Barracuda 945

Patrick Robinson

Barracuda 945

Barracuda 945

  • Title: Barracuda 945
  • Author: Patrick Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780060086633
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

He was one of the world s most skillful submariners, trained by the best in the business, the Royal Navy Now, at the peak of his powers and skill, he finally comes into his own For years, he has been a sleeper for the enemies of the West, now he has been given his orders and will carry them out with brutal efficiency, or die in the attempt His target The oil supply linHe was one of the world s most skillful submariners, trained by the best in the business, the Royal Navy Now, at the peak of his powers and skill, he finally comes into his own For years, he has been a sleeper for the enemies of the West, now he has been given his orders and will carry them out with brutal efficiency, or die in the attempt His target The oil supply lines that carry America s life blood from the frozen wastes of Alaska to the power hungry refineries of America s West Coast His weapon A lethal submarine, Barracuda 945, that he hijacks before setting off in search of the pipelines he will destroy The Barracuda, like the shark it is named after, is swift, silent and deadly Who can stop him only the Special Forces and the submariners of the West s navies, but only if they can trace him in the first place and eliminate him before he destroys the oil supply routes.

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2.5 stars out of 5.0, rounded up to 3.0 because rounding down seemed a trifle unfair before finishing the review. This novel has an interesting main topic/plot: the defection of an extremely highly trained SAS Major who is absolutely the super-best at everything he does. However, he is really a sleeper agent for HAMAS and eventually takes up a position planned for him many years earlier: that of a treasonous SAS guy who (amazingly it must be said) trains in a matter of months to become the skipp [...]

It's been a while since I've gotten back to this series and I'm glad I did. A very well written book along the lines of a Tom Clancy series involving military and geo-political power.

Interesting book. I think I may have read it before - some if it is very interesting, some of it is so, so. It was good, overall. Had a decent flow to it. Character development for the villain was the main focus of the first few chapters. It is 'funny' how many future terrorists are let into specialized British programs [he said with a smile on his face].In this story, a Major in the SAS defects to Hamas because he feels a strange affinity to the people in Palestine. He hooks up with the widow o [...]

Book Review 5Barracuda 945 by Patrick Robinson 4. Most of the characters are well developed in this book. In the beginning, it can be hard to understand why Ray Kerman, one of the main characters, switches from fighting for the British special forces, to becoming the leading terrorist in the group Hamas. However, as the book progress, we learn why Ray does what he does and the book gains coherency. Another character, Arnold Morgan is developed early as an Admiral in the US Navy, but he remains c [...]

I picked this up on my way through Singapore in 2009, thinking that with Admiral Sandy Woodward of Falklands War fame as an advisor, it would be pretty good. Not only is it not, but I could also see why other commanders in the fleet were worried that Woodward, with limited aviation or amphibious experience, be the wrong guy for the job: once the plot puts to sea the whole premise is based on the ‘fact’ that the US Navy is the only service in the US DoD which helps the story along by skipping [...]

I last read this book in May 2011, it was the first Patrick Robinson book I had read at the time and since then I've read the series from Nimitz Class onwards and reached this title earlier this month. I was wondering about whether to re-read it or not but figured it wouldn't be bad to refresh my memory for the following title.I'm glad I did as it certainly is an action filled tale of terrorism and undersea skulduggery. The story revolves around an SAS soldier who defects to HAMAS and employs hi [...]

The premise of this book is very interesting - a mid-level SAS officer crosses the lines and joins Hamas. That in itself makes this book worth reading. Book overall is great, not very deep in details (but that probably should be expected), but a typical cat-and-mouse, spy vs. spy type novel. One incorrect technical detail I noticed was about the ability to turn off the GPS system to render missiles useless. Book states that even the President of the USA cannot do it. AFAIK, it is technically pos [...]

