Old Boy, Vol. 1

Garon Tsuchiya Nobuaki Minegishi

Old Boy, Vol. 1

Old Boy, Vol. 1

  • Title: Old Boy, Vol. 1
  • Author: Garon Tsuchiya Nobuaki Minegishi
  • ISBN: 9781593075682
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback

Ten years ago, they took him He doesn t know who For ten years he has been confined in a private prison He doesn t know why For ten years his only contact with the outside world has been a television set and the voice of his jailers In time, he lost himself changed transformed himself into something else something hard something lethal Suddenly one day, hTen years ago, they took him He doesn t know who For ten years he has been confined in a private prison He doesn t know why For ten years his only contact with the outside world has been a television set and the voice of his jailers In time, he lost himself changed transformed himself into something else something hard something lethal Suddenly one day, his incarceration ends, again without explanation He is sedated, stuffed inside a trunk, and dumped in a park When he awakes, he is free to reclaim what s left of his life and what s left is revenge.

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This is about the series, not this volume.It's more likely that you've seen the 2003 Korean movie Oldboy than read this, so I suppose we must compare the two. For disclosure, I read this having not seen the movie, and then watched the movie the day after finishing this manga series. I didn't particularly like the movie. d I blame that fully on the manga.The manga has a completely different tone than the movie. Completely. The movie is very much revenge porn. There's lots of violence and death as [...]

I've never read manga and I never had an urge to read any but I thought maybe I should try and see what it's like. I tried this because it happened to be available to me and I had liked the movie. This is awful, to call it one dimensional is almost a compliment. A kind of moronic morose male fantasy populated with a bunch of cookie cutter characters containing zero depth or believability. This almost makes that Penetrator book I read a few months back read like Hemingway.

Old Boy, Vol. 1 (Old Boy #1), Garon Tsuchiya, Nobuaki Minegishi

Haberme leído 623 paginas en 2 días, y no haberme aburrido y no haber sentido pesada la treama, habla muy bien de esta novela gráfica. ¿para qué leer OLD Boy?1. La trama de misterio esta muy bien estructurada.2. Los personajes son inteligentes y seductores.3. Las escenas de acción son estupendas, te saca la testosterona que llevas dentro. 4. La manera que evolucionan los personajes te dejan con un buen presentimiento, que la historia va ir creciendo y enredándose a la vez.5. Los escenario [...]

It seems unfair to compare a small book with the sumptuous, intricate and extraordinary piece of filmmaking that was Park Chan-wook's Oldboy, but I don't feel like there's any other choice. The film towers over its source material and is so much more interesting and powerful than at least the first 10 chapters of the series. The story, for a workaday pulp manga, seems like a relatively original idea, but of course it bogs down in traditional, solitary masculinity. A hyper-macho mega-manly man is [...]

The manga starts with a bang, the intriguing plot & mind games are great. The arts clean and clear, the tension on the faces really showing. As I got to the middle of the manga that is volume 5 the plotting started becoming silly, by the end that is volume 8 the story is destroyed by the nonsensical ending. Also the art is the same and difficult to look at with panel after panel of close up faces with sweat on them.One of the most promising starts to a manga with one of the worst ending, the [...]

Compilado de los primeros 29 capítulos del Manga escrito por Garon Tsuchiya e ilustrado por Nobuaki Minegishi, 'Oldboy 1' sigue la investigación de un hombre que busca encontrar al malnacido que lo encerró diez años en una especie de prisión clandestina completamente fuera de la ley. Dibujado con maestría y haciendo gala de una estupenda edición de las secuencias, tanto de acción como de introspección, en las que el duelo psicológico entre presa y captor se intensifica conforme se van [...]

The story is great, as we have come to know from its Korean adaptation. however the reason its still is great is because of the artwork this manga uses. It may seem rough on the edges but it is still, according to me the best way to complement the story that is narrated. A entertaining read certainly.

Este manga crea adicción. No te deja parar de leer porque quieres/necesitas/exiges saber el motivo que envuelve todos los acontecimientos.Y cuando por fin se descubre. OH MY GOD!Aún no supero ese final.

Worst ending ever.

Old Boy pasará a la historia como un caso único de la cultura pop, y no precisamente en un sentido positivo.Esta es la primera vez que una adaptación cinematográfica es 100 veces superior al manga original, me parece triste e increíble que literalmente cambiando el desenlace y parte de la trama, la película supere en todos los aspectos al cómic, el cual tiene un arranque y una presentación espectacular para desinflarse totalmente en el final más delirante y estúpido que recuerdo en un [...]

I don't read Seinen (adult male) manga at all, or ever really. I have read shonen in the past. Putting aside the laughably obvious male fantasy perspective this manga exhibits, I did find it interesting. I haven't seen the film yet but until then, I think I'll read as much of the manga as I can so I can judge it on its own merits.(view spoiler)[ And yes, of course it's ridiculous that the guy manages to luck out in every way possible, with the waitress, with the guys he beat up.but this is male [...]

Es una crítica de los tres volúmenes. Atraido por la película coreana, este manga termina siendo un poco decepcionante. Un gran planteamiento y un desarrollo muy interesante, dejan paso al final mas penoso posible. Un incidente inane como clave de la venganza podría ser valido pero el climax que se construye alrededor se pincha sin fuerza y termina en usa sensación de estafa. Recomiendo la película.

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В надежде закрыть для себя “олдбойный” гештальт пересмотрел все три экранизации, а потом решил наконец прочитать еще и мангу-оригинал, вокруг которой все эти годы ходил-ходил кругами, но не трогал. Манга не особо длинная - всего восемь томов. Рисовка вполне читабельна, хот [...]

