The Eye of the Hunter

Dennis L. McKiernan

The Eye of the Hunter

The Eye of the Hunter

  • Title: The Eye of the Hunter
  • Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
  • ISBN: 9780451452689
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

A thousand years had passed since the Eye of the Hunter last glared in the heavens A thousand years since the immortal Elfess Riatha brought word of the prophecy to the Warrows Tomlin and Petal with whom she had leagued to hunt down and defeat Baron Stoke, one of the most evil beings to ever stalk the lands of Mithgar The price of Stoke s doom had been a beloved companioA thousand years had passed since the Eye of the Hunter last glared in the heavens A thousand years since the immortal Elfess Riatha brought word of the prophecy to the Warrows Tomlin and Petal with whom she had leagued to hunt down and defeat Baron Stoke, one of the most evil beings to ever stalk the lands of Mithgar The price of Stoke s doom had been a beloved companion s life, the two plunging, locked in combat, down an icy chasm which had sealed shut the ring of eternity Now the comet known as the Eye of the Hunter again rode Mithgar s skies, and the creatures of darkness once again ravaged the lands, heralding the imminent return of their dread master, Baron Stoke And now five brave souls must answer the call of prophecy Riatha and the Elf called Aravan Gwylly and Faeril, last in a long line of Firstborn Warrow descendants of Tomlin and Petal and one other, one restored to them from Death s chill grasp

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When I first read this book, I wrote the following inside it; "It is fun to see how you can take our 'boring' world and make it inhabitable by mystical beings of myth and legend - it absolutely makes it more interesting to live in our world!"This is one of my all-time favorite Mithgar stories! Why? Well, it just has cool characters, a real group of unlikely friends who journey across the entire world and has wondeful and exciting experiences. I think we see most of the world in this oneI highly [...]

This is certainly one of McKiernan's best tales of Mithgar, with a large cast of sympathetic characters and a complex and detailed plot. It's excellent high fantasy, and perfect for Tolkien fans.

Okay, so I had to reset rating for this book from five stars to three because the last time I read this book I was an emotional pre-teen who had a sick obsession with high fantasy, and I can honestly say that if nothing else, my reading tastes have broadened.So my biggest complaint, as an adult? The unnecessary addition of a descriptor for every character in every mention until halfway through the book. I understand what his intentions were - considering there are other books whose events influe [...]

I am a fan of Mithgar and as such I have yet to come across a Mithgar book I didn't like. Of course some are better than others and it's been a while since I read this particular book, but it is an enjoyable story and time well spent.

Emotional and well written.I have loved this authors writing since I started reading fantasy. Tolkien was my first but Dennis McKiernan made me fall in love with genre. This is a tale of vengeance with a philosophy about the battle between good and evil. This has darkness this has light and with the way he writes it makes you think. I am glad I reread this and it made me fall in love with Mithgar all over again.

This is one of my favorite McKiernan books. A little long and with some unnecessary parts, but the tale is great and well written. It is a story of revenge, undertaken by several races and features a handful of well known characters. McKiernan writes with an easy style that makes it easy to read. Plus, this is a stand alone novel. No need to read further.

A good readIf you like epic fantasy this is a good one to have. This book has it all, laughter, suspense, and oh yes tears.

Wow, everyone else rated this so well. To be honest, I never finished this, and last time I tried was years ago-- I'll guess '99, but I think it was earlier. I gave my big critique of McKiernan on another of his books, but will mention here that I'm willing to have my mind changed-- honestly, I'd like to enjoy McKiernan's work-- but even this novel, written much later than his first works (when you'd think he'd have learned a thing or two), felt very poorly written. I'll try to work up the nerve [...]

I FINALLY finished this book. The basic story was great, no qualms there, it was full of excitement, danger, all that good stuff. But the book was WAY WAY WAY to long. The author kept swerving off on side stories or the characters would go on these epic journeys that lasted FOREVER and it was like the author was trying to describe every single step that they took. Also there was all of these philosophical rantings it the middle of everything (did I mention that this book was way to long). I kept [...]

I began this novel a number of years ago, reaching as far as chapter 9 or 10 at least. However, I was reading the paperback edition and I gradually lost my way. I now realize this was one of the early casualties of my slowly failing vision. Now with an ebook copy, I am returning to Mithgar.McKiernan's world is fun and one of the better extrapolations of Middle-Earth. I like his characters and stories. However, his stories could do with a little judicious pruning. For that reason, I expect this p [...]

This is one of the books that made me fall totally in love with Fantasy novels. I found both the author and the story so believeable that I was totally absorbed in the book. I have read this book so many times that I've had to replace it twice, and I still laugh and cry along with the characters. If you don't read any other fantasy novel, make sure you read this one.

This book was one of my best childhood memories. Somebody lent it to me and I have remembered it since. All my life trying to find it, or hoping for a new edition. Finally got it in a book market a couple of years ago.In my opinion, the finest, purest epic fantasy. A book that I'm very happy I found, because I would love for my children (or any body else's) to read.

This is possibly the best book i have ever read. It actually made me cry when one of the characters (not telling who) died. It hade fantastic action sceans and wonderfully developed characters and two romance side stories. The elves home land was wonderfully thought out and the bad guy is one of the worst out there. Just writing this review makes me want to read it again.

It felt like a duology put in one book. so in the middle there was a whole section, that was out of sync. The speed picked up considerably at the end, but the last 50 pages were for the closure of the story. McKiernan put as much focus on that part as he did on the longer journeys. It may bring us closer to the characters, but it took me nearly a month to finish this book that is way too long.

Parts of it were very good, but the scattered fragments didn't make the whole especially remarkable. It had the feel of a sequel--I realize it featured repeat characters, but even so it didn't have to feel like 'part 3 of 4'. Some of the characters were better-developed than is usual for this author, but there was a bit too much melodrama. (Drama: OK. Melodrama: not so much.)

I recommend this book to fans of Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings, for this book feels like one of its many spiritual children. Immortal elves, magic, fights, demonic villains, twists, love, death, grief, great book except for one event at the end of the book.

This is a light fantasy novel, easy and pleasent to read. Somewhat inventive, but occasionally predictable. I ripped thru it.

I read this when I was in the my teens. Positive memories but I can't remember enough to give a rating.

eh not bad

This is the best of the Mithgar books so far. Still have the last two of them to go but I can't remember them being this good. I dig it.

Great fantasy chase novel with a fascinating elven character and a chilling villain.

This was the first Mithgar book I read. I liked it enough to read the rest of the series.

This was such a good book, I actually cried at the end!

Classic McKiernan! A great dook!

i think this book started my love for dork fantasy novels.

Read it as a kid liked it back then :) (i'm talking like 8)

What a deliciously evil bad guy. Really, one of the worst bad guys I have read. And there are some pretty graphically violent scenes.The characters are amazing. I fell in love with them.

Great read Bit of a frankenstein rip off though.

I got through about 50 pages or so. Maybe it'll be good, maybe not. But, if after 50 pages I don't want to read it while eating breakfast before work, it hits the DNF shelf.

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