The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

Jim Corbett

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

  • Title: The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag
  • Author: Jim Corbett
  • ISBN: 9780195622560
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback

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Most of Jim Corbett s books contain collections of stories that recount adventures tracking and shooting man eaters in the Indian Himalaya This volume, however, consists of a single story, often considered the most exciting of all Corbett s jungle tales He gives a carefully detailed account of a notorious leopard that terrorized life in the hills of the colonial United PMost of Jim Corbett s books contain collections of stories that recount adventures tracking and shooting man eaters in the Indian Himalaya This volume, however, consists of a single story, often considered the most exciting of all Corbett s jungle tales He gives a carefully detailed account of a notorious leopard that terrorized life in the hills of the colonial United Provinces This story represents Corbett s most sustained and unique effort.

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This is a book set in Garhwal in 1920s.Yhe book comes from an age where hunters were sportsmen and animals were trophies.Jim Corbett provides minutest details about his adventure here which also tells about Garhwal of 1920's and this narration often makes adventurers of today seem small.Further his deep sympathy for victims and acceptance of his failures is heart warming.The reason I rate this as a five star book is due to the fact that this is a perfect hunter's adventure which is a goodread ev [...]

The copy of this book I have is copyrighted 1948. The events in the book took place from 1918 to 1926eight years. Jim Corbett is well known to most "outdoors types" and wrote a good number of books. His style is mostly a straight forward one in that he tells events as they happened laying them out factually. He doesn't embellish the facts for effect or seek to make them more horrific or more "dangerous seeming". He doesn't have to.As he opens the book Mr. Corbett mention that the official report [...]

Една чудесна книга, която обаче досега бях чел само в съкратен вариант, и то като дете. Най-накрая ми попадна пълния такъв и реших да допълня празнините. Не си падам по лова, но ловните разкази и романи определено са ми интересни, въпреки че не се намират често. Други ревюта на [...]

What a gripping tale of true adventure. This book was a page turner and I was literally biting my nails on the edge of the seat while I read it. It has been written in a very simple and structured way. The natural flow of the story, the incidents of the man eater and the methods used to gun him down was excellent. Corbett has a way of narrating a tale. In this story, his task was to kill one man eater who had created a havoc in many villages of Uttrakhand. But it was no ordinary animal. With a s [...]

কী দুর্দান্ত!! শিকার নিয়ে লেখা আমার পড়া প্রথম বই। পুরো অমনিবাস শেষ করে একটা রিভিউ লেখার ইচ্ছা আছে, তাই আপাতত পাঁচটি তারা দিয়ে রাখলাম শুধু।

In The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag Jim Corbett is faced with one of his toughest opponents. The beast struck terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of the town for eight long years. He always managed to outsmart the hunter with his veritable cunning, which is a staple quality of beasts that obtain a taste for human flesh. As in all of Corbett's works, in this work too his love for the jungles and it's occupants is profound as is his love for the common populace of the region. The leopar [...]

This is my first book from Corbett and I would surely seek an opportunity to read the rest. The reason why I bought this book was Garhwal, where the story happened. My ancestors belonged to the place and my father grew up there. I was amazed by the simplicity of the people. The natives had more than one opportunity to track or kill the leopard but they let him go because of their belief or superstition (howsoever you put it). Even Corbett mentioned that he knew men from this place to be bravest [...]

Absolutely fascinating. Not only does corbett describe in absolute detail, the many nights he spent hunting the evasive leopard, but he also gives you a vivid description of life in the Tehri/Kumaon region in early nineteenth century. The book also taught me a great deal about wild life, why leopards or tigers become man eaters, how to track wild animals… Jim corbett makes you fall in love with nature.

The book was an amazing read! Primarily describing Corbett's personal experiences when he had been summoned to kill a leopard terrorizing the village folk of the Gharwals, India, it proved to be quite intriguing and informative!A must read for those who love to feel a rush of their adrenaline!

Amazing book. a must read for all Jim Corbett fans. I have now read it twice but every time you read , you can experience the terror that was this man-eater of rudraprayag. One will be spell bound and hooked to the book right from page 1 when Jim Corbett describes the prevailing feeling in Rudraprayag when this man eater was alive.

Loved it. It was a short and sweet read. Engrossing till the end.

My review from :My brother had borrowed this book from the local British Library, and I started reading it casually, without any real interest in reading it fully. As I write this now after just having put the book down, I can assert that this is one heck of a story, narrated in a manner that is hugely engaging -- This is simply among the best books to be found anywhere.The book was first published in 1947, and you'd expect it to be a little "dated" in its content and style, but nothing could be [...]

After reading "The Jungle lore" and "the man eaters of kumaon" here's another read " The man eating Leopard of Rudraprayag " by Jim Corbett that I completed reading today.A man eater Leopard that struck terror and fear in the minds of inhabitants from Rudraprayag a pilgrimage destination in the Garwhal region of Uttarakhand for long 8 years from 1918-1926, and killed more than 128 people ( as per government count, Corbett's assumed number is good as double) The Leopard that struck a terror so te [...]

