Pecorino's First Concert (Anne Schwartz Books)

Alan Madison AnnaLaura Cantone

Pecorino's First Concert (Anne Schwartz Books)

Pecorino's First Concert (Anne Schwartz Books)

  • Title: Pecorino's First Concert (Anne Schwartz Books)
  • Author: Alan Madison AnnaLaura Cantone
  • ISBN: 9780689859526
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover

This wonderfully wacky picture book tells the story of Pecorino Sasquatch, a silly young boy who takes the reader along for an inside look at a concert orchestra Full color.

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Laugh out loud funny! And I'm not really a laugh out loud kind of reader. Pecorino's mom takes him to his first orchestra concert. "Pecorino was so excited he rabbit-hopped around his room. Then he froze statue still. 'What's a concert?' he asked." The book continues on with these kinds of delightful moments that kids and adults will both enjoy, though for different reasons. At the concert hall, Pecorino winds up getting stuck in a tuba, which he's ejected from in a predictable but utterly fun w [...]

This is a strange, but humorous tale about a little boy's first trip to a symphony. The narrative includes some wonderfully imaginative words, like furmuzzled, wossle, and wamboodle. And the boy has such a wild name - Pecorino Sasquatch.The mixed media illustrations are terrific and complement the story nicely. We enjoyed reading this book togetherw word: Brobdingnagian

I was impressed by the use of the word "Brobdingnagian," but this is really just a story about a boy who gets stuck in a tuba.

I don't know what it is about these books that just KILL me!! I think I have a very vivid imagination and I can imagine the voices of the charactersI don't know-but they are funny stories!

The story was OK, but I really do not like this style of illustration.

Danielle, Central patron, August 2016, 5 stars:Excellent.

Meh. I like the dynamic illustrations and their sketchiness, but I am not a fan of the story itself.

Young Pecorino Sasquatch attends a concert with his mother. While exploring the instruments he puts himself into a difficult position. A wonderful introduction for students to the orchestra.

It was very funny.

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