Five Years To Freedom

James N. Rowe

Five Years To Freedom

Five Years To Freedom

  • Title: Five Years To Freedom
  • Author: James N. Rowe
  • ISBN: 9780345314604
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

When Green Beret Lieutenant James N Rowe was captured in 1963 in Vietnam, his life became than a matter of staying alive.In a Vietcong POW camp, Rowe endured beri beri, dysentery, and tropical fungus diseases He suffered grueling psychological and physical torment He experienced the loneliness and frustration of watching his friends die And he struggled every dayWhen Green Beret Lieutenant James N Rowe was captured in 1963 in Vietnam, his life became than a matter of staying alive.In a Vietcong POW camp, Rowe endured beri beri, dysentery, and tropical fungus diseases He suffered grueling psychological and physical torment He experienced the loneliness and frustration of watching his friends die And he struggled every day to maintain faith in himself as a soldier and in his country as it appeared to be turning against him.His survival is testimony to the disciplined human spirit.His story is gripping.

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I will start off by highly recommending this book. I bought the book off the shelf in a truck stop. I was hoping it wasn't about John McCain. I had never heard of James N. Rowe. After getting through the first chapter, and learning about the firefight and capture I was completely hooked. I ended up reading the book in 2 days. After getting about halfway through, I thought that I would write Col. Rowe a letter telling my thoughts. I discovered that this book was in reprint from 1970's, and Col. R [...]

A not to be forgotten account by James 'Nick' Rowe. A US Green Beret captured in Vietnam and held for 5 years under the toughest of conditions. The reader will find that most of this book is designated to his ordeal with a small amount at the beginning on his training and his readying himself for the mission and subsequent capture, then at the end his escape and return to the US. The majority of the book is a very detailed retelling of his time with the Viet Cong as a prisoner of war.Sometimes i [...]

It is tough to review this book and do it justice; how do you write a review about a book that describes in horrifying detail what one man went through at the hands of oppressors? How do you write about those horrors without sounding trite [as you sit in your warm house, enjoying the very things he went without for 5 years]? You don't.Nick Rowe was a hero. He survived a horrific ordeal and never lost his faith in God and faith in his country; even while being barraged with lies being told to him [...]

I don't know what to say about this book other than Read It! The experiences this man went through as a POW for five years, and the fact that he was able to keep surviving is a testament to his character and human resolve in the face of adversity. If you think you're going through hardships and life is so tough on you, this book will put things into perspective. I can imagine it was difficult for the author to put all these things on paper and relive the experiences while writing, but it is to t [...]

An incredible story there are many like this out there, but it was Rowe's account that got the Army to start training people in Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. This is virtually a textbook in SERE training

A riveting account of a man who went through hell and survived. This book chronicles the events leading up to and his eventual capture by the Viet Cong. It gives an account of his interactions with his captors, fellow prisoners, and how he was able to survive even when there was no reason to keep on hoping.What made this book so captivating was that the author did not hold back in his account, and told the tale even when it was obviously painful to remember and recite the most horrible moments. [...]

AWESOME book! I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in Vietnam or war stories or just stories of amazing survival. It is very readable and gives a lot of background into the Vietnam culture and the politics of the war. The man kept a diary throughout his captivity and it showed an interesting side to the indoctrination/policies of the Vietnam people.

Although at times a difficult read, both emotionally and just the amount of detail involved, it was also a harrowing account of Rowe's experience as a POW. It's hard to give a memoir of such personal disclosure and detail anything less than 5 stars. This man's courage, honor and determination were amazing. (view spoiler)[ I was saddened to learn that he was killed in the late 80s while on a military assignment. So sad to have endured so much to have been killed by the 'enemy'. However, it sounds [...]

This one rivaled Unbroken for me. Though this prisoner-of-war was not "physically" tortured (technically), the mental anguish they put him through was horrifying. And that was added to the deplorable physical conditions they kept him in. I was amazed at how he managed to keep his sanity and sense of reasoning throughout those five years. I must say, though, that if you're offended by language, this is not the book for you! The author does not censor the language he or other soldiers used, and th [...]

A classic story of true courage, especially poignant as tomorrow is Memorial Day. I remember when they brought Nick Rowe back on active duty to start up the SERE-- survival, evasion, resistance and escape course at Camp Mackall-- which would be renamed in his honor.If you want to understand true bravery, read this book.

Forget the history books - this is the way that we should learn history, from those who lived it. Anyone who reads this book will never forget it.

Another great read. LTC Rowe is an American hero. RIP

Astonishing I rarely give books five star ratings. Many of my reads have gotten 4 stars because they were well written and about subjects that I am interested in. This book goes beyond being interesting. It is superbly written, much of it in first person. The author takes us back to 1962, he a young Army Officer, Special Forces. It is Vietnam. But this is not an action packed military thriller, nor an analysis of of how, why or should we have been there, though those issues are covered in some r [...]

This was a book that made me realize how much a human can go through physically, mentally, and emotionally. Captured by the Vietnamese in 1963, this solider was a POW for 5yrs. Even thought they never physically beat him, they would take away cloths, food, or his mosquito net as punishment. He spent 5yrs having dystentary and a fungus that covered him from neck to foot and made his fingernails and toenails fall off. He was severely malnourished, living on a diet of rice and salt with very little [...]

