Kilo Class

Patrick Robinson

Kilo Class

Kilo Class

  • Title: Kilo Class
  • Author: Patrick Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780061096853
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback

The US Department of Defense is well aware of China s intention to shut the US Carrier Battle Groups out of the Taiwan Strait and then to reclaim, by military force if necessary, the rich independent island that sits only one hundred miles off China s eastern coastline A strike force of patrolling Kilos could achieve that objective for Beijing, and two of the ten Kilos haThe US Department of Defense is well aware of China s intention to shut the US Carrier Battle Groups out of the Taiwan Strait and then to reclaim, by military force if necessary, the rich independent island that sits only one hundred miles off China s eastern coastline A strike force of patrolling Kilos could achieve that objective for Beijing, and two of the ten Kilos have already been delivered Kilo Class is about US attempts to foil delivery of the other eight The President s new National Security Adviser, the irascible Texas admiral Arnold Morgan, prepares to send the US Navy s deadliest Black Ops hit squads deep into dark Russian waters Their missions are executed under the most crushing code of secrecy One mistake could literally start World War III The decision is sanctioned by the President of the United States Now the world s three most powerful nations silently lock horns Russia, determined to deliver the submarines to Shanghai for a payment of billions of dollars China, determined to reclaim Taiwan by frightening off the US aircraft carriers and the United States, brutally determined that those Kilos will never fly the flag of China above their bridges.

Recent Comments "Kilo Class"

Terrible, absolutely terrible. The plot had promise, but huge gaps in the story and timeline did little to improve the crappiness. I think the author tries to write like Tom Clancy's "what if" style, but he just really sucked.

I enjoyed this book. Well developed characters with good back story on a few. Good technical descriptions without being too dense in that regard.

'Kilo Class' by all means is a very specific military (Navy) action-thriller that catered to that very reader(ship) group. Which leaves about almost all of us a bit alienated by the terms and turn of events that unfold in the story. I am not really sure if Robinson was trying to appeal to a wider demographic or bigger scope of readers with this book, because reading through it, I cannot help but to be confused with many things, except if I were a serviceman. As of any other books, the first few [...]

The book jacket described the story as "a taut, page-turning techno-thrillers the highest quality, grounded in fact and ringing with authenticity." I don't know if it is quite all that, but I was entertained while reading it. It would definitely fall into the techno-thriller category, as three countries basically play hide and seek with submarines. The author kept the separate story lines he wove together straight while keeping the action moving. But for me, it was the action, not the characters [...]

The second in the series of realistic fictional submarine stories. This one was better constructed than the first from a story standpoint. More complex plot construction, and an intricate weaving of story perspectives. It gained momentum as it went along and reached a natural progression. Looking forward to continuing the story, hopefully with a few more appearances from our favorite couple of characters from the first book.

I find this authors writing very interesting. He has had to do a lot of research to write with this detail. Robinson reminds me of reading a Clancy novel. In Kilo Class he explores the current event of the Chinese wanting to control Taiwan and the straits around I­t­. Very good sequel to Nimitz class

Accepting the limitations of an abridged edition, I followed the action with interest. The action was a major attraction overall, with the exception of a couple of major characters: the hero, and anti-hero of the story. I don't really understand them any better, now that I have read a couple of books they dominate.

This is the second book written by Patrick Robinson and I enjoyed it more the second time reading it than I did the first time. However, I do not know if I can quite put it at four stars, so I will leave it at three. I felt it had a good pace to it up until the end, when it ends rather abruptly. The character development is okay - some characters from the first novel return and there are plenty of new characters for this novel.The first two books involve 'what if' scenarios as the author tries t [...]

I’m going to go ahead and do a review for “Kilo Class”. I’m about forty percent through it… and odd for giving an early review, it’s not just that I can’t stand any more of it… The book is okay, really… Tedious at times… But stomachable. The problem, really, is the length, and the length of the chapters. It takes me several days of reading to read one chapter, so I’m always having to give up in the middle of a chapter, and because the book doesn’t really grab me, I’m ab [...]

It's fun to watch the American Navy with apparently 60+ nuclear submarines pissing their pants at the prospect of China buying 10 old Russian subs. Classic bully mentality. Other than that, there's nothing positive to say here.Unlike in his previous novel, where at least the Americans were attacked first, this time around they decide that they are perfectly justified in attacking another nations's navy, because they had the nerve to buy submarines. This would normally start WW3, but don't worry, [...]

This is an interesting book about submarine warfare in the post Cold War era. The Russians have several extra kilo class diesel electric submarines that they have decided to sell to the Chinese. The problem is that they have to deliver them from the shipyards on the Volga River to China. The US does not want the submarines delivered because they believe the Chinese will use them to block off the Taiwan Straits and trade for Taiwan. So the US has to destroy the submarines as they are being delive [...]

