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Katherine Tarbox

Katie.com: My Story

Katie.com: My Story

  • Title: Katie.com: My Story
  • Author: Katherine Tarbox
  • ISBN: 9780452282537
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback

Katherine Tarbox was thirteen when she met twenty three year old Mark in an online chat room A top student and nationally ranked swimmer attending an elite school in an affluent Connecticut town, Katie was also a lonely and self conscious eighth grader who craved the attention her workaholic parents couldn t give her Mark seemed to understand her he told her she was sKatherine Tarbox was thirteen when she met twenty three year old Mark in an online chat room A top student and nationally ranked swimmer attending an elite school in an affluent Connecticut town, Katie was also a lonely and self conscious eighth grader who craved the attention her workaholic parents couldn t give her Mark seemed to understand her he told her she was smart and wonderful When they set a date to finally meet while Katie was in Texas for a swim competition, she walked into a hotel room and discovered who and what her cyber soulmate really was.In Katie, Tarbox tells her story, an eye opening tale of one teenager s descent into the seductive world of the Internet Tarbox s harrowing experience with her online boyfriend would affect her life for years to come and result in her becoming the first unnamed minor to test a federal law enacted to protect kids from online sexual predators In an age when a new generation is growing up online, Tarbox s memoir is a cautionary tale for the Internet age.

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If this can get published then I sure as hell have a chance.

I agree with some of the other reviewers on a couple things. The book is decently written- it's not great but definitely not bad either. For a 17-year-old first time writer it's probably more than okay actually. I feel like her mother is a first class bitch. From the first couple pages I got that impression and I held it throughout the book. The only real time I felt, given everything in the book is true and represented accurately, that her mother actually gave a damn was later on in the court c [...]

Katie by Katherine Tarbox is a non-fiction memoir. The main character in the book is Katie Tarbox, who narrates the book. Katie is a blond eighth grade girl who lives in New Canaan, Connecticut. She wants to find someone that will understand her feelings after her best friend left her. The other main character is Mark. Mark is a young man that is understanding and positive. Katie slowly fell in love with him. To Katie, Mark was the only one who understood her feelings. It all started after Katie [...]

There were a few contradictions, but I'm under the impression more happened in the hotel room than she is telling in this book, so that could be the cause.When she got caught in the guy's room at the hotel her mother should have told the coaches that this is a private matter and not to bring it up with the team. I feel that the way her parents handled it was wrong.The book kept my interest for the most part and I definantly think it would be a good idea to have teens read this. It will show them [...]

Rating nonfiction books and memoirs is always difficult for me, because usually someone is writing a memoir because they have an important story to tell-- not necessarily because they are a great writer. I feel bad taking off stars, because sometimes the point of a nonfiction book is to get a message across, rather than for it to be the most beautiful thing ever written. A Girl's Life Online is a short little piece detailing a 13 year old girl's online relationship with a 41 year old man (who cl [...]

Katie is thirteen, lonely and exploring the internet. She goes into a teen chatroom on AOL and starts conversing with Mark, a 23-year-old man. Mark quickly turns into her best friend and confidant. She tells him everything, trusts him immensely and even falls in love with him. After six months of conversations, she goes to a national swimming meet in Texas and Mark invites himself along so that they can meet in person. She is disappointed to find that he is short, unattractive and much, much old [...]

I had many problems with this book: for one, Katie's parents and the town of New Canaan seem hopelessly stuck in some sort of Stepford Wives type (non) reality. It is no wonder Katie eventually needs a mood stabilizer when the trial is over and she transfers to a boarding school: HER PARENTS!!!! The fact that she was not seen as a victim of a sex offender until near the end of the trial (almost two years later) seemed really shameful. Katie was naive and to equate being a good student and star a [...]

