A Desirable Residence

Madeleine Wickham

A Desirable Residence

A Desirable Residence

  • Title: A Desirable Residence
  • Author: Madeleine Wickham
  • ISBN: 9780552772242
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback

Liz and Jonathan Chambers were in trouble Mortgage trouble They d stretched themselves to busting with their new exciting project well, Liz thought it exciting buying and managing the Silchester Tutorial College, and now couldn t sell their old house Here they were, stuck with two mortgages, mounting debts and a miserable adolescent daughter who hadn t wanted to movLiz and Jonathan Chambers were in trouble Mortgage trouble They d stretched themselves to busting with their new exciting project well, Liz thought it exciting buying and managing the Silchester Tutorial College, and now couldn t sell their old house Here they were, stuck with two mortgages, mounting debts and a miserable adolescent daughter who hadn t wanted to move anyway.Then Marcus Witherstone came into their lives and at first it seemed he would solve all their problems Marcus, senior partner in Silchester s leading estate agency, was large, assured, and wore an expensive overcoat He knew the perfect tenants from London who would rent their old house glamorous PR girl Ginny and almost famous Piers Everything was going to be OK.But soon Marcus found himself involved with Liz in a way he d never intended Keeping his adulterous trysts secret from Anthea was uncomfortably easy most of the time her head was firmly buried in Improve your Child s IQ Meanwhile, as Liz was lost in blissful dreams of Marcus, Jonathan was left to run the tutorial college Neither of them had time to notice that teenage Alice was developing a desperate passion for the tenants, Piers and Ginny.Everyone seemed to be entangled with everyone else, in the most awkward possible way And as events closed in on him, Marcus began to realise that some deceptions are just a bit too close to home.

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What an utter waste of time. The consolidated three hours it took for me to complete this tome of one-dimensional, unlikeable characters is 180 minutes I'd like back.There are seven characters; none of which seemed remotely convincing or valid. Most were vapid and so distasteful I wanted them to be caught out on their nefarious deeds. One character, Liz, was especially heinous and off-putting. I loathed that character. Any time the narrative was about Liz was a nadir for the book; just unrepenta [...]

Hoewel ik echt hou van de boeken van Sophie Kinsella/ Madeleine Wickham heb ik me door dit boek heen moeten worstelen, net zoals bij de Tennisparty. Duidelijk een van haar eerste boeken waarin nog heel erg gezocht word naar een verhaal. De eerste 100 blz heb ik me meerdere malen afgevraagd of ik uberhaubt wel verder wilde lezen vanaf 120 zat ik eindelijk lekker in het verhaal, maar bleef me ergeren aan de personages. Ook het einde was niet echt bevredigend helaas. Gelukkig heb ik van al haar and [...]

another terrible madeleine wickham book. i don't know if i even have the energy to go into it. but i'll try, liz is married to jonathan. they own a home in silchester. liz convinces jonathan to put the home on the market in the hopes of using the proceeds to pay down the mortgage on the "tutorial college" they just purchased. it took me forever to figure out what a tutorial college is. i guess it's like an american SAT prep company, sort of. liz & jonathan have a disaffected teenage daughter [...]

As much as I became initially engaged in Madeleine Wickham's A Desirable Residence, all the attraction here is centered on unlikeable, misanthropic people finally getting their just desserts in the end. From scheming, bored Marcus to ungrateful, uncharitable Liz, I struggled to find one character with whom connect in this British novel.Bratty Alice couldn't have been more unjust to Jonathan, her bumbling but sweet father, and more than once in the book I found myself wanting to reach in and slap [...]

Ik vond dit een erg leuk boek om te lezen, ook al irriteerde ik mij regelmatig aan het gedrag van bepaalde personages. Het gedrag van Alice stoorde mij het meest (view spoiler)[want waarom zou je zo vaak langs gaan bij je oude huis, terwijl je er van bewust bent dat je zo vaak langs gaat. Ook haar gedrag tegenover haar ouders en met name haar vader was erg irritant (hide spoiler)]. Ook Anthea haar gedrag was vreselijk irritant en Marcus zijn gedrag tegenover haar was gewoon ronduit laf. Daarnaas [...]

