Deep Six

Clive Cussler

Deep Six

Deep Six

  • Title: Deep Six
  • Author: Clive Cussler
  • ISBN: 9781416516859
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

Originally published in 1984, Deep Six is now available in a new edition.A deadly tide of poison flows into ocean waters A ghost ship drifts across the empty northern Pacific A luxury Soviet liner blazes into a funeral pyre The Presidential yacht cruises the Potomac night and the President disappears without a trace.Dirk Pitt takes on a sinister Asian shipping empire inOriginally published in 1984, Deep Six is now available in a new edition.A deadly tide of poison flows into ocean waters A ghost ship drifts across the empty northern Pacific A luxury Soviet liner blazes into a funeral pyre The Presidential yacht cruises the Potomac night and the President disappears without a trace.Dirk Pitt takes on a sinister Asian shipping empire in an intercontinental duel of nerves In his most dangerous, fast paced adventure, he fights to save the US government and to seize one desperate moment of revenge

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One of two Cusslers I've read - this one is so over the top it feels that he's kind of the Ed Wood of thriller writing. As such, it is quite enjoyable, but if you like your stories to be about things that can actually happen and heroes that could be real people, skip this one.

After this chapter in the Dirk Pitt saga, its really time to call a halt. Sensible, rational, self-respecting readers should all retreat, beyond this point. Its the last of the Pitt episodes which has any kind of credibility or plausibility whatsoever. Clive Cussler (the author) unfortunately, does not know when to stop with this goofy series. He is dazzled by his name on movie posters and on supermarket check-out aisle paperback racks. An author of grossly immodest self-appraisal, overweening a [...]

It seems like each time I start reading a Clive Cussler book I finish the first chapter and say, "Oh my god this guy can write." This was no exception. This story is quick, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable. As I noted last time, it also has too many coincidences, takes on plot elements so big that they verge on ridiculous and diverges sharply from reality. This doesn't bother me, although I admit that I think that Tom Clancy does a better job with realism. On the other hand, I don't think [...]

I enjoyed the book, but for some reason I had trouble keeping my attention. Maybe it was just me, but with so many characters and everything going every which way, it sometimes lost me. It was definitely unpredictable, to be honest, I'm not sure what happened to some of the characters. I did enjoy reading it, it was just a bit hard to keep track at points!

I cannot say that I disliked the book, but I'm not sure that I need to read another Cussler story. He's a good writer, in that action and adventure sort of way, where leading men are strong, moral and all of the women love them. His stories are well plotted, lots happens, not necessarily by the way of surprise plot twists, but the action scenes are well thought out with the hero racing from one predicament to the next. At the end of the book, the hero saves the damsel and the villain perishes. N [...]

One of the better books I have read in a long time, excellent thriller. You have just got to love how Cussler pulls all these seemingly random strands together.

There is a lot of science fiction in this book and the prose is often clunky, but it doesn't lack for suspense, especially at the climax. Dirk Pitt has at least nine lives and possibly a lot more since this is the seventh book featuring him. The author is very knowledgeable about diving and salvage operations, and this expertise is evident. The book has a lot of characters that are difficult to keep track of, since they are often mentioned by just their names rather than a title or affiliation. [...]

In the 7th installment of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt NUMA action-adventure series, Deep Six, Dirk Pitt returned in this thrilling novel. A deadly tide of poison flowed into the ocean, a ghost ship drifted across an empty ocean, while a Soviet liner went on fire, and the Presidential yacht cruised across the Potomac while the President disappeared without a trace. Dirk and Al took on a sinister Asian shipping empire and fought to save the country, while seizing one moment for revenge.

Typical action, one man army hero type novel. A good read for people liking such novels.

My 9th outing with Dirk Pitt adventures.Clive Cussler the master storyteller, this is yet another feather to his cap. I was awestruck by his skill of interweaving various sub plots in the story. The novel starts in the year 1966, with Arta Casilighio the teller of Beverly-Wilshire bank steals 120000 dollars and hatches a plan to escape from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand in a cargo ship, but she was killed by Korean seamen. Another sub story, in Augustine Island, Alaska a poison leak in [...]

Deep Six is Clive Cussler's seventh Dirk Pitt adventure and for most people reading it, they would have read at least some of the other Pitt adventures. Those people know what to expect from Cussler and would be more than satisfied with another tale of a marine engineer saving the free world once again. For myself, I would probably lump myself into that category as well. Cussler is into a groove by this point in the mid-80s, at that's not necessarily a bad thing.An Asian shipping empire, Cold Wa [...]

Ok, this was creepy. Set in 1980's, the book is about the president being manipulated by the Russians. As I type this indictments went out to arrest 13 Russians who manipulated the 2016 election and potential collusion by Trump. This story was fun and while the technology is non-existent even today, it works.

