Arthurian scenes and brilliant characters. There is depth and complexity in the individual characters and the relationships between the different characters are very clever. The plot is exciting but it is the characters who make it impossible to put the book down. I enjoy that all the characters have human frailties. None are even close to perfect but that makes them more believable. T [...]

Book 3 is by far my favorite and another page turner. You know the story is really good when you can't wait to get to the end and yet afraid you will? In book 3 I finally got to see the Du Lac brothers united for once and the story just keep getting better. What makes Du Lac chronicles a real standout is the amount of details and background research the author put into her books. I'm so glad the author isn't stopping at a trilogy as originally planned. Looking forward to book 4.

I can't say enough good things about this series - it's absolutely fantastic. The writing is masterful and intelligent and the characters complex; I felt their pain, agony, and joy. My favorite in book 3 is Tegan, a mysterious old Druid with an even more mysterious cauldron. And now with the introduction of the Keeper of the Blade, I'm eager for the next installment. If you have any interest in Arthurian legend, grab all 3 books, you won't be disappointed.

I love the Du Lac Chronicles and this latest book is no exception. We pick up the story, with Armandine and Merton both believing one another to be dead. Armandine is friendless and alone in Brittany, while Merton is trying to find a way to Brittany in order to get his revenge on Phillip who has taken everything from him.Merton is the feared Devil no more, he cannot hold a sword, let alone fight with one. The desire to get revenge is all that drives him to keep breathing and living. Even his clo [...]

The Du Lac Princess by Mary Anne Yarde has received a Chill with a Book Readers' Awardillwithabook"Very well written & a real page turner.""The Du Lac saga continues in this book at a more rolling pace compared to the first volume. A plot full of deception and the interaction between the characters is very real, although sometimes the introspective parts were rather lengthy."Pauline BarclayFounder of Chill with a Book Awards

Fascinated by King Arthur and his knights, I was immediately drawn to The Du Lac Princess series. This epic tale by the talented Mary Anne Yarde is flush with well-researched historical reference; it heightens the read. What starts out with action back scenes introduces the main characters. Leading the storyline are Amandine, the recipient of unthinkable, hair-raising torture, Tegan, the witty straightforward personality, Alan, Amandine’s rescuer who himself is subject to torture, the Roman Ch [...]

The Du Lac Princess is the third book in The Du Lac Chronicles, and we start off how it The Du Lac Devil ended. Back in the 6th Century, the world was a harsh place, and Amandine learns this more than most people do. She goes through horrors that you would not believe, but still somehow holds onto life. Merton, now known as Galahad, has been told that she is dead. Together with his own horrific injuries, he doesn't want to live without her, but also clings to life. Garren has returned, Josephine [...]

With each book in this series I fall more in love the world and characters who live there. This part picks up where the last one left off, going back just enough to make it a standalone story. Amandine, is in a very bad situation, and no one is coming, because they think she is already dead. With what she goes through in the start of this story my hearts breaks. Will she survive, will they realize she is alive, can she keep the will to fight when she believes Merton is dead as well?In addition t [...]

Mary Anne Yarde writes a grand portrayal on the historic backdrop of King Arthur and his knights. The Pope sentences Princess Amadine Du Lac to death, a sentence King Phillippe must carry out in the name of the church. Revenge, power, and mercy control the timing of her execution. Amadine clings to life, but never hopes to have anything but an imprisoned existence. With her inner strength and memories of lost love, she lives as best can as the King’s prisoner. Mary Ann ties together the thread [...]

I love this story and I love these characters (although there are one or two I would like to see meet a horrible end). The Intrigue begins on page one and doesn’t let up. The storyline from each character’s point of view compels you forward, moves you through their web of survival and need for vengeance. From the moment I began, I didn’t want to stop reading, all the way through to the heart-stopping ending.This story should be made into a tv series, I would love to see these characters co [...]

Wonderful series and this book is even beter than the last two!The story of Merton and Amandine continues, but it's a real heart-wrencher of a tale. The battles they have already faced come back to haunt them in the worst ways and the descriptions of what they go through are harrowing. Give yourself a good long afternoon snuggled up in front of the fire to read this book as it a real page turner. You definitely won't want to put it down!

My favorite of Mary Anne Yarde’s Du Lac Series so far! I love the added characters, especially the canny Tegan. The sparing between she and Merton alone is worth the read. My heart was in my throat for Merton and Amandine all the way through, but this installment is full of richly drawn characters and dialog. Yarde is a master. This volume does stand well on it’s own, but if you love everything “Knights of the Round Table” you’ll want to be sure to go back and read the other two books [...]

Original post can be found at: nerdprobs/books/book-r**A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**When the author asked me to review the third book in her series, I am fairly certain you could hear my very unprofessional squeal of delight a mile away. I couldn’t wait to read the next installment of the Du Lac Chronicles.The story continues the tale of the Du Lac family: Merton, Alden, Annis, the returned Garren and Amandine. When we last left all our char [...]

The Du Lac Chronicles continues with another fantastic book by Mary Anne Yarde!The Du Lac Princess is by far my favorite book by Mary Anne Yarde, and there were many new characters to keep the story even more interesting than before. Out of the intertwined storylines, i loved reading about Galahad and Teagan. They are possibly my favourite characters in the series, in the order of Galahad, Teagan and then Alden. The tension never ends, with an impossible love story and a quest to start. The Du L [...]

I love these books, but I am going for major honesty here. I have seen changes in stories-wild, weird change, normal change, new change, changing the old-you get my driftbut-rarely have I seen broke change in a story. How can you take a supreme warrior, who is agile death on wheels, and then state he has such severe scoliosis that he cannot handle weapons or move-within a few months? Being in constant totally debilitating pain from it-but he never noticed it before, and it did not affect his pri [...]

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