I enjoy the way Robinson uses his characters to bash the Carter and Clinton administrations. They deserve it. Admirals Morris and Morgan might be a bit typecast, and yet I find I'd like to be like them! Odd, too, that the INS Sindhurakshak just caught fire and sank, but started out life as a Kilo class sub. It makes me think, with respect to the series overall, not in particular of this book, that there may be more truth than fiction in these.

Highly disappointed after reading this book. had very high regards for Robinson after reading his earlier books and blindly picked this book going by his reputation but was gravely disappointed by the book. There is nothing much to be written about this book. The plot sucks and you whats going to happen next with having to take a wild guess :-(. I would recommend Robinson fans to give a skip to this bookSeriously.

A good, methodical story line which step by step unfolds the actions of a Westerner turned Hamas leader and his planned attack on America, and simultaneously follows the actions of the US government to stop the attacks and kill the attacker. It was good enough reading. I didn't so much like the ending. I dislike when authors don't have a clean and final ending. Here, like so many, the Author was obviously penning for a sequel. Booo. Don't do that!!!

This book is at best a very watered down version of a Tom Clancy novel. The author drags out a somewhat simple story for a few hundred pages by adding military, political, and social details; most of which he simply makes up. I might have been able to look past all of this, but the ending of this book never happened. The bad guy didn't really win, but he wasn't caught either. The author goes off on a tangent that was implausible and silly. Reading this book was a waste of time.

Another great work of military fiction from Patrick Robinson! Centered around Special Forces and naval operations as usual, this book kept my reading it from beginning to end. I only stopped reading whenever I left my place or went to bed. If you want a good book to read, I highly recommend this one - but you should read the others before it so you can understand the main characters better!

There were several aspects to this book that I found annoying, didn't add to the tension and would have been more suited to a movie script than a book. Other facts were repeated over and over and it all seemed that this book was padded out to meet a predetermined length. I found it disappointing as I've read a few books by Patrick Robinson and this was just a poor effort. It was barely tolerable.

Robinson has some writing skills but unfortunately he has a habit of creating completely implausible plots that lack logic. To his credit he didn't overwhelm the reader with military techno jargon in this novel but at times it seemed like the story was a geography lesson. Robinson took time to lampoon Bill Clinton and that may have been the highlight of this book.

An unbelievable yarn -- Iran buying an Nuclear Submarine from the Russian through the Chinese and then terrorizing the U.S.A. is something I hope can never happen but then again who knows what the future will bring as I'm sure Iran always will had the great Satin of the USA.

Like a cat and mouse game, except the cat and mouse get mixed up at times. Good characters pulling off a believable terrorist strike. This was my first Robinson novel and probably won't be my last.

Good story. Laboriously long read, way to much detail. It does makeyou wonder just how vulnerable the United States is to attack. Couldsome rogue force really raise havoc to the power grid and the crude oilsupply?

the second star is only because David McCallum does an excellent job of narration of this sad piece of work, create by pasting unbelievable parts together to create a story that feels almost a parody of the genre.

An unbelievable Story but vary entertaining and a suspense thriller all because of one English SAS Officer who is beyond smart and who turned into a Muslin fighting machine with a Nuclear Russian Submarine, an interesting concept.

Good tale, same group of "heros" with another naval mystery to research and prevent. Generally well-written series and this book is a fine member of that family.The plotting and premise are excellent.

1st read completed 2004-8-122nd read 2016-03-11 to 2016-03-16While written as a "future history", takes just a "little" issue with former Presidents and their conduct in office. Seemed gratuitous to me.

Former British SAS turns Hamas terrorist and plays havoc on western US with russian nuclear submarine. A simple and entertaining read

Absurd. Pedantically anti-liberal. Embarrassingly weak on technical knowledge.


Yawn! Some nice action, but he paints all the background but no foreground. Where's the the big plot with twists and turns?


Received as a wishlist RABCK

Finora il peggior romanzo di Patrick Robison: va bene scrivere libri ripetitivi e prevedibili, ma questo non ha neanche un finale

That guy knows how to tell a good sub story. I can't give it a higher rating as long as he thinks a military book requires the use of fowl language. It does not.

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