I feel like this book was so abruptly ended with no real tying up of loose ends. The characters were very one-dimensional.

Through this book I learnt that Sophie Kinsella's real name is Madeleine Wickham. All is well, I thought. This one looks good. I read the book by borrowing it from my friend when we're on a class trip. We were on a bus, and I am dead bored. I dont want to sleep, so I asked her whether I can read her book. She said yes and I am so grateful for that! Finished half of the book by the time we ended the bus trip. Finished the rest of it during the week end. Found this to be a page turner. All of the [...]

I wasn't a fan of this book. None of the characters really engaged me, and I really didn't like how it ended. It was very abrupt.

I really enjoy reading most of what Sophie Kinsella writes. It's just really great, entertaining chick-lit. This did not fall into that category. This story just dragged on. Liz and Jonathan are financially over-extended (aren't we all). Liz ends up having an affair with the man who starts solving some of their money problems, but things quickly go south when everyone involved starts running in the same circles. Frankly, I read this over a month ago and any significant details escape me. I'm jus [...]

So, this is actually Sophie Kinsella however since Sophie Kinsella is her writer name, it really is Madeleine Wickham. Confused? No worries, this whole book is confusing. This book was written way before the popularity of the Confession of a Shopoholic Series. Elements of the Shopoholic series are evident everywhere throughout the book and all I can say is that she definitely pulled the best of this book and tightened up her writing in order to create a mass sensation with that series.The plot: [...]

What we have here is a failure to communicate". That line from the old Paul Newman movie Cool Hand Luke could just as easily apply to the characters in Madeline Wickham's A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. Although this book was published in the UK several years ago, it is just now making its way into the US marketplace. Ms. Wickham's book addresses several issues. We have overbearing, social climbing mothers, hen-pecked, wimpy fathers, underemployed actors, children seeking acceptance and friendship from t [...]

Why do I love Sophie Kinsella, but hate Madeleine Wickham? They're the same person, but their characterizations are apples and oranges. Wickham's main characters have such horrible moral judgment, and are so generally unlikable. The secondary characters are so put upon by the main characters that you want to say, "Pay attention. She's getting away with murder!" Figuratively, of course. While Wickham's characters are more sophisticated, I prefer the charming naivete that causes Kinsella's main gi [...]

I have NEVER returned a book to the library without finishing it this was the first. Before this book, I have enjoyed many of Madeline Wickham's novels - including the ones she wrote under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. I simply could not get into this book - I could tell where it was going within the first 20 pages. I enjoy quick-read Chicklit, but this one simply stunk. I am guessing she cranked this one out to meet her contract requirements.

This story never really got off the ground, as far as I am concerned. The characters were fairly interesting although almost all rather unpleasant in some way, and I never greatly enjoy spending time with people I don't particularly like - in real life or in books. It wasn't particularly funny, not very sad or tragic, just a bit dreary, really.

didn't like the characters, didn't like the language, didn't finish the book. Trashy book, so disappointing since she also wrote the most hilarious book I've ever read, and one of my favorites, "Can you Keep a Secret." Read that one instead.

Too many characters with no one really likeable character. The story really doesn't take you anywhere. I didn't really get the book at all. Waste of time.

This book was a huge disappointment for me. I just found it lacked a good story-line and so it was kind of a time waster.

Boring, but I plowed trough it, hoping the end would be worth it- NOT SO!

This was just ok. Some parts were funny. Some were boring.

Yawn! Characters were pretty awful! What 14 year old is encouraged by adults around her including her mother to drink wine and spirits? No real story here. Took so long to get into it and then I was half way through so I may as well finish it. A disappointing read.

Nee, dit boek zou ik niet nog een keer lezen of aanraden. Ik vond er eerlijk gezegd geen klap aan. De karakters zijn totaal niet sympathiek en soms zelfs ronduit irritant. Het einde van het boek is als een hakgevoel; de schrijfster heeft tsjak tsjak gedaan en het laatste stukje verhaal eraf gehakt en de verhaallijnen gek laten eindigen. Van 1 stel is het einde gewoonweg overgeslagen. Dus ja, dit boek kun je met een gerust hart overslaan. De enige reden dat ik het uit heb gelezen is dat ik toch w [...]