A fantastic description by Jim Corbett on his hide-and-seek game with the leopard of Rudraprayag who had turned to man-eating because of a calamity. The years of the existence of the leopard, and a vast area in which it operated including two sides of a mighty river connected by just two bridges, made it a very clever operator. The failed attempts to kill the animal made it more aware of the human strengths and weaknesses, adding to its cunningness. Moreover the chosen area is the main access ro [...]

what a story. this is a real tale of a man eating leopard which claimed more than 250 lives in the rudraprayag region. the animal was finally shot by jim corbett the renowned hunter turned conservationist. the narration is so gripping that the book can only be described as 'unputdownable'. much more thrilling than any thriller i hv read till date. also learnt a lot about feline behaviour

Rudraprayag seems so surreal at times that it is enchanting! He was Corbett's fascination and love, just the way this book is, of the avid readers! Love the book and Rudraprayag's adventures exciting and beautifully engaging book that makes you look within and outside and appreciate the beauty of nature!

This is the 1st book i have read of Jim Corbett and he was a great writer indeed. The detail and depictions made are as accurate as it can be. A book you will have difficulty putting down :) You will love this book as an Indian telling the story of maneater of not so distant past.

Yup, still 5 stars!

My all time favorite book! Have read is several times over since childhood and it does not cease to intrigue and amaze me. Re-read it recently - magical as ever.Jim Corbett's writing style is simple yet effective. The mental strength of the man that tracked and finally got the Man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag, which over its 8 years of terror-reign had "officially" killed 150+ human beings, is something that I marvel at.

For everyoneNot just a spellbinding tale of disappointments, depression, failures and then triumphant end of man eating leopard hunt; Also a true to the core description of people, culture and natural beauty of Indian province long before the touch of modern era.


This book is a racy read. Jim Corbett is a fine storyteller, who writes in simple language, recreating the scene with utmost vivacity. He talks about the episodes that entail hunting down the leopard which has become a man eater. Why did the leopard become that? Because there was once a plague and many dead bodies had to be disposed off, downhill(the place Rudrapayag lies in the foothills of the Himalayas) The leopard having tasted human flesh that time got addicted to it, and now it has started [...]

Както забелязах преди известно време, на Земята вече не останаха диви, неизследвани местности. В която и дълбока джунгла да отидеш, докато се усетиш ще почнеш да се препъваш в дървари, фотофрафи на Нешънъл Джиографик и „екоактивисти“ които протестират в защита на хабитата [...]

This was the first Jim Corbett book that I read back in my schooldays, and is unique in many respects. This is the only book he's written that is dedicated a single animal. Not a collection of stories like 'The Man-Eaters of Kumaon' or 'The Temple Tiger', but a single story. For the most of the book the leopard is a ghost. No one ever sees it. About the few reported sightings no one could be sure if it's the same animal. They deduce it being a large male leopard from the pug-marks it leaves behi [...]

The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag is about Jim Corbett’s famous adventure of his pursuit of a wily adversary who gained notoriety for transforming into a devilish (and even an incarnation of the devil itself to some!) killer.The book details the long hunt launched by Corbett for the leopard and how he finally triumphed over the beast at the end of a prolonged and riveting contest. The hunting of the leopard called for the very best in Corbett and this is what makes this book an enthralling [...]

In this book, Corbett gives a carefully detailed account of a notorious leopard that terrorized life in the hills of colonial India, killing more than 80 people in 4 years. The book was first published in 1947, and you'd expect it to be a little dated in its content and style, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Corbett's writing conveys the excitement and drama of the situation. In an era when being a trigger-happy jungle sportsman was probably fashionable, Corbett comes out as a brave [...]

A thilling and hair raising read, Corbett manages to keep the reader hooked with his vivid explanations of the terrain, village folk and the manner in which he set about hunting the epynomous man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag. The sheer terror that this creature had inflicted on this inhabitants of this region for 8 long years is clearly evident through the way Corbett narrates the proceedings. In this throwback to colonial times, Corbett impresses upon us the cunning that this animal had picked [...]

In the foothills of the Himalayas during the 1920s the existence of man eaters was accepted as a rare and unavoidable curse of life. An epidemic had swept through and the dead could not always be cremated. By custom a hot coal was placed in the mouth and the corpse tossed off the hillside into the undergrowth. Leopards and tigers may dine on the flesh as carrion, but when one starts to kill and becomes very good at it, the Commissioner is notified and he sends for Col. Jim Corbett. Corbett grew [...]

One of the best books by Jim Corbett. Lucid and intense writing. I casually looked up for this book after knowing that the place Rudraprayag is nearer to where I live, geographically. Corbett doesn't want you to take your eyes off the trail when you are out hunting the leopard. He takes you with him onto the Himalayas. His writing hooks you throughout the story. The more you imagine the more you enjoy. Everyone, young and old, should read this piece by Corbett. In fact, I fell in love with leopa [...]

This is quite a fascinating true story. Jim Corbett was a famous British game hunter and environmentalist (there is a National Park in India named for him). HE was brought in to hunt man-eating tigers and leopards. IN this case a 500 square mile region of northern India had been terrorized by a leopard that killed at least 125 people over about eight years in the 1920s. Corbett lays out the story with many detailed accounts of attacks, and at the same time describes the landscape and the life of [...]

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