Beauty Like the Night

Liz Carlyle

Beauty Like the Night

Beauty Like the Night

  • Title: Beauty Like the Night
  • Author: Liz Carlyle
  • ISBN: 9781416510611
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback

The daughter of London s wickedest widow, Helene de Severs has struggled to overcome her heritage Renowned within Europe s emerging psychiatric field, Helene has a gift for healing children When fate sends her back to England, the country she left in disgrace, Helene is confident she has learned to govern her own reckless emotions.Ruthlessly, Treyhern has dragged his notThe daughter of London s wickedest widow, Helene de Severs has struggled to overcome her heritage Renowned within Europe s emerging psychiatric field, Helene has a gift for healing children When fate sends her back to England, the country she left in disgrace, Helene is confident she has learned to govern her own reckless emotions.Ruthlessly, Treyhern has dragged his notorious family from the brink of ruin But a disastrous marriage has left him with a traumatized child, and his rebellious brother is just one step ahead of the bailiffs When his dissolute father drops dead while debauching the governess, Treyhern s infamous temper is truly tested.But the forceful earl means to straighten everyone out as soon as he has hired a reputable governess Yet the moment she steps from his carriage, Treyhern s cold reserve is melted by a rush of desire he had long thought dead With her elegant clothing and mountain of luggage, the woman is not who he expected Or is she Sometimes the workings of the mind are as dangerous as those of the heart And soon, danger is truly everywhere

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Beauty Like the Night is a beautifully written love story with the added bonus of a mystery. I believe that most, if not all, of Liz Carlyle's books combine these two elements, and she does a wonderful job with both. I really enjoy romances in which the hero and heroine either begin as friends or develop a friendship before marrying. In my opinion, Ms. Carlyle is masterful at writing these friendships and bringing to the story a sense of warmth and deep intimacy that goes far beyond the physical [...]

This book had potentials. Really, I quite liked it in the beginning. I thought the writing rather sophisticated too. But as the story went on, there was no real story, no real conflicts, just 2 people who were kept separated because the writer needed to cough up a story. And it is over 400 pages long. I was wondering just how long we could read about a couple fretting about lost love when they really no longer had any honest reasons to not be together?I have read that the second book in the seri [...]

I'd only read a couple of Liz Carlyle books before, namely A Deal with the Devil and My False Heart, which were both absolutely fantastic. I'm amazed I've taken so long to get back to this author. She REALLY is a very good writer. She is like a fine wine, she goes down very smoothly. Her stories are interesting and very enjoyable. I love her writing style and her love scenes are very hot. I am basically using this review for her three Rutledge family books, Beauty Like the Night, No True Gentlem [...]

Okay but I didn't really care for the she's an authority on governessing difficult children in conjunction with the element in which they are old lovers. So it didn't really get off the ground for me. Also the bad guy was apparent from his first words on stage which takes the suspense out of any of the mystery plot. I might try another of this author to give her a proper try.

The Devil you Know being one of my all time favorite romantic historicals, I was curios about 'Hell-Bent' Bentley's older brother, Cam and how he and Helene got together.Although not nearly as sensual as his younger brother's novel (it makes sense), Arianne's problem was what intrigued me most. The romance was alright, sort of a Notebook story of young lovers separated because of their parents (in this case BOTH their parents) and Cam having written Helene letters for 2 yrs which she never recei [...]

5 stars WOW!LOVED IT!! This book was a page turner. Ms. Carlyle is truly a gifted writer.

My take, Carlyle took the plot of every book she ever read, put them in a hat, drew out 12 or so, and wrote this book.

I only finished it because I wanted to see if the little girl got better. But the main characters were boring and pretty dumb. Plus it was also a bit tedious to hear so often he was overcome with lust for her without any really compelling reason.

liz carlyle, salah 1 pengarang yg sekarang baru ku gila2i tp gitu baca terjemahan OT ini langsung mlempem semangatku.tapi yah setidaknya yg ini masih lebih baik dibandingkan dengan tina gerowrcerita tteg helene de severs, kembali ke inggris setelah bertahun2 hidup diluar negeri & mempunyai keahlian dengan anak2mbali ke inggris helene mendapat pekerjaan membantu putri seorg earl. helene kaget karna ternyata earl tsb adl camden, teman sepermainannya sejak kecil jg cinta pertamanya. jika camden [...]

