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Zombie King

Zombie King

  • Title: Zombie King
  • Author: J.C. Diem
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Lexi Levine s life changed forever the night she became a werewolf She was only meant to be a temporary addition to the Shifter Squad, but at barely eighteen, she is now a permanent member of the team Well used to facing danger, none of the squad is prepared to meet Lexi s father Major Philip Levine is a sniper with unparalleled skills He has returned from his overseasLexi Levine s life changed forever the night she became a werewolf She was only meant to be a temporary addition to the Shifter Squad, but at barely eighteen, she is now a permanent member of the team Well used to facing danger, none of the squad is prepared to meet Lexi s father Major Philip Levine is a sniper with unparalleled skills He has returned from his overseas mission to seek answers Even Lexi isn t sure how he will react when he meets the squad for the first time Still coming to terms with her new role as a shifter, she is in denial about the mysterious link that has sprung up between her and Agent Reece Garrett She hopes in vain that if she pretends that it doesn t exist, it will just go away If the team manages to survive her father s anger, they must then face an even bigger threat A voodoo practitioner has been raising corpses in New Orleans and the Shifter Squad has been ordered to investigate If they fail to stop the man who calls himself the Zombie King, his undead minions will soon overrun the city.

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Amazing InstallmentThe author did an amazing installment to the first novel. The new twists and turns, more than enough action, and the constant struggle for love between Reece and Lex was definitely a page turner. Let's add in the long line of family lies and bam you have yourself a killer story that makes you NEED to know what's going to happen next. I am slightly irritated with Reece though. He just needs to grow some and admit how he truly feels. If they would just communicate instead of ass [...]

Sigh, so once again I liked the overall story, the supernatural elements, mystery and action were all well done. BUT, her mental immaturity is honestly starting to grate on me. Is she really that dense and insecure?! I just thought she would gain some insight but I didnt really feel like she grew as much as she should have over the course of this book. The other characters grew and we get more insight into them, but she is just a little too, I guess just plain immature. I do plan on reading the [...]

Cliffhangers!Just the same style as the first novel, Zombie King drags out everything, but stays entertaining the entire way through. At first I hated Alexis, but she is growing on me. The tension between Alexis and Reese is still there, and they are still having the same old confrontation: he's not with me because he wants to be. If I don't get some change in their relationship, I am giving up on the series.I didn't really get a great sense of closure with the villains, but I'm satisfied. The c [...]

The only problem I have with this series is that the main problem is kind of solved too quickly. Or at least I feel like it did. Like everything leading up to the end of the bad guy was good, but I just felt like it was too simple. I don't know, I might be biased because most of the books I read drag the problem on for like three books, so I guess it's a good thing there's a new villain every book. I don't really have an issue with it. Like, it's not enough of a problem for me to be taking away [...]

Now an official member of the team, Lexi has a few new skills to learn, unfortunately for her Reece is going to be one of her trainers. While the pair is still doing their best to ignore what happened between them, fate it seems has other ideas when a new threat rises that requires the squads attention.I’m going to get my only real negative comment about Zombie King out of the way before we begin and that is that the start is a little too repetitive for me. I understand that sometimes importan [...]

Okay now for me this book was just as good as book one while also seeming to try and be too much and not knowing when it should let go and just focus on one thing. By this I mean the fact that Lexi is already a werewolf and a really good sniper, thanks too her dad. Her mom for me I will say that I guessed it from the start, so although predictable I think that it was an unnecessary layer to Lexi's character. Also lets not forget that she also has some super weird connection to the zombies! We g [...]

It's okay but juvenileI enjoyed the first book but I found this book to be irksome. It is the same old theme of the lead female who seems to be strong and capable but makes poor decisions and everybody has to take care of her. I find this theme is frustrating since this series is obviously written for a YA audience. The plot of this book was an agonizing slow crawl. I will not be reading anymore of this series or from this author.

What a really good read. This book draws you in, then leaves you hanging. I love the mix of paranormal and crime. It is a little basic at times and does get a little stuck when the immaturity of our mc rears it’s head. Lexi is slowly growing on me - she can be a little painful though. Hopefully she develops more in the next book.

