Your Body Is Changing

Jack Pendarvis

Your Body Is Changing

Your Body Is Changing

  • Title: Your Body Is Changing
  • Author: Jack Pendarvis
  • ISBN: 9781596921917
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

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Glittering with mischief and perversity, Pushcart Prize winner Jack Pendarvis s latest collection introduces readers to a world of dreamers poised on the brink of all sorts of disaster a world only a wink and a nod away from our own In the title novella a fundamentalist teenager must single handedly confront the challenges of a spiritual quest involving secular humanists,Glittering with mischief and perversity, Pushcart Prize winner Jack Pendarvis s latest collection introduces readers to a world of dreamers poised on the brink of all sorts of disaster a world only a wink and a nod away from our own In the title novella a fundamentalist teenager must single handedly confront the challenges of a spiritual quest involving secular humanists, an apocalyptic folk artist, and his own misguided hormones The other stories deal poignantly with among other things a young millionaire pretending to be a detective, the good folks who invented the diarrhea inducing chewing gum, and a tollbooth operator who becomes an impromptu drug mule Underlying each comedic gem and neurotic twist is an intelligence and empathy rarely found in modern satire Your Body Is Changing will invite you in with its zany humor and indict you with its moving truths.

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This is a very funny, very out-of-the-ordinary collection of short stories (7 stories and the novella-length title story). Most of Pendarvis' characters make Ignatius J. Reilly look like a guy you'd take home to Mama. The stories are wild and whimsical and Pendarvis' imagination rarely slows to less than a gallop (leading to lots of tangential forks in the narratives that somehow end up fitting just fine). If you can conceive of finding rotting teeth funny, this book would be fun for you. Also, [...]

This is some great modern surrealist dark humor. Took me to new pinkish bramble covered places in my charred cerebellum. Occasionally like David Sedaris but much deeper, darker and literary.

At first glance, Your Body Is Changing, the new short-story collection by Jack Pendarvis, is right out of the George Saunders school of satirical short fiction. The eight stories compose an allegorical road novella, stories of unlovable schmucks stuck in their ruts, and a few pieces of experimental fiction. But Your Body Is Changing is not only an outrageously odd book, it’s a knee-slappingly funny read.The collection’s title story is a road novella that features a fatherless young Alabama b [...]

This guy is wacky! And that's a good thing. Pendarvis may be my neighbor. After all, he is from Atlanta. But, like all the cool people, he probably lives in Virginia-Highlands or Decatur or someplace far away from my neighborhood of NW Vanillaville. So who knows?Anyway, what a riot of a collection of short stories. The eponymous story is all cognitive disonnance. Pubing teen BOY with lactating extra breast, very Chreeeestian, meets today's real world, which includes lesbians and um some relief [...]

Loved this. The relative low rating is, I don't know, due to maybe a few too many easy shots taken throughout the book? Easily in the George Saunders vein and pretty sharp on all kinds of levels of human failure -- there will be no shortage of that to poke fun of for aspiring writers as far as anyone can see. But in the end -- is that what we're always looking for? This guy is walking the line and the book is good for laffs and some pride-checking, I just fear the idea of reading it and coming a [...]

I picked this up because I liked the cover. I'd never heard of the author. I'm glad I did. This book of stories, his second, is extremely funny, with characters that, whether they know it or not, are completly insane. But there is also a heart and brain behind these stories. I find his writing new and exciting, with characters I still remember. Most would probably call him a post modern social satarist, but I'm not smart enough to come up with something like that, so I'll just say if you're a fa [...]

My 2 stars are the average of two ratings. I give 1 star to the first half of the book, comprised of short stories that ALL seemed like throwaways. I give 3 stars the the title story, which is the 2nd half of the book, which is better than the first half's stories and do have some great spots, but on the whole is a bit of a wandering mess. I really was looking forward to this book after Pendarvis' first book, which hit on all cylinders. Sadly, this go around is a goat-drawn cart wandering in the [...]

