U.S.S. Seawolf

Patrick Robinson

U.S.S. Seawolf

U.S.S. Seawolf

  • Title: U.S.S. Seawolf
  • Author: Patrick Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780061030659
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

Armed with stolen U.S military technology, the Chinese are producing a frightening new breed of weaponry,led by the ICBM submarine Xia III a vessel that just might be able to launch a nuclear warhead across the Pacific Ocean and take out an American West Coast city.National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan can t let that happen, and he dispatches the most stealthArmed with stolen U.S military technology, the Chinese are producing a frightening new breed of weaponry,led by the ICBM submarine Xia III a vessel that just might be able to launch a nuclear warhead across the Pacific Ocean and take out an American West Coast city.National Security Adviser Admiral Arnold Morgan can t let that happen, and he dispatches the most stealthy hunter killer submarine in the U.S fleet, the 9,000 ton ultrasecret Seawolf, deep into the dark, forbidden waters of the South China Sea But then the unthinkable happens Seawolf, collides with a Chinese destroyer and falls into enemy hands A team of cunning Navy SEALs the biggest Special Forces assault group assembled since Vietnam is sent in to free the captive Seawolf, crew and bring them home The American Eagle confronts the Chinese Dragon with the balance of world power on the line Failure is not an option

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Tom Clancy it isn't. Ethan was in the car when it came to the part where the admiral streams off profanities like "fucking gooks" and "chinks" and what-not. Problem with the book is that the author appears to think that China and US are run my the military. In the US case, he makes it appear like the admiral is running the country and the president works under him. Despite those kinds of issues - where there is no diplomacy whatsoever - its got some fun military scenes. As an audio book, it keep [...]

It is funny but I can remember the first time I read this book I loved it up until the end and then I completely hated it. I could say I understood others who talked about feeling 'betrayed' by how a book ended after reading this thing's ending. The second time I read it my feelings were not much better. Having picked it up for cheap and reading it a third time, I was able to enjoy it more than the first two times I read it [partly because I somewhat remembered how it was going to end].The Seawo [...]

Parts were so farfetched to make it unbelieveable.

First Patrick Robinson book I read. Great!

I enjoyed this story. I thought there were a couple of gaps in credibility - the length of time before the Natl Security Adviser was notified of the incident seems really unlikely.And I believe the US would have asked for direct communication with the crew whileChina was 'helping'.

No one can write this Genre better than Patrick Robinson.

The U.S.S. Seawolf is one bad piece of equipment. Ultra quiet, armed to the teeth, and able to stealthily trail and track almost any other seagoing vessel you could name, the nuclear submarine is one of the prides of the United States Navy.Too bad author Patrick Robinson decided to abandon it a third of the way into his 2000 naval thriller U.S.S. Seawolf and switch to a by-the-numbers covert action operation weighed down by a confusing list of characters, inexplicable and wrong-headed actions by [...]

* Still reading, but my God Seawolf will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat

Listened on audio (Recorded Books) in the car thanks to a friend. Just found out this is a series about Admiral Arnold Morgan (National Security Advisor in this book). This book stood alone quite well for entertainment listening. The Chinese have stolen military technology with which to build their own high tech submarine capable of launching a nuclear warhead across the Pacific. Captain Judd Crocker & the crew of USS Seawolf are sent to secretly get more information. While Linus Clarke (the [...]

A customer brought this into my work one day and personally handed it to me to read. He is an older gentleman and had always seen me with a book so he wanted to share one of his favorite authors.I had never read a book by Patrick Robinson before. Actually, I can't say I've ever seen his books before that day since it isn't the normal genre I browse through. I enjoyed it and have discovered a new author to read thanks to my customer.Patrick Robinson's characters are very real and, although I don' [...]

Really enjoyed this book; at first I was a little worried the Ben Adnam from the prior book was the mysterious Linus Clarke character who seemed nervous and lacking in fortitude, however thankfully it is later revealed who Linus Clarke is and it isn't BA. This plot is believable, nicely paced and has a great action filled climax before winding down to end on a sorrowful note. It's nice to read a book involving the US Navy where they aren't portrayed as superheroes, I felt this book did a good jo [...]

