Brighton Road

Susan Carroll

Brighton Road

Brighton Road

  • Title: Brighton Road
  • Author: Susan Carroll
  • ISBN: 9780449213902
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback

SHE WAS A MISTRESS OF DISASTER AND HE DEMANDED SHE KEEP HER DISTANCE With his broad shoulders and flashing dark eyes, Lord Ravenel could have stepped from the pages of lady author Gwenda Vickers s gothic novels Certainly she hadn t meant to eavesdrop on his marriage proposal nor overhear the lady s refusal But certainly he would welcome her advice as a seasoned writer,SHE WAS A MISTRESS OF DISASTER AND HE DEMANDED SHE KEEP HER DISTANCE With his broad shoulders and flashing dark eyes, Lord Ravenel could have stepped from the pages of lady author Gwenda Vickers s gothic novels Certainly she hadn t meant to eavesdrop on his marriage proposal nor overhear the lady s refusal But certainly he would welcome her advice as a seasoned writer, of course on the art of romance.But Ravenel fairly cursed the imperturbable Miss Vickers Her penchant for disaster and her boot chewing hound were enough to drive a man to Bedlam How shocked he was, then, to discover he yearned to star in a love story of his ownwith the wide eyed authoress herself

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The road to Brighton is paved with one misadventure after another! Susan Carroll does it again with some of her classic OOPs, with Brighton Road filled with an authoress trying to help a Baron that doesn’t want her help, win the heart of the one he wants to marry, with a little help from her gothic novels of course.This book was full of laughs from start to finish, Gwenda, the author is fun, and loveable, but at times a little bit to naive in dealing with people. Although her great dog and one [...]

"Brighton Road" is a wonderful, old school regency romp. I only wish more books were like it. The heroine is sweet, impetuous, imaginative, and has a few (at least) screws loose. In other words, it is impossible not to fall in love with her. She's a writer of the Minerva Press fame, which tells you quite a bit already. The heroine accidentally overhears the hero make a passionless yet polite proposal, and the hilarious conversation that follows is a sure sign of the many fun and zany adventures [...]

Charming!I really enjoyed this one. I love upbeat heroines who put broody heros in their place. I love the transformation the men make and how by the end they simply cannot live without their saucy little vixens (I've been reading too many regencies). I thought it was written well and the relationship moved along at a believable pace. I had to give it five stars simply because it made me laugh and smile while reading. I love a good lighthearted romance! I'll be checking out more from this author [...]

MOSTORABLEOK.EVER.This book! Oh my gosh! We need more heroines like Miranda! SHe is utterly charming and I would read EVERYTHING as long as she is the heroine. With her unique, hilarious, optimistic but quite intelligent (in her own ways) attitude she has quickly become one of my favorite heroine of all time. She fits our hero so well.Our hero is the exact and total opposite of Miranda. He is serious, realistic, too practical and not a tad bit romantic. (Oh! but i ADORE him so! I fell in love wi [...]

A delightful, funny, charming story that had me chuckling out loud which is something I rarely do!A must read for all those readers that love historical romances and welcome a touch of comedy thrown into the mix.

Ravenel choked. Then he realized his mistake. He was trying to reason with Miss Vickers as though she were a sane person and not a Vickers at all.Gwenda has the ability to embarrass Ravanel quite thoroughly. It's so much fun to see his proud and dignified self blush at her audaciousness. Ravanel is determined to marry properly to give himself a proper heir. Gwenda is a romance novelist and she's got a great imagination. Her novels are sentimental with a gory dose of horror thrown in it for good [...]

I haven't had this much fun reading a book in awhile. The heroine is a madcap, self described spinster (age 21). She comes from an unorthodox, aristocratic family who don't care about rules and customsey just do their own thing and are more concerned with what makes them happy. The h is an author of Minerva press gothics and sometimes her imagination spills over into real life. She encounters the H on the road to Brighton. The H is very conventional, rigid and stuffy but for some reason he makes [...]

This was SO much fun.Catastrophe follows where Gwenda goesbut so does laughter and fun.The Baron doesn't stand a chance, JOY is coming into his life and once he gets past the SHOCK of it all, he realizes that there is no help for it, he just needs to give in and go with the flow.A lovely "T rated" story that will make you laugh, unless YOUR nickname is "Sobersides" too!

This book was an absolute delight, from the moment the dreaming heroine falls off the sofa in the first chapter to the slightly bungled romantic scene on the beach at the end. I loved both main characters, I loved the minor characters, I loved the way everything went wrong in the most natural manner possible, and I loved the growing romance between two such unlikely people. I even loved the dog (although honesty compels me to acknowledge that he was as much plot point as comic relief). This one [...]

Gwenda Mary Vickers dreams of a handsome hero who will sweep her off her feet. So far, he hasn't appeared but in the meantime she writes gothic romance novels. When she accidentally overhears the toplofty Lord Ravenel's prosaic marriage proposal and subsequent rejection, she feels sorry for the gentleman and offers her advice to a very unwilling Lord Ravenel. He recognizes her name as being a member of an eccentric family and wants nothing to do with her and gives her a lecture in propriety, whi [...]