When Helene de Sevres shows up on the doorstep of Camden Rutledge, a past history unlike any I have ever read is revealed. Helene, daughter of a very "wicked" widow, has worked hard to become an expert in the burgeoning field of child psychiatry -- setting aside her passionate ways for a lifetime of service and education. Camden, son of a licentious lord who dallied extensively with Helene's mother, has dragged his family back from the brink of social and financial ruin. Duty is everything to Ca [...]

This was a very good book. At first glance you think you are getting a wallpaper historical, but as you get deeper into the book, you realize that it is more complicated than that. Helene and Cam knew each other at children. Their respective parents were lovers for years. So now they are both on the edge of adulthood and emotions and other things start popping out and erupting all over the place. Helene is sent away to Switzerland to complete her education. Twelve years pass. Cam married and his [...]

First off, Cam is completely without worth. He blames Helene for him wanting her, and blames her for other men wanting her, and blames her for being beautiful, and blames her and blames her and blames her. A couple times he thinks, "Hey, I'm being irrational," but then the language of the narrative basically keeps blaming her. He's also obsessed with not being his father, and being reliable, and being god knows what else, so he comes across as stiff. Other books have done this better, because he [...]

This book needed a serious edit.Granted I'm not the world's most enamoured romance reader, but I do understand the enjoyment of, and possible catharsis in, reading about the anguish of do-I-love-this-person or not. But this book could probably have been cut by a quarter (ok, maybe a fifth) and it would have been a much pacier read. Still keep the angst but lose all of the boring wallowing, and repetition. Because there was indeed an interesting enough story here, revolving around two people stru [...]

I probably would have liked this more if I haven't read every other book in the series before this one - since this is the first book in the series, I was pretty much completely spoiled. Still, this is a solid read, a moody Victorian involving Helene, a governess/specialist in mental disorders, who is hired to treat the hero's mute-from-trauma six year old daughter. One wrinkle - Camden, the widowed hero, and Helene, were childhood sweethearts and each other's first loves, before their greedy aw [...]

A book full of untoward advances, sexual harassment of the household staff, and two extremely confused adults who never made an effort to seek each other out, yet now believe they were meant to be together. To top it all off, the hero asks the heroine to be his mistress, because that's all he believes she's worth. I'm sorry, but love is incomplete without respect, and the hero clearly does not respect the heroine.

This was the best historically romance reads I have read it has everything it made me laugh, cry and a child was involved to I wanted to read a book with children involved.Cam4.bp/-oWQETClI7rUHelenechoose-hairstyles/wp-conteAraineencrypted-tbn3tatic/im

A very tragic tale of love lost and then found. A happy ending, but one which still leaves a bitter after-taste because of the waste of time and life. The culprit with the most guilt being Pride! Well written, but I tend to like a little more upbeat stories.

Excited to be making progress on Liz Carlyle's world, and this was a good installment 3.5 stars. ps. I read this mostly with an eye toward The Devil You Know.

This story is a little different from most of the historical romances I have read. The main plot of the story is a little girl that has been traumatized to the point that she will not speak. It is common today for there to be counselors and therapists that will help the child to deal with the trauma but that is a fairly new development. During the Regency era there was little understanding of the mind and little patience with those that weren't normal. So we find ourselves with a governess that [...]

Liz CarlyleCamden Rutledge has always been the most dependable and stable member of his family. His father, Randolph Rutledge, the Earl of Treyhem, is always up for a good time and never worries about money or his family. Cam is the consistent one, who worries about everything. Cam and Helene Middleton grew up together and fell in love, but her mom slept with the Earl and screwed up everything. Cam must married for money and not love, so he leaves his heart with Helene. Cassandra, his wife, made [...]

Helene de Severs and Cam Treyhern were adolescent sweethearts split up by their parents (who were themselves having an affair). In adulthood, Helene is a specialized type of governess who works with children with various problems, and Cam has (handwave handwave) somehow become an Earl, and is a widower with, handily enough, a daughter with problems. Enter Helene. Enter brooding and misunderstandings. Pros: Helene is not an idiot. Cam is not an idiot. Both people understand that they are powerful [...]