Typical, exotic Cussler.The President is kidnapped and the Russians plant a mind control chip in his head.He declares the US a dictatorship.Deadly poison in the Artic ocean.A huge fleet of ships stolen.Ugly, brutal Korean family is responsible for it all.Can Dirk Pitt help?? Of course, but not until the last pagef1

Clive Cussler has made a very successful career at producing fast paced, entertaining adventures which provide us with a clean cut hero in the form of Dirk Pitt as he finds himself battling yet another villain out to ruin the world.While Cussler's fans, who number in the legions, faithfully purchase each new novel as it comes out, there has been a change in the novels as they have become longer in length, with more exotic locales and more fantastic in their stories.Deep Six is one of the older n [...]

Classic, vintage Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt novel that still holds its entertainment value even having read it three times (first at age 11,then again in my late 20s, and now at the ripe ol' age of 40). The great action, humor, geographical and nautical adventure, plot twists, and intriguing characters that made Clive's early Dirk Pitt books so great. Certain elements of the novel are dated, such as the existence of (1) the World Trade Center and (2) the Soviet Union (but then again, given how the [...]

This actually ended up being better than I expected. After being disappointed by too many books in a row, I decided to go for the next Dirk Pitt novel on my TBR list. I figured that at least I'd know I was getting into melodramatic and over-the-top situations. Clive and Dirk delivered what I was looking for and then some - a Russian scheme to brainwash the President of the United States, emotional promises of vengeance coupled with pounding fists, and a half a dozen ridiculous reasons for female [...]

This is the same comment for all the Dirk Pitt books:Great set of books, I had to stagger these books into my reading rotation since they are so similar. Dirk Series Book in less then 50 words.(introduction to bad guy, introduction to hot chick, introduction to Dirk, Dirk gets in impossible dangerous situations to stop the bad guy, Dirk wins, Dirk gets the hot chick.)

Another strong early Dirk Pitt adventure that I loved. Once again a cool mix of history, international intrigue, and one of the best villainess of the series. These earlier Cussler novels are amongst his best in my opinion.

Yet another reread and each Cussler I pick up gets better than the last! I am remembering why I loved these so much!

It was so ridiculous that it took me nearly forever to read. Some other Cussler books are fun and light, but this was way over the top.


From the same author I had read “raise the titanic” a few months ago and found it *really* awful. It was barely ok as mindless speed-read entertainment. Either I have lost lots of IQ points since then (who knows), or Clive Cussler has enormously improved as a writer between the two books. Deep Six was very enjoyable, the story especially was broad and deep, quite subtle in its intrigue and sprinkled with technical explanations that came naturally. It’s story and action all the way through, [...]

Pretty typical early-ish Dirk Pitt novel. Not quite as misogynistic as as couple of the others but still very full of manly men and the ladies that love to please them. I read these mainly because I really enjoy these adventure stories that tie the past and present into crazy escapades. And Al Giordino is a great character even if he is second fiddle. If you can get past the chest puffing macho bullshit these are pretty fun stories. This one was interesting in that it tied chemical weapons and m [...]

This was a fast read. One of his 'shorter' books, due in part to it being an earlier adventure. It moved at a fast pace and is definitely vintage Cussler. So much better than the stories being co-written with and written by his son! It has a fast flow to it and, as always, requires some kind of suspension of disbelief when reading, but aren't all James Bond movies like that? The book starts out with a scene from the mid-60s where a young woman steals $128,000 from her bank, takes on a new identi [...]

Dirk Pitt once more tangles up with impossible odds, diabolical masterminds, a smart good looking woman, political intrigue and plenty of aquatic action. It's a recipe that works for Cussler, book after book. Deep Six sees Pitt take on some shady racketeers with purely revenge in mind, however, unbeknownst to Pitt, the schemers have plans afoot which will shake the whole political world. More diverse in it's approach to previous Dirk Pitt adventures, Deep Six is a complex action novel, however, [...]

A spy-type thriller. It is a good read, a bit far-fetched at times, but it gripped my interest. Interesting to read fiction written in 1984, to see outdated references, interesting “predictions” and simply glimpses of life/views that seem long past though it was only twenty years ago. Read in four days.

Enjoyed this ,Cussler writes stories without the need to have sex and swearing ,I'm no prude but it's great to read books that you could recommend too younger teen's where the adventure and characters take you on a rollercoaster ride from the 1st page till the last and then pick another Cussler novel and get back on .

This one bounced around quite a bit for another good, true to form, Dirk Pitt adventure. Funny reading this book as it was published 20 or so years ago originally---some of the language in the book doesn't strike me as PC now. Additionally some of the advanced technology does date the book but at its heart still a great read!

Dirk Pitt is again thrown into the deep end when his talents are needed to find a ship of destruction. Lives are lost and danger is round every bend as an egomaniacal organisation bent on obtaining as much power and greed that they can grasp goes head to head with our reluctant hero who seems to have bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

A fast paced thriller. One of my favorites of his.The Russians kidnap the president and brainwash him to do their bidding. A bit complicated when all they really had to do was find a man alreay running, help him win, and make a puppet of him. But that doesn’t make for a thrilling adventure.

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