I choose "A girls life online" because I wanted to read something simliar to the book "Dear Jo" A girls life online is a book about internet safety.Kate is a 13 year old girl who is from Connecticut and whose favorite best hobbie she is good at is swimming. The problem of the story is that Kate sets up a date to meet up with Mark a 23 year old (thats what kate thinks) later oin the book she figures out he is an old man of 42 years old. Kate was going to go to a meet she had for her swimming prac [...]

3.5/5I rated this book 3.5 out of 5 stars, but it's definitely on the lower side. This non-fiction memoir was written by 18-year old Katherine Tarbox, telling her story of her online sexual predator when she was thirteen and how that affected the rest of her life. Throughout the book I was furiously frustrated with Katie, her thoughts and feelings throughout the whole ordeal, disgusted by the whole situation, and dreading the outcome. But at the same time, hearing her perspective and events befo [...]

An amazing first-person account of a young girl's seduction by an Internet predator and pedophile in the early days of AOL and its chat rooms. The author was 13 when she met "Mark" in AOL chat, she was 14 when she was molested, and 17 when she wrote the book. While the Internet has evolved considerably from the late 1990s, the same safety issues remain and, if anything, have been multiplied by a factor of 100. And to be sure, this book is about more than just the Internet. Running through it all [...]

This book wants to shock you, to horrify you, perhaps even to scare you. Unfortunately, in this day and age, Katie's story is common, rather than shocking. Any parent who doesn't believe that their 13-year-old daughter may be preyed upon online is living in an amazing state of denial. Katie's story is from quite a few years ago, though, so her story was breaking news then, a fact which becomes more and more obvious as the story progresses. It is easy to see how profoundly and deeply this experie [...]

As much as I want to say I have enjoyed “A girl’s life online”, I didn’t. Unfortunately, most of the book did not hold my interest. For one thing, the introduction dragged on and on, it took about 10 pages to describe how Katy gets ready for the day and three more on what she does before school and why. Personally, I don’t really care about how a girl gets ready in the morning and what she does during her day. Another thing that I didn’t like was that between the beginning and the mi [...]

It wasn't the style of the book or anything that decreased its stars. It was how it made me feel. I've always tried to deny the fact that real pedofiles, rapists, and cyberstalkers are out there. This book scared me a little. P.S: I hated how Katie went on and on about how she still loved "Mark" even after he molested her. Um, HELLO?! (But I was glad that in the end she could finally distinguish between the fake Mark and the real Frank.)

This book is good I liked how she never thought it was wrong to talk to and meet up with an older man.

This is another book that should be read by all teenage girls who frequent the internet.

I wouldn't say the author is a talented writer but I do appreciate her for attempting to sort out her thoughts and feelings, as well as get her story out in the world to help prevent future similar things from happening! I thought her epilogue, where she expressed her idea that girls who have: goals; social connections; and a sense of hope for the future seemed to be inoculated against the predators who exploit the insecurities faced by youth, was the best part of the book. Other highlights were [...]

I thought this book was one of the best books ive ever read, maybe even the best. It was about a girl and she had went on the internet and a chat site and met someone who was older than her. He tricked her multiple times and got her to meet him. he turned out to be someone who he said he wasn't and the police get involved. I felt so bad for her and the book made me feel her experience while reading it. such an amazing book and I recommend it.

me dejó la misma sensación que Abzurdah. No por los chats sino porque es un libro en el que solo se relata lo que le pasó a cada autora. Entiendo la necesidad de desahogo a través de la expresión literaria, pero para eso se puede escribir bajo la categoría de biografía. Mi opinión es que si vas a escribir una novela que la hagas en forma de novela y no solo contando hechos pasados. La historia merece mejor descripciones, un marco más claro y tal vez más repercusión al evento climátic [...]

Read this book in one day! A readable memoir of a 13 year old girl who connected with a pedophile via the Internet. He ended up meeting her and molesting her (non-graphic description). She and her family pressed charges and Katie dealt with the ramifications of the situation. Dated, computer terms from late 90s but still a compelling read.

Interesting read.

