A Gathering of Memories

Lori Wick

A Gathering of Memories

A Gathering of Memories

  • Title: A Gathering of Memories
  • Author: Lori Wick
  • ISBN: 9780736915366
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback

Her heart was fragile from too much pain would her defenses push Ross away Ross felt panicked His words had hurt her It surprised him, given the way she handled the harsh circumstances of her life First her mother s death Then her father s Then losing the land.Was his compassion for the vulnerable young woman turning to love And if it was love, what would he do now Her heart was fragile from too much pain would her defenses push Ross away Ross felt panicked His words had hurt her It surprised him, given the way she handled the harsh circumstances of her life First her mother s death Then her father s Then losing the land.Was his compassion for the vulnerable young woman turning to love And if it was love, what would he do now Please, God, he prayed Help me Show me A poignant tale about love fulfilled, A Gathering of Memories will capture the hearts and minds of romantics everywhere.

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This is book number 4 in Lori Wick's Christian historical fiction A Place Called Home Series. The book once again features the Cameron family and the small town of Baxter Wisconsin. Silas Cameron and his wife Amy have been trying to have children for 5 years with no luck. When Ma Jackson dies leaving her 5 children alone and destitute not knowing where there father is, Silas and Amy both feel God is calling them to care for these children until their father is found. I loved how this story shows [...]

I'm not normally a reader of historical fiction, but after reading Lori Wick's books, I might become a reader yet. These were very enjoyable to me, and thanks goes to the author for my venture into a virtually untouched genre in my case.

A Gathering of MemoriesGreat series! Love all of Lori Wicks books! A must read for all of you who love Christian novels! Enjoy

Book 4 in the A Place Called Home Series. Silas and Amy Cameron have been unable to have children and take in five children who are left orphaned after the deaths of their parents. They take the children into their home as their own. Through their love and the love shown by their extended families, the children learn of the love of their heavenly Father. Mandy the eldest child also finds romance.

I loved this whole series. I liked how there was some suspense and mystery, but it wasn't overdone and not the main theme to the story. I think the romance were believable and not over dramatic. By far my favorite thing though was the inclusion of the entire Cameron family throughout the whole series. You were still hearing about Luke and Christine and able to follow what has been going on in their lives in the final book. I actually teared up at the end of this book just because it was over and [...]

Ross Beckett whom we met in The Long Road Home is now a lawyer in Baxter. Setting up his own practice and getting ready to move into a home with one of his friends.Silas and Amy are still childless. When they hear that 5 children just lost their mother and their father is missing, Amy is determined to take them all in. Ranging in age from 18 down to 5 years old, Silas and Amy take in the children providing for their needs. When Aaron Marks comes along claiming that he is the new owner of the Jac [...]

I do believe this is the best ofLori Wick so far that I have read. It was adventurous likeTraci Peterson'sYukon Quest and gave the same feel of hating the bad guy but not being able to do anything because it's a story and you're a human and then feeling guilty because they are not charitable Christian thoughts you are having toward the evil fictional characters anyway. This is one that you can really get into and understand and feel for the character's loves and losses. It may be because I have [...]

Great finale! new characters are introduced and love is in the air once again in this, the final book in Wick's A Place Called Home series. Silas and Amy take in 5 orphan siblings after the death of their mother. Someone has it in for their father and twists and turns abound in the novel. Themes of forgiveness, trusting God's timing, relying on God in times of trouble and muddling through grief and broken dreams dominate the finale to this wonderful series. I pray that young women will read this [...]

So I think I'll be taking a break from Lori Wick for a while. Her stories are still charming and likeable; I guess I just want to find similar settings by an LDS author because I start to feel a little turned off when the focus turns to faith and grace as enough, my mind turns to my belief that God also requires works to show our faith. My beliefs are best explained here: fairlds/Bible/Are_We_S. Anyway, the story was one of her most 'sweet' stories, and was a nice diversion. It is the last in th [...]

Here is my standard blurb for a book that I've read to my wife: Another book that I read to Diana. We can't do much anymore after her stroke, so I read to her to spend time together. Diana has always loved to have someone to read to her - and I like to do just that.Again, this was not great literature, but entertaining. We pretty much knew the ending, except neither of us foresaw Grandma Em getting married until it happened.

The forth and final book in the A Place Called Home Series. (sigh) Although I enjoyed all four books, this one may have been the best of the bunch. Silas and Amy were so sweet. (I picture Sam Elliot in my mind as Silas) Most of the book - well, at least a good part of it - was like a reunion. We got to revisit every as well as make some new friends. And the way the Cameron's adopted the Jackson's was so heart warming. Sad to see the series end.

The Cameron family extents to their close friends and newly adopted children. They look out for each other, but must importantly they love and pray for one another. Silas and Amy Cameron adopt five children when their mother died and their father was still gone out West.Time Period: 1894Location: Wisconsin, United StatesReviewed from a personal copy.

Another typical Lori Wick book with too much religion being shoved down the reader's throat for no reason other than her obsession with witnessing and some unrealistic manufactured crisis for a damsel in distress who needs a godly man to save her.I don't recommend these books to anyone who doesn't like judgy Christians.

I love the premise -- Amy and Silas should open their home to this needy family. I also am fond of Amanda -- her conversion and her independence in spite of her fears is priceless. What I would have liked to see more of was Amy and Silas learning to be parents (especially as far as disciplining the younger ones) -- and helping their children to God.

It was sad to finish the last book of the series, I became so attached to the characters! Would love to read some more Lori Wick books, nice and easy, relaxing reads with beautiful romantic story lines.

Probably my favorite of the series.

A Place Called Home #4Read:October 19-23 2015

i wish life with all the camerons could go on

I'm sad to read the last book in this series. I wish there were a few more. I'm going to have to check out a few more Lori Wick books. I've really liked these.


If I had known these books were such fast reads I would have done my assignment earlier.

Wick, Lori PB

this was better than some

It's been a while, but I love all her books

Place Called Home series / book four

great book!

LP Wic

# 4? in series This might be the last. I still have to get to #3. This seems to sum up the series but I can think of other things I would like to know about the family!

Very good storyline. Believable with good ending.

When the Lord closes a door he opens a window. In Amy's case the door was that they could not have a baby and the window the Lord open was a ready made family of five. Was she really ready of this?

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