GoodThis is a very good book. Full of action, friendships, mystery, magic, shifters and love. The story line is great and the characters are strong . So grab your copy and enjoy reading.

I'm really enjoying this series and I sincerely hope the rest of the books continue to entertain.For my full review check out my blogbookers-anonymous/

Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsThe second book in the Shifter Squad series begins with Lexi's dad paying a visit because she is now a werewolf. And not only that but things between Lexi and Reese are getting a little crazy as well. Her crush has turned into more, and she feels that he doesn't like her at all. And now they have to worry about these strange "Zombies" that are attacking people. Lexi and her friends must work together in order to save the city and figure out what's going [...]

I really enjoyed book one and was excited to start book two, Zombie King. Once again, the reader is in the first -person narrative of Lexi. This is great, except we know stuff she has forgotten, so it can be confusing when incidents happen afterward and we, the readers, must keep track of what we know that Lexi doesn't. This narrative also takes out some of the suspense. While I liked the story, there wasn't substantial character development-- which is not to say there wasn't more of the back-an [...]

I don't know what is so special about this book but I sincerely love it! It's not like it's the best thing I have ever read but I feel myself being pulled into the story and never want to leave. (Hence the 5 stars). Crazy? Yeah, I know. But it has that affect on me. The writing is captivating and the plot is interesting, just a little woozy at times. I am still not the biggest fan of Lexi, but I simply HAVE to know about her. At times she feels a little immature, BUT she is only 18, so I guess I [...]

This book is more than your average supernatural romance. The paranormal world interacts without the majority of humans, even knowing it exists. The dynamics between the werewolves and the other shifters evolve into something new and exciting. Zombie King is the second book in the series Shifter Squad and is based in New Orleans. As the title suggests the enemy is the undead. Lexie and her PIA team have enough to deal with; an ambitious Bokor, a horde of hungry zombies that seem intent on eating [...]

Daddy dearest is fucking mad as hell. He comes into this book in person and is such a great father. Lexi has turned into a werewolf by Reese in the last book all on pure accidentor so it. This book continues right after the first and on the team is going to New Orleans to stop the Zombie King Stupid name is all I have to say. I love each character in my own way. I really like Flynn, great guy, hot within my mind and just as sweet. Reese the bad boy of the group is an idiot but I still like him. [...]

Walk carefully through that boneyardI like the characters and the way they interact with each other. It seems the style of writing handles a lot of stuff [or story line] for the reader to follow. I'm not sure one book should try to manage that many different story threads and try to manage a smooth conclusion. I'm getting a little tired [spoiler alert] of making the main characters have sex to [save] them. It is getting oldfe or death sex is not sexy.

This is book two and things are picking up very quick with Lexi having to deal with now understanding that she is a werewolf and how she adapts to that knowledge. As the name of the book suggests; there be Zombies in this book. I like how the author has put a new twist on Zombies. Another great new series to read for those interested in this genre.

A definite improvement on book 1 so, 3.5!I do find Lexie juvenile in not only her actions but also in her thinking at times and I also saw the twist at the coming, like literally a mile off.But despite all this I did find this to be an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to book number three!

Still going strongI thought it was better than the first book. So we find out the consequences of the last psychics order. I like how Lexi is taking the information in and trying to make sense of it for herself. We learn quite a bit of lore this book. Still don't like Reese. He really needs to step up a be honest. Eagerly awaiting the next book.

Loved it Absolutely love this book, just bought the next one. All the characters make you love them. Though I will admit wanting to get in the book and strangle garett, it can't be that hard to say I like you.

I bought this without a second thought since book one was a CH. I enjoy the author's story telling and I am intrigued with the characters and the kindling romance. I also love the fact that this series has so many books. Not sure if its for all, but for me, I'm pretty much hooked

Love this seriesSo in love with this series, I stayed in bed and read the whole book in one day. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one


Lexi and Reece have incredible chemistry. This book is more detailed than the first and keeps my attention enough to want to continue the series. She's special but doesn't know why.

And it just gets better!!!Totally Recommended

Better than Book 1 Enjoyed this butA) I wish Lexi would grow up a littleB) Lexi and Reece would finally get together properly I will read book 3

AmazingSlow at time but this is a fantastic series. The price is a little iffy but the material is definitely worth it.

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