The Boy Who Was Followed Home

Margaret Mahy Steven Kellogg

The Boy Who Was Followed Home

The Boy Who Was Followed Home

  • Title: The Boy Who Was Followed Home
  • Author: Margaret Mahy Steven Kellogg
  • ISBN: 9780140546149
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback

A witch s pill is supposed to cure Robert of the hippopotami who daily follow him home from school but there is one disadvantage to the treatment.

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This book was published in 1975 but today is the first time I remember reading it. I’m already mourning not introducing it to many kids, especially boys, especially reluctant readers, and reluctant listeners.It’s so funny. The illustrations are so much fun.I was alerted to read this book because of friend Abigail’s review: /review/show/, and I can’t really say it any better, so please read her review.I thought it would go downhill when the witch arrived, but it never got any less sweet [...]


SPOILER ALERT - I REVEAL WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK. I DON'T SUGGEST SHARING IT WITH A CHILD THOUGH. Adults should read books first before sharing them with children to begin with.Reading this book makes me think of Jefferson Airplane's 1967 song "White Rabbit." Many of us know what that was about.Books like this shock me. I once read a book that I think was titled "How To Find A Friend." It could have been retitled "Child Abduction 101." "The Boy Who Was Followed Home" could be retitled "Introdu [...]

Margaret Mahy is a master of this type of storybook. In this classic, first published 1975, a boy is followed home by a hippo, then many hippos. A local witch is summoned to fix the problem. The humour of this story lies mainly in the pragmatic approach to the problem’s solution; no one is particularly surprised that such a bizarre thing is happening. The father is so anxious to get the problem solved (because the hippos are damaging his lawn – not because hippos are the most dangerous anima [...]

How has this amazing work collaborated by Margaret Mahy and Steven Kellogg eluded me all these years? I absolutely loved every part of this silly story. A brilliant down right hysterical read aloud that kids will LOVE. One day while walking home from school Robert notices he is being tailed by a hippopotamus. Since Robert enjoys hippopotami this greatly pleases him. It does not, however, please his family when they notice the rotund beast swimming in the fish pool in their yard. Each day Robert [...]

The first book I remember from my childhood!I was 3 years old and my mother used to read it to me.Totally destroyed the original copy because I loved it so much that I kept hanging around with it in my grubby little hands and smearing crayons on to the pages.Recently went to a bookstore for a friend book signing and decided that simply had to buy my young goddaughter this book.Because I couldn't remember the title or author, I had to explain the story /plot to the saleswoman,and she was an angel [...]

I don't normally read books that were written before I was born (this one is 1975). But I saw the hippopotamus on the cover can just had to read it. Luckily I was not disappointed! "The Boy Who Was Followed Home" made me laugh out loud and was definitely a book that would be perfect for storytime. I knew it would be special when it was illustrated by my hero Steven Kellogg and the ending couldn't have been more perfect!

A cute story about a little boy who (apparently) is irresistible to hippos. Every day more and more of them start following him home until it really gets out of hand. His father enlists the services of a witch to make the boy unappealing to the huge quadrupeds. And while the witch's pill does the trick, there is an unexpected side-effectFun illustrations - hippos are always hilarious.

I like Mahy. And I like Kellogg. I think my husband read this to me at my insistence, and I was very sleepy. Somehow, it just wasn't that entertaining. It didn't have enough creativity and flair to keep me awake. But that's fine. Mahy was prolific, not everything she touched had to turn into a book of gold. And Kellogg illustrated quite a few things, and is well-known by Reading Rainbow watchers.

This funny book tells the story of Robert, a small boy who likes hippopotami. It's lucky he likes them, because one day they start following him home from school! But no family can handle dozens of hippos living in the goldfish pond. How can they solve this hippo-sized problem? A witch, of course! This is a fun one to read aloud.

A silly story about a boy who attracts hippos - more every day. His parents hire a witch to rid him of his hippo magnetism. It's told in a dry this-sort-of-thing-happens -all-the-time sort of way. It's funny - especially because of the illustrations.

Story of Robert who gets followed home by hippopotami. Simple, but there are sentences that are unique and lovely "He was delighted to think that he was the sort of boy hippopotami would follow." Is suitable for storytimes.

I loved this book It made me laugh out loud! This cute and simple story about a boy who is being followed by hippopotamus is sure to put a smile on your face. I would recommend this to all ages for a good chuckle kind of book. The illustrations aid in the humor and really add to the story.

Lovely Steven Kellogg illustrations. Great for all hippo lovers!

Great book for kids!! Definitely a recommendation!

I especially liked how all the hippos smiled benevolently throughout most of the story.

Pretty funny :)

the kids thought it was funny and liked the new word, "hippopotami".

A witch's pill is supposed to cure Robert of the hippopotami who daily follow him home from school--but there is one disadvantage to the treatment.

My favorite book of all time.

This was such a cute story about a boy who is just a little too attractive to hippos! I love how no one in the town thinks it's weird that they have this influx of hippos and then giraffes?

he was followed by who

Soo cute and humorous. Loved it!

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