H.M.S. Unseen

Patrick Robinson Sandler David McCallum

H.M.S. Unseen

H.M.S. Unseen

  • Title: H.M.S. Unseen
  • Author: Patrick Robinson Sandler David McCallum
  • ISBN: 9780061098017
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

The H.M.S Unseen is one of the most efficient, lethal submarines ever built But suddenly, on a training mission off the English coast, it vanishes, baffling military intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, including National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan A missing weapon is dangerous enough But then the unthinkable begins to happen.Planes begin blowingThe H.M.S Unseen is one of the most efficient, lethal submarines ever built But suddenly, on a training mission off the English coast, it vanishes, baffling military intelligence on both sides of the Atlantic, including National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan A missing weapon is dangerous enough But then the unthinkable begins to happen.Planes begin blowing up across the skies.Searching for answers, Morgan is convinced that only one man can be behind all these devastating events his archenemy, the world s most cunning yet reportedly dead terrorist spy Determined to stop his old nemesis, Morgan must use all his wits to find a madman armed with a powerful sub hidden somewhere in a million square miles of ocean What Morgan doesn t know, however, is that the fanatical terrorist has a plan of his own, one that will bring these two intense warriors face to face and only one will come out alive in one of the most chilling spy stories of the year.

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Robinson is a master at creating a frightening and compelling plot. He excels at describing naval operations and military hardware and technology. However, in the midst of a fast-paced thriller he begins to suffer as he moves towards a conclusion. As in the first novel ,Nimitz, he begins to stumble forward like a runner who trips and runs forward without really regaining his balance. Robinson also slips into silly and ignorant ideas as he writes. For example, he has his villain address a high ra [...]

Ugh ! What a book. Dont read it. Here's why: The cover picture tells you that this book has a plot that involves shooting down planes using missiles from a submarine (so thats not a spoiler). It starts off very promisingly, with an Iraqi agent who is to be murdered per Saddam's orders, escapes and then, makes a plan to extract revenge. From then, the plot descends to earth as rapidly as a shot-down passenger liner. As far as spy thriller writers go, Robinson is NOT John Le Carre. The plot is inc [...]

* The follow-on to Patrick Robinson's Kilo Class, this book is not for everyone as it requires of the reader a certain understanding of maritime terms and world navigation. That said, Unseen will take you on a head-spinning international tour with an explosive climax.* Follow the Morgan series into #4, U.S.S. Seawolf

I would say 3.5 stars. Better than 3, not deserving of 4. This is my second Patrick Robinson book, and while I enjoyed it and recommend it, it does get tend to get even more political than most military writers. Also, both Robinson books I've finished seem like they wrap up too fast. It's like he reaches a max limit of pages from his editor and just wraps it up. Still, overall, a solid read. Arnold Morgan is quite entertaining.

OK, the unabridged version is a better experience than the abridged versions of the previous 2 books in this series, but still not giving human dimensions to any of the characters. The story arc seems to be an especially bloody long con, and our country just the last one deceived.

I liked the story overall.I was a little disappointed that some of the main characters did not seem as shrewd or questioning of 'obvious' facts as in the previous books.

This is the third fictional book written by Patrick Robinson. I see on it is indicated as being a part of a series called 'Admiral Arnold Morgan'; it is a nice indicator, I suppose, for this batch of books. I thought it had a good plot and flowed well, overall. It did not grip me quite as much the second time around reading it; I think I mixed parts of this storyline up with Scimitar SL-2 when I started reading this again. This book focused more on the villain, per se, than it did the 'heroes', [...]

if you liked Tom Clancy’s Hunt for Red October, you’ll probably like this book as well and if Robinson’s writing career develops as well as Clancy’s did, we will all be well off. I found this book slightly more pedantic than Clancy’s style, but it’s a good story and it is told well.The gist of the plot is that an Iraqi spy, Commander Ben Adnam, discovers that the Iraqi president, who is very morning had awarded Adnam the Iraqi medal of honor in recognition of his years of espionage a [...]

I almost didn't read the book because of the corny name for the submarine. I'm glad I persevered. Excellent story of an imaginative plot to retrofit a submarine so it can knock high-flying aircraft from the sky. By the time the renovated HMS Unseen downed it's third--and that the Concorde, I wished the F-15 Eagle was out of mothballs and trolling the LEO skies above me. A nuclear sub has never been hijacked, but Robinson makes it believable thanks to the level of detail he includes. He also adds [...]

