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  • Title: Liar
  • Author: Lia Fairchild
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When all you ve known are lies, how do you face the truth My past was a bitch Now it s come back to haunt me After months apart, Daniel and I are finally trying to make our relationship work But my lies run deeper than either of us imagined Lies so terrible I imprisoned them in the darkest recesses of my mind Just when my heart begins to come alive, the lies seep outWhen all you ve known are lies, how do you face the truth My past was a bitch Now it s come back to haunt me After months apart, Daniel and I are finally trying to make our relationship work But my lies run deeper than either of us imagined Lies so terrible I imprisoned them in the darkest recesses of my mind Just when my heart begins to come alive, the lies seep out of the shadows revealing secrets with the power to crush me Despite both of our troubled pasts, I want her than I ve ever wanted anyone or anything I m determined to fight for her to fight for us even if it means facing my own demons I have to reach Gray before it s too late before the truth completely destroys her.

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I anxiously awaited this conclusion to Compulsive. After finding myself shouting the praises of book one, I was a little intimidated to read this one. What if it wasn't as good? What if I didn't like where the story took me after I was already so invested? Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. It was everything I needed to bring this story to its Ever After. Gray is still struggling with her inner demons. She's made progress in her emotional life, and is battling her demons in a healthier wa [...]

My Rating: 4.5 Coffee Cups!!First let me start by saying this is a sequel to Compulsive and CANNOT be read as a standalone (and check out my 4.5 Coffee Cup review for Compulsive HERE ). And that being said, I'm going to reference some things that will probably spoil the first book, so STOP HERE if you haven't read it yet!! Ok, now that that's out of the way- this was an amazingly perfect conclusion to Gray and Daniel's story in Compulsive. Daniel and Gray's relationship has been complicated from [...]

I was given an Arc of this book for an honest review and I must say I enjoyed it, However I read Compulsive first as this is a two book series and been honest you need to read it first to know where you are with the characters and their pasts!! The main characters Daniel & Gray Can they sort out their lives before its to lateReally enjoyed this book and it ties up a lot of loose ends from the first book Compulsive Read it you won't be disappointed X

Really enjoyed the continuation of Gray and Daniel's story! I love Lia Fairchild's writing and style.

This was the end of a two book series by Lia. It was very good. I thought I was going to have a heart attack at several times during the book!Lia writes books that leave you wondering where she gets these ideas from! She writes true to life things that are so real that you sit on the edge of your seat as you are reading. I did not know how I was going to finish the book. In this book, Gray had more long ago problems to deal with her father and many problems with Aylissa, Daniel, Nathan, and Kevi [...]

'I had learned to lie to protect myself. From memories. From pain. From feeling anything at all, because shutting it out was easier than trying to filter out the bad. It became a reflex, a habit, and - at some point - an inherent part of my personality' - GrayAt the end of Compulsive, Gray and Daniel parted ways so that she could focus on herself and I guess, in a way, become whole again. She had carried grief around for so long that it has weighed down on her like a heavy winter coat. She final [...]

My review (as published at Read, Run, Ramble)Thank you, Lia Fairchild, for providing me with a copy of this book!Okay, I need to start with this – I LOVE Daniel and Gray. Compulsive (book 1) and Liar are my favorite Romance EVER. Yes, you read that correctly, EVER.Fairchild took the genre and made it her own and I loved every word. Gray is a strong heroine and while she does fall in love, she never loses herself or her strength. She very clearly wants and needs to be with Daniel, but never wil [...]

*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*3.5 “Dr. Dan is in the house” starsIf you read Compulsive, Liar is the continuation of Gray and “Dr. Dan’s” story. They are miserable without each other, but yet lies and secrets could be their undoing.My honest opinion of Liar is that it was slow to get started. And I don’t say that in a bad way, it’s just that nothing really jumped out and grabbed my attention till around half way through the story. But the second half is [...]

4.5 stars. This book continues from the previous book. Gray is still trying to move on with her life, while coming to terms with her past and her past relationships. When some truths finally come out, it's anyones guess how Gray will react. Will she fall back on old habits or will she finally deal with it? Then there's therapist Daniel. Still blowing hot and cold, he's torn between what's right and what he wants to do. Hiding his own secrets and guilt finally get too much and we find out what ma [...]

No voy a decir que esperaba más, porque realmente fue lo que esperaba. Simplemente hubieron momentos que me aburrieron pero no importó porque tuvo un lindo final que cerró perfectamente.

3.25 StarsIntriguing that was my first thought when I saw the advertisement for this book. Interesting was my second thought as I read the blurb. I was correct on both Compulsive and Liar were not only intriguing and interesting, they were well written, fast paced and filled with emotion.Both Gray and Daniel were perfectly constructed characters. They both are strong, weak, self-assured, self hating, hopeful, and filled with emotion. It was so easy to relate with these characters. I bonded immed [...]

I had mixed feeling while reading this book. Unlike the first book which was from Gray's point of view this one was told from both Gray's and Daniel's POV. I really enjoyed reading from Gray's perspective and there was unexpected element in the story and that would have made it a solid 4 star book for me. Then there was Daniel's POV (view spoiler)[ I was bothered by how jealous he was and always having to describe his sexual desires for Gary. It just did not feel authentic.(hide spoiler)] So thi [...]

