After School Nightmare, Volume 10

Setona Mizushiro

After School Nightmare, Volume 10

After School Nightmare, Volume 10

  • Title: After School Nightmare, Volume 10
  • Author: Setona Mizushiro
  • ISBN: 9781933617718
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback

The line between reality and dreams is dangerously blurred, and Mashiro finds himself trapped in his female body, living a life he doesn t know Just when Mashiro begins to accept his new situation, he and the other dreamers enter their final class the class that will decide who lives, who dies, and who goes on to graduate

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I am wavering between 3 and 4 stars on this one. As series finales go, it's not a bad one. The final twist does explain the surreal atmosphere of the series as well as the general blurring of dreams and reality. Still, the explanation was a little too close to the hoary old "it was all a dream" plot reset; I felt bad for Sou and Kureha, especially Kureha, who we never saw again. Was she one of the infants who was saved? Did her mother die? We don't know, and that's sort of sad fate to deal to a [...]

**THIS IS A REVIEW FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES AND NOT JUST THIS VOLUME**I wanted to read this manga for a very long time since I was eleven. I read the first few volumes at the hairdresser's and it got me hooked and extra curious. Finally, I found the chance to read it. I had emotional trauma over the whole series and refused to read other novels after that because of the angst inside everyone's heart.After School Nightmare starts by introducing Ichijo Mashiro, our main protagonist, who is male on th [...]

Il modo in cui appariamo nel sogno è lo specchio della nostra anima.Afterschool Nightmare è uno shojo (con qualche traccia shonen ai) di 10 volumi che dalla trama sembrava diverso dal solito ed effettivamente lo è. Mi ha intrigato e tenuta incollata fin dalle prime pagine perchè, malgrado la stranezza degli eventi e il fatto che sia inquietante, a parer mio è una storia particolare, originale e interessante; una storia parecchio cupa caratterizzata da introspezione, mistero, suspense.I dial [...]

The ending was such a disappointment, it felt like a waste of time reading this.

Okay, I'm not really sure how I feel about the ending. I get the point, but I was still rather disappointed.

Che finale. Spettacolare!

A great ending for a series that sadly did not live up to its potential. In hindsight, I feel that this series really could have benefited from a shorter run to make the story more cohesive and tighter. Instead, we ended up with a stretched storyline that gave a feeling of a sophomore slump that made the main story really lose focus and became something more of a 'nightmare of the week' serial.However, the conclusion does much to answer alot of the questions and also alleviate the perplexity as [...]

This volume marks the end of this incredibly mind-blowing series and fans will be both incredibly thrilled to read the end as well as incredibly disappointed. Why will they be disappointed? Not because the series isn't incredible (it really is), but because that means that there's no new volumes coming out! The story picks back up with Mashiro in a dream world where Kureha is dating Sou. From there the storyline goes into full speed as in the real world Kureha and Sou wonder where their lost fri [...]

Five stars! The ending makes all the rest of it way better in retrospect. I will say it was unexpected and pretty cool. And I won't say much else about it, because that would be a spoiler!And now I really want to start over again from the beginning, to reread it knowing all that I know now. But of course I borrowed it through interlibrary loan from multiple libraries. So that is not an easy thing to go and do. Maybe I'll have to buy it now. Hmf!For all the times the translator told us what a ben [...]

Stil marking this "glbtq," though that turns out to be less apt than it appeared. Perhaps it's just my disappointment at the direction taken with what seemed like a fascinating premise, but I found the ending thoroughly disappointing. It didn't feel like another level of story for me--it just felt more like an obnoxious "just kidding!" I read 10 volumes for this?

I understand the basic concept of what was REALLY going on, but yet again there are the few things I still don't get, (even if they might be obvious).I see that Mashiro was supposed to travel to the real world, (because s/he was in a world full of non-dead, non-living people) with his/her sibling, but only one could pass through. But when you think about it, the world he was in was still a world, but they were never living, so what happens to the people who don't go to that specific school? How [...]

See my review for Vol 1.

see full review @ Katie's CornerToday I have a manga, which held my interest from the very first page and it had this astonishingly weird but at the same time fantastically amazing written all over it. I remember this manga was always on my recommendations; believe it or not I was always somehow repulsed to read it with whole undefined sex thing with Mashiro. But then one day, I do not know why I just wanted to read something weird so this story came to my mind. Let’s see, by the end of the f [...]

J'ai lu cette série parce que je me suis souvenue qu'à l'époque où elle était sortie, certains de mes amis en étaient complètement fan. Malheureusement, pour moi, la magie n'a pas pris. Le trait est simpliste et ça aurait tout à fait pu passer si, en plus, je n'avais pas trouvé qu'il n'y avait aucune diversité au niveau des traits des différents personnages ou dans leurs expressions. Les deux seules fois où j'ai réussi à m'attacher aux personnages, c'est quand on a appris l'histoi [...]