Very amusing about a couple meeting accidentally on the way to Brighton and continuing the journey together. A lot of misfortunes, that turn out to be funny, happen to them, there is a dog and some not so bad villains. Along with Mary Balogh's The Famous Heroine this was the funniest regency that I have read.

This was my second time reading Brighton Road. Unfortunately, it was sillier than I remembered. There was a little too much Bertie, the boot-chewing dog. (view spoiler)[The plusses: starchy hero, their initial meeting: heroine overhears hero proposing to a woman and then she critiques the proposal.The minuses: the antics of Bertie the dog and other silliness, also the heroine is an author and there are tidbits of her gothic writings throughout the book.(hide spoiler)]The writing is good- I am ju [...]

This is a traditional regency romance about a girl who has a very active, vivid imagination (which she uses to author gothic novels) and a starchy, straight-laced fellow who is badly in need of some fun. The two meet when she accidentally overhears his proposal to another woman and an unlikely friendship develops as they travel to Brighton together.The premise is good and it is not badly written, but I thought the story went from enjoyably silly to stupid and by the 90% mark I stopped reading as [...]

Highly recommended if you are looking for a light, clean romance. It is so light and zero drama that there is not even a villain in the story. How refreshing is that? The hero is not tragic, with a tumultuous past. In fact, Ravenel is a true gentleman; I mean, he blushes if he has "indecent" thoughts! And by "indecent" I mean only the desire to kiss Gwenda.And Gwenda great heroine I must say. Not once she makes a stupid mistake. Every single "mischief" is refreshing; no wonder Ravenel falls in l [...]

It was okay. But nothing special. I think that for someone who has read fewer Regency romances it could be more entertaining. But for me there was too much similarities to other, better novels. Let's be honest, there are almost always similarities but a good Regency romance has something own, something special. So even if a writer has the same ingredients he can mix it in a way that makes a book more or less unique.For more information, you can read review of Emilia Barnes, I agree with her comp [...]

Regency romp with a fanciful heroine and “Sobersides” hero.

Very cute and funny. The characters were likable and most scenes were hilarious. The main characters and the dog were endearing. Sometimes it felt like I knew what to expect, but for the plot chosen, I think it was well-written, especially for such a short novel. It was an engaging, short read.Don't trust the cover. The cover shown here does not really coincide with the book; the hero never carried her like that.

I read Brighton Road in one sitting because I was having too much fun to put it down! I loved the two leads,the valet and even the crazy-troublesome dog.Very well developed characters,and the humor was excellent.If you enjoy humor with your romance you will enjoy this book. Great Beta hero,and sweet fun heroine. So glad I bought it,when I found my library didn't have it.

I loved it. It was just what I needed after trudging through my last two books. I enjoyed the simplicity and sweetness. I enjoyed the lack of any dark or evil characters. I liked knowing what both were thinking. Cute cute cute. (I only held back the 5th star because it was just a touch too simple for 5 to me.)

If you're a regency era romance fan at all- you must read this book!!! It has all of the regency elements, but it's hysterical to boot. The heroine is a very very likeable spitfire who wants to be proper but isn't. The hero is a stuffy gent who is proper but isntOh- you know how these things go! Read it! It's fun!!!

Found this today in looking through an old box. I think someone gave this to me in high school to read while I was recovering from bronchitis. The cover looks like a cheesy romance, but the dialogue is funny and razor sharp. The main character's family is eccentric and a bit whacky, especially for the time. G rating and no heaving bosoms. Goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.

So fun :)This book was fun! This book was cute, light, and fun. The love story was sweet and corky. Just so fun, I really liked it. I will probably read it again when I need something fun and entertaining.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's the story of a wacky lady author and a stuffy baron thrown together on the road to Brighton. This makes for some hilarious moments. Also, I loved the dog, Spotted Bert!

Normally I wouldn't touch something with a cover like this (Wade gave me some weird looks when he saw it-and mine was worse than this picture), but it is actually a very hilarious-and clean-book! It's one of my favorite romance novels.

Misadventures abound in this entertaining tale of a rather stuffy gentleman and an impulsive free-spirited young lady.

This was such a fun story with great characters, romance, humor, and a lot of unexpected moments. I really enjoyed this!

One of my favorite novels. Hysterically funny.

Another light, happy read. Perfect for what I was looking for.

Read the author's Night Drifter ages ago and found this one by chance yesterday as wanted to read something light and bubbly. This fit the bill as it's a really cute, nicely enjoyable, Regency romance with humor, oodles of charm and a very likable and engaging couple with its impetuous, disaster prone, upbeat heroine and broody, sober sides hero -- making it perfect for a light hearted, easy, quick, happy happy read.

Likeable but uneven.

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