Chicken Butt

Erica S. Perl Henry Cole

Chicken Butt

Chicken Butt

  • Title: Chicken Butt
  • Author: Erica S. Perl Henry Cole
  • ISBN: 9780810983250
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover

You know what What Chicken butt The classic schoolyard joke has been recast as an irreverent picture book, with call and response parts for parent and child The word repetition in Erica S Perl s text, and wonderfully comic illustrations by beloved artist Henry Cole, make this a particularly inviting book for new readers, as does the opportunity to trick a parent or otYou know what What Chicken butt The classic schoolyard joke has been recast as an irreverent picture book, with call and response parts for parent and child The word repetition in Erica S Perl s text, and wonderfully comic illustrations by beloved artist Henry Cole, make this a particularly inviting book for new readers, as does the opportunity to trick a parent or other adult into participating in a very silly joke The humor builds to a surprising and satisfying conclusion Warning Kids will want to read this one over and over and over again An unhinged piece of slap happy rhyming rocket propelled artwork the romp is a powerful piece of cacophony, frenetic by the moment Kirkus Reviews

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Guess what?! Chicken butt. and so it starts, continuing on with funny and cute little ideas through this story, whose momentum is more the photos than the words. Neo is still laughing at this one, laying in bed.

If you love the sound of your child laughing until you think he just might pee his pantsIf you love the feel of your little four year old’s pudgy fingers on your cheeks, while she shouts, “You know what!” into your faceIf you love to see your kid running around the room, flailing his arms in the air, singing “monkey butt, duckie butt, elephant butt, any-animal-I-can-think-of butt”Then, CHICKEN BUTT! is for you.Okay, so this book can be exhausting. It’s a bit like giving kids noisy to [...]

So here’s the question: How do you feel about a raucous storytime? Are you pro or con? Cause that’s what you’re going to have if you pull this one out during read-aloud. There are children’s books that work well when shared, then you have books like Chicken Butt, that are created for group settings. Say goodbye to the “fouth wall”, as readers are invited into the story from page one. While the central joke isn’t new, this winning combination of humor and the element of surprise wil [...]

Want to laugh yourself silly with a 5-year-old? Want to hear a child quoting a picture book back to you (for days on end, and quite possibly, weeks)? Then this book is for you, my friend. The immaturity of this book is simultaneously ridiculous, hilarious, and contagious. Three 'ous'es. Stellar. Designed for two voices to read in tandem, this is the perfect book to read on a bummer day, or any time when you're hoping for a tickle fight. Because tickle fights are so going to happen with this one. [...]

Stephani and I laughed and laughed and laughed. There's a reason we are children's librarianswe act like 6 year olds.

Oh my gosh. This book. I had kids in my storytime rolling on the floor they were laughing so hard. Even the parents were cracking up. Then I brought it home to my 5-year old, and he laughed so hard he couldn’t speak. It was so much fun. It is an old joke. I maybe would have giggled if I had read this on my own. But reading it out loud to kids makes this one a great experience.

Horrified by the word "butt" are you?Well: BUTT! BUTT! BUTT! BUTT! BUTT!Still with me?Fine if you've got a toddler/preschooler and don't want them saying "butt". But if you've got a grade schooler and live in anything but a hermetically sealed bubble, odds are it's in their playground vocabulary. And "Guess what? Chicken BUTT!" may be one of their playground call and responses. This was NOT the case in my long ago NYC playground, but apparently it is in my daughter's Northern Virginia one. Found [...]

I got to watch two little girls in my library read this book to each other. I worried that they'd pee the chairs, they were laughing so hard. That, in my opinion, is one of the highest accolades a picture book can get. They read the book out loud, read it again, made their mom listen to them read it - a treat for me to see. While I may find the plot on the simple side (boy bugs his dad with the old "know what?" joke), I can totally see why some kids will love this one. And Henry Cole's art gets [...]

This is pretty hilarious and I can't believe I haven't read it before today. I'm guessing I need to make a purchase.

There is nothing academic to say about this book it's just plain, fun!! I can't help but laugh when we read it!

I don't know why I love books about tushies and underwear, lol.

I'm regretting bringing this one home. Conversation at our house:"Mommy-- you know what?""What?"Chicken Butt!

I am a 5 year old deep in my heart, so this one made me laugh out loud. I think it would be a great one to be shared with silly boys and girls who love the sound of the word BUTT. And who doesn't? :P

This book cracks Tess up!

My children LOVE this book and the hilarity that goes with the joke. I appreciated the opportunity to talk about rhyming words and other potential ends to the joke.

“Chicken Butt” by Erica S. Perl is a patterned book that is meant for Nursery to Primary children. This book was about the joke when you say “Guess what?” the person answers “What?”, and then you say “Chicken Butt!” The book begins with a father reading his newspaper, and his son asks “you know what?” The father answers “what?” And the son replies “Chicken butt!” and then he keeps asking questions that have references to answers with chicken in them. The father finall [...]