I honestly don't know what to say after reading this book. If you want a glimpse of the sacrifice some have paid for us, give this a read. If you want some perspective on what is really important, give this a read. Not only was it interesting and enlightening to read how some POWs were treated (not really a surprise, but the details and repercussions of his treatment really make an impact), but his recall of what was running through his mind during his time in captivity and the perspective he of [...]

This book changed my life. It's been years since I read it, but Nick Rowe remains one of my heroes. This man and his actions demonstrate what a man who will not sacrifice himself, who retains his essential rights under the hardest conditions, can accomplish. I was fortunate enough to meet Nick Rowe at Fort Bragg, NC many years after his time as a POW and to hear him tell a bit of his story in his own words. Colonel Rowe was a man of great humility, great vision and great bravery. I strongly reco [...]

An amazing story.This is a long story, but worth the reading, especially if you recall the times. As I read I marveled at the strength of spirit the author exhibited. It was almost unreal and seemed like a work of fiction, even then sending shivers down your spine. The reader comes away with a real understanding of what freedom truly means.

Very inspiring tale of a US Marine Lieutenant who was captured by the Viet Cong in 1963, and, after several unsuccessful attempts, manages to escape in 1968. His feelings as he resists the attempts to brain wash him, and as he sees fellow prisoners being released or dying are all told in extremely moving detail.

Excellent read. I little slow in the beginning, but more than made up for it later on. Easy to read, and could almost put myself with James. Worth your time if you have any interest in the subject.

The definitive work on the subject of life as a POW.

Awesome read! Sad story of perilous trials. Survival spirit and watching your comrades backs. To be hailed a hero and criminal all in one breath

Wow, this was a great book to read. I've never read such an account of life as a prisoner of war, even more, someone who survived. James Rowe was someone who only comes along once in a lifetime. He never broke under the pressure of the VC, for 5 years, and held his honor and courage to survive. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the subject or wants to learn more about Vietnam. I learned a lot from reading this book, about Rowe and the war, even though I have read several [...]

A harrowing story of Nick Rowe's POW experience in South Vietnam. It's a story of life with the Viet Cong and at once the relative freedom and extreme depravity the VC POWs were subjected to.While I enjoyed the story and can appreciate the horrors that Rowe faced living with the VC, I also felt like only half the story was ever reported. Missing words or phrases in the text (it may be because I was reading the Kindle version? Sometimes that messes stuff up, man) obfuscated key elements of his ti [...]

This ought to be required reading in every American university. Nick Rowe not only managed to survive 5 years as a POW in Vietnam, he did it without compromising his honor. Through the telling of his story, Nick Rowe not only manages to paint a very vivid picture of the twisted thoughts and ideas of his Communist captors, he also paints a picture of what true American resolve can accomplish. After reading this book, I was left wondering what shapes a person into a "Nick Rowe"? Primarily, I was l [...]

A story not so much of human endurance as stubbornness. Captured by the VC, Rowe resolutely refuses to say the things they want him to, and as a result spends five years in hell rather than being released for reasons he never explains. Luckily he doesn't die like some of his comrades, though the privations are truly appalling (as are the stupidity and incidental cruelty of his captors). In spite of all this--and the terrible destruction from the air he witnesses first-hand -- Rowe never loses hi [...]

Then-Lt. Nick Rowe's resilience is an incredible example for anyone facing a challenging time, be it SERE training or just a down time over some circumstance of life. You'll be a whole lot more grateful for the life you have after reading it. It is a five-star book, but I almost gave it four because I suspect he suffered much more that he was able to discuss because of future SERE students and because of POWs still in captivity at the time of the book's publication. I wish he'd updated it once t [...]

I wish that I could give a star or two more. The guy went through pure hell, for a long time. I couldn't understand why he didn't take the easy way out to get home (won't go into it any further, don't want to spoil it for anyone). But I wasn't there, I wasn't him. Its a pretty gritty story and its amazing that he didn't seem to suffer physically or mentally after his imprisonment. I just really didn't like his writing style. A good story, it just didn't grab me

What is most intriguing about this story is what the author missed while a POW. In our modern age, it is nearly impossible to imagine a complete disconnection from everyone and everything you know. Of all the themes in this book, I found that to be the most interesting underlying feature. I think the author handled it very well, despite having written it long before the internet and cell phones tied us together so tightly.

Incredibly difficult to read due to subject matter. It's hard to believe he was able to survive all that he went through. It also made me think about how disheartening it must have been to be held prisoner and stay true to your code and hear about how a vast majority of the country was no longer supporting you. I'm glad we have learned our lesson in that regardless of how we feel about being at war with a people or country we still remember to honor and support our troops.

When an ex-Army Special Forces veteran finds out you're interested in military history, and THIS is the book he gives you to read, it would be wise to read it. That's what happened to me, and I was not let down. Little did I know until after reading the book that my veteran friend actually KNEW Nick Rowe personally, bringing the reality of the horrors he faced even closer to home. The fortitude and faith that Rowe exhibits throughout five years of suffering is absolutely inspirational.

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