"Were you able to become the person you wanted to be?""Even if he brushes away my hand, I'll still hold it out to him.""No matter what life, no matter what person, everyone has to say goodbye sometime. When that time comes I hope I can say what I have to. I hope I can express the feelings and the words that matter most."I cannot begin to express how much I love this series, the wonderful, young, naive longing for something undefined that it leaves inside of me every time I reread it. What a beau [...]

As Ichijou Mashiro’s hard kept secret is revealed to his classmates, Mashiro’s dream world is turned upside down. The after-hours class Mashiro signs up for is not at all what he expects it to be. Passing the class is his only chance of graduation and the horrors he finds there are only the beginnings to the mysteries yet to be revealed.This dark series is filled with controversial and emotional issues that take the reader on a journey through what the characters are feeling and what they ex [...]

The ending was awesome! I love it when a mystery is solved and your first reaction is "of course! I should have known!" and your second is to flip all the way back to the beginning to pick up all the clues you missed the first time around. But while the ending clicked into perfect place it didn't tie everything off into such a neat bow that the earlier struggles were negated or explained away. If anything the students attempts to define themselves and battle their demons were made even more poig [...]

I'm a bit disappointed in the way this ended. Mizushiro claims that if you go back to the beginning, you see how the whole thing fits together, but I think she did badly by the characters of Sou and Kureha. What are we supposed to think happened to them?ETA after re-reading the whole series: Duh, how did I miss what happens to Sou and Kureha the first time? Maybe I was protecting myself from crushing depression, because that was pretty dark. Still not keen on the whole cosmology of a world where [...]

To me an ending can complement or ruin a book and this one made the series unforgettable for me. The shocking twist that the school is connected to a ward of pregnant women and when a student graduates they are born (or reincarnate in this case) in the real world really left me melancholy and deep in thought long after the last page. A shojo manga that actually stretches your mind a little bit is a rare breed. I'm definately going to read the series again later on to pick up on the allegory I ap [...]

And so this epic and crazy journey comes to an end. Very hard to predict the ending and yet I knew it had to be something kind of like that. Still some vague patches here and there but all together I was pleased with it. I think I need to read the entire series again so that I can have an uninterrupted trip through the mangas and let the ending really hit me for all it's suddenness and beauty.

While overall I enjoyed the series, I was a bit disappointed with how it ended. While I don't hate the ending it does leave you wondering what in the world happened. The artwork was as beautiful as always and there is enough left of the ending for me to imagine that there will be a happily ever after for all. In a few months I will read the entire series again and hope that the ending will make a bit more sense then.

This series was AMAZING. I randomly picked the whole series up at the library one day and was hooked. I had to wait to get vol. 10 through interlibrary loan though and was slightly disappointed at how this series ended. I'm not sure how I feel about it.Still, it's so worth reading the whole thing again! I LOVED this series!

The ending was great, to know the best secret of this book. It makes everything makes the whole series more understandable. I didn't want the series to end. I wanted it to keep going. I love the writing style if this author and I can't wait to read more by this author. I think at the end Mashiro found out who she truly is,and to know her story to at the end was perfect.

A bizarre and surreal ending to a surreal series. I enjoyed much of the series, but I found myself floundering with the ending. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I think it was the translation that was the issue, not the story itself. Or I could just be terribly dense. I have more questions than answers. Hmmm

After School Nightmare is, by far, my favorite manga. Ever. The art style is beautiful (as always with something from Setona Mizushiro), and the storyline is delectable. Everything about this manga is amazing. I do not want to go into too much detail, but I will say that this is the first ever manga to make me weep--and that is saying something, considering I read a lot of manga.

Okay, so the ending is really weird but it makes sense. I loved Mashiro with her lacrosse stick and Sou with his glasses. So cute! I need to read 8 and 9 over again, though, because I don't remember what happens with Ai. How does the relationship between Sou and Ai fit into the ending?

Yay! A very satisfying, though surprising and odd ending. Def need to reread the series. The author also admits to the manga being unusual, but also mentions that it covers some important topics, which I agree with on both counts.

ok so this ended so very differently than i expeceted, but this series was amazingly good. i couldn't stop reading. definitely worth a read and a re-read to pick up all the subtle clues you missed the first time.

>=J by the image in the cover, I'm predicting Ichijo accepted the fact that shes a girl and she chose Sou over Kureha. HA! TAKE THAT KUREHA!! XP But you can't judge a book by its cover so I'm just going to have to see if I'm right

I finish the serie I love after school nightmare books , loved the story it was different and I loved how it ended.

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