I am very much enjoying this series. One point, however: I find it hard to believe that the general public would be so dense as to not even think that the sinking of a nuclear aircraft carrier and then a few years later the downing of THREE aircraft were not accidents! PLEASE!!! And one other thing: I find it unusual and a little freaky that the first three books in this series were written in the late 1990s, but the author chose to write them as occurring in the 2000s. If 9/11 had not taken pla [...]

This is another of a series. I read Kilo Class earlier. Ben Adnam is an Iraqi terrorist and submarine captain. He defects to Iran, and steals a diesel-electric sub from the British Navy. He has the sub fitted with a surface-to-air missile system and uses it to shoot down the Concorde and two other airplanes over the North Atlantic. Arnold Morgan is the US National Security Adviser trying to catch Adnam and the submarine.The reader is George Guidall. He does pretty well at catching all the variou [...]

Fantastic book - helped that I was working for the head of the submarine service at the time of reading and actually know who some of the characters are based on - shocking to think that by the time this was released, concorde was no longer flying! I also thought it to be a security risk that the British Navy really do allow foreign nationals to do the 'perisher' course. Makes Hunt for Red October seem like a stroll round the fishpond!

To enjoy this book you really need to suspend your critical thinking ability and take it as it is, else you will find yourself wondering why on earth the characters don't do this, or do that.However, looking past such flaws, it is an interesting and thrilling read that technology wise is within the realm of possibility even if the plot line was a little fanciful. All in all an enjoyable and sturdy addition to the Patrick Robinson Admiral Morgan series.

Un romanzo "classico" per gli amanti del genere: sottomarini, terroristi, ecc, ecc. Niente di nuovo da questo punto di vista, continua la saga dell'ammiraglio Morgan.Un libro a due facce: inizia con descrizioni particolareggiate, approfondendo ogni singolo aspetto della storia e non è affatto male. Peccato che il finale sia stato scritto così di corsa, concludendo in poche pagine quello che avrebbe meritato di essere scritto meglio e più dettagliatamente.

This book had promise as a techno-thriller with a clever plot. But it became increasingly unrealistic and unlikely as you read. The latter part of the book is flat-out so silly, it made me wish I had not bothered to get into it in the first place. 2 stars for some interesting scenes and action sequences, but as a whole, it was not a satisfying read.

This book was well written and easy to follow. Definitely entertaining, it is worth the time to read. Unfortunately, the back cover was a real turn off because of all the cliche's. I only gave it a chance in the interests of broadening my literary experiences. I'm glad I did. It's far from great but it served it's purpose.

This was a perfect thriller book for a plane. I started reading this when I started on my trip to CO to go skiing, I was 4/5 through it when I finally got there. I couldn't put it down. If you love fiction about terrorists, submarines and grizzly cigar chomping military leaders keeping the USA safe, this is the book for you.

The first half of this novel is almost as good as the "Nimitz" and "Kilo" novels of the series. The last half of the story sails adrift however as Robinson for some unknown reason undermines the excellent character development he had earlier established for the Ben Adnan character. Worth reading but it had the potential to be much better.

"Submarine expert terrorist steals a British sub and knocks Concords and other transatlantic planes from the sky. Direct sequel to Nimitz Class. Better balance between military and other spheres than his other books."

Since this was published in 2000, I am going to guess I picked it up in an airport or bookstore for travel shortly thereafter. So best guess on first read, in paperback, is May 2000. 2nd read - in Kindle from library - 2016-01-25

It was okay. a good follow in for the original story, but a little to narrow in scope for my liking. i should think this book will be enjoyed by a lot of people but i found it hard to stay attatched in this instance.

HMS Unseen is another masterpiece for Patrick Robinson! From start to finish, it is a great read, and I think it is a must read for anyone who enjoys reading about the military, or military-style fiction. This one took me a while longer to finish, simply because I had more to do in the meantime. ;)

Fair novel, but a little out in left field. It don't work this way!!!

A brilliantly written Naval technothriller. It rates right up there withe the best of Tom Clancy and Dale Brown. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series

I did not like the fact that Ben Adnam died in the end. I felt they had the perfect setup for another book with him messing with the US.

I am all in for this Admiral Morgan series. I love the detail, the characters, the plot. If you like military suspense this series is for you.

An Iraqui terrorist steals a British stealth submarine, refits it andwreaks havoc with air traffic in the Atlantic. Once again we meetAdmiral Arnold Morgan, National Security Advisor to POTUS.


Very amazing book! Loved the navy thriller! The plot was a little confusing and a tad hard to follow, but overall it was a great read, I loved it and enjoyed it tremendously!

Excellent book, well researched & well written.

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