I first heard of the Chicken butt joke when I saw Macaully Culkin perform the skit on SNL. My husband and I thought it was hilarious and we have been using that gag on our girls forever. When I saw this book at our library, I thought it would be a very funny book. Except that it isn't. I know that comedy is all about timing, so perhaps it is just my delivery that is bad. I even had our oldest play one part and I played the other. But the book just fell flat. We often laugh when we catch our girl [...]

If you like the sound of children laughing and seeing them having fun. This book is for you. They will also use any animal with butt at the end and fun with it for weeks to come! My oldest grandson found this at the library. We read it over and over with his younger brother. We kept switching it to different library cards. Kept it out for 2 months! Finally broke down and ordered it for Christmas. They are now 8 & 4. Still enjoy it! Took it to school and read it to my Pre-k and kindergarten c [...]

Guess what? Chicken butt!!! This age-old adage is taken to the nth degree in this new picture book by Perl. Illustrated by Henry Cole's comical drawings, this book is a delight to read in storytime and truly invites participation. I would suggest apologizing to parents beforehand as to what the rest of their daily conversation with their child is going to sound like.As we open the book the initial illustration show us a boy and presumably his father at a newsstand. The father is purchasing a pap [...]

Chicken Butt is another book that didn't go over as well as I was hoping. I heard that it was really funny, and I thought it was. I think Christopher was just too tired to appreciate it. He read this one. The prose is very simple. It's about a boy and his dad. The boy is constantly asking his dad questions like, "Guess what?" And then replying, "Chicken Butt!" or "Chicken Thigh!"I think younger kids, ages 2-4 maybe, would really get into the nonsense in this book. Perhaps Christopher is just too [...]

I don't know if y'all have heard, but chickens are the new penguins. But this is more than a new picture book featuring cute chickens it's about chicken butts! Well, specifically, it's an expanded version of the age-old silly response to "Guess what?" The next time one of those goofy moods strikes, grab your big or little person and the two of you can follow along with the book's call-and-response format until you're both rolling on the floor with laughter. Don't forget to stay tuned for the twi [...]

Don't deny it, every one of you at one point in your elementary school years said, "Guess what?". Then after your victim said, "What?", you gleefully responded, "CHICKEN BUTT!" That is exactly what one young boy does to his older brother in the first few pages of this book. The rest of the book is variations upon the same phrase. The illustrations are fun. Overall I wasn't too impressed with this book. Kids will love it because it will give them the excuse to say "CHICKEN BUTT!!!!" over and over [...]

You know what? Chicken butt!Weirdly enough, I went all through childhood without ever having heard this schoolyard chant. However, Perl wants to make sure you won’t forget it!The whole story centers on a kid tormenting his dad with “chicken” jokes, with the help of a wacky fowl who is probably imaginary. The refrain of CHICKEN BUTT is shouted from the rooftops. The storyline wasn’t really what I expected. From the cover, I was anticipating an obnoxious chicken who walks around sitting on [...]

My five-year-old son learned to read a new word today: "Butt". And I couldn't be prouder. He thought this book was hil-AR-ious, and he didn't even know the original "chicken butt" joke. There is not much of a plot to this book -- one pretty much is not needed -- but it is still a very fun read. The illustrations are perfect for such an irreverent book. (And I mean that in a very good way.)

For years I've been saying "Chicken Butt" to people when they say "What" to me. Finally, a book that gives me more chicken parts to shout! Chicken Eyebrow? Genius! It was so fun to read this book aloud, especially because my little one helped me with the call and response. He played straight to my silly. It was great. I know not everyone is going to enjoy this book, but it was a lot of fun. So, if you're in to that, you should try it out.

Adults: this book was not written for you. Your sense of humor will not appreciate it. This book was written for that small portion of the population that appreciates the inanity of a chicken butt joke. The illustrations are explosive, and the book would do well as a storytime read or a puppet script.

As a colleague said, a perfect read-aloud for five to nine year-olds. Jokes and humor are an important part of relationships and chicken butt is right up the scattalogical humor stage for kids of this age. Perl extends the joke and always gives the kid the last laugh, without diminishing the importance of the dad's responses.

Oh yes, there is a book of it. Oh yes, my kid did find it on the shelf at the library. Guess what? OoofI'm too tired to play chicken butt with you people because I had to read this book so many times at bedtime. It was good fun, though. And truthfully, this mom had already sprung the chicken butt thing but now can say "chicken thigh" and "chicken eyebrow" every now and then too.

This is a story that is best read out loud by two people. Expect lots of laughs from the audience when it is read. A little boy wants his dad's attention and drives him crazy with Chicken butt, thigh, eyebrow, etc. Chicken Butt's Back got a chuckle out of me, whereas Chicken Butt did not- probably because I read Chicken Butt first

Why, yes, I must be fundamentally childish. I laughed like all hell. the PandaBat got to read the father's half of the dialogue, and I read the kid's half. I probably cackled, too. A very short read aloud, but it got raucous when I got to say "Chicken Butt!". Let me just add, that the Offspring did a marvelous job with the father's steadily mounting exasperation.

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