The Jim Corbett Omnibus.

Jim Corbett

The Jim Corbett Omnibus.

The Jim Corbett Omnibus.

  • Title: The Jim Corbett Omnibus.
  • Author: Jim Corbett
  • ISBN: 9780195627626
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover

Jim Corbett s riveting accounts of shikar in the Himalayan foothills have kept generations of readers enthralled The Jim Corbett Omnibus includes three enduring tales of Corbett s encounters with man eaters.Man eaters of Kumaon contains fascinating stories of tracking and shooting of man eaters in the Indian Himalayas during the early years of the last century The storieJim Corbett s riveting accounts of shikar in the Himalayan foothills have kept generations of readers enthralled The Jim Corbett Omnibus includes three enduring tales of Corbett s encounters with man eaters.Man eaters of Kumaon contains fascinating stories of tracking and shooting of man eaters in the Indian Himalayas during the early years of the last century The stories in The Temple Tiger display Corbett s acute awareness of sights, sounds, and life in the Indian forests, as well as his love for the human beings living in the hunting terrain Finally, perhaps the most exciting of all of Corbett s jungle tales, The Man eating Leopard of Rudraprayag is a gripping narrative of a notorious leopard which spread terror in the hills of the colonial United Provinces.Dramatic yet reflective, Corbett s writings are coloured by his deep concern and sympathy for the natural world as well as the local people and their traditions and customs This vividly illustrated collection will appeal equally to Corbett lovers and to those concerned with the environment and wildlife.Table Of ContentsMan eaters of KumaonAuthor s NoteThe Champawat Man eatersRobinThe Chowgarh TigersThe Bachelor of PowalgarhThe Mohan Man eaterThe Fish of My DreamThe Kanda Man eaterThe Pipal Pani TigerThe Thak Man eaterJust TigersThe Temple Tiger and More Man eaters of KumaonThe Temple TigerThe Muktesar Man eaterThe Panar Man eaterThe Chuka Man eaterThe Talla Des Man eaterEpilogueThe Man eating Leopard of RudraprayagThe Pilgrim RoadThe Man eaterTerrorArrivalInvestigationThe First KillLocating the LeopardThe Second KillPreparationsMagicA Near EscapeThe Gin trapThe Hunters HuntedRetreatFishing InterludeDeath of a GoatCyanide PoisoningTouch and GoA Lesson in CautionA Wild Boar HuntVigil on a Pine treeMy Night of TerrorLeopard Fights LeopardA Shot in the DarkEpilogue

Recent Comments "The Jim Corbett Omnibus."

One of the best books ever written, this book is not legendary because of Corbett's immaculate hunting descriptions, but it becomes much greater than that because Corbett paints such a beautiful (almost edging into the surreal) picture of the Kumaoni way of life. He loves the hill people, adores their simple life; he describes it with such heart warming care! The scenery is flawlessly described, the man eaters sharply spotted, the gun effortlessly raised and the bullet unfailingly fired. Gem of [...]

This is the first book that I have read of jungle stories and hunting. The stories contain a nice description of the behaviour of different animals in a jungle, why a leopard and a tiger becomes a man-eater, the humble hill-folk, and of-course the beauty of the jungle. A hunter who is assigned the arduous task of killing a man-eater who has caused mayhem in the villages and has instilled fear in humans such that they don't venture out in the dark, should have extreme level of perseverance. The R [...]

A timeless compilation of the awe inspiring accounts of Jim Corbett's life in India, adventures and encounters with fearsome man-eaters. This book is special because I picked it up a few years ago during my trip to Corbett, in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. I read some of the stories in a resort not far away from the tiger reserve, which made the reading experience surreal. In more than a few instances, I could feel a shiver up the spine as I read his encounters because I was right there in C [...]

If you are fascinated by forest adventuresWelcome aboardThis book will move you to the depths of north Indian jungles and farm landsDeadly encounters with man-eaters will jerk your emotionsU will respect nature to its core

people should read this f they are actually intersted to know about tigers n these maneater's story in unbeliveable

Jim Corbett made his name as a hunter of man-eaters. In that day and age, the Government in India would ask for his services to rid an area of a man-eater, be it a leopard or a tiger, so as to protect the human lives there. It was indeed a different day and age. In today's times, tigers are protected and safeguarded like valuable currency by the Government considering the drastic fall in their numbers that had been seen due to poaching. What was termed as 'Project Tiger' proved a big blessing fo [...]

Omnibus of my favorite author's work of my favorite genre! So, obviously, LOVED IT!!Wildlife and hunting were probably the first genres that I started with as a kid (maybe 13-14 years old) because they were the ones available at home. I will highly recommend it to anyone who is even a little interested in these genres. Of the three books in this omnibus, I found "The Man-eater of Rudraprayag" most thrilling. However, I am unable to add any more words to my review.

Those were quite a few man-eaters! Though the tales are real incidents, most of them read like fiction. Mr. Corbett seems to be just as good a story-teller as he is a Shikari. This is like chicken soup - only, for the adventurous soul.

This book is a compilation of three of Corbett's books: Man-Eaters of Kumaon, The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon, and The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag. The first two books each contain 5+ shorter stories of Corbett's more noteworthy hunts in northern India. Corbett's writing is highly descriptive, of natural surroundings in the Himalaya foothills, of hunt details and tracking, and of human and animal character. Sure beats "Walden" for a pro-conservation read.

One of the most adventurous books I've read so far. Jim Corbett was a Shikari who hunted man-eaters of Kumaon. The tales are so beautifully told that you feel are always with him when he's on the hunt, sometimes he himself. His style of portraying complex jungle and it's lore is simplistic yet most powerful. His encounters with Tigers and Leopards makes for most chilling scenes you can imagine, always gave me goosebumps whenever he sensed that danger is near. He had an eye for nature - numerous [...]

A stunning tribute to a bygone era, Jim Corbett's tales of man-eating leopards and tigers in the Himalayan foothills are both compelling and terrifying in equal measure. The way he describes nature's beauty and the animals he pursues is simply majestic. This man is a natural storyteller, which is lucky because his stories are second to none.

re-read this classic.

This book was recommended by a dear, late friend. Roger was a wonderful man, and someone who frequented the restaurant where I used to work. He was a reader if there ever was one, and he would come in on slow nights when he knew that I could sit for a few minutes and talk with him. We would discuss everything from Auburn football, to politics, to our faith, to his diet (which wasn’t going so well), to fine art, to classic films, to his daughter and grandkids. I think about him often and miss h [...]

Jim Corbett excellently describes life in the foothills of the Himalayas in old India. His stories of hunting paint a picture of the culture and wildlife in the region. I am very happy that I read the book. The amount of stories in the book is immense. Some parts are a little gruesome but I still loved it.

The jungles of India have never seemed beautiful,yet terrifying.A compilation of some of Corbett's greatest adventures,this one does justice to the rough unexplored terrains of the Kumaon as well as enables the reader to get a taste of the intricacies,trials and tribulations faced by the greatest sportsman that ever lived in the country.Recommended for the patient reader

I did not have as big a problem with the stories in this book as i did with the writing style. It seemed pretentious and i failed to connect with the author. The stories in themselves aren't half bad.


A mind blowing one.

I savored this book. Incredible man and story teller.


Bought in Nainital after a leopard sighting in bitter, rainy, yet crystal-cold weather. Can't top the experience.

"Man eating leopard of Rudraprayag" was the most interesting of the three books that formed this omni-bus.

am trying to access the book right now

Absolutely Awesome book. Very good writer!

one gets to know the jungles and beasts of north indian state of united province in british era

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