The novel "A Girl's Life Online" is a nonfiction story about a thirteen year-old girl and the struggles she went through because of one bad decision. The book starts by the girl, Kathrine Tarbox (Katie), talking about personal life. She discusses how she is a thirteen year-old girl attending middle school in New Canaan, Connecticut. She lives with her mother, step-dad (real dad left) and her little sister, Carrie, while her older sister, Abby, attends boarding school. Katie then goes on to talk [...]

Quari Taylor Sivard/Walsh English A1B1 IR Project 24 May 2013 The book I read was Katie My Story by Katherine Tarbox. Basically this book was mainly about how Katie felt lonely and wanted somebody to talk to her or like keep her company. So she decided to get on a website that you could chat with, and Katie was chatting with a man that was like ten years older than her. Since that happen, things started to get real and more interesting. I recommend the book Katie My Story to teens who are 13 and [...]

A Girl's Life Online Is a great story telling about the girl's experience in molestation and how that has affected her in her school, friends, and family. This story can teach parents and young woman the dangers of the internet, especially in this generation of new technology.

This 210 page book was an easy read. It is written in a way that is simple and easy to understand, but it is an amazing novel that you will remember. Katie's journey of meeting someone who she trusted, to realising that this man was a criminal, and he took away two years of her childhood, and she will never be able to get back. I think reading about someone who makes such a mistake as meeting someone online, who she thought was safe to talk to, and then meeting him in person and realising that t [...]

Paige Finneran 1/16/15Period 6 ELA-RedA Girl’s Life Online ReviewA Girl’s Life Online written and narrated by Katherine Tarbox is a non-fiction text. Katie Tarbox, a nationally ranked swimmer, is a very self- conscious thirteen year old and struggles with the understanding of teen romantic relationships. Katie lived in the upscale town of New Canaan, Connecticut. Aspiring the attention of her non-stop working parents, Katie explored the somewhat recent establishment of online [...]

This book Katie or now called Girls Life Online is a nonfiction book that gravitated my attention. When my teacher placed the nonfiction books for us to choose I instantly picked this one up and read the blurb. At first I was a bit intimidated knowing that this would have some mature content as in this girl getting involved in a relationship online with someone she doesn't even know! But I decided to give it a chance and enjoyed this book. Not only was it a true story but it shows the dangers of [...]

A Girls Life Online By: Katherine TarboxHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a town where to be considered cool you have to have the best hair, newest clothes, best friends, and a rich family? If you are middle class you are considered lame and unwanted. That is what New Canaan is like for Katherine Tarbox. She lives in a very large house with her mom, step-dad, and little sister Carrie. After school when she was waiting to be picked up, she was standing next to her friends li [...]

No matter what age you are, this book will catch your attention and you will be so into it that you will be reading it from beginning to end in a very short time. Katherine Tarbox talks about her own personal situation in her book “A Girl's Life Online”. The book is basically of a 13 year old girl who meets someone online and ends up having 4 years of her life having to deal with this person in various ways. It shows just how vulnerable young teens can be. Personally, I've always enjoyed boo [...]

I recently finished reading Katie by Katherine Tarbox. This book is an autobiography. It takes you through the life of Katie Tarbox from age 13 to 16. Katie was an amazing swimmer and went to a lot of national meets. She started off as any regular teen, not knowing that 3 years later her life would be changed forever. It's mid 1990's and the computer was still a new thing. Katie's family had invested in one and Katie was interested in seeing how it worked. On the computer there was a software ca [...]

Non-fiction Katieby: Katherine TarboxPairing “Katie” is an autobiographical story of a girl named Katie who was stalked on the internet by a sexual predator. I think the student who enjoys reading “What My Mother Doesn’t Know” would also benefit from reading “Katie”. There is a section of the book in “What My Mother Doesn’t Know” where the main character is talking to a guy on the internet who turns out to be a creep. Audience “Katie” is a great resource to provide to tee [...]

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