Nggak nyangka bukunya bagus. Walau terjemahannya kurang enak dibaca, tapi ceritanya bagus.Bagian awalnya sedikit membosankan karena alurnya keterlaluan lambatnya. Tiga bab itu cerita satu hari. Dari pagi, siang, sore, dan malam diceritain semua. Jadi, ceritanya tentang cowok dan cewek yang pernah bersahabat di masa lalu. Mereka saling suka tapi dipisahkan sama kedua orang tua masing-masing karena menganggap mereka nggak cocok. Camden yang bangsawan sementara Helene adalah anak "pelacur" Prancis. [...]

Helene de Severs and Camden Rutledge have history, some old yet unfinished history that plays out in this story.It is as old as the beginning of mankind, girl meets boy, boy falls in lust then love with girl, girl falls in love at the same time, BAM! compromised girl that is sent away to the continent so that boy can marry for money and save his impoverished family.As I said, it is a story that is as old as time. But the heartbreak and bitterness is as fresh as early morning bread. Helene has se [...]

Definitely a good story! Overall, I can’t bring myself to say that I fell in love with the book itself, but reading Beauty Like the Night was not at all a waste of time. I adored the characters, finding myself to truly enjoy Helene’s strength and Cam’s devotion to his daughter, Ariane. The plot was very emotionally charged, focusing on Ariane as being the central force that reunites Cam and Helene. Their story is one of life long love, and was heartwarming to read about. Strangely, I only [...]

First off, dang it. I had no idea this book came first before No True Gentleman. Beauty Like the Night centers on the eldest Rutledge, Cam, No True Gentleman (book 2) revolves around Catherine the middle child, and The Devil You Know (book 3) is Bentley's story. So here I'm introduced to a younger Catherine who's husband is still alive and a teenage Bentley. Liz Carlyle does a wonderful job weaving together romance and mystery. This mystery was not very hard to solve but it wasn't too bad to rea [...]

Beauty Like the Night - VGCarlyle, Liz - 1st of Devil seriesThe daughter of London's wickedest widow, Helene de Severs has struggled to overcome her heritage. Renowned within Europe's emerging psychiatric field, Helene has a gift for healing children. When fate sends her back to England, the country she left in disgrace, Helene is confident she has learned to govern her own reckless emotions.Ruthlessly, Treyhern has dragged his notorious family from the brink of ruin. But a disastrous marriage h [...]

Interesting story. Manisnya cinta pertama bersemi lagi setelah 10 tahun berlalu, dan setelah melalui banyak pengalaman pahit. Flash back kenangan masa remaja Camden dan Helene yang cukup segar menggambarkan keakraban mereka, bukan hanya sebagai kekasih, tapi juga sebagai sahabat terdekat. Buat pembaca scene ini pasti menarik karena mereka berdua sama-sama lucu dan lugu.Plot ceritanya jadi lebih menegangkan karena dibayangi misteri penyebab membisunya Ariene, anak Cam yang hampir bersamaan dengan [...]

The constant introspection and indecision of the main characters finally became too annoying to stand. I was interested in the relationship between the heroine Helene and the mute daughter Ariane, and how Helene worked with Ariane to gain her trust, but every time there was some development in this relationship it was thrust aside by the author for yet more "does he or doesn't he" worrying and indecision by Helene about the hero. The younger brother Bentley is superfluous to the plot, IMHO, and [...]

Helene de Severs may be the only one who can help the Earl of Treyhern. His daughter, who is only six, won't talk and the succession of nannies he's been hiring all treat her like an idiot. He hopes that Helene will be able to help. What he doesn't realize is that this Helene is the same woman who he was friends with so many years before. Their parents were not good people and they were also lovers. Helene and Camden were friends who turned into something more. But Helene was illegitimate and wh [...]

I borrowed this book from a friend and is the first Liz Carlyle book I've read; it paved the way for wanting to read more of her works. It had a mysterious start, the characters introduced themselves one by one until they develop. The mystery was also excellently written, with a very unlikely villain. The setting was vividly described, the love scenes were passionate and there's a lot of sexual tension going on between the Damien (hero) and Helene (heroine). I also liked the part where there's a [...]

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