A Desirable Residence was originally published in 1996, the second novel by Wickham (AKA Sophie Kinsella). It's easy to see why Wickham's novels have bloomed over the years into the successful Shopaholic series under the Kinsella moniker; as this particular novel really reads more like a debut or starter. Although A Desirable Residence is a quick read, it just isn't as satisfying as I had originally hoped it would be.The book centers around three main families: the Chambers', the Witherstones, a [...]

Those who enjoyed the over-the-top popular Shopaholic series will be delighted to find that Madeline Wickham (who wrote the Shopaholics as Sophie Kinsella) has returned with her trademark tart wit, unerring eye, and imagination to introduce us to Liz and Jonathan Chambers who find themselves thigh-high in debt thanks to two mortgages, sky rocketing bills and an unknowable, impossible young daughter, Alice. Set in suburban London Liz and Jonathan see no way out of their financial troubles until M [...]

I was actually compelled to stay up and finish this book last night. I have never read this author and though it was very different I was surprised to have read it so quickly. Most of the characters do appear to be dreaming of better things; Liz, married to Jonathon, has an affair with Marcus, dreams of not having money problems, Marcus, who is married to Anthea dreams of more success. Marcus rents out Liz and Jonathon's house to his friends, Ginny and Piers, who actually seem to be dreaming of [...]

Yuck. Unlikable characters, unsatisfying ending and a wasted few hours of my life. Set in the fictional town of Silchester, which just sounds hilarious, it stumbles along, each two dimensional character worse than the next. Liz was the most egregious and it was frustrating that there was no confrontation between her and her husband about the affair. I only picked this book up because it had been republished with a printed cover reading: SOPHIE KINSELLA writing as Madelene WickhamObviously, a cle [...]

Things come full circle in A Desirable Residence by Madeleine Wickham. A family of three purchases a tutorial college and moves into the flat above it, hoping to sell their house -- What ends up happening is the married woman falls in love with the real estate agent, has an affair and falls deeply in love with the idea of having money and no worries that he does. However, the real estate agent is married as well. Their lives end up entertwining and coming to a climax in the end. Meanwhile, the r [...]

As a huge Sophie Kinsella fan, I was curious to read something by her alter ego, Madeleine Wickham. (Incidentally, I'm having a hard time getting over the fact that Sophie Kinsella is a pseudonym. Did everyone know this but me? It feels like the time I discovered that Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley was the same girl who played Hannah Neffler in Troop Beverly Hills, and everyone was like, "How did you not know this already?!") Anyway. I'm not sure why Wickham felt she had to adopt a pseudonym, but her [...]

This book, though not what I expected, was quite a good read. Despite the fluffy description on the flap, this book is actually a very frank and serious look at relationships, love, and betrayal. Wickham does a marvelous job with these characters, though it is upsetting how very irresponsible almost all of the adults are throughout the novel. Fourteen year-old Alice was particularly well-drawn; the pain of her adolescent experience reached off the page to grab me. Her conflicted feelings about t [...]

This book wasn't bad but not quite as good as other early works by Wickham. I didn't like Liz at all: what a miserable woman! Great characters are indeed Jonathan, Marcus and Daniel. Alice remains a paper-thin character throughout the entire story. While I felt that the book dragged itself along at times, the ending was pretty good overall. However, do not aspect the wittiness and humor so typical of Wickham's other stories because it is completely missing here. One cannot help but feel a sense [...]

I love Madeleine Wickham/ Sophie Kinsella. This book was a fairly good book about families in England. Lucy and Jonathan are a middle-aged couple with a teenage daughter, Alice. Lucy has an affair with the real estate agent selling their house, and Alice becomes infatuated with the new tenants. It becomes a story mostly about jobs and family, and how everyone is connected. I felt it ended a little too abruptly, and there was a lot more that she could've done with the story.

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