This was my first Patrick Robinson book and I wasn't sure I'd like it because it had to do with submarines and other things I don't normally read about. Oh was I wrong - this book had me hooked from the beginning! Robinson takes you through the story and thankfully explains the workings of our Navy's nuclear submarines (which fascinated me) and introduces everyone to the hard-nosed Admiral Arnold Morgan (my new favorite man). I could not put this book down and am actually going to read it again [...]

This was a silly book. Premise: China has ordered some super-submarines from Russia. These will be able to destroy US naval power in Asia. So the US goes and sinks them. Just like that. No hassle at all. So what was the danger? Who knows? Robinson has sometimes been accuse of writing satires of the Clancy-style techno thriler, and you can see why: the Americans are all 6'2" tall, built like linebackers and have gorgeous ex-actor wives. Their boss is a cigar chomping xenophobe who rants and raves [...]

A nice page-turner. Arnold Morgan is quite the character yet again in his hard-nose approach to Russian military maneuvers and dealing with the increasing threat poised by China. This story includes ice adventures under the North Pole and explosive actions near the South Pole; special military agents working undercover in Russia to destroy submarines being sold to China, and tracking the efforts of Taiwan to develop their own nuclear capabilities. While the story is fictional, Robinson has resea [...]

* The follow-on to Patrick Robinson's Nimitz Class, this book is not for everyone as it requires of the reader a certain understanding of maritime terms and world navigation. That said, Kilo-Class will take you on a head-spinning international tour with an explosive climax.* Follow the Morgan series into #3, H.M.S. Unseen

The book started well, better written than its predecessor. I really enjoyed the background story and how everything was (a little predictably) playing out. Then the end came, and it came abruptly. All that backstory was resolved in a few short sentences, to my mind, quite unsatisfactorily. My other nit is that Robinson seems to think all Americans cuss quite a lot, which is counter to my experience, especially for people in power which are the primary people he is dealing with in these books.Ro [...]

Whilst initially a little slow to begin, once started this was an excellent story. Some people may classify it as a "techno thriller" however in my mind it is merely a modern novel about submarine warfare.The premise is rather straight forward, China intends to purchase a number of Kilo class submarines from Russia and the United States view is that this would destabilise the region and as such decides to put a stop to the transaction. Commence undersea submarine shenanigans.Overall, good plot, [...]

This was a very good military thriller. The story was utterly plausible which is sometimes not the case with books in the genre. I liked the secondary story that took place in the Southern Ocean, although seemingly unrelated to the main story of the Chinese Kilo's, it was tied in nicely at the end. The only negative thing I have to say about this book is that it betrays the US military and political machine as being WAY too efficient.

It was a little far fetched but an okay read. It seemed very neat, and wrapped up in the novel but the basic components of the storyline did work. I think that ill probably continue reading the series to see how the characters develop and how the author is able to continue the integration of them. Worth a look if you like this type of book, as a enjoyer of military fiction i certainly had no issues reading it

This novel is basically an extension of Nimitz Class with many of the same characters. Both books are very good reads. Nimitz is probably the more personal of the two as the Americans were the victims in that story. In Kilo Class the Americans are the aggressors and the plot is more involved with both the Chinese and Russians involved.

This was my second Arnold Morgan adventure. A very interesting plot. Grabs you on the first page, and doesn't let go. You feel you are getting to know all the regular cast. It's like visiting with friends. A lot of tension, and exploding action, with some humor thrown in for good measure. A good read.

First read in 2000 - in paperback - probably as an "airport" or "travel" read. Probably read Nimitz Class first. After that, I've looked for Patrick Robinson's books from time to time. Interesting stories. Minor suspension of belief required. And no way Admiral Morgan exists in US Government in the 1990s/2000s.Second (?) read finished 2016-01-23 in Kindle App

I liked this second in the series. The detail in his writing when describing the SEALs carrying the canisters and the set-up for the destruction of the Kilo's was great. I almost felt as if I was carrying all those canisters!

Lots of interesting parts to the story that kept me turning pages. Some parts were a little tedious but the unanswered questions kept me reading to the end. Great read if you are into Naval operations.

Believable, entertaining, fast paced and fun. Very good book. My only complaint would be that it ended in something of a hurry. Would have been nice to have an ending developed as well as the rest of the book.

A good thriller. But a one sided story. How can US personnel even get near to Russian made submarines, moreover which are going to supplied to China, both arch rivals.But other than its practical accuracy, book is good.

Great story line but a little too much detail for my liking. I had to skim through the superfluous dialogue and info or I would have given up on the book altogether. The parts I chose to read completely were compelling.

Un romanzo "alla Clancy" ma meno convincente, meno realistico e con un finale troppo "telefonato".Resta comunque una piacevole lettura per svagarsi un po', se vi piace il genere.

Saw the ending coming, where Boomer is going to sink the K10. Could have used one more chapter to talk about Cale Dunning (Boomer)

Still remember why I bought this book: Russia, espionage, submarines I read it but have to read it again. Where did my brain hide all these years??

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