You need to read Compulsive before you read Liar. I think that Liar was a beautiful follow-up to book one. I felt that I'd seen things so much more clearly. It was shocking. Heartbreaking. Nerve wracking. I did not know what was going to happen. The author did an amazing job of bringing it all together in the end. Awesome read!!

Loved this second book.Loved the ending.

Liar (Liar#2) is the second book of the Liar series and is also the sequel to Compulsive. This was truly a very touching and highly emotional series for me and I am so honored as a reader to have been afforded the opportunity to take this journey with Daniel and Gray. First, let me start by saying that as much as I loved this sequel, I also felt like I needed more and by that, I wanted and needed so much more together time with Daniel and Gray. The first half of the book for me was superb but on [...]

Very satisfying conclusion , I loved this duology altho sometimes Dan go on my nerves

Where do I start? I loved Compulsive (book 1) of this two part series, but this second book just blew me away! Having been introduced to the main characters Gray and Daniel in book 1 and gotten to know a lot about their lives, issues, pains and emotions, it was hard for me to imagine how this second book would do it justice. But boy, was I wrongGray's painful journey of healing, acceptance, understanding an forgiveness is very emotional as is Daniel'sis second book is the continuation of a great [...]

"Liar" is the 2nd of 2 riveting novels by the masterful author, Lia Fairchild. IMHO, she never disappoints. Not now; not ever. A skillfully written contemporary romance makes this a compelling must read for all fiction lovers. Gray is a woman and a 'compulsive liar' who is trying to find herself as her drama continues to unfold around her. Not only does this distinctly captivating story-line revolve around her 'problem' and emotional roller-coaster ride, but also how it affects those she cares a [...]

Liar is the follow-up book to Compulsive from Lia Fairchild. You must read Compulsive before Liar.The story continues with Gray a compulsive liar and Daniel. Just as Daniel and Gray get together, the secrets that Daniel has might threaten their future." I don't want to be a challenge, Daniel. I want to be easy. For once in my life, I don't want complicated.or challenging."Gray continues to work on forgiving and working on her relationship with her father. Gray learns something from her father th [...]

After finishing book one, I thought there is no way that book two could be as emotionally moving as book one was. Boy was I wrong, Liar grabed me and pulled me along for what can only be described as an emotional roller coaster.Daniel and Gray have tried to stay away from one another, but the pull between them is not one that can be ignored, but a relationship for them is wrong given that Daniel was her doctor. As inreal life though, the heart what the heart wants, and their hearts want each oth [...]

I recieved a complimentary copy of this series from the author in exchange for an honest review.I would give this book 4 stars. There were parts which I struggled to stay interested, but it quickly redeemed itself! This is the continuation of Gray and Daniel's story. It picks up roughly 6 months after the end of Compulsive. I thought it was neat that the 'boring' part of their starting over slowly was skimmed over, which kept it interesting! As the two of them work to find their way back to each [...]

Great read by Lia Fairchild. This is the continuation and conclusion to Daniel and Gray's story. This book will take you for a ride with your emotions. You are drawn into that you feel like you are right there with them going through it as well. They are both working on moving past their past and moving on but sometimes the past has other plans. Can Gray and Daniel sort out and deal with their pasts before its to late? Or were they doomed from the beginning? This is one of those books you cannot [...]

What a great conclusion to Compulsive!This book kept me nervous of the outcome right up the very end. Like real life these characters are flawed; they have growth and they also have relapses. The point is how they come out in the end.Daniel and Grey are working on their pasts so that they can move forward and be together. But sometimes the past can swallow you whole.I was very happy with these perfectly flawed characters and how they turned out in the end.Go one click for the answers! You won't [...]

Daniel and Gray are back and trying to make their relationship work. Will they survive hauntings from their pasts? How will their relationship heal and have a future?I liked this psychological drama. The writing flowed well. I loved that it's told in both Gray and Daniel's point of views. You really feel like you're in their heads and feeling their emotions. You need to read the first book in the Liar Duet before you read this book. Liar does complete the duet.Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon an [...]

4.5 StarsI loved the follow-up but deducted half a star because I felt I needed more together time for Daniel and Gray:( Sorry, I loved and adored these 2 and I felt it got cut a tad bit short. With that being said, I would love a follow-up on this great cast and I would love to know if there will be a story to be told between Nathan and Alyssa:)Lia Fairchild is one talented author and I am now an official fan of hers:)

Love the conclusion to Gray and Daniel's story. They both work really hard to overcome their pasts to make a life together. Gray begins healing her relationship with her father and steps up for Alyssa. All of her progress is threatened by learning about the ultimate lie (and I hated Becca's role in the discovery). Thankfully all of her hard work prevents her from running away.

Wonderful. I didn't think it could get better than Compulsive, but it did. Grey grew so much and was so real to me that I felt I was going through it with her. And Alyssa. Love that teenager! A must read!

Awesome finaleThis one kept me on the edge of my seat. I fell deeper in love with the characters as they learned to navigate life's obstacles. Thank you Ms. Fairchild for the perfect finale to this story.

Liar is a great conclusion to Gray and Daniel's story. Ms. Fairchild had me on the edge of my seat right up until the very end. Sweet, sexy, and suspenseful, this series has it all.

Perfect conclusion to COMPULSIVE. Great writing and a heartbreaking yet beautiful story of lies,love, forgiveness and healing.

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