"This is contemporary literature!" I shouted at Ben, after he quite forcefully laughed at segments of "Outsiders." Yeah, "The Mysterious" was more LOL-ful for me, but this was I still can't find the word. Worldy. Like the worlds were so realized? It was like I was in them worlds that each of them stories occupied. And I recognized my own world, just on the other side of the page-glass. I dunno I feel affected. Blessed, even. Special thnax to Peter Berghoef for loaning me this number. Way to do t [...]

I feel like I should've liked this book more than I did, because I have a feeling it's considered hip and esoteric. Alas, I was underwhelmed by how similar each character was written from story to story, and when a story ends by a person being bitten in the throat by a rattlesnake for no apparent reason and in a later story a woman sucks the milk out of a lactating 15-year old boywell, I think maybe I just didn't get it.

I really liked that first story, but when I got to the second, I realized that all his stories were going to be like that: a rambling misfit is thrown into a strange situation in which his Falstaff ignorance proves to be an unwitting asset. So I'll just stop at liking the first story.It did make me appreciate the Ben Greenman book I read a while back a lot more. If you are hungry for young weird short fiction, I'd pick that over this.

This is my kind of humor. I absolutely love when a story would start on something completely unrelated to what was just happening. If I were to tell a story, this is how I would do it. You don't see many stories written this way. Everything shouldn't be written like this but it's so great to see something very different from all the popular stuff out there.

Pendarvis' observations about truly over-the-top people and his ability to relay their conversations makes him a craftsman. His humor and voice are unique--no need to compare him to his contemporaries. I gave it 3 stars because this collection with a weaker novella didn't have the punch of Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure,a fresh and startling collection.

Was just thinking about the last story I read in this collection and smiling today. It was due back at the library and I didn't renew it due to competing pleasures but I'll go back for more of this giddy candy.

If you have always been leery of Arkansas, this book will make you even more so. Pendarvis's stories are full of the unexpected and excell at making me cringe. The title story, especially, is wonderful.

Not as openly humorous as his first work of fiction, but colorful stuff all the same. Reminds me of the drama of Adam Rapp. I especially liked Tollbooth Confidential, but missed some of his earlier stuff, which was Woody Allen-esque.

The first short story in this collection had me laughing so hard I was absolutely excited to read more. But the remaining stories were only OK. I thought the title story wasn't that interesting at all.

This collection of short stories was described as having "an intelligence and empathy rarely found in modern satire". Not quite. The stories are amusing and the author has a flair for colloquial dialog, but it's not living up to my expectations so far.

The characters are to die for. The stories are unconfident and lacking in substance. I wish they would live out their potential. Though I am glad I read it for the characters which did make me laugh and realize some ironicies in everyday life.

It wasn't what I expected at all, which is fine, but it also wasn't that great. I stopped in the middle of the titular story because ain't nobody got time for a two-page monologue without paragraph breaks. Sheesh.

I gave this one a few days to settle ind all I'm left with is "Blech"two and a HALF stars(see review at my blog All Book Reviewer)

This book is so good. I've reread, and reread it over and over. It's hilarious. My review is likey not helpful at all, but if I'm willing to reread something, it has to be worth a glance.

This is an awesome book. Jack Pendarvis is really my boyfriend.

Great great great book of short stories from one of the funniest, best writers out there.

LOVE Jack Pendarvis - think I'm a better fan of his OA work than this collection though

Fun, lots of dialogue, quirky clever without being snarky. I especially like the last piece in the book, called "Final Remarks."

Loved it. Hilarious. Great to read right after, say, graduating with an English lit degree.

mediocre title story keeps this from 5 stars. "tollbooth confidential" is my second favorite pendarvis story, after the excerpt i've read from "awesome", his upcoming novel. this guy is my favorite.

Couldn't finish the last story. I didn't like the book. You might. I didn't.


Brilliant, thoughtful, slightly surreal stories. I really love this book. Each story expands into unexpected and very funny places.

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