Eternal Moon

Rebecca York

Eternal Moon

Eternal Moon

  • Title: Eternal Moon
  • Author: Rebecca York
  • ISBN: 9780425227008
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback

They are destined to be together for all eternity if they can defeat the evil stalking them Determined to stop a madman, P.I Renata Cordona is undercover when she s almost attacked by a pack of vicious dogs A lone wolf saves her Then, out of nowhere, a man with an electrifying touch appears the man who is clearly her destiny.

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Ummm, erwhat to say? I've been reading Rebecca York's 'Moon' series since 2003 and generally enjoy the book ALOT. "Eternal Moon", however, just rubbed me wrong and it's difficult to pinpoint exactly why. Maybe because I felt this book tripped over the paranormal line into the realm of 'I don't think so'.Renata is independently wealthy but works to make a difference in the world because she's given up on love. Everyone in her life who has been dear to her has died horribly and she's decided that [...]

Slow start with some issues had me wondering if I should start another book (stuff like someone being ahead of another at end of chapter then being behind the other person at start of next chapter didn't make sense, real estate license vs PI license not clear-I have had a RE license and there were thing that didn't add up at the beginning of the book). but it ended up picking up with the alternate universe and I did finish reading and getting to the end.

Going undercover as a real estate agent in hopes of luring a serial killer into her trap, the heroine finds herself almost attacked by a pack of rabid dogs one day only to be saved by a wolf. From that day on, she sees the wolf multiple times both in her dreams and in reality. Also, she's caught the attention of the hero who is instantly drawn to the beautiful Latin woman, convinced that she is in life mate. In hopes of protecting her, he in fact begins to stalk her-something I found terrify cre [...]

Rebecca Yorks next book - Eternal Moon has now been reviewed by Night Owl Romance. It's out next month April 2009. 4.5 / 5 Hearts - Reviewer Top PickRenata Cordona is a Private Investigator working undercover as a real estate agent. Someone is luring female real estate agents to out of the way homes and killing them. While at one such house, Renata is waiting for a buyer when she is almost attacked by a pack of dogs. When out of nowhere a wolf comes to her rescue and scares the pack of dogs away [...]

Renata and Jacob have been playing out their love and mistrust in innumerable lifetimes, influenced by the demon Questabaze, who's goal is to keep them apart. It started as the earth goddess Rocanda and half god Jalerak, who had a great passion but the demon planted seeds of doubt, and Rocanda mistakenly killed Jalerak by pushing him off the mountain and variations played out incarnation after incarnation, of mistrust and misunderstanding fed by Questabaze.but now Jalerak is reincarnated in Jaco [...]

The stories about the Marshall boys just get stranger and stranger. Now we’re into reincarnated lovers involving an ancient earth goddess. Renata Cordona is a PI pretending to be a real-estate agent and Jacob Marshal uses his ability to communicate with animals to work as a dog trainer and rescuer. As they work together to discover a murderer they discover their secret cursed past. Discovering and correcting the problem takes them to the other dimension world and into a world of their own.We v [...]

This has an interesting mix of reincarnation, suspense, romance, science fiction and paranormal elements. Very well written too!Private investigator, Renata Cordona has some kind of psychic ability that even she isn't aware of but unexpected things keep happening to her. She is investigating the real estate agent murders and Jacob Marshall keeps showing up in werewolf form and saving her life. Renata and Jacob have been reincarnated for hundres of years and a demon keeps interferring with their [...]

I thought this was a good addition to the series. It blended more of the other world that had been in the last few books. That part is ok, but a little goes a long way. Some of my favorite parts are where the family and their life mates come together to help out the new couple. I enjoy reading about the others that and seeing them work past things to interact, something they all never thought would happen.

I don't know why this book didn't "click" more for me. All the elements I typically find appealing were there. Somehow, though, they weren't set up right. It felt a bit haphazard and random. The elements themselves weren't any more fantastical than I typically read, but they seemed to be more or less dropped into place. I also didn't really connect to any of the characters as much as I would have liked. Maybe if I had, the story elements would have felt more satisfying.

I liked this book to a point. It was written in typical Rebecca York fashion with fairly good characters and some sexy scenes, but I wasn't pulled in like I was in the beginning of this series. She has taken it a bit far afield for me. It was okay. I read it quickly, but I am not sure I will read another one.



I loved it! I so wish I had the whole series and could read it from start to finish. RY has created a world full of the supernatural and danger mixed into a wonderful romance.

It's good book to read

Took a bit longer to get into then previous ones in the series. Turned out to be a decent read overall.

pretty good book but ended abruptly

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