1st read - 2001-07-162nd read - 2016-02-21 to 2016-02-22I have this book marked as read from back in 2001. But I don't recall any of the plot details after the re-read. Usually, I eventually remember something. Not this time.The closing of the book "jumps the shark". There is no way some of the things in the end happen without greater consequences than that described in the novel. Then again, the strength of the novel is the technological description. Unlike Clancy novel's though, the characters [...]

I've enjoyed two other of Robinson's Admiral Morgan series and this one was pretty good, too, so far as the narrative went. What bothered me was the over-the-top political commentary, lambasting Democrats as weak/crooked/unpatriotic/disingenuous. It wouldn't have been so off putting, had this come only from the mouths of some of the characters, but it was just too much coming in the narrator's voice, too - particularly as it did nothing to further the storyline.

This is the 4th entry in the Arnold Morgan series and a solid followup to "Kilo Class" with the Americans and Chinese facing off against each other again. The Navy Seals getting the starring role in this story so you know there will be plenty of explosive action throughout. The ending which deals with the political fallout of losing the submarine is rushed but overall this is an entertaining read.

I read this book sometime shortly after it was published, and it's stuck in my mind as one of those books that I would love to pick up and read again any time. I've always loved seeing things about the pure discipline, precision, strength, and dedication of Special Forces, and Robinson captures that perfectly. It's truly a book that is hard to put down.

"Completely fun sub story where we lose our top sub to the Chinese but save the crew and blast the boat anyway. Like before, his characterizations of everyone and everything outside the military -- the press, the prez, the public -- is completely lame, but the story is still fun and this plot survives better."

It has been a while since I initially read this book. I have two comments:1. Dialogue alone does not make a novel.2. Cursing does not make dialogue.I did not finish this book; I found it tiresome and unentertaining. It is an attempt, I think, to imitate Tom Clancy, but fails in spectacular ways.

probably the best book i've ever read, more attention to detail than i ever thought possible in a book but it is still fast paced enough and engrossing enough that i finished the 480 pages of very small text in three days. BEST BOOK EVER.

Un'altra vicenda dell'ammiraglio Morgan e compagni. Lo stile è lo stesso degli altri libri della serie, ma questo è un po' troppo lento, la narrazione si perde spesso in inutili dettagli.Tre stelle scarse.

Okay. One of the worst books I've ever read. It was fairly decent until I got to the end. The ending of this book is just beyond stupid. Tear out the last chapter or two, come up with your own ending, and this might be an otherwise decent book to read, but the ending is just ridiculous.

Admirad Arnold Morgan.Newest US hunter-killer submarine patrols waters off of China to find and follow newest Chinese submarine.I protest the ending, but it appears that a need to "wrap it up" doesn't allow author the time to explain the military mind-set to non-career military readers.

The U.S. Navy's premier nuclear submarine is on a clandestinemission in the South China Sea. The Seawolf is captured by theChinese Navy and the crew is held captive. How do we protectthe Seawolf's technological secrets and rescue the crew?

I love the harsh, honest, tell-it-like-it-is Admiral Arnold Morgan! To me, he is one of the best parts of these books. The constant action, deadlines, overcoming of obstacles to make the mission work - it all kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put this book down!

Surprising, sad ending that was a little off-theme with some of the rest of the book, but overall a very enjoyable read. Less submarine action than some of his previous novels (closer to Kilo Class than Nimitz Class or Unseen).


Was ok

Very good military thriller. Did make a good social commentary at the end, but over all good

Great, his others might have been better, and this startedn a bit slow.

fun naval technothriller dealing with build-up of Chinese navy and stealing of crippled US submarine

Passable technothriller about a US nuclear attack sub that falls into Chinese hands. Not really much to write home aboutokssboch/?p=1219

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