I gotta confess that I sometimes do things backwards and when it comes to this series of books I watched the movie that it inspired first so I basically know how it ends. Still the movie was a total mindf*ck in the best way and I'm hoping for the best with the story in its print media. I also look forward to spotting the differences in it.Like another translated Japanese story that I've read, its formatted for right-to-left reading as homage to the original publishing.In volume 1, Mister aka Yam [...]

I decided to read the manga after I watched the Old Boy movie --- the original 2003 South Korean version (which is much better than the American version from 2013). In that movie, evil wins, in every singe way. In essence it is a revenge story gone horribly wrong disguised as a detective story. It is also a very adult story, so it is probably best that children do not see the movie.So far in this first volume, the differences with the movie are minimal. In the manga the main character is not mar [...]

Real rating: 2/10Manga/GN rating 5/10********************SPOILER*****************************Old boy the manga proves that even poorly crafted material can inspire greatness. Having seen the film first I sought out this work only to find the premise of the film. What lies beneath is meant to be a mystery with paranoia undertones, but that never gets translated across. Instead we get relationships that one would find in a gas station stretched out into romantic entanglement.For the first six volu [...]

I remember watching the film adaption of Old Boy years ago with my former roommate Jason. When I say remember, what I mean is that I vaguely see it through the haze of time (and lots of alcohol). All I know for sure is that it was fairly violent. Coming to the point, Jason recently gave me this book, which isn't particularly violent thus far, but he says it is the source of the movie. I can't argue with him. To be completely honest, I didn't remember seeing the movie until he spent about twenty [...]

The cover of the book features a small blurb that compares this to Pulp Fiction or Payback. So far, it seems a bit closer to the later film, but we shall see. Our protagonist was locked away in a secret prison for 10 years, then one day, out of the blue, he is drugged, packed in a large trunk, then dumped in some park. He is free. He has no idea why he was imprisoned, but he knows he wants to find out and get his revenge. This is a gritty, pretty well paced read. I think readers in large measure [...]

The Real McCoyI watched Spike Lee' s film version of this story. I have to admit it was rather bland to say the least. I managed to watch the international version of it as well. It was far better and much closer to the source material. Anyhow, this first volume excels as a slow burn as it sets up the basic outline of the story. The artwork is rather exceptional, as it lends a atmospheric and mysterious look to the proceedings. It left wanting to know more about the antagonists motives behind it [...]

I've been a big fan of the Korean Oldboy movie for years. It's a wonderful display of hardcore violence. When I discovered the film was based on this manga, I had to read it. It's always better to get the story straight from the source, and I wasn't disappointed.As with most books-to-film, even manga-to-film, there is more to the book than they can get into a movie. Oldboy is no different. This first volume covers basically the opening sequences of the film. Our tragic hero, Goto, is just as muc [...]

¡He comenzado bien leyendo manga!Aunque haya entrado al libro sin saber poco o nada de él, de verdad que me he quedado sorprendida. Los personajes me encantan, y me identifico un poco con Goto. Cabe decir que el libro empezó siendo un poco confuso y tenías que prestar mucha atención para no perderte, pero con el tiempo vas agarrando el hilo de la historia. Me gustó mucho la primera parte de esta saga, y espero poder conseguir la segunda parte pronto. Cada vez se pone más interesante y con [...]

I saw the movie for this last year and while the dubbing was terrible the story was very interesting. I hadn't realized there was a manga as well so when I ran across it at the library I just had to give it a go. It is definitely different enough from the movie to keep your interest. I also enjoy a more gritty drawing style such as this. This series will definitely be getting a read through. I am curious to see if it will go as twisted as some parts of the movie went though, or if that was just [...]

Es un excelente abrebocas, cómo vivir si sientes que te han robado 10 años. A qué dedicar la libertad, cómo relacionarse con un mundo que solo conoces por el televisor, en dónde están las respuestas y las explicaciones de los exabruptos a los que nos vemos sometidos por cuenta de los demás. Son unas de las preguntas que este triller me tiene mascullando. La trama está muy bien estructurada con lo que su lectura se hace fluida y con buen ritmo, tiene una ilustración muy bien lograda.

This is the manga that the hit film is based on. This first volume follows the film pretty closely. For those not familiar with either the film or the manga, both start off with a man being released from a private prison after ten years. This is a very strongly written and drawn manga, with the minor exception of the portrayal of the only female character in the story. But, then again, Japanese manga is not always known for it's realistic depiction of women. Highly recommended.

It's difficult reviewing the first volume of Old Boy when it's only a sliver of the story I know from Park Chan-wook's adaptation. Not a whole lot happens, basically Shinichi Goto settles into his freedom after being locked up for a decade. We're left with a cliffhanger of him deciding to search for whomever kidnapped him, and why. I enjoyed the art, the faces are interesting and the backgrounds are detailed. I'll definitely read more, just wish it was all collected into one volume.

A gripping and well-drawn story about the guy but you all know the movie so I don't need to go into details. Let's just say this is an excellent manga and all those low ratings come from people who "like the movie and accidentally read something like this for the first time in their life". Don't mind them. For a seinen manga fan, this is one of the very best books this genre has to offer.

Like most readers, I loved the film so I wanted to check out the original story, and so far the film pretty closely follows the manga. I love the concept of the story and cliffhangers definitely make me want to read more, but I guess I enjoyed the darker and mysterious style of the film. Right now I'm undecided on whether or not I want to check out the next 7 volumes.

In seguito al remake di quest'anno da parte di Spike Lee la J-Pop ci ha concesso una ristampa di quest'opera in cinque volumi.La storia di apre, e per il momento, segue lo stesso script che ho potuto conoscere attraverso la visione del film coreano diretto da Park Chan-wook.Mi piace, scorre bene, e anche il timore che avevo rispetto al disegno è scomparso.

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